Sunday, February 19, 2017

Week 07 - 2/13/17 - 2/19/17

Mon. (2/13):
7mi. - (51:05) - local road loops and was really lacking in motivation.  The wind was incredible (WNW 20-40 mph).  Yuck.

Tue. (2/14):
8mi. - (59:26) - 'Alentines 'Ay (a day that is lacking in D or V for many people). OK run but still not feeling great nor motivated.  Managed to get in a decent loop of lower Ashaway roads.  However, worn out and have mild cold (headache, stuffy, breathing issues). Just not feeling it.

Wed. (2/15):
15mi. - (1:47:32) - slept in and skipped morning workout.  As such, had to once again try to do my second quality run (Q2) in the afternoon.  I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  Didn't feel like I had 8E + 6 x 1K @ I + 3E in me.  So instead I just logged miles.  Ran out to 91, onto Kings Factory Rd, Shumankanuc Hill Road, Burdickville Road, back home.  It was actually enjoyable and I didn't feel too badly.  Rolling hill fun.  Glad I did it, even if it didn't have true hard, workout effort embedded in it. 7:10 pace overall on that route is still quality for a regular run.
Rolling fun with little traffic. 

Thu. (2/16):
7mi. - (52:10) - typical Shannock loop from Horseshoe Falls.  Enjoyed running at this time of the day (1000).  Man,  if only I were retired, unemployed, rich, or whatever. Could I log 90-100 miles/week regularly? I truly think it would be possible. Unfortunately, when I got home, as I was bounding up the stairs to take a shower, I was "stabbed" in the lower leg with a prison shiv or something.  On my lower right, lateral side of leg, (above ankle, adjacent to Achilles tendon) I felt really burning sharp pain.  It abated a little after 10 minutes or so but for the rest of the day it was sore, slightly swollen, and I can feel a weird moving/clicking sound when I rub my fingers across it.  I think it is a tendon (attachment to Peroneus brevis) . My wife, who is smarter than me, thought it was my soleus muscle.  Who knows? It doesn't seem/feel severe.  Hopefully it goes away on its own quickly.

leg muscle and tendon diagram - Google Search:
Show me where it hurts...
Fri. (2/17):
0 -- my second zero this year.  I was close to running but decided not to due to the weird lower leg pain.  I've never felt anything like it. Not bad--just "there", clicking and tight.

Sat. (2/18):
10mi. - (1:09:50) - fun CnB loop in No Sto and back home.  Felt really good and was sort of getting off on the increasingly nice weather.  Lower leg was not an issue although I did stretch and took 750mg of Vitamin I immediately after the run.

5mi. - (44:45) - slow plod down into Kenyon Crossroads Preserve and a few side streets.  The weather was just way too nice not to do it.  Laid back and pleasant.  Still pretty sloppy on trails, especially in lower areas/shaded spots.  But, it IS melting.  Love it.

Sun. (2/19):
18mi. (2:02:15) - from Weekapaug Breachway.  4E +2T +~60:00E + 2T + 2E.  No lower leg pain/discomfort.   The first T I had to work what felt like more 10K effort as I was into a nice headwind. On the return, after looping around in Watch Hill, I had the tailwind but not as much gas in the tank. It still worked out overall.  So warm out (52 F)! I was sweating!

Total: 70 miles
YTD:460 miles

Barely got to 70 again.  But with a zero on Friday, it'll have to do.  Some days are better than others, but that's running for you -- just like life. Sometimes so awesome and fun, sometimes silly, sometimes a total grind and pain in the ass.  The end of February is drawing near! Can't wait for March!