Monday, December 26, 2011

Week of 12.26.11 - 1.1.12

MON.- 9mi. (trails & roads) -- I was dropped off at Grills Preserve where I dicked around then ran home.  Good fun. [67:09]

TUE.- 6mi. (road) -- [43:30]

WED.- 11mi.  (track & trails) -- Jeff, Jonny, and Boj @ CHS track.  After a nice warm-up on XC trails we did 1 x 1600, 2 x 800, 4 x 400 (all w/ 400 recs).  Good workout.  We were all close and helped push one another.  [5:34/2:44/2:42/75/75/75/74]

THU.- 5mi. (road) -- nice and easy in the chilly 25degree morning air.  Some serious cross-training this evening in NYC with Phish.
A school of 18,000 phish

FRI.- 0 -- UGH!  Wandering from bar to bar in NYC until 0400 is a very, very, very, very bad idea. Show was phantastic and phun. Now thousands more know how Muddy get down.

SAT.- 8mi.  (trails w/ a little road) -- wandered around the woods in Carolina Mgmt. Area in the rain.  Quite pleasant actually.  [59:36]

SUN.- 11+mi. (trails) -- Bluff Point with Jeff.  We looped around a few times then traveled hobo-style down to Haley Farm.  A great run in near perfect weather conditions.  [1:24:22]

TOTALS- 50 miles

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Week of 12.19.11 - 12.25.11

MON.- 4mi. (road) -- nice and easy.  My lower legs are sore in very strange places.  Me thinks they are a little banged up from yesterday.

TUE. - 10mi. (trails) -- took the day to shore up some family business so I treated myself to a cool, overcast run in the trails of Bluff Point and Haley Farm.  Great fun.  Perfect weather.  Mergansers and Bufflehead galore!!! [1:15:13]

WED. - 7mi. (TM) -- again at the Y and again on that stupid mill.  Not sure what to do for speed stuff because it is so impossible to get/keep times. Went by McMillian paces (slightly faster than Daniels' I paces) and did 1 x 1600, 1200, 800, 400, 200--all with 400 recs in between.  I thought this would be super easy.  I was mistaken.  Dread the Tread.

THU. - 0 -- let my wife run instead.  HOTY (Husband O' The Year)

FRI.- 7+mi. (road) -- reverse Tomaquag Valley loop.  Some calf soreness. Weird. Last 3 miles good. [51:52]

SAT.-18mi. (roads, beach & trails) -- a long, chilly run from Jeff's house.  Good meandering route.  My legs really started to fatigue the last 3 miles.  Jeff is like a damn gazelle (see pics below from this morning). I get so hungry and really need to bring food, gel, etc. next time. [2:19:09]

Wonder if those lads in their 30s can keep up?

Rock leaping in Champlin Glacier Park

SUN. -0 -- just couldn't squeeze one in today.  Merry Paganmas!!!


--> a fun and enjoyable week.  I especially enjoyed the long run with Jonny and Jeff, despite running out of gas.  Hopefully next week (vacation) I can sneak in a little more mileage.  I would like mid to high 50s.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Old Mountain 5K Trail Race

Yesterday was the first of a 5 part series of what appears to be very creatively designed group of races entitled "South County 4th Season Race Series".  Taking place at Old Mountain Field, Mike Galoob had clearly put a lot of time and effort into designing and implementing this sum' bitch.

I arrived early for a "pre-scheduled" warm-up run of the course with Jonny.  I knew it was cold but I wasn't prepared for the toe freezing that I endured during our initial exploration.  When we arrived back we were greeted with the message that the race time was going to be bumped back to 1030 given the day of registrations still going on. To the batmobile with the heat on full blast and my shoes off.  Rub those piggies to bring back some feeling!!

After running a short out and back again (with Jeff this time) I lined up just behind Jonny and Jeff at the start.  Unfortunately, as the race began, I did exactly what Jonny had warned me NOT to do--go out a little too slow.  Although I wouldn't say I was "slow" I was certainly not at top speed like the 10 or 15 people in front of me.  This cost me dearly for as we turned onto the single track I was stuck behind a mass of several people, (slower pace than what I wanted), including a yellow dragon.  Yes, you read that correctly--a yellow dragon.
No mushrooms necessary for this intense vision.
I managed to scoot by several of the slower runners, (dragon included) until arriving at the only significant hill.  Here I began "panicking".  I was quite far behind Jonny and Jeff and all I could think was that my partners were pulling farther and farther ahead as I was forced to almost speedwalk up the single track incline.  Damn.

Fortunately, as the race "opened up" a little bit (across streams and briars) I was able to pick up speed and move by 2-3 more people.  As we turned by the school into a field I finally felt able to "stretch my legs" and pick up speed.  I caught up with Jonny and complained a little about being caught up earlier on.  As we moved back onto a short bike path, I picked off one more soul.  I felt as though I should've apologized to him as I sort of cut him off before we re-entered single track.  Oh well.  All is fair in trail races,  I guess.

I closed in on Glen Guillemette and Jeff as they battled atop the "mountain" and neared the 3 mile mark.  At the bottom of a hill, at a very sharp turn, Jeff took a digger in soft mud and Guillemette moved past him.  I hoped to catch them but to no avail.  We screamed down the small incline to the finish one right after the other.  I finished 5th in 20:16 (Jeff 4th and Jonny 7th) for a WTAC "sweep"-- all of us a little muddy (no pun intended) and bloody.  You know it was a "slow" day when you're able to finish just two spots behind the infamous Glen Guillemette!! :) No splits necessary.

After the race I ran another short cool down with Jeff and we returned back for prizes: a bunch of 'Gansett beer for winning the team division and I also won a year subscription to Trail Runner magazine for winning my age group (thanks to the no double dipping rule).  Results here.

I'm super happy for Jeff , who shall hereto be known as "The Sandbagger" that claims "trails just aren't his thing", and for Jonny and WTAC as a whole.  The best part is that we are now active in the South County 4th Season standings.  WTAC livin' large so far.  Pard and Elise in the mix too!! As a result, I'm anxiously looking forward to the next race (and the remaining races) in the series!

A big congrats and thank you to Mike Galoob for putting this together!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Week of 12.12.11 - 12.18.11

MON. - 5mi. (road) -- blasted this true 5 mile course too fast. Oops.  I couldn't help it.  I just felt really good. Stupid to do the day after a race. [35:30]

TUE. - 0

WED. - 6mi. (road w/some fields) -- planned on doing some short hill reps but I had some cramping in calves and it was too dark to be fighting off traffic.  Oh well. [43:59]

THU. - 7+mi. (road) -- quads and especially calves were pretty sore/banged up.  Is this due to my overzealous attempt at running bliss on Monday?  Mapped it out later--7.3 miles.  Either way, I still kept up a good run at a good pace despite tired legs, though the light let me down and faded away.  2000 miles for the year!! [52:50]

FRI. - 0 -- why not?

SAT. - 9mi. (roads & trail) -- early chill with Jonny and Jeff. Felt strange stopping after only 9. 

SUN. - 9mi. (trails) -- "Old Mountain 5k Trail Race".  Very chilly but great fun.  Won my division (30-39) with a "slow" time of 20:16.  WTAC won the team category.  Pix and highlights soon.

TOTALS: 36 miles

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas 10K 2011

For the third straight year I had the opportunity to run the Christmas 10K in Newport.  Despite last year's crappy weather (horrendous wind) I was looking forward to it.  This is a great race with a beautiful course that winds through quiet roads in Newport, including along Brenton Point State Park. It has some downhills but also enough uphill ascents to keep you honest and not make it overly easy.  A smaller field (about 400 people) with some decent runners makes for a good time.

I drove over with Jonny and we were a little disappointed to find that we would have to wait for the next race before we could officially register and run under the "WTAC" club designation. Despite this setback we registered and ran a 20+ minute warmup in a small park across the street.  It was definitely fun to meander along high cliffs and be away from people and traffic.  After yet again another quick bathroom stop we jogged over to the start (about 400m from the school and finish line).  We lined up in the second row and anxiously awaited the gun.

From the start we took off and settled in around 15th or so.  We were moving at a good pace but not killing it.  The sub 6:00 felt perfect.  About 800m or so in, I made a mental note of where Jonny and I were in the field, (running side by side).  I appeared to be about 12th.  At that point I decided to see how many of the "real runners" in front of me I could reel in. Jonny and I clicked through the first mile at 5:49.  We mumbled/acknowledged to one another that it was a little too fast.  But at that point I felt great still so I continued pushing onward and passing some more people. 

By mile 2 (11:41/5:53 pace) I had settled into about 8th place. The field had started to really spread out as the course turns onto the exposed Ocean Drive.  Luckily, the conditions were still great-sunny, chilly (high 30s), and very little wind.  Nothing like last year.  Just Muddy and some Eiders....and other runners.  

I clicked off mile 3 at 17:27 (5:45) pace.  It was here where we turned around Brenton Point Park and faced into some wind.  Although it was not bad I think it slowed some people down.  The field of view is wide open here and I could see the leader and all others well out ahead of me.  At that point I "settled" for trying to catch the lone guy in reach (I thought).  He was about 200m in front of me, while I felt all others were out of reach.  I steadily closed the gap on him and passed him between mile 4 and 5.  Through most of this stretch the course gradually climbs back up away from the water.  Luckily I still felt really strong and others were sort of fading, thus my ability to gain ground. Running rolling stuff on a daily basis makes the difference.

Mile 5 turns off of Ocean Drive and there is a fairly steady, but gradual, uphill climb before turning back onto the "home stretch".  I really began closing on another guy in front of me.  Either he was slowing or I was picking it up--or maybe both.  There is one final downhill plunge (too steep for my liking) and my target pulled away from me.  However, the hill bottoms out and right at the mile 6 marker there is a short but somewhat steep hill right back up out of the valley.  I ate the guy up, passed him and sprinted home to the finish for a solid 6th place OA in 36:08.  This is a HUGE PR for me.  My splits (I think, I'm not good at clicking "Lap" button): 5:49, 11:41(5:53), 17:27(5:45), 23:21(5:54), 29:21(6:00), 34:58(5:37).  My previous best was 37:47 back in May so I was ecstatic.  Needless to say, the temperature played a big role here.  Why can't every race be run in dry, chilly high 30 degree conditions??

I grabbed some water, shook a few hands and started walking back up the finishing chute to wait for Jonny.  I didn't have to wait long at all--I was SUPER surprised to see him come flying in at 37:24 for a sweet-ass time!!  I was beyond happy.  Just shortly thereafter, the third WTAC, Jeff Walker finished strong in 38:29!  Some quick calculations at the results sheet showed that WTAC would've finished 2nd in the team competition.  Not too shabby for the first official, unofficial team event. Results here. I wouldn't change a thing about how I ran here.....except maybe hammer it a little faster.  You know, 35:59 ain't too far away.....Just sayin'.

In retrospect, this is definitely my new "favorite" PR.  Blessing of the Fleet 10 miler had formerly held the dubious distinction because I worked so hard at it,  but this one just blew me away.  Given my time and how amazing I felt, this is a GREAT way to round out 2011.  The clincher was watching a young lad try and comprehend and input Jonny's meatless order at tha Bell. 

What a great year this has been thus far.  One more race to go (Old Mountain Trail 5k) next Sunday and that'll close out my racing season.

Damn, I love running so much.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Week of 12.5.11 - 12.11.11

MON.- 6mi (roads w/ some field) -- the first 2 miles sucked but then I really picked up the pace and it got better and better.  Great fun prancing around the tall grassy field at the top of Frontier Rd (Golf Academy area) in near total darkness  [44:12]

TUE.- 7mi. (road) -- ran a route I haven't done in a long time.  I decided to call it "Lost At Sea" ("Bacon Strip" has already been patented I think) because its as though you're stuck in a life raft: up and down and up and down and up and down, ad nauseumStill a good run and I'm pleased with the effort.  Interesting footnote: in the fading light I was almost hit by a deer (yes, you read that correctly).  [52:11]

WED.- 6mi. (TM) -- snuck in some light speed stuff, just for leg turnover. 8 x 200 @ (R) pace.  Felt fine....other than the fact that I was on a treadmill and wanted to hang myself from 0:01 onward.

THU.- 0 -- important WTAC meeting.... Can't freakin' wait for WTAC singlets!!!!

FRI.- 8mi.+ (road) -- a great run along part of last weekend's long run.  I felt awesome so I ran a little faster than necessary.  Mapped it out just now and saw that it was 8.32 miles. Run just got better and better. Saw 43 turkeys in an empty cornfield.  [59:59]

SAT.- 4mi. (road) -- slow and easy. Untimed.

SUN.- 11mi. (roads w/ some trails) -- Christmas 10K.  Great race in Newport on a clear, calm, chilly morning.  Ran strong and felt great the whole race.  Finished 6th OA in 36:08, (big PR by over 1:39).  Jonny was 10th in 37:XX with a huge PR as well.  Race report to follow asap.

TOTALS: 42 miles

--> as expected, not a huge mileage week but I'm so freakin' pleased with the results.  My run on Tuesday (Lost @ Sea) was really good and Friday's run was fantastic! I'm floating on cloud 9 over the 10K this morning.  I couldn't be happier....sort of.  What if I just ran a little harder and broke 36? Hmmm... :)
Jonny and I have become VDOT addicts.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Week of 11.28.11 - 12.4.11

MON. - 6mi.  (road) -- a tough one today.  I couldn't really get out of my own way.  Legs are super tired.  I need a day off. [45:23]

TUE. - 0

WED. - 8mi. (road) -- 2 mile warmup then 3 mile tempo @ T pace followed by 3 mile cooldown.  Legs still don't feel 100% but I hit my intended mark of 18:00-18:30 for the tempo portion [18:18].  Still somewhat pleased I was able to stay on pace by feel alone (no mile marker except for beginning and end) [54:52]

THU. - 5mi. (road) -- squeezed in between afternoon and evening parent-teacher conferences.  Another sh*t run.  Legs have no zip.  What is wrong with me?  During the run I toyed with the idea of taking a full week off from running.  So fatigued. [37:15]

FRI. - 0 -- just felt like I needed it.  I think my legs and body thank me.

SAT. -16mi. (roads) -- dark and chilly early morning run, per usual, with Jonny and Jeff.  It started off quite a bitt nippy (29 degrees?) but we warmed up quickly and it turned out perfectly.  We definitely ran it at a brisk pace (about 7:21ish ?) for a long run.  However, I think all were pleased with the results. [1:57:16]

SUN. - 6mi. (roads, trails and fields) -- random exploration in A-town (literally stumbled across deer innards where a hunter had field dressed his kill--YUCK!).  Legs were a little tired but nothing out of the ordinary following a long run.  Nice weather once again.  Is it ever going to get cold and snow? (jinx)....[44:55]

TOTALS: 41 miles

--> a slightly lower mileage week than what I wanted but I'm still not going to "hate" on that extra day off.  I needed it.  In addition, looking at the calendar, two upcoming races (10K and a 5K trail) over the next two weeks may keep my mileage on the lower side.  Oh well.  Still loving this running thing.  My family thanks me for it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Week of 11.21.11 - 11.27.11

MON. - 0 - should've run. Lazy!!

TUE. - 5mi (trails) -- Riverwood Preserve (see "Sweet Spots" in above toolbar).  Hadn't been there in awhile.  Someone has blazed a few new trails in there.  Good fun but man it reminded me that my legs are tired.  A whole lot of climbing and elevation change here.  Quite deceiving.  Sore hamstrings and shins. [37:10]

WED. - 6mi. (road) -- first 2 miles were crappy and really slow.  Middle 2 were normal, base pace.  Last 2 felt great/was cranking along.  Chilly, raw, wet and a dark finish. [45:22]

THU. - 9mi. (road) -- meandered through A-town.  Perfect running conditions (high 30s, no wind, warming sunshine).  Really enjoyed myself.  Time to lose fitness via roasted fowl and hopped up beverages.  [67:32]

FRI. - 16mi. (road, trails, & beach) -- a chilly, but steadily warming, early morning long run with Jeff and Jonny.  Refreshing yet tiring at the same time.  Perfect.  Still bluefish around!!  [2:04:08]

SAT. - 5mi. (roads & trails) -- a very hurried run in Carolina Mgmt. area, from my parents' house, trying to beat the dark.  I lost.  3 falls in the woods on singletrack followed by a too fast finishing road section. Faster than necessary.  Hope I don't pay for this tomorrow. [36:03]

SUN. - 10mi. (roads) -- I faded badly the last two miles on this one.  Beautiful weather but I was tired. [74:55]

TOTALS: 51 miles

--> a good week with amazing weather the last several days.  Squeezed in three quality (effort) runs which was nice.  Anxiously awaiting my final two races of 2011 (Christmas 10K and newly formed Old Mountain 5K Trail Race).  Also managed to winterize the boat motor and clean the entire yard.  Just can't seem to get the "school stuff" done though. Ugh!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Week of 11.14.11 - 11.20.11

MON. - 5mi.  (road) -- ran this one way too fast, especially for an intended easier day after a race.  Couldn't help myself.  I just felt good and it was getting so dark and dangerous. [35:20]

TUE. - 6mi. (road) -- ran my Tomaquag Valley loop.  Once again in light that was fading fast.  Still felt good but managed to hold back this time. [46:06]

WED. - 9mi. (road a.m./ TM p.m.) -- A.M.(3mi): ran a short 3 before school.  It was pretty warm out. [23:04] // P.M. (6mi): went on the hamster mill at the YMCA in da Valley.  6 x 400 w/ 2:15 recoveries.  All were between 76 - 80 seconds.  Very hard to push speed up/down and hit start/stop on watch at the same time.  Have I ever stated how much I hate the dreadmill?  Feeling blah (achey, warm, dizzy).  Everyone in the Puddin' clan has/had viral illness.  Oh joy.  Hopefully Puddin' can Prevail and Powerfully Pass this Plague.

THU.  5mi. (road) -- wet, chilly, & raw.  Overdressed so I sweat too much but was very cold at the same time. Still achey and blah.

FRI. - 0 -- chillin'. You know how we do.

SAT. - 4mi.  (road) -- easy.  Amazing sunset from a hilltop clearing near the Puddin' Palace.

SUN. - 12mi. (trails) -- "Li'l Rhody Runaround"Ran the usual November trail race with the usual suspects.  The weather was great, (sunny, warm, very breezy) however, in retrospect it was almost TOO warm.  I took off too fast for my liking at the start and paid for it from mile 3 on.  I felt way more fatigued earlier than I should've.  Oh well.  I was able to push it and pass about 10 people in the single track trails after the campground and the trail conditions were decent.  Unfortunately, I really paid for it in the usual spots (i.e. post-Buckeye Brook Road, the long uphill after, the very slight uphill at the last of the trails before the road).  Despite being able to really open it up on the road, the gasoline really wasn't there to rev the engine high enough.  I finished 8th OA in 51:45 (a new PR).  Jonny was right behind me with another huge PR again.  Greg won it AGAIN.  Boj creeping back to stellar form with a much faster time than last year. Glenn a strong showing (but a face not as purple as mine).  Pard continues to dominate the senior circuit.  There were Hammetts (newly named as well as those not officially named Hammett) all over the damn place today! Click the race name above for all results.  Overall I'm okay but I can't help but be a little unhappy at the same time.  I really, truly thought I could go sub 51.  I've never been more "disappointed" with a PR in my short-lived running career. I'll mirror Jonny's words post race:  "I'm sorry but I don't think I can run it harder than that."  Exactly.  Faster, maybe.  Harder, I don't know........

TOTALS: 41 miles
-->lower miles but back to back weekends with PRs.  I'll take it.  Looking forward to sneaking in a little higher mileage next week with the limited school thing due to the holiday.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Week of 11.7.11 - 11.13.11

MON. - 4 mi. (grass) -- knee is sore and aches, in a weird way.  Ran on grass at Crandall Field.  Muddy and wet.  Knee still hurts.  Too bad.  Time for some zeroes. [30:45]

TUE. - 0

WED. - 3mi. (road) -- easy shuffle.  My knee feels better but still some weirdness. Just testing it out.

THU. - 7mi. (trails & road) -- Carolina Mgmt. Area.  Knee felt pretty good.  I guess I'm alright, (physically not mentally).  "We now return you to your regularly scheduled training program, already in progress." [51: 33]

FRI. - 16 mi.  (trails) -- Burlingame again with Jonny and Jeff.  Excellent running weather for the 0630 start.  It was nice to be sheltered in the woods from the steady NNW winds. [2:04:XX]

SAT. - 0  -- didn't get out in the morning....didn't get out at all.  Felt very blah.  Psychosomatic with sick kids.  Lazy ass!!

SUN. - 7 mi. (road) -- Charlestown F.O.P. 5k-- Nice weather for this little race.  A little windy on some stretches but it evened out during the loops.  I ended up 3rd overall and was very surprised by my finishing time [17:33].   I only caught my first mile split (5:37).  Somehow managed to miss all the others.  Doofus!! Oh well, another new PR!  Thinking about retiring from teaching and living off my $25 prize money, (probably more than what I'll get from my non-existent state pension in 35 years).  Jonny ran 18:08 (BIG PR!) and Jeff an 18:3X.  Good day all around. I truly hope they keep this in the fall instead of moving it back to awful August.

TOTAL: 37 miles

-->yet again, not happy with mileage totals for the week but I'll still take it.  I wonder how much I'm benefiting now in the fall from earlier mileage/training in the summer from the marathon.  If you're a reader of this pathetic blog, you already know that I'm certainly not setting the world on fire now AT ALL.  I can be happy each week from here on out in the mid to high 40s (prefer low 50). 

Ah well--full steam ahead!  Next week is Lil' Rhody!  Can't wait to see how I do at that.  I really have no idea what to shoot for time wise, besides faster than last year (obviously!).

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Week of 10.31.11 - 11.6.11

MON.- 6 mi. (road) -- A good run.  Even Maxson Hill was cool.  [43:13]

TUE. - 0 -- Had to settle for Puddin' carpentry skills instead.

WED. - 8 mi. (CHS track) -- 3 x 400, 3 x 800 (400 recs in between each, 800 between the sets).  Weird running around people. Saw Coach Haberek.  'Stache rules.  Maybe my times were a little too fast for me?  Felt clunky and awkward.  I think I was the creepy old guy running around; sweating and panting. Oh well. [79, 78, 79, 2:54, 2:47, 2:47]

THU. - 9mi.+ (roads + trails) -- Grills Preserve, Hopkinton side.  Solid pace.  Comfortably uncomfortable.  Felt good despite some calf soreness.  6 deer, 1 barred owl, 1 great horned owl, hundreds of Juncos, and one in-bred with a chainsaw.  Yeehaw. [66:43]

FRI. - 5mi. (road) -- really tired. [37:19]

SAT.- 16mi. (trails) -- ran with Jeff Walker and Jonny in the muzzle loader-laden woods of Burlingame.  Perfect chilly weather for the 0700 start.  We saw a few deer slayers out there (who were probably pissed to see us).  Great conversation and hopefully the first of many long runs with them this fall and winter. [2:01:04]

SUN. - 6mi. (road) -- wanted to do 8-10.  Knee started to hurt.  Stopped at 6.  Uh-oh. Hope it's nothing serious.  That's what I get for talking sh*t yesterday about "if you have proper form your knees should never bother you." [43:44]

TOTAL: 50 miles

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Week of 10.24.11 - 10.30.11

MON. - 0

TUE. - 8 mi. (road and trails) -- a great first ever run as a 34 year old.  I explored the "new" Tomaquag Trail in Hopkinton.  Short but sweet.  A nice and leisurely run on the way out turned into a hard 3.5 mile tempo on the way back to beat the bus home.  Big negative split. [56:12]

WED. - 8 mi. (road) -- ran on my perfectly marked 800 m road section.  6 x 400 with 400 recoveries-- [79,80,81,81,78,79]. Faded at the end, although times don't reflect it.  Maybe my legs were a little tired from yesterday.  Still felt really good to do's been quite awhile.

THU. - 5mi. (road) -- freezing cold rain.  YUCK.  Squeezed in between department meetings and then back to school for Open House.  Double Yuck.  I've been running faster recently.  So I've got that going for me...which is good [35:07]

FRI. - 10mi. (road) -- great run in two different states.  Calves a little fatigued/sore but good pace. [72:09]

SAT. - 5mi (TM) -- boring.  Man I hate running inside but it was too shitty outside.  [37:07]

SUN. - 0 -- awesome.  Slipped yesterday in slushy crap while yanking the boat out of the water and stowing shit.  Although it didn't hurt too badly (able to run on the Dread Mill), now my right hip flexor really hurts.  Bag it.  Feel like a loser but better to wait a day (or two) I guess. 

TOTALS:  36 miles

-->had what was going to be a decent week (finally) in October.  Missed out on a longerish run Sunday.  Alas, instead of being back up in the low 50s where I SHOULD be, I'm mired in the 30s again. Oh well. C'est la vie. Parfois, merde est merde!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Week of 10.17.11 - 10.23.11

MON. - 5mi. (road w/some woods) -- a little variety with some bushwacking through fields with no trails.  Nice out. [36:28]

TUE. - 0

WED. - 6mi. (roads) -- soaking wet in the rain.  I really pushed it during points, especially during the hills...just too see.  I felt pretty good. Finally feeling "normal" (almost). Nice. [43:42]

THU. - 7mi.  (road) -- windy.  Legs a little tired. [51:59]

FRI. - 0 -- too busy after school. Puddin' bought a boat. Morone saxatilis, Pomatomus saltatrix, Tautoga onitis, & Sarda sarda beware.

SAT. - 8mi. (road) -- really enjoyed this morning.  I felt great.  Big wedding today in NH! [60:30]

SUN. - 5mi. (road) -- kind of a disappointing end to the week (in terms of mileage).  The run itself was short but at a  faster clip.  [35:03]

TOTALS: 31 miles

-->another low mileage week.  My legs feel fully recovered.  Most of my runs this week were pretty decent.  Unfortunately, I need to get my brain recovered and back on track.  Hopefully next week is better. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Week of 10.10.11 - 10.16.11

MON.- 0 -- recovering on the ride home from Albany

TUE.- 0

WED.- 3mi. (road) -- very easy but 1 mile in my legs informed me that its still only a few days out.  Felt good today at school but running inflamed damaged fibers again.  Oh well. On a related note, Mandy is running Hartford this weekend.  I'm excited to watch her but also I can't wait to watch the battle for supremacy up front.  Planning my race watching strategy and what positions/spots to watch the lead pack. Good luck, Fyffe!!

THU.- 0 -- need another day off to rest

FRI.- 0 -- legs feel better.  I wanted to run but logistically, couldn't make it happen.  Sucks.

SAT.- 8mi. (trails) -- Vin Gormley trail.  I saw 0 hunters, (which was nice).  Legs still not 100% but feeling much better than they did. [62:01]

SUN.- 5mi. (road) -- sort of pressed for time.  Felt really good until the last mile.  A little faster than necessary.  Stupid.  Legs got a little fatigued.  [35:36]

TOTALS: 16 miles

-->a very low mileage week but whatever.  The last two runs were enjoyable and although I definitely still don't feel 100% recovered I'm having fun.  Puddin.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2011 Mohawk Hudson Marathon

After months of build up (mental and physical) I finally drove with Mrs. Puddin' to Albany to run the Mohawk Hudson Marathon. Where do I begin?  I learned and experienced so much it is difficult to know where to start. Sorry in advance for the length of this post.  It's cathartic and helps me expel the mental diarrhea that's been rolling around my simple mind for the past few days.

 Ultimately, this race was chosen for a several reasons: its relative proximity to Puddin's hood (3 hour drive), small field (800-900 runners annually), and a net elevation loss (about 300 ft.).  It was my first full marathon so, despite having high hopes/goals, I still wanted it to be an enjoyable and uncomplicated experience. I had goals (A and B) but I didn't want to become a total slave to numbers either.  Just let the race unfold and see what happens......

Everything up to the race went smoothly--bib pickup, hotel checkin, the ritual pre-race pints of beer, etc. I was feeling pretty good about the whole deal.  I slept great and caught the bus to the start in Schenectady with no problems either.  Although I was a little worried, I was surprised by how relaxed I was at the same time.  'Shouldn't I be more nervous about this?' I repeatedly thought on the bus.  The trivial conversation from the runners in the seats around me lulled me into a relaxed state as the river and early foliage rolled by.
The only observation that added to my angst (slightly) was the fact that it felt like we had been on the bus for an hour and driven 50 miles.  Was I really going to run all the way back to Albany?!?

We arrived at the start in a small park where I milled around for awhile and made small talk by a nice, warm fire with a woman from NYC.  I expressed my nervousness and self doubt about what I would encounter at mile 18 and thereafter.  She dropped a great line on me: "Don't worry about.  You simply have to accept the pain.  But whatever you do, don't back off.  Drop the hammer instead.  Let everyone else slow down.  It's supposed to hurt.  Make the hurt count."  So simple yet so Zen at the same time. 

I strolled over to the start to check it out and watched other runners file in as well.  After about ten minutes of wandering around I began a very slow jog to warm up and get the bathroom thing flowing.  Who needs Porta Jons when you've got the woods, right?  I stretched a tiny bit, lubed up and then lined up about 4 rows back.  Everyone was excited and bantered back and forth, awaiting the customary pre-race speech, National anthem, and "go" signal.

Finally we began and I moved out.  I made a solemn promise to myself to run a tiny bit slower than goal pace (for at least the first 3 miles).  About 6:50-6:55 was OK by me, I just wanted to stick with this before picking it up slightly to around my goal of 6:45 pace.  Another (unspoken) goal was to run even splits, or possibly even slightly negative.  Again, let the race unfold and see what happens.  About a half mile in,  I found myself bunched into a group of about 10-15 runners.  They were amicably chatting away about other marathons (namely Boston), where they were from (primarily MA) and what their goal was.  Once everyone realized they were all shooting for 3 hours they made an agreement to run together as a pack.  I, being a newbie, said nothing but settled in with them and quietly kept moving. Maybe I could let them "carry me" and then pick up the pace around 16-18 and do what I intended to do. Let the race unfold....see what happens.

The course itself exited the park, wound down some small roads (with one short, steep downhill) and then picked up the local bike path.  The views along some of the path were excellent.  A lot of elevated vistas overlooking the river, marshy wetlands, and small ponds.  There was excellent birding available but alas, there was not a second to spare on them.  Too bad.  I was glad we were (overall) descending downward, but to my chagrin I realized later that these "giving" downhills were actually "taking" from me.  They were slowly but surely eating up my quads....but I didn't find that out until much later on.

The pack continued onward, most of us quietly keeping pace while others kept chatting away.  This was an entirely new experience for me.  It is one thing to watch lead packs of Kenyans (or Keenyans) and Ethiopians in marathons on television but to be a part of one and take turns trading off leading and bringing up the rear was very interesting.  The entire time I wasn't quite sure if I liked it or if it annoyed me.  Being new at this, I decided it couldn't hurt to stick with them, as long as they stayed around MY pace.  Remain calm and carry on.  Let the race unfold and see what happens. My mile splits for the first 6 were: [6:54, 6:50, 6:38, 6:40, 6:39, 6:49].

I made a concerted effort to hydrate early and often and consumed a little fuel around mile 7.  We continued to wind through very small "crowds" of people, sporadically situated along the bike path.  I was feeling great and just focused on my keeping my form and clicking the "Lap" button at every mile marker.  This second leg of the race was probably my most consistent pace-wise.  I felt great and really thought that as long as I didn't overdo it, this would be a pretty good race.  I must admit here that around mile 10 or 11 I even allowed some mental visions of me finishing strong the last half mile with a smile on my face.  Oh what a naive boy I was. 

Around mile 12 I began getting annoyed with "the wolf pack".  Whenever I tried to move to the front or change position in the pack, the 5 members of some club with yellow singlets were running 4 abreast and taking up the entire width of the bike path.  This didn't bother me when they were keeping pace or even going sub 6:40ish.  However, when they slowed (or felt like they slowed slightly) I wanted to keep going but had difficulty moving around on such a narrow path.  Finally, I managed to squeeze back to the front and after a few minutes I picked up the pace ever so slightly.  I moved out about 5-8 meters in front of everyone else and was quickly reprimanded by the "alpha male"/star runner of the group: "Hey.  Easy there buddy.  Remember the rest of your running friends in the group.  Don't push too hard and mess us up!".  I didn't acknowledge the comment but slowed very slightly back down to the pack.   Excuse me?!?!?  I'm sorry but I never verbally agreed to stay with you assholes.  And, the last time I checked, you guys were shooting for 3:00.  I want sub-3:00 thank you very much!  Maybe I was in the wrong there but.....suck it!  I'm sorry if it is not proper runner's etiquette to push the pace a little.  But isn't this an effing race?!?! Sorry for wanting to beat you douchebags to the finish line.  Oh well. We crossed back under an interstate somewhere around mile 12 and another steep downhill nipped away at my quads (again, completely unbeknown to me).  Another Gu and more fluids.  Let the race unfold and see what happens.   My splits for miles 7-12 were:  [6:46, 6:46, 6:44, 6:49, 6:50, 6:47].

We continued on and ran under quite a few roads in viaduct/tunnels.  It was eerily shady/dark and difficult to see.  However, the sun was climbing higher and it was warming so the shade was welcomed.  I began feeling some minor discomfort here and that alarmed me.  Uh-oh.  I thought I was supposed to feel like a million bucks until at least 16, 17, 18, or after....Oh no.  Luckily, just like the books stated, many times the rough patches subside and you go back to feeling great again.  Also, there were a few points where my left knee (lateral edge) and IT band began bothering me.  Another few minutes of panic set in.  How the hell could I finish if knee pains persisted and/or worsened?!?!?  With 12 miles left, it would be impossible.  Once again, I checked my form (feeling fatigued yet, Puddin'?), mentally and physically loosened back up and the pain went away.  Close one.

Throughout this stretch it made me feel good to watch 5-6 members of the "3 Hour Wolf Pack" fall off pace and drop way back.  I could tell by their form, footstrikes, slouching, and breathing that I (hopefully) wouldn't be seeing them again. The remaining members of the group crossed the 13.1 mark at 1:28:XX.  A tiny bit slower than I had hoped but if I could maintain even splits, I'd be good to go.  Knee pains and very minor fatigue on and off for the next few miles but they quickly went away.   At mile 16 one of the guys near me announced "10 mile race now fellas.  Stick together until mile 24 and then it's on." Once again, I declined comment but reaffirmed that I had no intention of staying with them the entire time.  We then approached a very minor, short uphill and I was admonished again: "Easy.  Don't kill the hill, guy.  You'll kill yourself."  Thanks, Coach.

We exited the bike path and entered into the outskirts of older, industrial Albany.  This was not my favorite part.  After enduring two more steep downhills ("Damn, my quads are starting to get a little tired") we crossed railroad tracks just before mile 18.  Thankfully, no train was rolling through.  Prerace, runners were made aware that we did indeed have to stop for the train at the crossing (they had timing mats set out). I was glad to get by that hurdle.  It now appeared that we would be running several miles through the city now with a lot of traffic along crumbling asphalt, and no longer in the shaded bliss of the bike path.  Big change.  Great timing too.  I was now starting to tire, however, nowhere near as badly as I expected. Let the race unfold, and see what happens.  My splits for miles 13-18: [6:48, 6:46, 6:39, 6:52, 6:43, 6:42].

It was at this point that two other "silent ghosts" in the pack decided to move up.  The first guy surged quickly away at what was probably a 6:15ish pace.  A few moments later the other non-talker pushed ahead.  I decided I'd had enough of the pack thing and decided to go "with" the 2nd emmigrant.  Both of them opened up a sizeable lead over me but around mile 19 I began to reel the second guy in.  At mile 20, I remembered that I was supposed to be hitting the wall.  I still felt good and realized that it had been my fastest mile so far (6:37).  Hell yeah!  I was going to make it!! At the 21 mile marker I lost a little of my mile 20 jubilation and energy but was comforted by the fact that we would soon be turning back onto the bike path along the beautiful river again.  Nice. 

We were on the bike path for about a half mile before hitting mile 22 -- and it was here that everything started to, excuse my french, fall the f*#k apart!!  Now I know where the phrase "the wall" comes from.  It was as though someone flipped a "feel like shit" switch.  Immediately my mind turned to crunching numbers:  "OK.  You'll be OK.  Only a little over 4 miles to go.  Just try and maintain pace.  How much can I afford to slow down?  10 seconds?  Will 7:00 miles cut it?"  I was way too tired physically and mentally to even comprehend any of it. So I simply pushed onward.  At this point I could tell I was starting to look ugly too--slight forward slouch, sluggish leg shuffle, arms crossing over in front of my body, etc.  I simply couldn't do anything to prevent it.

I finally caught the 2nd guy to pull away.  He had to slow down to begin retching/dry heaving.  I couldn't spare a milligram of sympathy.  It then turned into "The Duel In The Sun" between yours truly, near-death Muddy Puddin' and an equally sweaty, distraught, and emaciated runner (the original Wolf Pack deserter).  We took turns passing one another and I found myself just getting pissed off.  I actually thought at one point, "Just friggin' pass me and stay in front.  Stop this nonsense. Please!"  We skirted around the half marathon racers (and annoying walkers) and continued battling onward.  I wanted to quit so badly.

 Let me be honest here with myself as well as with anyone reading this:  Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, prepared me for how I felt at this point.  No matter whom I talked to (Eazy G, KG, various other experienced runners), what books I read, or articles I studied; words could not/cannot do it justice.  It sucked.  I realized that I was going to be cutting the 3 hour thing really close but I still came dangerously close to walking.  I seriously almost gave up the ship.  Somehow I managed to keep going.  I'm not sure how.  But I did.  Guts?  Stupidity?  I don't know....My splits for miles 19-24 [6:57, 6:37, 6:52, 6:50, 6:50, 7:11]. Note the commencement of the crash and burn at mile 24.

I don't remember much about miles 25 and 26 besides pain and fatigue.  That's it.  By this point it was warm and sunny and probably in the mid 70s.  Much too warm for my liking.  At the 25.1 marker (which was actually 12 mile marker for the half marathoners) I begged and pleaded with myself to just keep going.  I had let the race unfold, and now I was just living a bad dream. Splits for miles 25 and 26: [7:04, 7:05].  I know that doesn't seem like a huge drop off but it felt like it.  I'm suprised my pace only slowed that much.

At mile 26, I know the crowd was there.  However, I couldn't really see them.  They may have been cardboard cutouts.  I just couldn't even register their existence.  I couldn't really hear them.  Just Puddin' and his self doubt: Oh man, I don't think I can do this. Where the hell is that friggin' finish line? 

Finally it came.  As we turned a corner I saw it and the clock.  It clicked over to 2:59:00 and I knew I was going to make sub 3.  However, I wish I could say I felt elated and happy.  Instead I just felt the Angel of Death right behind me.  Did I mention it sucked?  I know that all of you realize this simple fact but remember, I was a virgin. This was uncharted territory for me.  And boy, did it ever suck.

My official time was 2:59:21.  Immediately upon crossing, I "took" my medal (they draped it on me as I stumbled past), grabbed water and Gatorade and tried to continue walking.  Mrs. Puddin' found me and congratulated me but I barely heard her.  I shambled off to the side and tried to get my shit together. It wasn't easy. 

Apparently, as others finished, my wife also filmed other various runners as well.  This random guy she found and chatted with looks as banged up as I did and sounds exactly like I felt.

I'm not sure if I second his opinion though. 

At the time I definitely did -- "Never again".  But now? With a legit Boston qualifier under my belt, how can I look at myself  in the mirror and honestly feel that way?  Looking back I now know that I was definitely a little undertrained. Perhaps I overestimated my fitness.  Perhaps I just didn't do enough MP running late in 20 mile runs to practice dealing with discomfort.  Perhaps I could stand to lose 8-10 lbs and not drink so much beer.  No matter what, this I do know: IF there ever is a next time, I know what to do the same as well as what to do differently. 

Man, I love running.......

Stay thirsty, my friends.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Week of 10.3.11 - 10.9.11 MARATHON WEEK

MON. - 0

TUE.- 4mi.  (road) -- nice and easy.  Had to keep reminding myself to back off and slow down.

WED. - 7mi. (road) -- 2 mile warmup then 3 miles at MP [20:17] then 2 miles easy. Felt good....but doubts still linger if I can keep that up for 26.2

THU.- 5mi. (road) -- [36:32]

FRI.- 0

SAT.- 3mi. (road) -- easy jog at home before leaving for Albany

SUN. - 27mi. (road) -- Mohawk Hudson Marathon.  Busted out my first ever marathon with a 2:59:20.  I'm pleased but physically beat now, (obviously).  I'll post a write up ASAP.  I know my legions of fans are waiting to hear me wine and complain about my trials and tribulations.

TOTALS: 46 miles

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week of 9.26.11 - 10.2.11

MON.- 0

TUE.- 5mi. (roads) -- rushed after school.  Ugh!  Where the hell is autumn?!?!? [35:58]

WED.- 8mi. (roads)--8 x 200 pre-measured out perfectly on the roads (400 recs).  [37, 40, 38, 40, 39, 38, 38, 39].  Not setting the world on fire, just turning 'em over.

THU.- 0mi -- felt so tired after school...why not? I think I read somewhere that tapering = sloth

FRI.- 6mi (road) -- ran it faster than I thought/felt like.  Not sure if that is good or bad.  Maybe I've been underestimating my judgment of my "normal base pace" recently [44:16]

SAT.- 5mi (trails) -- Carolina Mgmt Area.  Just wasn't really into it.  Felt blah (party the night before?) [37:30]

SUN.- 12mi. (trails) -- Vin Gormley, Sammy C, and "others".  Forgot about the triathlon today in the park.  Had to get off the trail 12-15 times for mountain bikers.  But I was okay with that.  Two hot chicks took nasty spills right in front of me.  I guess Puddin's beer belly is a distracting force to be reckoned with. Good run in a light rain. [1:29:40]

TOTALS: 36 miles

--> I learned a few things this week.
 Number 1- tapering is easy on the body but difficult on the mind.  I've been grumpy and irritable all week.  I'm not sure if this is normal or not.  Shouldn't I be energetic and excited?  My poor family has surely suffered (sorry guys!!) Strange. Ready to do this thing!

Number 2-when I'm at a party and there is a keg (of really good beer) I need to practice learning when to say when.  Ugh!!  You're not 21 and enrolled at URI anymore, dickhead.

On a totally unrelated note, two separate sightings of black bear in Burlingame woods on Thursday and Friday from very reputable sources.  Need to warn Jonny and Pard to "lock their windows, close their doors".

One week to go 'til the Big One.....

Friday, September 23, 2011


Discovered a small new area to run in: Canochet Brook Preserve.  Although it's small it is 5 mins down the road and it makes up for deficits in distance with rocks, streams, mushrooms, and terrain.  One could easily piece together 8-10 (with some small dirt roads and ponds and other areas).  Even scored some fungus treasure.

Muddy was like Magellan today.  Muddgellan roaming 'round Hopkinton.  Now it's time to celebrate my exploratory efficiency like those wanderers back in the day with spirits (beer) and food--butternut squash (from the garden) soup with bacon, taters (f/ garden), herbs (garden), and Grifola. Scavengers delight!

Muddy know the kitchen too.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Week of 9.19.11 - 9.25.11

MON.- 3mi. (road) -- super easy, super sore.

TUE.- 0

WED.- 8mi. (road) -- still a little fatigued feeling and sore but a nice run just the same. I think that shaking shit out on Monday helped. [61:08]

THU.- 6mi. (road) -- ran late and tried to beat the dark.  Sort of a Fartlekish.  Legs too tired still too do anything else.  Did 4 x approximately 0.5 to 1.0 mile each at estimated MP.  Just don't wanna forget what this feels like.  My quads think I'm an asshole now. [44:40]

FRI. - 7mi. (trails with little road) -- Canochet Brook Preserve.  Super fun exploring in the rain. Mushrooms galore.  Grifola frondosa too!! [53:44]

SAT. - 8mi. (trails with a little road) -- Vin Gormley and Sammy C.  Felt good. [60:44]

SUN. - 16mi. (roads with some trails) -- Charlestown & Ninigret.  Mixed in 3 x 2 miles at just under MP.  The 3rd one really zapped me.  Muggy and gross air!! [1:58:22]

TOTALS: 48 miles

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Surftown Half Marathon 9.18.11

I was super excited to run this particular race this morning for a multitude of reasons.  This was the first time this race was ever put on and its nearly "in my backyard" (in Westerly).  Also, the timing is perfect as a final "test" before my first ever marathon on 9 October in NY. 

Approximately 800+ people showed up and this became apparent to me as I crowded into a spot in the parking lot and jogged over to get my number.  The "festive" atmosphere felt like a Phish show (minus the dancing, music, drinking, drugs, and BBQing). The start was a little less crowded, even though I lined up too far back (12-13 rows).  I saw a lot of familiar faces (Matt Pelletier, Scott Bessette, Jeff Walker, and many others).  It was surprising to see several bright yellow BAA singlets.

At the "gun" I quickly worked my way up into about 25th or so and tried to maintain.  I really tried to focus on my form and keep around goal pace or slightly under.  A 6:20 pace would put me right around 1:23 (where Jack D. PhD said I could/should be).  The first two miles flew by but as I approached the 3 mile mark I was shocked to see my time.  It was WAY off (about 3.25miles).  A female BAA runner even groaned out "Too long. Too long." as I passed by her.  Oh well.  They certainly made up for it when I clicked off mile 4 in 4:50.  Impossible, given I've never run a single mile that fast in my life but at least they caught back up on the distances I guess.

Around mile 5 I started to hurt a little bit and I began noticing the wind.  It was steadily out of the ENE and wasn't bad at this point but I mentally noted that miles 10 and 11 are nearly dead into it.  By now the front runners were way out of sight and everyone was separated out pretty well.  It was kind of nice to pass the back of the field.  If I had breath I would've encouraged them but I was starting to struggle a little.  My pace seemed to remain fairly steady minus mile 8 around Shore Road.After that, everything went according to plan until (as expected) miles 11 and 12.  I did manage to drop several F-bombs as we turned in Watch Hill and climbed back up to the Ocean House.  Damn that killed me.  My pace probably dropped to about 9:00 on that hill near the crest. Wow.

It was finally a relief to turn off of Ocean View Highway (and out of the face full of wind).  As an added bonus, at this point, I had reeled in the sole (visible) runner ahead of me.  I kept closing the gap until right before we turned back onto Atlantic Avenue.  He looked back, saw where I was, and changed gears.  I couldn't catch him.  Although I fell short in getting him, I finished my final mile strong and crossed the finish line in 1:22:46. A new PR for the half.

Splits were as follows:
1- 6:25
2- 12:43 (6:18)
3- 20:23 (7:39)* NO WAY!
4- 25:13 (4:50)* I doubt it...
5- 31:28 (6:14)
6- 37:40 (6:12)
7- 43:54 (6:14)
8- 50:24 (6:30)
9- 56:41 (6:17)
10- 1:02:59 (6:18)
11- 1:09:23 (6:24)
12-1:15:50 (6:27)
13-1:21:47 (5:57)
.1- 1:22:46 (5:53)

Results page is here. Congrats to Matt Pelletier for smoking everyone and winning.

Overall, there is/was a lot I liked about this race.  It is fairly flat (minus a couple of small hills and the "Ocean House Killa").  Course map can be found here. Plus, it was kind of nice looping around in Weekapaug and seeing the other runners.  Good birding in Winnipaug Pond (if only I could stop and enjoy it). Also, I did manage to beat out the female runners for BAA.  I don't care that they don't have the same anatomy as I do. It is still an accomplishment.

With that being said, I do have some complaints about today, some controllable while some are out of anyone's hands (except for that fictitious God guy).  First, get your markers straight Hartford ING people.  I really think you dropped the ball on some (miles 3 and 4).  You put on a pretty big deal in Hartford for the full marathon.  Hope you don't do that there.  Plus, my Garmin (not always the best) read 13.22 and I mapped it out on Map My Run later and it said 13.27.  I don't mean to sound like a pussy whiner but I could've run low 1:22 if not for that extra tenth of a mile.  Also, the wind really sucked in a couple of parts but that's all part of the race (so STF up, Muddy!!). I'll stop being a bitch now and enjoy my beer.

Anyway, I'm happy.  Nothing left to do now but wait for Mohawk Hudson in a several weeks (and drink beer, watch football, and grade papers).

I wonder how Jonny, Greg, and Glenn (and the rest of those crazy mofos) did up in Pisgah today.......

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Week of 9.12.11 - 9.18.11

MON. - 0 --awesome.

TUE. - 7 mi. (roads)-- 4a.m.  before school in the dark.  Rushing around with the coyotes and skunks. [30:28] // 3p.m.  Really rushed right after school before Mrs. Puddin' left for work.  This later run really sucked it.  Not sure if either run was even worth the trouble but I've gotta take what I can get I guess. [22:10]

WED. - 8mi. (road) -- kind of struggled with this one.  I really hope that it was the 80 degree temps, 77% humidity, and 68 dewpoint that caused my difficulties and not my fitness.  *On a happier note, I just looked at last year's log and realized I've already surpassed my mileage total of 2010--1431.  Oh joy. [60:49]

THU. - 10mi. (roads and trails) -- some highlights but a lot of lowlights.  Just can't seem to get my legs and body going this week.  I'm just all around fatigued.  I hope it is due to school and the campground (and running) vs just running.  Gonna have to take it easy the next couple of days before the 1/2 on Sunday. [75:21]

FRI. - 5mi. (road) -- still sluggish.  I'm not sure if drinking beer and catching largemouth bass will help but I tried anyway....Maybe I'll feel better and be faster now.

SAT. - 0 -- the way I've felt this week, this may not have been a "bad" zero

SUN. - 18mi. (road) -- Surftown Half Marathon.  1:22:47.  I think I finished 16th overall.  Good race but wind was tough over several miles along the water and course markers were definitely off.  GPS and Map My Run both said 13.22 and 13.27 miles respectively.  Whatever.  I'm happy.  I'll take that shit!! Report to follow asap.

TOTALS: 48 miles

-->This was definitely NOT a good week, both mileage wise and the way my legs felt nearly every day.  However, I'm happy with my half marathon as an indicator of my fitness, and given the conditions and the course, I'll totally take it!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Week of 9.5.11 - 9.11.11

MON. - 3mi. (road) -- easy but Peter North'd again by work.  Oh well.

TUE. - 0

WED. - 8 mi. (road) -- Roger Schonning 5K.  Different (due to start time, day of the week, and small field).  After warming up I lined up in the front, took off in 2nd place, and after about 400 meters,  took the lead.  I didn't run with a Garmin so my piss-poor pace perception (nice alliteration) bit me in the first mile and I just tried to hang on the rest of the way.  I managed to keep the lead and won in 17:47!!  Was working too hard (struggling!!) to take my splits, other than the first - 5:27 (way too fast!).  Oh well.  A PR is still a PR!!  Gotta get after the miles now.  This week is L-O-W thus far!

THU. - 8 mi. (road) -- legs a little tired

FRI. - 11 mi. (road) -- legs still a little tired but miles 8, 9, 10, and 11 were the best.  Go figure. [84:58]

SAT. - 10mi. Itrails) -- Vin G., Sammy C, and others.  Fun but it rained a lot recently.  Muddy got muddy. [77:09]

SUN. - 20mi. (trails and a little road) -- Vin Gormley, Sammy C.  Jonny ran the first 14 with me.  It was nice not being alone with the cougars.  Good run.  Legs felt tired but still surprisingly good at the same time. [2:35:11]


--> a slowish start to the week made me tack on miles in the end but it was still a good (and fun) week.  A new 5K PR and some quality miles later in the week.  I'll take it.  Plus, my fantasy football team looks strong.  I should win this week. Lately, everything's been comin' up Puddin'.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Week of 8.29.11 - 9.4.11

MON. - 7mi. (road) -- felt great on this run to my in-laws to use their shower.  Thanks Irene. [50:34]

TUE. - 5mi. (road) -- again to in-laws...again no electricity...different route. [37:20]

WED. - 10mi. (track) -- @ Chariho.  10 x 800 w/ 400 easy recoveries (about 2:20 each) --> [2:50, 2:50, 2:49, 2:49, 2:51, 2:48, 2:51, 2:51, 2:49, 2:49].  So tough.  I wanted to quit so badly on 7, 8, and 9--but didn't.  No KG style Chinese Buffet here -- just a never ending, all-you-can-eat serving of 800s with a dizzy, spotted vision cool down for dessert.  Not sure what these numbers/times mean and if they were supposed to be this hard, but I'm happy with them (and exhausted). PS-power FINALLY restored in A-town!!

THU. - 7 mi. (road & beach) -- 4 easy on road untimed and 1.5 out and back on the beach for WTAC Stavros Beach Run (cone boy at turnaround point).  Kind of cheating to count it as 7 but Muddy got sweaty so its all good.

FRI. - 13mi. (trails) -- Vin Gormley, Sammy C. & "unnamed" trails w/ Jonny.  Ran the first leg of Jonny's Epic Quest (sounds like a video game) and he showed me a bunch of trails I've never been on before .  Good  run.  [1:42:17]

SAT. - 0 -- the campground totally Peter North'd me.  Was angry about it for an hour then I realized that it really is not a big deal.  Life goes on.

SUN. - 20mi. (road) -- Hopkinton and North Stonington loop.  Legs felt fine, aside from usual fatigue.  It was the GI problems at mile 4 (UGH!!) and thus, 16 subsequent miles with no socks that ripped my feet, ankles, heels etc. apart.  If I don't end up with poison ivy too, it'll be a  miracle!! Bloody sneakers.  Awesome. [2:33:55]

TOTALS: 62miles

--> a good week with some quality runs.  The 10 x 800 really kicked my ass but I recovered nicely.  Not sure exactly how difficult they're supposed to be but, oh boy!!!  I enjoyed the trails with Jonny the most.  Starting to think about Mohawk Hudson more and more.  It's affecting my sleep.

Line of the week:
"If I could be any animal I would want to be a squirrel cuz they have a helluva tail!"
-Rosalie B. 5 yrs old
(you can't argue with facts and logic!)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Week of 8.22.11 - 8.28.11

MON5 mi. (trails) -- Campground trails.  Nice and easy to shake out the legs. [38:07]

TUE: 0

WED:  14 mi. (bike path) -- South County Bike Path.  I ran a 2 mile warm-up and then 10 miles at MP followed by 2 mile cool down.  I did the 10 miles in 67:13 (6:43 pace) but it was rather uncomfortable.  I'm seriously disheartened by this.  I know it was 80 degrees (vs 55) and I had zero fuel and zero water but come on.  Am I vastly overestimating my fitness and ability? [1:40:53]

THU: 5mi (road) -- legs felt better than I thought they would [36:46]

FRI: 6mi. (road) A.M. -- decent run.  I was chased by a bassett hound and tweaked my back a little.   Time for Vitamin "I" [45:15] \\ 5mi.  (trails) P.M. - Caronlina Mgmt. Area.  Muggy and sweaty but felt good to play around in the woods and swim after.  [36:59]
SAT: 10mi. (roads) -- ran in the rain after work.  My legs feel trashed.  Humidity is a bitch! Maybe having the 5K tomorrow canceled and taking a possible zero (up yours, Irene) is a good thing.  A sloth day of rest and chromium may be just what the doctor ordered.  [72:33]

SUN: 0

TOTAL: 45 miles 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

RIP Young John

He fit me some kicks a little while back.  A great person by the sounds of it.

The world is no longer as complete.

Puddin's Past Production (8.15.11 - 8.21.11)

Week of 8/15/ - 8/21/11
  • MON: 7mi. (road) -- good run. I really pushed it up the 0.5 mile hill on Tomaquag Valley. I think every single runner in New England got a little soaked today! [52:27]
  • TUE: 0
  • WED: 10mi. (track) A.M. -- 3 x 2 miles with 400 easy recoveries [ 6:33/6:37=13:10, 6:24/6:24=12:48, 6:37/6:37=13:14]. This one wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be. I should've known better -- anything Keenyan is straight gangsta. Feel like 6:37 is a tad too ambitious for MP (maybe about 10 secs slower?). I really have no clue what the f*#k I'm doing. -------------------------------------------- 4mi. (road) P.M. -- WTAC Fun Run. After a short warm up, Mason and I ran the first mile (9:16), a mile PR for the big guy!! I ran the rest of the 5K myself
  • THU: 6mi. (road) -- legs a little fatigued feeling. Hard days hard, easy days easy, right?!? Day of serious cross-training at Lake Compounce today. I'm 12 yrs old again with no responsible adults around (except my wife). [45:52]
  • FRI: 8mi. (trails) -- Carolina Mgmt. [59:30]
  • SAT: 8mi. (trails) -- Vin Gormley
  • SUN: 20mi. (roads) -- Shannock & surrounding areas. Ended with 10 x short hill repeats (20meters). Nothing left in the tank. [2:32:58]
  • TOTAL: 63 miles
-->another week down and I'm pleased with my effort and results.  It feels like even some of my "filler days" are quality too.  Big difference between 18 mile runs and 20 miles!  Looking at my remaining training plan, have two more 20 milers (maybe 21-22 one time just to equal total time on feet of actual marathon?) and then the nervousness will begin.

Line of the week:
"I make sure my head is up and my pelvis thrust forward--like at the point of deepest penetration."
                                                                      -- Martin Dugard
                                                                      (describing optimal running form)

I suppose there are worse things to think about to remind yourself to maintain proper form ;)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Muddy's Midway Musings

I'm now right around the halfway point of my "marathon training" if you can call it that.  I feel like I'm progressing but still I'm my own worst enemy and continue to lack in confidence. Since its about 8 weeks out from the race (Columbus Day weekend, I did quite a bit of thinking and wondering on my long run today about a plethora of topics.  Here is the abridged (cleaned up) version:

* In the next several weeks I have 3 workouts in mind that I would like (read as: "need") to try:  10 x 800 at about marathon time (in minutes) w/ 3:00 recoveries.  Not sure if these are infamous Yasso 800s or not but I'd like to try them just the same.  Also, by spying on real runners, it appears that 3 x 2 miles (approx MP, 10-15 seconds sub MP, then MP again) is a good workout.  Finally, I really would like to incorporate a 6-8 mile tempo run into a longerish run to get down and dirty with LT.

* I've developed a definitive method for differentiating between raindrops vs deer flies hitting off of your head, neck and back -- raindrops don't bite you!

* In pouring over data recently I discovered that Claire Gadrow (41yrs) ran a 2:56:xx at Boston this year and Jeff Vuono (48 yrs) pounded out a 2:59:xx.  First, good for them.  Second, I consistently, (and readily) beat them at various local races. Am I reading too much into this or should I be able to break 3:00 in October too?  I'll be fairly disappointed if I don't.

*What is the best indicator for my fitness level re: the marathon?  I've a half marathon penciled in for 3 weeks prior to Columbus Day weekend.  Do I use this as a final test and try to rip it up or should I just use it to practice pacing?

*Jonny is continuing to run strong and string together great weeks in preparation for his 50k "Adventure In Pisgah".  Big ups to Jonny!  Keep slapping that bass and eating up those miles.

* Despite hating running, my wife continues to up her mileage and "training".  She ran the Blessing recently (first time) and has followed it up with various runs including a 12 miler last week and a solid 14 mile run this week.  Shhhhhhh, don't tell anyone though.  She doesn't want anyone to know. Running is stupid.  Cheers to her!!

*Speaking of fitness levels, beer and late-night sandwiches continue to be my weakness.  Big surprise there.  I'll bet money Claire Gadrow doesn't pig out like I do.

*Damn, running makes you feel good.  It's like a loyal, loving dog.  Always there for you.  Always waiting for you.  Sometimes it forces you to get up earlier than you want to.  It forces you to go outside and "smell the roses".  Most importantly, you might get upset at/with it (even be reduced to swearing) but it always, always, always manages to make you feel a little bit better at the end of the day. 

'Til next time.......

Puddin's Past Production (8.8.11 - 8.14.11)

  • MON: 6mi. (trails) -- Carolina Mgmt. Area. Ran in the late afternoon before pigging out at my parents and recharging fluids w/ GTs. Swam afterwards in Meadowbrook. Legs a little tired.
  • TUE: 0 -- needed a day off
  • WED: 12 mi. (road) -- ran with KG early in Narragansett along Ocean Road. Great running with him. Per usual, the conversation made the distance seem half of what it was. [80:04]
  • THU: 7mi. (road) -- Tour d/Ashaway. I love running in cemetaries -- I am alive!! Legs a little bit tired [50:02]
  • FRI: 10mi. (trails) -- Carolina Mgmt. Area. Absolutely gorgeous summer day. Felt great until the last mile--sorta faded a little. Post run dip in Meadowbrook. [73:12]
  • SAT: 6+mi. (road) -- really easy with Mott. Pace was too slow but fishing with spinnerbaits on Johnson's Pond afterwards was not. 5 largemouth and a Dos Equis buzz. Stay thirsty my friends.[50:04]
  • SUN: 18mi. (trails) -- 2 x Vin Gormley plus single track in the campground. Rainy but good run. I ran approx. 1.5 - 2 miles on the paved and dirt roads on loop 2 (approx. miles 15 & 16) at what felt like 10-15 seconds under MP. Good but tiring. Highlight of the run was when I passed the same two mountain bikers for the second time and he yelled out "Wow, man! You're pretty fit!" Thanks, playah!! [2:16:46]
  • TOTAL: 59 miles
-->Another good week.  Meeting and running with new people is great (motivational too).  Miles keep climbing but I'm feeling really, really good.  No jinx.  8 weeks to go until "the big one" in Schenectady, NY. Happy with my progress and fitness but still need more time on my feet and much more focused speedwork as well.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Puddin's Past Production (8.1.11 - 8.7.11)

  • MON: 5mi. (road) -- ran after work at crappy time. felt a little tired. [36:17]
  • TUE: 8mi. (trail) -- Vin Gormley. Ran early before work. Good run
  • WED: 7mi. (track) --Newport, NH. 6 x 400 with 2 minute recs. [80, 84, 82, 80, 79, 80]. Didn't want to kill myself but still a decent workout. Calves still a little tight. Ran some of them with my 17 yr old nephew. He didn't like it too much. Welcome to intervals bucko!! :)
  • THU: 7mi. (trail) -- around Eastman Lake..about 50% was mostly rock scrambles, sliding, and falling. probably not a wise choice of routes. Hip flexors really sore now.
  • FRI: 9 mi. (trail) -- Kilburn Loop with Greg, J. Fyffe, and the hounds (Griffin & Bailey). Great run. Ran at nice conversational pace. Really enjoyed it, (as well as the swim in Kilburn with a mile left to go).
  • SAT: 4mi. (road) -- short and sweet. just wanted to move legs around after sitting in truck for 4 hours.
  • SUN: 17mi. (mostly roads, some trails) -- around Burlingame and Buckeye Brook area..rainy and wet and then worked in the rain for 4 more hours afterwards. I feel like a drowned rat. Ran by Pard's and Jonny's homesteads. I've successfully stalked 3/4 of the Hammett clan this week (actually 4/4 if driving by Glenn's place counts). Did manage a few cliff jumps into the Klondike Quarries for a quick swim around mile 14.  Good run.
  • TOTAL: 57 miles
--> A good, quality week overall.  My legs feel pretty good right now considering I didn't take a legit day off this week.  The highlight was running with some Keenyans and wolves.  Although, seeing Pard in the Prius with his banged up face was good too.  I've become proficient at roaming the countryside, stalking the Hammetts.  Enjoying the running.  Gotta keep this thang going. Onward and upward......

Monday, August 1, 2011

Puddin's Past Production (7.25.11 - 7.31.11)

  • MON: 6mi. (trails) -- Burlingame after work...stuck to south & south east side of pond...Vin Gormley and west side (wetter) had unbelievable numbers of deer flies so I had to adjust [43:42]
  • TUE: 0
  • WED: 10mi. (road) -- Boombridge Road Loop...ran first 4 miles slow as a warm up and then the last 6 at guesstimated MP...good run [75:17]
  • THU: 4mi. (road) -- took it easy...legs felt a little tired...let the worrying and nervousness begin
  • FRI: 11mi. (road) --Blessing of the Fleet. 61:46--5:58, 6:20, 6:09, 6:12, 6:11, 6:21, 6:17, 6:04, 6:12, 5:58. Big PR! Really pleased!
  • SAT: 0 -- wanted to run. should've tried early.
  • SUN: 0 -- took a nap instead. king of sloth.
  • TOTAL: 31 miles
  • Happy with the race but not with the weekend.  Life happens.  Time to get back after it.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Puddin's Past Production (7.18.11 - 7.24.11)

  • MON: 6mi. (road) -- started off slowly but picked it up last 1/3...sweat my nuts off...(45:45)
  • TUE: 0
  • WED: 5mi. (trails) A.M. -- Black Farm...humid and warm but got to swim with two pointers in the pond afterwards...their owner was repulsed by my actions------------------------------               6mi. (road) P.M. -- WTAC Fun Run...once again wanted to run it without Garmin and "guess" my pace as a short tempo run (6:12 - 6:15 pace)...did it in 18:59...a little too fast...knew/felt it was too fast...hopefully I still gained something from it
  • THU: 7mi. (road) -- Weekapaug & Misquamicut followed by a dip in the Atlantic...legs felt tired, either from yesterday or a negligible breakfast. Hazy, Hot & Humid! (52:19)
  • FRI: 6mi. (road) -- ran at 0345 to get this in before the deadly heat set in...having a teething child helped me rise nice and early...dark humid but at least it wasn't hot!
  • SAT: 5mi. (road) -- late run...was sh*t from beginning to end
  • SUN: 16mi. (road w/ a little trail) -- Carolina, Shannock and Kenyon...good chafing church service...felt really good, despite being soaked from two separate downpours/electrical disturbances and multiple deer fly rapings (2:03:13)
  • TOTAL: 51 miles

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blessed By Lions

With the infamous Blessing of the Fleet 10 Mile Road Race (put on by Narragansett Lions Club) fast approaching, I decided to look back at this time last year.  All about gathering and analyzing data, you know?

Anyway here are some numbers.  Note that with these stats, and $2 I can get a cup of coffee at Dunkin Donuts:

2010  June: 63 miles (missed a week due to some leg problems)  
2010 July (up to 7/18/10): 76 miles   
2010 mileage to that point: 678 miles
2010 Blessing: 66:13

2011 June: 181 miles  
2011 July (up to 7/18/11): 112 miles 
2011 mileage thus far: 1040 miles.
2011 Blessing: ??????

I've been way more focused (for the most part) on speedwork this year as well as increased mileage for standard base runs and on "longerish" runs too.  Hopefully it pays off.  I've a pretty ambitious goal this year however I'm NOT going to tell anyone what it is at this time for fear of embarassing myself (HINT: it rhymes with lickstey pree finnits).

See you cats on the 29th for the running with the lions.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Puddin's Past Production (7.11.11 - 7.17.11)

  • MON: 5mi. (trails) -- around the campground, after work, in the heat and humidity....a struggle at times (37:11)
  • TUE: 0 --a good day to take off from running...unfortunately the same logic couldn't apply to work
  • WED: 8mi. (trails) -- Carolina Mgmt. Area...good run...blasted the one long up hill (and paid for it at the top)...despite the deer flies, a good run...dip in the ol' swimming hole afterwards (59:09)
  • THU: 8mi. (WHS track) -- 6 x 800 w/ 3:00 recoveries...2:45/2:43/2:47/2:43/2:42/2:45...probably should've done 8 x 800 but still pleased with the effort...some inconsiderate people on the track today!!
  • FRI: 10mi. (trails) -- Rome Point with Jonny....nice, enjoyable run...great spot! Can't believe I've never been there before!
  • SAT: 5mi. (road) -- sort of quick run in the afternoon to test out new kicks (Brooks Glycerin 9)....jury is still out on them
  • SUN: 15mi. (roads) -- Weekapaug friggin' HOT in the sun, even though it was only 0930....thank the Baby Jesus for shaded sides of roads...should've started 1-1.5 hours earlier!(1:55:30)
  • TOTAL: 51 miles

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Puddin's Past Production (7.4.11 - 7.10.11)

I've decided, just for posterity, to post each completed week's results here (just copy and paste).  I'll still put weekly data off to the right.  However, I feel doing it this way is a good idea because I've noticed a few discrepancies & blanks in my real (paper) log.  This will allow me to go back and double check electronically just in case the two don't jive.  Plus, it's my blog and I'll do what I want and I'm down with alliteration too. Dig?
  • MON: 4mi. (road) -- Camires Firecracker 4 on the Fourth....terrible experience...5:44, 11:39, 17:40 and then first ever DNF :(
  • TUE: 0 -- i hate the campground more than anything in existence
  • WED: 6mi. (road) A.M. -- Weekapaug and Misquamicut...soupy fog but a nice cooling swim immediately afterwards (44:52) ---------- 6mi. (road) P.M. -- WTAC Fun Run in Misquamicut...shot for a tempo run around 6:15 pace for the 5k course...ran it without a watch so had to go by feel...19:16 (6:12)...pleased with my guesstimate
  • THU: 5+mi. (road) -- nearly the same route as yesterday morning with a swim in the same spot...legs a little tired...LOVE the Atlantic Ocean cool down (37:45)
  • FRI: 10mi. (trails) -- ran with Jonny in Big River around Tarbox and Carrs ponds...perfect terrain and good conversation made for the "fastest" and "easiest" 10 miler I've run in a long time...Jonny even guided some dirtbag motocross boys along the correct trails...what a guy (76:30ish)
  • SAT: 4mi. (road) -- really easy and slow...didn't really gain anything from this except to shake out the legs and escape from reality for a half hour
  • SUN: 15mi. (road) -- Weekapaug, Misquamicut, Watch Hill...great birding and good swim, despite being told I couldn't (1:55:47)
  • TOTAL: 50 miles

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Service

Church was good again this morning.  Here is this morning's agenda:

0700 - Services commence from the west lot of Weekapaug Breachway.

0710 - Singing of "Greedy Shallow Water Feeding" by Snowy Egret (7), Great Egret (8) and Glossy Ibis (4) Choir
Nota bene: Northern Mockingbirds, Song Sparrows et al  included -- we do not discriminate here at the Church of Puddin'

0715 - A moment of silence and genuflection towards the two dead (road kill) Vulpes vulpe

0715-0800 - greetings and Passing of the Peace to numerous fellow runners (some quite attractive).  May Peace Be With You....And Also With You. Some bicyclists even included as well.

0810 - Eucharist -- "This is my body" (vanilla bean Gu)...."This is my blood" (gatorade)

0815 - A Short Sermon on Ball Busting from His Holiness "Pard" (from the altar of the Prius) at the four way stop along Winnipaug and Shore Roads

0855- Service Ending Baptisim in the cleansing waters of the Atlantic Ocean

0900 - Post Sermon Crusade* against Weekapaug Security and staff at the Dunes Club regarding ye olde good publick's right to quickly swim off of the breachway in front of their precious beach. 

*These Holy Crusades shall continue ad nauseum because it is His will and thy shall be done.

Also, the Church of Puddin' is looking for new members to join the congregation.  All are welcome.  Other than the flora and fauna, it is lonely out there.

Muddy is so underground.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Camire's Humble Pie

On Monday, for the first time ever, I ran Camire's Firecracker 4 on the 4th.  It's a standard 4 miler on Independence Day, a carbon copy of any roadrace from anytown, USA.  Although I'd never run the race before, much of it (2.5 miles or so) is along a rolling course that comprises a 5k I ran back in early April.  Despite the sun and humid weather at the 0830 start, I felt prepared. A short but obviously late warm-up left me squeezing in outside of the race start in the second row, up on the sidewalk.  I recognized many runners-those I would/should beat as well as the semi-elites that would smoke me. 

At the gun I guess I took off a little too fast and hard.  Assuming that a 4miler should be run exactly like a 5k, I busted my first mile in 5:44.  A tad too fast but I still felt ok so I pushed onward.  Mile 2 found me at 11:39, a little more reasonable.  However, at this point I started to feel weaker than usual.  Maybe it was the  heat and humidity.  Maybe I was pushing a little too hard.  Maybe I just forgot to wash my pink panties.  Either way, by 2.75 (or there abouts) I knew I was in trouble.   My mile 3 time was 17:40 and about 200 meters after the checkpoint I stopped.  Quit.  Kapoot.  My head felt huge (much bigger than the 7 5/8 hat size) and I had bad cramping in legs and dizziness.  Despite feeling like a total pussy, I called it a day.

Perhaps I should've cooled off by walking for 2-3 minutes and then jogged back in at an easy 8-9 minute mile pace but I was so disgusted (feeling sorry for myself?) that I continued walking it in.  I took off my watch as well as my bib and strolled by the spectators.  Talk about embarassing and shameful.  I was passed by all of the usual suspects (usually finishing behind Muddy).  I even heard an older guy near the end of the race state to one of his fellow viewers: "Some people don't have the ability to pace themselves at all.  They sprint out at the start and then die."  Awesome. The overall results are here but don't look for my name anywhere.

My first ever DNF. I'm really proud.  I guess it was bound to happen eventually but I feel like I've been running and racing fairly well recently.  Hopefully I can learn from it and improve.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Does Pudding Stay Cool In Summer Heat?

I found out today why I teach biology instead of mathematics.  Boj and I set up what was supposed to be a 10-11 miler in Patchuag south, starting from the Green Falls Pond area.  However, after Boj inquired how we would be getting back to my truck (simply an out-and-back) I notified him that if we ran down Rte. 165, across Beach Pond, and back onto Tippecansett and Narragansett trails, we could get back to right where we started.  This statement was made with not a single thought/question as to how much longer it would be. 

After we stopped at Beach Pond to splash ourselves with water as warm as our urine, we realized that not having water or fuel of any sort kind of sucked, (humid).  We were both sweating like whores in church but proceeded on.  I actually stopped (crossing Rte. 138) at a friend's house to use their outdoor hose.  It helped a little. The low population of deer flies and mostly shaded trails were a definite plus too.

Ultimately, the run was still good.  Not too strenuous but still tiring.  We never pushed the pace at all which made a big difference.  The enlightening conversation made the 2+ hours go by quickly.  I peppered him with questions re: training and he made me feel incompetent with his own race times as well as those of his 8th graders'.  Humbling.  But at least I have much bigger feet than he does (size 12 vs size 8)--and we all know what that means..........more expensive shoes, right?  The only downside to the day was that Boj was late to lunch with his old man. Sacrifices must be made when you roll with Puddin', I guess.

Goal: 10-11 miles.   Outcome: 16 miles. 
As I stated, biology is my strong suit....not math.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Running or Fishing?

No running in this post however, here's something just as, if not more important.

A little appetizer before our upcoming trip.

I know we're not going to be slinging snakes at the SW light like this guy but I'll take my chances with parachute jigs on lead line.  Just sayin'......

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Solstice!!

I had to leave school at 1045 today because of a "family issue".  Luckily, this allowed me to begin a short run in Black Farm Management Area during the exact moment of the solstice.  What a perfect way to celebrate the transition of seasons during perfect summer weather.

 In addition to killing numerous deer flies I also managed to feed a good sized brook trout hiding under a bridge (a sow bug and a small centipede), swim in Plain Pond (beautiful kettle pond that is the twin sister to Sandy Pond in Richmond), and catch HUGE tadpoles (forming legs and dwindling tails).

All in all, a sweet ass day!

I'm certainly not counting, but if anyone is wondering, 5 days of school left (latest year ever).

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I KNEW IT (Part 2)

I told you. 


Muddy Puddin'
Original Believer Since 1984

Monday, June 13, 2011


If you didn't hear about this, it is great (sort of).  How can DEM and wildlife officials shrug this one off and tell people that saw it that it was probably a "fisher cat", "robust house cat" or even "a large fox" (all actual explanations in past years)? 

I really think its possible they're in Rhody too.  I really do.  I just feel it.