Monday, January 22, 2018

Week of 15 January 2018

Mon. (1/15):
6mi.  (49:50) - parked at Burlingame check-in station and ran mostly single track trails.  Knee started barking about 2 miles in and got worse and worse.  I stopped after 6 miles, defeated, sore, and frustrated.

2 mi.  (XX:XX) - hike later in the cold gray afternoon with wife and spawn on Canonchet trails and knee was super stiff.  Could barely go down even the smallest decline.

Tue. (1/16):
-- stretching, stretching, stretching and appallingly weak core stuff.

Wed. (1/17):
-- stretching, stretching, stretching

Thu. (1/18):
-- yeah....

Fri. (1/19):

Sat. (1/20):
4mi.  (30:59) - it was SO nice out (52 degrees and sunny) and I was going stir crazy so I decided to say 'screw it' and got out for a short one. Knee has been improving and doesn't hurt but it is still "there".  Enjoyed this even though I was (am) depressed. In addition, I developed an awesome infection in my eye lid and eye orbital area.  It hurts to touch and nothing seems to help.  Had to go get an antibiotic for it.  Ugh.
Even uglier than normal.....

Sun. (1/21):
5mi.  (40:43) - easy jaunt on another nice, March-like day.  Enjoyed small and simple Black Farm trails.  Haven't been there in a while.  Knee was non-existent.

TOTAL: 15miles
Nap: 2.5 hours