Monday, July 25, 2011

Puddin's Past Production (7.18.11 - 7.24.11)

  • MON: 6mi. (road) -- started off slowly but picked it up last 1/3...sweat my nuts off...(45:45)
  • TUE: 0
  • WED: 5mi. (trails) A.M. -- Black Farm...humid and warm but got to swim with two pointers in the pond afterwards...their owner was repulsed by my actions------------------------------               6mi. (road) P.M. -- WTAC Fun Run...once again wanted to run it without Garmin and "guess" my pace as a short tempo run (6:12 - 6:15 pace)...did it in 18:59...a little too fast...knew/felt it was too fast...hopefully I still gained something from it
  • THU: 7mi. (road) -- Weekapaug & Misquamicut followed by a dip in the Atlantic...legs felt tired, either from yesterday or a negligible breakfast. Hazy, Hot & Humid! (52:19)
  • FRI: 6mi. (road) -- ran at 0345 to get this in before the deadly heat set in...having a teething child helped me rise nice and early...dark humid but at least it wasn't hot!
  • SAT: 5mi. (road) -- late run...was sh*t from beginning to end
  • SUN: 16mi. (road w/ a little trail) -- Carolina, Shannock and Kenyon...good chafing church service...felt really good, despite being soaked from two separate downpours/electrical disturbances and multiple deer fly rapings (2:03:13)
  • TOTAL: 51 miles

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blessed By Lions

With the infamous Blessing of the Fleet 10 Mile Road Race (put on by Narragansett Lions Club) fast approaching, I decided to look back at this time last year.  All about gathering and analyzing data, you know?

Anyway here are some numbers.  Note that with these stats, and $2 I can get a cup of coffee at Dunkin Donuts:

2010  June: 63 miles (missed a week due to some leg problems)  
2010 July (up to 7/18/10): 76 miles   
2010 mileage to that point: 678 miles
2010 Blessing: 66:13

2011 June: 181 miles  
2011 July (up to 7/18/11): 112 miles 
2011 mileage thus far: 1040 miles.
2011 Blessing: ??????

I've been way more focused (for the most part) on speedwork this year as well as increased mileage for standard base runs and on "longerish" runs too.  Hopefully it pays off.  I've a pretty ambitious goal this year however I'm NOT going to tell anyone what it is at this time for fear of embarassing myself (HINT: it rhymes with lickstey pree finnits).

See you cats on the 29th for the running with the lions.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Puddin's Past Production (7.11.11 - 7.17.11)

  • MON: 5mi. (trails) -- around the campground, after work, in the heat and humidity....a struggle at times (37:11)
  • TUE: 0 --a good day to take off from running...unfortunately the same logic couldn't apply to work
  • WED: 8mi. (trails) -- Carolina Mgmt. Area...good run...blasted the one long up hill (and paid for it at the top)...despite the deer flies, a good run...dip in the ol' swimming hole afterwards (59:09)
  • THU: 8mi. (WHS track) -- 6 x 800 w/ 3:00 recoveries...2:45/2:43/2:47/2:43/2:42/2:45...probably should've done 8 x 800 but still pleased with the effort...some inconsiderate people on the track today!!
  • FRI: 10mi. (trails) -- Rome Point with Jonny....nice, enjoyable run...great spot! Can't believe I've never been there before!
  • SAT: 5mi. (road) -- sort of quick run in the afternoon to test out new kicks (Brooks Glycerin 9)....jury is still out on them
  • SUN: 15mi. (roads) -- Weekapaug friggin' HOT in the sun, even though it was only 0930....thank the Baby Jesus for shaded sides of roads...should've started 1-1.5 hours earlier!(1:55:30)
  • TOTAL: 51 miles

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Puddin's Past Production (7.4.11 - 7.10.11)

I've decided, just for posterity, to post each completed week's results here (just copy and paste).  I'll still put weekly data off to the right.  However, I feel doing it this way is a good idea because I've noticed a few discrepancies & blanks in my real (paper) log.  This will allow me to go back and double check electronically just in case the two don't jive.  Plus, it's my blog and I'll do what I want and I'm down with alliteration too. Dig?
  • MON: 4mi. (road) -- Camires Firecracker 4 on the Fourth....terrible experience...5:44, 11:39, 17:40 and then first ever DNF :(
  • TUE: 0 -- i hate the campground more than anything in existence
  • WED: 6mi. (road) A.M. -- Weekapaug and Misquamicut...soupy fog but a nice cooling swim immediately afterwards (44:52) ---------- 6mi. (road) P.M. -- WTAC Fun Run in Misquamicut...shot for a tempo run around 6:15 pace for the 5k course...ran it without a watch so had to go by feel...19:16 (6:12)...pleased with my guesstimate
  • THU: 5+mi. (road) -- nearly the same route as yesterday morning with a swim in the same spot...legs a little tired...LOVE the Atlantic Ocean cool down (37:45)
  • FRI: 10mi. (trails) -- ran with Jonny in Big River around Tarbox and Carrs ponds...perfect terrain and good conversation made for the "fastest" and "easiest" 10 miler I've run in a long time...Jonny even guided some dirtbag motocross boys along the correct trails...what a guy (76:30ish)
  • SAT: 4mi. (road) -- really easy and slow...didn't really gain anything from this except to shake out the legs and escape from reality for a half hour
  • SUN: 15mi. (road) -- Weekapaug, Misquamicut, Watch Hill...great birding and good swim, despite being told I couldn't (1:55:47)
  • TOTAL: 50 miles

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Service

Church was good again this morning.  Here is this morning's agenda:

0700 - Services commence from the west lot of Weekapaug Breachway.

0710 - Singing of "Greedy Shallow Water Feeding" by Snowy Egret (7), Great Egret (8) and Glossy Ibis (4) Choir
Nota bene: Northern Mockingbirds, Song Sparrows et al  included -- we do not discriminate here at the Church of Puddin'

0715 - A moment of silence and genuflection towards the two dead (road kill) Vulpes vulpe

0715-0800 - greetings and Passing of the Peace to numerous fellow runners (some quite attractive).  May Peace Be With You....And Also With You. Some bicyclists even included as well.

0810 - Eucharist -- "This is my body" (vanilla bean Gu)...."This is my blood" (gatorade)

0815 - A Short Sermon on Ball Busting from His Holiness "Pard" (from the altar of the Prius) at the four way stop along Winnipaug and Shore Roads

0855- Service Ending Baptisim in the cleansing waters of the Atlantic Ocean

0900 - Post Sermon Crusade* against Weekapaug Security and staff at the Dunes Club regarding ye olde good publick's right to quickly swim off of the breachway in front of their precious beach. 

*These Holy Crusades shall continue ad nauseum because it is His will and thy shall be done.

Also, the Church of Puddin' is looking for new members to join the congregation.  All are welcome.  Other than the flora and fauna, it is lonely out there.

Muddy is so underground.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Camire's Humble Pie

On Monday, for the first time ever, I ran Camire's Firecracker 4 on the 4th.  It's a standard 4 miler on Independence Day, a carbon copy of any roadrace from anytown, USA.  Although I'd never run the race before, much of it (2.5 miles or so) is along a rolling course that comprises a 5k I ran back in early April.  Despite the sun and humid weather at the 0830 start, I felt prepared. A short but obviously late warm-up left me squeezing in outside of the race start in the second row, up on the sidewalk.  I recognized many runners-those I would/should beat as well as the semi-elites that would smoke me. 

At the gun I guess I took off a little too fast and hard.  Assuming that a 4miler should be run exactly like a 5k, I busted my first mile in 5:44.  A tad too fast but I still felt ok so I pushed onward.  Mile 2 found me at 11:39, a little more reasonable.  However, at this point I started to feel weaker than usual.  Maybe it was the  heat and humidity.  Maybe I was pushing a little too hard.  Maybe I just forgot to wash my pink panties.  Either way, by 2.75 (or there abouts) I knew I was in trouble.   My mile 3 time was 17:40 and about 200 meters after the checkpoint I stopped.  Quit.  Kapoot.  My head felt huge (much bigger than the 7 5/8 hat size) and I had bad cramping in legs and dizziness.  Despite feeling like a total pussy, I called it a day.

Perhaps I should've cooled off by walking for 2-3 minutes and then jogged back in at an easy 8-9 minute mile pace but I was so disgusted (feeling sorry for myself?) that I continued walking it in.  I took off my watch as well as my bib and strolled by the spectators.  Talk about embarassing and shameful.  I was passed by all of the usual suspects (usually finishing behind Muddy).  I even heard an older guy near the end of the race state to one of his fellow viewers: "Some people don't have the ability to pace themselves at all.  They sprint out at the start and then die."  Awesome. The overall results are here but don't look for my name anywhere.

My first ever DNF. I'm really proud.  I guess it was bound to happen eventually but I feel like I've been running and racing fairly well recently.  Hopefully I can learn from it and improve.