Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 20 -- 5/15/17 - 5/21/17 - This Time I Promise I'll "Try"

Mon. (5/15):
8mi. - (58:44) -  a little spicy Hopkinton Land Trust property banger.  Felt fat but still ran at a decent clip (7:20 OA w/ about 2 miles total on trails). Now, let's just keep this sloth shearing party going!

Tue. (5/16):
8+mi.  - (59:34) - warm, sunny, and fat (still).  Enjoyed the run but got a little too warm and worn down towards the latter part of this one.  8.3 miles total.  Was originally supposed to run at easy 7:30-7:40 pace and then tack on 6-8 strides near the end.  Instead ran a spicier low 7:00s and did zero strides.  Self-Coach of the Year.

Wed. (5/17):
9mi.  (1:06:27) - pretty warm day out there. Too hot to run fast (plus I don't know how to anymore?!?).  I opted for gradual, moderate effort/pace hill repeats on Tomaquag Valley Road.  At least it was mostly shaded.  6 x TV Hills (about .35 miles each up).  Felt fine. Legs a little wobbly on the last one...which is good/the point I guess.
Nothing too hard...just steady ups and downs.

Thu. (5/18):
2+mi. - (20:46) - very fun shorty around the entire island of Sandy Point.  Took the family out on the boat to lounge and have fried chicken and beer while swimming, birding, etc.  I decided to bring my watch and run (not hard) around the island's perimeter to make a Strava segment.  I also had never circumnavigated the entire island before.  Saw awesome birds too although I did almost feel a tiny bit badly about kicking up/stressing nesting birds (American Oystercatchers, Greater Blackbacked Gulls, various plovers, etc.) but it was awesome. Also spotted a Black Bellied Plover, a really skittish shorebird (our largest plover) a first time sighting for me.  Tons of mating horseshoe crabs too. Super fun and the first salt water swim of the year! Summer hath arrived -- for me at least.  2.7 miles total.

Fri. (5/19):
7mi.  - (1:03:44) - a Friday evening slow jam of Woody Hill and some of Wahaneeta Preserve while M had lacrosse practice.  It was pretty hot out but nowhere near as bad as I'd thought it was going to be as I was mostly shaded in the woods and there was a decent breeze.  I enjoyed the easy, relaxed pace.

Sat. (5/20):
14mi.  (1:46:20) - a solo MLR from home. I mixed/cobbled together Grills Hopkinton Preserve (no real trails marked/cleared yet but all of the maps/kiosks depict them --tease!), to Grills Preserve (Bradford) into Grills Sanctuary, to back home.  Felt pretty decent and managed to keep the pace decent as well.  Nice and cool (compared to Thursday and Friday).

1mi. - (13:XX) - took the girls to ride bikes at Ninigret park.  I anticipated a 3-4 mile very easy recovery.  Unfortuantely, L crashed 4 times and the it turned into a shit show of blood and tears.  We stopped after 1.2 miles.  I'm counting it anyway, even though I shouldn't.

Sun. (5/21):
0mi.  - ended up taking a zero, despite wanting to have a good week.  I spend the morning at the boat (cleaning, rewiring a gauge, just sitting and enjoying the peace & quiet, and a little bit of fishing).  Unfortunately, as it was dead low tide when I was done, I hopped up off the dock onto the retaining wall where my truck was parked.  I immediately felt a burning, stabbing sensation in right quad and glute area.  I obviously strained something. I doubt it is major but I really couldn't (can't?) run on it.  Maybe a few days on the shelf and it'll go away.

Total: 50 miles
YTD: 1135 miles

A little less than I had hoped for but much better than in recent weeks.  At least I sort of did a workout (hills) and I enjoyed creating the segment on Sandy Point Island.