Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 2 -- 1/9/17 - 1/15/17

Mon. (1/9):
8mi. - slipping and sliding on slanted roadsides.  Tough going as I can't wear any traction devices (clear asphalt on main roads) but the side roads are crappy.  Felt really tired.  Went to bed at 1830 and slept like a corpse straight through until 0445....but then hit the snooze button SEVEN times! Felt great. Needed it.

Tue. (1/10):
9mi. - ran a loop out on Rte. 91 in an attempt to run on clear asphalt/wide shoulder.  It still sucked.  Feeling not right physically (mild headache, overall body fatigue). Different from running tired.  Feel "ill" tired.  Hope it goes away soon.

Wed. (1/11):
11mi. - 5 x 1000 along Rte. 216 in North Stonington.  These felt ridiculously hard and I couldn't hit any of my splits according to the stupid watch.  On a track I usually run these at "I-pace" (about 5:27 for a time of 3:23-3:26).  I struggled to run these in 3:33-3:36. Due to leg fatigue? Space watch issues? My weight/BMI? I don't know.  The extended warm down (it was 44 degrees!) was enjoyable.  Anytime you're done with work and can just relax and run without even thinking is great. Legs are toast now.  Need a few easy days of slow recovery.

Thu. (1/12):
6mi - very laid back and slow/relaxed recovery run (55:24) on local trails (some minor asphalt connectors).  New shoes too -- Inov-8 Race Ultra 270s. Felt great right out of the box.  I've been without "trainer trailers" for quite awhile now.

Fri. (1/13):
8mi. - easy Carolina Mgmt area.  A bit tired but I enjoyed it nonetheless.  Found a short spur trail that leads past two substantial stone ruins and out onto a crumbled stone damn in Meadowbrook. How'd I miss that when I was a kid?!?

Sat. (1/14):
8mi. - easy local w/ 7 x strides near the end.  Legs recovering nicely.  Saw an adult Bald Eagle (2x) while driving on the highway in the a.m. 'Murica.....Fuck yeah!  Also,  a Mike Galoob sighting while driving a few hours later. The feathers excited me much more though.

Sun. (1/15):
0 -- had plans for a long run/workout mix but the family stomach virus finally caught up with me late Saturday evening/early Sunday morning.  Good fun.  Disappointing but minor setback.  Nothing you can do but sleep and stay near the bathroom.  80% of family down, only the wife left to go.
A monkey wrench in the weekly mileage for sure..

Total: 50 miles
YTD: 110 miles