Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Poor Me

This is not fun...not sure if icing is "stat tracker" over to the right of these posts looks like I'm spittin Vanilla Ice rhymes....I want to run so badly but I'm actually using my better judgment and 3 days enough? My shins hurt slightly (randomly) throughout the day at school..nothing bad but just enough to leave me wondering...I feel like I'm losing fitness every hour...not sure how this weekend is going to go....It'll be great to struggle through a 5K that I know I was going to crush.. I'm throwing a huge pity party for myself...everyone is invited.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Do Osprey Like Disco Balls?

I took a big fat zero yesterday (thanks, Burlingame!!), and was disgusted and feeling sorry for myself. After visiting a friend in Shannock, I headed to the Kingston train station and ran some of the South County Bike Path and then the Great Swamp Mgmt Area. The weather was nice, despite a little wind, so I really wanted to do 15 or so. Unfortunately, I screwed myself from the beginning. It is not a wise decision to run on an empty stomach around lunch time. Not much energy for most of the run. In fact, I began to get light headed and almost felt as if disco balls were in my future near the very end. I "quit" after 13 because I felt exhausted but more from hunger rather than running fatigue...(if that makes any sense). I recharged my batteries afterwards with 2 burgers, fries, 2 apples, 2 chocolate cupcakes, 1 large gatorade, and a banana. Eclectic mix if I do say so myself. You won't find that post-run meal in Runners World or Running Times. However, I did get to see several pairs of nesting osprey at the impoundment. No diving and feeding but a lot of calls. I even explored down under the powerlines into the flood plain of the Pawcatuck River a little bit and saw 5 warblers of some kind. Yellow Rumped? (? too early?), I couldn't really tell. Have to consult Pard. I even got to inhale 17,000 gnats of some sort as well while down in the marshy area. The first big hatch of the year that I've had the opportunity to witness (taste). Over all, despite the nervous return back to my truck, ("Shit, am I gonna have to walk this?), it was a good day/good run. Spring rules.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Checkin on Alosa aestivalis

Took yesterday off because my lower legs were stiff & sore. Suspect the boulder fun over the weekend.

Ran down to Potter Hill Dam today to check on the bluebacks. I felt really good. Really tried to focus on my form and found that I ran a little faster than necessary (58:29). J.D. would not approve. Awesome run though.

Water too high. Couldn't see 'em.

Know they were there though.

Stripers soon....

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My 10,000 Year Old Enemy

Ran in Pachaug (north side) today. It was awesome and great fun to explore several parts/trails that I'd formerly traversed as well as many unnamed, never before seen paths.

Although I only ended up doing 12, my quads are now screaming at me, "Why the 'eff did you do 20?". Altough the altitude/terrain never really changed more than 100-200' over short distances, the remnants from the last glacial period left me constantly stumbling, falling, clawing, and swearing for most of the run, (albeit with a smile on my face). Boulders make it fun but, at the same time, make it so much more difficult. Mt. Misery wasn't miserable at all, but much of the glacial till made later parts of the escapade less than stellar at times with bloodied knees, twisted ankles, and toasted quadriceps.

Regardless, it was still super fun moving from deciduous uplands, into muddy swamps, into tall pine stands (and back & forth) repeatedly.

Now, awaiting the rising of la luna tonight. I'll be greeting her with a long, drawn out howl and a raised pint o' jolly.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Spring knocking all around today. Frogs gettin busy in ponds.

Full moon for the equinox.


Friday, March 11, 2011

An Informal Poll

After today's terrible run, (quit after 5), I'm left wondering some things. I really think that instead of taking yesterday off and running today, I should've done it the other way around. Today's run was pretty poor. It took me 4 miles just to loosen up and EVERYTHING felt tight: knees, calves, quads, vagina....everything! The goal of 7-9 turned into 6-7 which turned into "screw this, I'm done". Me thinks I may need to get the hell off of the roads and focus a little more on playing in the woods during my runs. Chicken soup for the soul.

So to humor me, please feel free to complete the informal poll below. It'll only take a second.


Q: After speedwork on a Wednesday, one should definitely:

a. run easy on Thursday to recover and take Friday off to recharge chromium levels
b. take Thursday off and run on Friday
c. run every day no matter what so you can write shitty books like Dean Karnazes
d. never run again...ever
e. take the skirt off and shut up/stop whining

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kelley's Pace Hare Hop -- The Paradox

After somehow missing my run yesterday (between birthday parties and family stuff, not sure what the hell happened) I ran a "3 mile" road race today in Mystic. I buy a fair amount of stuff from Kelley's Pace in Olde Mistick Village so, since they were sponsoring the race, I wanted to do it to help them out. Looking at past years' results I knew it was a small race so I had a chance of placing fairly higher than at a "normal" race.

Now that it is over, I'm happy with my individual results but yet also kind of pissed off at the same time. If you're going to advertise a 3 mile road race (and NOT a 5K) then make it actually 3 miles!! I basically PR'd a 5K time but instead now have a less than stellar 3 mile time. Grrrrrrr!!!!

I ran the course (an out and back) for my warm up. Other than one pretty big hill (a 0.35 climb up appropriately named Deer Ridge Road), it seemed to be a fairly fast course. I didn't pay attention to distance at this time, I just wanted to get my legs loose (felt tight and heavy for most of warm up).

I ran what I thought was a good race. Pushing it on the smaller hill climbs and up the "big one" I passed a bunch of people and settled into 5th or 6th place. I really started to hammer the last 1/2 mile and passed one more guy (about my age?) but couldn't catch a scrawny Indian kid in front of me. My splits were: 5:52, 6:05, 6:17. I finished 4th overall in 18:14. BUT according to the notoriously inaccurate Garmin I ran 3.09 miles. When I just checked it out on Map My Run, it was 3.09 also!! No fucking way I ran a 6:17 last mile!! Absolutely impossible. I was dying the last 0.5mile.....Adjusting the time (6:17 vs actual distance run) it was more like a 5:49 final mile.

Come on John J. Kelley!!!! If you would just add on a tiny bit more (push back start or finish line a tad) I could've had a new PR for a 5K!!!

Ok......I've moved on. Just had to piss & moan a little bit to get it out of my system. Nobody likes a bitchy whiner. Guess I have to rip the shit out of the Chariho 5k on 4/3/11. As long as it's not windy, that is one of the flattest, fastest courses I've ever run.

Time to focus.....

(Now, where did I put that beer?!?!?)