Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Week of 8.29.11 - 9.4.11

MON. - 7mi. (road) -- felt great on this run to my in-laws to use their shower.  Thanks Irene. [50:34]

TUE. - 5mi. (road) -- again to in-laws...again no electricity...different route. [37:20]

WED. - 10mi. (track) -- @ Chariho.  10 x 800 w/ 400 easy recoveries (about 2:20 each) --> [2:50, 2:50, 2:49, 2:49, 2:51, 2:48, 2:51, 2:51, 2:49, 2:49].  So tough.  I wanted to quit so badly on 7, 8, and 9--but didn't.  No KG style Chinese Buffet here -- just a never ending, all-you-can-eat serving of 800s with a dizzy, spotted vision cool down for dessert.  Not sure what these numbers/times mean and if they were supposed to be this hard, but I'm happy with them (and exhausted). PS-power FINALLY restored in A-town!!

THU. - 7 mi. (road & beach) -- 4 easy on road untimed and 1.5 out and back on the beach for WTAC Stavros Beach Run (cone boy at turnaround point).  Kind of cheating to count it as 7 but Muddy got sweaty so its all good.

FRI. - 13mi. (trails) -- Vin Gormley, Sammy C. & "unnamed" trails w/ Jonny.  Ran the first leg of Jonny's Epic Quest (sounds like a video game) and he showed me a bunch of trails I've never been on before .  Good  run.  [1:42:17]

SAT. - 0 -- the campground totally Peter North'd me.  Was angry about it for an hour then I realized that it really is not a big deal.  Life goes on.

SUN. - 20mi. (road) -- Hopkinton and North Stonington loop.  Legs felt fine, aside from usual fatigue.  It was the GI problems at mile 4 (UGH!!) and thus, 16 subsequent miles with no socks that ripped my feet, ankles, heels etc. apart.  If I don't end up with poison ivy too, it'll be a  miracle!! Bloody sneakers.  Awesome. [2:33:55]

TOTALS: 62miles

--> a good week with some quality runs.  The 10 x 800 really kicked my ass but I recovered nicely.  Not sure exactly how difficult they're supposed to be but, oh boy!!!  I enjoyed the trails with Jonny the most.  Starting to think about Mohawk Hudson more and more.  It's affecting my sleep.

Line of the week:
"If I could be any animal I would want to be a squirrel cuz they have a helluva tail!"
-Rosalie B. 5 yrs old
(you can't argue with facts and logic!)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Week of 8.22.11 - 8.28.11

MON5 mi. (trails) -- Campground trails.  Nice and easy to shake out the legs. [38:07]

TUE: 0

WED:  14 mi. (bike path) -- South County Bike Path.  I ran a 2 mile warm-up and then 10 miles at MP followed by 2 mile cool down.  I did the 10 miles in 67:13 (6:43 pace) but it was rather uncomfortable.  I'm seriously disheartened by this.  I know it was 80 degrees (vs 55) and I had zero fuel and zero water but come on.  Am I vastly overestimating my fitness and ability? [1:40:53]

THU: 5mi (road) -- legs felt better than I thought they would [36:46]

FRI: 6mi. (road) A.M. -- decent run.  I was chased by a bassett hound and tweaked my back a little.   Time for Vitamin "I" [45:15] \\ 5mi.  (trails) P.M. - Caronlina Mgmt. Area.  Muggy and sweaty but felt good to play around in the woods and swim after.  [36:59]
SAT: 10mi. (roads) -- ran in the rain after work.  My legs feel trashed.  Humidity is a bitch! Maybe having the 5K tomorrow canceled and taking a possible zero (up yours, Irene) is a good thing.  A sloth day of rest and chromium may be just what the doctor ordered.  [72:33]

SUN: 0

TOTAL: 45 miles 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

RIP Young John

He fit me some kicks a little while back.  A great person by the sounds of it.

The world is no longer as complete.

Puddin's Past Production (8.15.11 - 8.21.11)

Week of 8/15/ - 8/21/11
  • MON: 7mi. (road) -- good run. I really pushed it up the 0.5 mile hill on Tomaquag Valley. I think every single runner in New England got a little soaked today! [52:27]
  • TUE: 0
  • WED: 10mi. (track) A.M. -- 3 x 2 miles with 400 easy recoveries [ 6:33/6:37=13:10, 6:24/6:24=12:48, 6:37/6:37=13:14]. This one wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be. I should've known better -- anything Keenyan is straight gangsta. Feel like 6:37 is a tad too ambitious for MP (maybe about 10 secs slower?). I really have no clue what the f*#k I'm doing. -------------------------------------------- 4mi. (road) P.M. -- WTAC Fun Run. After a short warm up, Mason and I ran the first mile (9:16), a mile PR for the big guy!! I ran the rest of the 5K myself
  • THU: 6mi. (road) -- legs a little fatigued feeling. Hard days hard, easy days easy, right?!? Day of serious cross-training at Lake Compounce today. I'm 12 yrs old again with no responsible adults around (except my wife). [45:52]
  • FRI: 8mi. (trails) -- Carolina Mgmt. [59:30]
  • SAT: 8mi. (trails) -- Vin Gormley
  • SUN: 20mi. (roads) -- Shannock & surrounding areas. Ended with 10 x short hill repeats (20meters). Nothing left in the tank. [2:32:58]
  • TOTAL: 63 miles
-->another week down and I'm pleased with my effort and results.  It feels like even some of my "filler days" are quality too.  Big difference between 18 mile runs and 20 miles!  Looking at my remaining training plan, have two more 20 milers (maybe 21-22 one time just to equal total time on feet of actual marathon?) and then the nervousness will begin.

Line of the week:
"I make sure my head is up and my pelvis thrust forward--like at the point of deepest penetration."
                                                                      -- Martin Dugard
                                                                      (describing optimal running form)

I suppose there are worse things to think about to remind yourself to maintain proper form ;)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Muddy's Midway Musings

I'm now right around the halfway point of my "marathon training" if you can call it that.  I feel like I'm progressing but still I'm my own worst enemy and continue to lack in confidence. Since its about 8 weeks out from the race (Columbus Day weekend, I did quite a bit of thinking and wondering on my long run today about a plethora of topics.  Here is the abridged (cleaned up) version:

* In the next several weeks I have 3 workouts in mind that I would like (read as: "need") to try:  10 x 800 at about marathon time (in minutes) w/ 3:00 recoveries.  Not sure if these are infamous Yasso 800s or not but I'd like to try them just the same.  Also, by spying on real runners, it appears that 3 x 2 miles (approx MP, 10-15 seconds sub MP, then MP again) is a good workout.  Finally, I really would like to incorporate a 6-8 mile tempo run into a longerish run to get down and dirty with LT.

* I've developed a definitive method for differentiating between raindrops vs deer flies hitting off of your head, neck and back -- raindrops don't bite you!

* In pouring over data recently I discovered that Claire Gadrow (41yrs) ran a 2:56:xx at Boston this year and Jeff Vuono (48 yrs) pounded out a 2:59:xx.  First, good for them.  Second, I consistently, (and readily) beat them at various local races. Am I reading too much into this or should I be able to break 3:00 in October too?  I'll be fairly disappointed if I don't.

*What is the best indicator for my fitness level re: the marathon?  I've a half marathon penciled in for 3 weeks prior to Columbus Day weekend.  Do I use this as a final test and try to rip it up or should I just use it to practice pacing?

*Jonny is continuing to run strong and string together great weeks in preparation for his 50k "Adventure In Pisgah".  Big ups to Jonny!  Keep slapping that bass and eating up those miles.

* Despite hating running, my wife continues to up her mileage and "training".  She ran the Blessing recently (first time) and has followed it up with various runs including a 12 miler last week and a solid 14 mile run this week.  Shhhhhhh, don't tell anyone though.  She doesn't want anyone to know. Running is stupid.  Cheers to her!!

*Speaking of fitness levels, beer and late-night sandwiches continue to be my weakness.  Big surprise there.  I'll bet money Claire Gadrow doesn't pig out like I do.

*Damn, running makes you feel good.  It's like a loyal, loving dog.  Always there for you.  Always waiting for you.  Sometimes it forces you to get up earlier than you want to.  It forces you to go outside and "smell the roses".  Most importantly, you might get upset at/with it (even be reduced to swearing) but it always, always, always manages to make you feel a little bit better at the end of the day. 

'Til next time.......

Puddin's Past Production (8.8.11 - 8.14.11)

  • MON: 6mi. (trails) -- Carolina Mgmt. Area. Ran in the late afternoon before pigging out at my parents and recharging fluids w/ GTs. Swam afterwards in Meadowbrook. Legs a little tired.
  • TUE: 0 -- needed a day off
  • WED: 12 mi. (road) -- ran with KG early in Narragansett along Ocean Road. Great running with him. Per usual, the conversation made the distance seem half of what it was. [80:04]
  • THU: 7mi. (road) -- Tour d/Ashaway. I love running in cemetaries -- I am alive!! Legs a little bit tired [50:02]
  • FRI: 10mi. (trails) -- Carolina Mgmt. Area. Absolutely gorgeous summer day. Felt great until the last mile--sorta faded a little. Post run dip in Meadowbrook. [73:12]
  • SAT: 6+mi. (road) -- really easy with Mott. Pace was too slow but fishing with spinnerbaits on Johnson's Pond afterwards was not. 5 largemouth and a Dos Equis buzz. Stay thirsty my friends.[50:04]
  • SUN: 18mi. (trails) -- 2 x Vin Gormley plus single track in the campground. Rainy but good run. I ran approx. 1.5 - 2 miles on the paved and dirt roads on loop 2 (approx. miles 15 & 16) at what felt like 10-15 seconds under MP. Good but tiring. Highlight of the run was when I passed the same two mountain bikers for the second time and he yelled out "Wow, man! You're pretty fit!" Thanks, playah!! [2:16:46]
  • TOTAL: 59 miles
-->Another good week.  Meeting and running with new people is great (motivational too).  Miles keep climbing but I'm feeling really, really good.  No jinx.  8 weeks to go until "the big one" in Schenectady, NY. Happy with my progress and fitness but still need more time on my feet and much more focused speedwork as well.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Puddin's Past Production (8.1.11 - 8.7.11)

  • MON: 5mi. (road) -- ran after work at crappy time. felt a little tired. [36:17]
  • TUE: 8mi. (trail) -- Vin Gormley. Ran early before work. Good run
  • WED: 7mi. (track) --Newport, NH. 6 x 400 with 2 minute recs. [80, 84, 82, 80, 79, 80]. Didn't want to kill myself but still a decent workout. Calves still a little tight. Ran some of them with my 17 yr old nephew. He didn't like it too much. Welcome to intervals bucko!! :)
  • THU: 7mi. (trail) -- around Eastman Lake..about 50% was mostly rock scrambles, sliding, and falling. probably not a wise choice of routes. Hip flexors really sore now.
  • FRI: 9 mi. (trail) -- Kilburn Loop with Greg, J. Fyffe, and the hounds (Griffin & Bailey). Great run. Ran at nice conversational pace. Really enjoyed it, (as well as the swim in Kilburn with a mile left to go).
  • SAT: 4mi. (road) -- short and sweet. just wanted to move legs around after sitting in truck for 4 hours.
  • SUN: 17mi. (mostly roads, some trails) -- around Burlingame and Buckeye Brook area..rainy and wet and then worked in the rain for 4 more hours afterwards. I feel like a drowned rat. Ran by Pard's and Jonny's homesteads. I've successfully stalked 3/4 of the Hammett clan this week (actually 4/4 if driving by Glenn's place counts). Did manage a few cliff jumps into the Klondike Quarries for a quick swim around mile 14.  Good run.
  • TOTAL: 57 miles
--> A good, quality week overall.  My legs feel pretty good right now considering I didn't take a legit day off this week.  The highlight was running with some Keenyans and wolves.  Although, seeing Pard in the Prius with his banged up face was good too.  I've become proficient at roaming the countryside, stalking the Hammetts.  Enjoying the running.  Gotta keep this thang going. Onward and upward......

Monday, August 1, 2011

Puddin's Past Production (7.25.11 - 7.31.11)

  • MON: 6mi. (trails) -- Burlingame after work...stuck to south & south east side of pond...Vin Gormley and west side (wetter) had unbelievable numbers of deer flies so I had to adjust [43:42]
  • TUE: 0
  • WED: 10mi. (road) -- Boombridge Road Loop...ran first 4 miles slow as a warm up and then the last 6 at guesstimated MP...good run [75:17]
  • THU: 4mi. (road) -- took it easy...legs felt a little tired...let the worrying and nervousness begin
  • FRI: 11mi. (road) --Blessing of the Fleet. 61:46--5:58, 6:20, 6:09, 6:12, 6:11, 6:21, 6:17, 6:04, 6:12, 5:58. Big PR! Really pleased!
  • SAT: 0 -- wanted to run. should've tried early.
  • SUN: 0 -- took a nap instead. king of sloth.
  • TOTAL: 31 miles
  • Happy with the race but not with the weekend.  Life happens.  Time to get back after it.