Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Does Pudding Stay Cool In Summer Heat?

I found out today why I teach biology instead of mathematics.  Boj and I set up what was supposed to be a 10-11 miler in Patchuag south, starting from the Green Falls Pond area.  However, after Boj inquired how we would be getting back to my truck (simply an out-and-back) I notified him that if we ran down Rte. 165, across Beach Pond, and back onto Tippecansett and Narragansett trails, we could get back to right where we started.  This statement was made with not a single thought/question as to how much longer it would be. 

After we stopped at Beach Pond to splash ourselves with water as warm as our urine, we realized that not having water or fuel of any sort kind of sucked, (humid).  We were both sweating like whores in church but proceeded on.  I actually stopped (crossing Rte. 138) at a friend's house to use their outdoor hose.  It helped a little. The low population of deer flies and mostly shaded trails were a definite plus too.

Ultimately, the run was still good.  Not too strenuous but still tiring.  We never pushed the pace at all which made a big difference.  The enlightening conversation made the 2+ hours go by quickly.  I peppered him with questions re: training and he made me feel incompetent with his own race times as well as those of his 8th graders'.  Humbling.  But at least I have much bigger feet than he does (size 12 vs size 8)--and we all know what that means..........more expensive shoes, right?  The only downside to the day was that Boj was late to lunch with his old man. Sacrifices must be made when you roll with Puddin', I guess.

Goal: 10-11 miles.   Outcome: 16 miles. 
As I stated, biology is my strong suit....not math.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Running or Fishing?

No running in this post however, here's something just as, if not more important.

A little appetizer before our upcoming trip.

I know we're not going to be slinging snakes at the SW light like this guy but I'll take my chances with parachute jigs on lead line.  Just sayin'......

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Solstice!!

I had to leave school at 1045 today because of a "family issue".  Luckily, this allowed me to begin a short run in Black Farm Management Area during the exact moment of the solstice.  What a perfect way to celebrate the transition of seasons during perfect summer weather.

 In addition to killing numerous deer flies I also managed to feed a good sized brook trout hiding under a bridge (a sow bug and a small centipede), swim in Plain Pond (beautiful kettle pond that is the twin sister to Sandy Pond in Richmond), and catch HUGE tadpoles (forming legs and dwindling tails).

All in all, a sweet ass day!

I'm certainly not counting, but if anyone is wondering, 5 days of school left (latest year ever).

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I KNEW IT (Part 2)

I told you. 


Muddy Puddin'
Original Believer Since 1984

Monday, June 13, 2011


If you didn't hear about this, it is great (sort of).  How can DEM and wildlife officials shrug this one off and tell people that saw it that it was probably a "fisher cat", "robust house cat" or even "a large fox" (all actual explanations in past years)? 

I really think its possible they're in Rhody too.  I really do.  I just feel it. 


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Get What You Deserve

The 12th Annual Katie Decubellis 5K was this morning.  Without going back and looking at records from the last 8 years, I think it is one of the races I've run the most frequently.  At the beginning of this year I penciled it in on the calendar, knowing I would run it again, (how could I not?).  However, several weeks later I was offered the chance to hit the road and follow Phish down to Columbia, MD for a back-to-back weekend shows.  How could I pass THAT up?  Sorry Katie but priorities are priorities.

Unfortunately, the real world (work) stepped in and shattered my dreams of a 2 day pachouli-scented,  parking lot festivus.  I realized I wouldn't be able to attend and sold off my lone ticket.  You may be asking yourself:  "How could a 33yr old married man, with 3 children, head 7 hours away for 2 days, to see a band of middle aged men playing, at best, questionable music and not even have a ticket for both days?"  I'm a jack-of-all-trades with many, many skills and I know I would've sniffed out another ticket  in the dirty, headie-infested lot while down there. Love Phish & love the scene.  But do NOT love everyone there by any means.  Just as in sporting venues and at any other concert there are great people as well as losers and  dirtbags.  Perhaps I would have to barter veggie burritoes or beer for it but I would've gotten it.  I get sh*t done.

Anyway, I digress.  The moment of realization was bittersweet.  No Phish equaled another year of KD 5K.  I figured either way I would come out a winner.  Being familiar with the course and having run well recently, this was going to be my shot at a sub-18 5K and another PR.  Sigh..........

After rambling, here's the point:  I ran well in the pouring rain but only finished 5th, in 18:14.  With splits of 5: 43, 11:34, and 17: 35(?), I fell well short of my intentions.  It is a course record for me by a full minute, but I'm still disappointed.  I have no one to blame but myself.  After a phenomenal run on Wednesday, I squeezed in a {YAWN} filler on Thursday.  Then, feeling sorry for myself I skipped running altogether on Friday to go out in the boat with the missus for some largemouth fishing (sweet 4 lber on a Slug-O).  OK, so what?  No speedwork and two days off is no big deal.  However, lethargy struck again when  I also skipped out and took a zero yesterday to work on/finish fencing around my garden. Deer have descended upon my vegetables and engaged me in a twisted game a la Peter Rabbit vs. Mr. MacGregor. So far I'm losing and the fence STILL isn't completed (thanks, rain!).

When your training log looks like an easter egg hunt (0, 0, 0), I guess you get what you deserve.  I need to get back on the horse next week and try and focus a little more. This was an inferior week for sure.  Clearly, not training seriously yields zero PRs in races.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Morning Church

In a tradition that began last week, I ran BEFORE going to work this morning.  It really needs to be this way.  It instantly makes for a better run, a better day, and a much better afternoon post-work.  I rambled from my house out to the Grills Preserve (Hopkinton side).  Although it is technically still gated off and padlocked, I enjoy sneaking in anyway.  It isn't private property so I feel that I can use it now, even though it isn't "done"/ready yet.

What a great run.  Nice and cool and I was able to rustle up two deer, (one was MASSIVE), watch a fox play in a field until it noticed me and took off, attempt to converse with turkeys, stroll through an old (1830s) cemetary and read tombstones, and splash around and try to catch tadpoles in a small pond/puddle, among other things.  Some of the trail work was in uncharted, single track territory.  Awesomeness. I even managed to "get lost" and enter back out on Rte. 91 through a field (someone's back yard) along an immensely overgrown access way, heavily laden with ferns, briars, and poison ivy.  It's a good thing I'm so gangster that I'm semi-immune -- to the poison ivy, not the trespassing.

Some closing points of interest:
1. For some reason I've been unable to comment on anyone's blogs for the last 2 weeks.  Not sure why.  So I'm going to do it here instead:

-Jonny:you've been logging fantastic weeks, dude!! Awesome job! You should start running more races as soon as possible. PR every time, guaranteed!!!!

- MC Glenn: good to see you back on the blog-o-sphere.  Can't wait to see you out at the North Rip, slamming Morone saxatilis.

-Boj: I really wanna hear about your casually mentioned 25 miler last week.  Sounds awesome.  As Jonny stated, it really requires a stand-alone post.  Do it.  I'll fix your exhaust for you while you do it.

-Greg (Eazy-G): where you at, kid?  I know you're training like Rocky Balboa did in Rocky IV, out in isolation (Chesterfield vs Siberia, but it's the same). Post your stuff if you can.  I miss reading about your travels.

- KevInBalance: glad you're back to attempting the running. However, don't let that interfere with more important stuff, like Beads of Sweat.  I'm hooked. My entertainment is exponentially more important than your physical conditioning and health.

2. Why must bikers ignore lowly runners?  THREE separate instances today, while on pavement, I passed cyclists.  When I politely acknowledged them, nary a one gave me even a nod back.  Suck it.  I'm sorry if I don't wear flourescent spandex that say "Cox" (cocks?) in large letters.  Guess you're so much better with your mechanically engineered equipment vs my bipedal locomotion (perfected by hundreds of thousands of years of evolution might I add).

3. Sunday mornings in the woods are my church.  Spirituality at its finest.  No people, only flora, fauna, and Puddin' Piles along the side of the trail.  Jesus would approve.

4. A small blurb in this week's issue of The Week describes a study that found that heart disease and longevity can be linked to one's mile run time.  At age 50, if one can run an 8:00 mile they have a 90% reduced rate of coronary disease and are much more healthy than their brethren.  More than a 10:00 mile and incidence of cardio disorders goes up on in intervals on a logarithmic scale as a function related to time.  No shit.  Imagine that.  Give me some federal funding and I'll conduct studies like that.  Muddy is a scientist after all. My first thesis: If someone runs at least 40 miles a week, they can drink beer and be healthy and happy.  Any test subjects willing to participate in my scientific investigation?

5. Throughout todays run, this song was in my head nearly the entire time.  Can't believe these guys are still kickin' it.  Early 40s but still acting like it's 1988.  Nice. If I were a cartoon character and had "theme music" whenever I strolled around, this would be my theme music.

6. My vegetable garden is epic.  Everyone should grown their own.  The fence goes up around it this week.  Pictures to follow soon. 

Plant seeds and sing songs. The world will be a better place.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

That Time Of Year Again

I've been so busy with life that I haven't updated this sum' bitch in several days.  Between school, working at the campground, and all other responsibilities (everyone is so NEEDY!), running, and especially blogging, has taken a backseat.

I just finished looking at last the last two years' running logs (paper) and realized that May and June suck it hard!  It is so frustrating and disappointing.  I feel like I should be working hard and improving in leaps and bounds right now but instead, I'm barely "hanging on".  Mileage bounces around from mid 40s to low 30s to low 40s to high 20s back to low 40s to mid 30s.  At least I'm consistent with my inconsistency!  Last week I did zero speed work and haven't had a long(ish) run since 5/15.  Hope my conditioning isn't suffering from this.

However, there was one lone bright spot last week.  Saturday morning I ran Vin Gormley before work instead of later in the afternoon when I got out.  The weather was cooler and misty and I had a really enjoyable run at a pretty good base pace.  About 3 miles in I passed a runner who looked at ease.  His form was sweet and I could tell he was way more fit and skilled than I was.  As he passed we both acknowledged one another but then I stopped and turned back.  It looked like that Running Heritage guy, Matt Pelletier.  He apparently could sense that I stopped and was staring back so he paused too. I asked him if he was indeed, Matt Pelletier.  We chatted for a few seconds and he asked if I was the one and only Muddy Puddin'.  Indeed I was.

Muddy takin' the world by storm.