Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 12 -- 3/20/17 - 3/26/17

Mon. (3/20):
9mi. - (1:08:55) - Spring hath sprung! Enjoyed warm weather and overall nice conditions to run a mix of roads and trails in both local Hopkinton Land Trust properties.  I felt pretty good and really enjoyed myself.

Tue. (3/21):
8mi. - (1:08:43) - a bit windy and I didn't feel like roads so I enjoyed the sunshine and nearly snow-free trails in Carter Preserve.  Despite having to wrestle the PM twice, I enjoyed this run too.  However, my legs felt pretty terrible. I like starting from the Kings Factory "River Lot" and going into Carter from the western-most side. Can't wait for the two new trails to be  finished and open for official business.

Wed. (3/22):
13mi. - (1:26:26) - super shitty NW wind (15-20kts, gusts to 40) that made some of this rather unpleasant.  3E + 3 x 2T + 3E.  Splits:5:50, 5:54/ 5:47, 6:06/ 5:47, 5:53 

Thu. (3/23):
6mi.  - (45:13) fairly easy dawdle around town.  Didn't enjoy the climb back up little Maxson Hill. Took it on easy in preparation for race on Saturday.

Fri. (3/24):
4mi. - (29:35) - short and easy Shannock Friday afternoon banger.  Brief fireside debauchery followed

Sat. (3/25):
14+mi. - *RACE* - Brrr-lingame 10 Mile Trail Race.  Another fun installment of Mike Galoob's SC4S Trail Race series.  Absolutely perfect trail conditions for the race. I enjoyed myself but it hurt and I was slightly disappointed that I was gapped so badly by Steve Brightman. Still, I ran strong and finished 3rd OA.  I also failed to get in the mileage I was looking for (i.e 5-7 mile "cooldown") but at this stage of the game (marathon in 2 weeks), it doesn't matter. I've been saying that quite a bit as over the last 10-12 years.

Sun. (3/26):
5mi.  - (40:00) - easy recovery run on local roads.  Felt tired but much less sore in the usual trail race places than I thought I would.

Total: 59mi
YTD: 805 miles

The bulk of the work is over.  Now I start to taper and sneak in "shorter" workouts that aren't taxing, but enough to sharpen the sword I guess.  The mustache is officially gone -- RIP.