Sunday, February 27, 2011

Don't Be A Dumbass

Some useful insight that I picked up this week:

1. Don't run in unplowed cemetaries. At one point my feet plunged through frozen ice and bloodied my shins. I panicked when I pushed down to the lower part of my knee cap and felt nothing! No solid ground. Was I in a pre-dug grave that was forgotten about over the winter? Although I doubt it, the rest of the run on the darkened, rainy, Friday evening was subconciously accompanied by "Trapped Under Ice".

2. Don't choose to run on a barrier beach trail. I thought it would be fairly packed down but instead it was like running on the dunes themselves. I actually switched over and ran on loose beach sand for the last 3/4 of a mile until I reached Charlestown breachway (Scoter everywhere!!!). Tiring as hell.

3. Don't run along exposed shoreline in an easterly direction when you have to turn around and run back into a SW wind (10-20 knots). Stupid.

4. Don't hop out of bed the morning after being stupid (see # 2 and #3) and be surprised when you nearly crumble to the floor because you're so stiff.

5. Don't drink so much beer that when your significant other calls you on it you argue it's okay because of the slurred mantra "Mmm on vakayshinnnn..."

I make good choices.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Day Late But Better Than Never

Although not on my usual Wednesday, I did some speed stuff on the track this afternoon after working in the new science rooms at school (packing & unpacking is a bitch!). Despite having to spend several hours there it's gonna be worth it. The new science wing is university caliber!!

Goal: 2x400, 2x800, 2x400 (all with 1/2 recoveries)..400s about 88, 800s about 3:00

Results: 88, 87, 2:57, 2:56, 86, 86

Not sure if the 1/2 recoveries were enough. I really wanted to do a full 400 "rest" after the 3rd 400 but stuck with only 200. Glad I did. It was 44 degrees out but a south wind made it feel 10 degrees cooler than that. At least the wind was at my back for 1/2 of each interval!!

I'm a little tired now but some wine and gourmet food (not cooked by me) should help with the recovery. Glutton.....

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Got to run a little on the Cape Cod Rail Trail yesterday. I snuck away from the family in the morning and picked up the trail head in South Dennis, MA. It was nice and flat with relatively few people (only two unleashed hounds). I did a quick 3.5 out and back. Despite not being rushed at all, I found myself acting like an excited dog exploring a new area. Although untimed, I could tell my pace was too fast for a regular run but still couldn't help myself. Even though I was "running" on 4 hours of sleep, thanks to Trey & the House of Blues, I still felt great. As a bonus, I got to sneak in some covert water fowling along a tiny reservoir and its spur trails.

It was nice to get back home, away from "tourists" in contaminated water park pools. Over the course of the mini-getaway, I did get to exercise my swamp Yankee powers of perception...

1. There is indeed an obesity epidemic in America. Although I'm far from the pillar of health, the average middle class body morphology appears to be "fry-o-later oil based with a handful of high fructose corn syrup". Gross.

2. When running in the woods in a new place, always bring toilet paper with you....always!!

3. One needn't drink MORE beer than normal just because one is "on vacation".

4. Fruits and vegetables can be taken for granted when you don't have any for 2 days.

5. Bufflehead are the cutest little feather balls I've ever seen.

Hoping this is a good week of quality runs with good speedwork and a longerish jaunt....

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Less Than Stellar Week

Kind of a shitty week overall. With the stomach fun on Monday and another day off with an "accidental" nap, not the kind of totals to write home about. I'm a little disappointed.

However, I am pleased with the fun speed work on Thursday and my exploration of Green Hill Beach and Trustom Pond area yesterday (no birds/still frozen solid). In addition, I get to cross train with Trey at the House of Blues in Boston tonight. So that's cool.....

Hopefully an easier week is just what I needed.

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Visit From the CDC

No miles yesterday. No miles today
either. Thank you noro virus.
Aches, fever, chills and GI. Even my GD eyeballs hurt!!

Thank you again for the 2nd time this year......

At least I'm slimmin' back down to my "fightin' weight".

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Morning of Ups and Downs

Ran long with Jonny this morning in the chill. We started at Avondale Preserve, meandered through Watch Hill and then jumped on the beach there. We skirted the foam breakers for the next 4-5 miles until we hit Weekapaug Breachway. During this time we both agreed that we are going to join the Westerly Track & Athletic Club and "shake things up" with some fresh, young blood. I just wanna see "WTAC" after my name underneath "Club" on Cool Running when looking up race results.

At that point we headed back up and out to Shore Road. Given our athletic prowess we were able to shake off a corpulent mutt that tried to trail us. Despite sticking with us for about 2 miles, he clearly needs to put in more quality training to reach our superior levels of fitness. :)

We ended (2:01:55) tired, happy and feeling refreshed. We chatted for a few minutes and even discussed how shitty it was that Boj locked his keys in his house. After laughing a bit, we parted ways. It was at this point that the morning went down hill, (although not as bad as Boj's episode).
I had to then run to Ace Hardware to buy a bit for my drill. I'm always a little embarassed prancing around Westerly in tights and running attire, but whatever. I quickly ran in, got what I needed, and ran back out to the truck with nary a glance. It was at this point that I realized I had LOCKED MY FRIGGIN' KEYS IN THE TRUCK. There they were, right in the ignition. Mocking me. I then had the pleasurable experience of freezing my ass off while waiting for AAA to come and jimmy open the door. Awesome. Oh the irony.

I suck at life sometimes.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Possum & PR

Ran the Super 5k in Narragansett as a warm up to the self-induced debauchery that I inflict upon myself on Superbowl Sundays. Let it be duly noted that I win every year (the SB eating and drinking festivus, not the race).

The weather couldn't have been better, (45 degrees, sunny) save for a solid wind out of the west at times. I'm happy with the results for the most part (see below #2). I finished in 18:46, good enough for 22nd. Splits: 6:04, 6:06, 5:52.

Other events of note:
1. In the first mile there was an absolutely destroyed Didelphus virginiana on the side of the road (guess they don't hibernate). For the rest of the entire race this was stuck in my head. Although it is a fantastic tune, it began to get a little annoying as I fatigued at the end of the race. "The road was his end. His end was the road, they say."

2. Despite being pleased with the results (a new PR) I still can't help but feel a tiny bit disappointed that I didn't run sub 6:00s. Given the way I felt during the race, I know I can do it. I really do. Chariho 5k (4/3/11) this record too shall tumble (fingers crossed).

3. Bought a new longsleeved shirt that is super lightweight and vented. I ran in this today and felt a tiny bit overdressed/hot. The next race I'm just gonna rock one of these bad boys.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mason's Wisdom

Line of the week came from Mason, post run this afternoon.

He had a "really bad day" today at school (missed recess for makeup work, had his seat switched on the bus, etc.). Funny what traumatizes a 7 yr old! He came home in tears and was a big hot mess for 15 minutes. I offered him the opportunity to sneak in a little run.

After running the last 0.5 mile with me, we were milling around outside the front door on the steps talking for a few minutes. He imparted the following knowledge:

"Ya know, Dad. I had a really bad day today but when that happens I think you just need to go out and run probably. It's kind of like going outside to play and stuff. You know, just have a little fun. It really makes you feel way better when you're done."

I know dude........I know.