Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week of 9.26.11 - 10.2.11

MON.- 0

TUE.- 5mi. (roads) -- rushed after school.  Ugh!  Where the hell is autumn?!?!? [35:58]

WED.- 8mi. (roads)--8 x 200 pre-measured out perfectly on the roads (400 recs).  [37, 40, 38, 40, 39, 38, 38, 39].  Not setting the world on fire, just turning 'em over.

THU.- 0mi -- felt so tired after school...why not? I think I read somewhere that tapering = sloth

FRI.- 6mi (road) -- ran it faster than I thought/felt like.  Not sure if that is good or bad.  Maybe I've been underestimating my judgment of my "normal base pace" recently [44:16]

SAT.- 5mi (trails) -- Carolina Mgmt Area.  Just wasn't really into it.  Felt blah (party the night before?) [37:30]

SUN.- 12mi. (trails) -- Vin Gormley, Sammy C, and "others".  Forgot about the triathlon today in the park.  Had to get off the trail 12-15 times for mountain bikers.  But I was okay with that.  Two hot chicks took nasty spills right in front of me.  I guess Puddin's beer belly is a distracting force to be reckoned with. Good run in a light rain. [1:29:40]

TOTALS: 36 miles

--> I learned a few things this week.
 Number 1- tapering is easy on the body but difficult on the mind.  I've been grumpy and irritable all week.  I'm not sure if this is normal or not.  Shouldn't I be energetic and excited?  My poor family has surely suffered (sorry guys!!) Strange. Ready to do this thing!

Number 2-when I'm at a party and there is a keg (of really good beer) I need to practice learning when to say when.  Ugh!!  You're not 21 and enrolled at URI anymore, dickhead.

On a totally unrelated note, two separate sightings of black bear in Burlingame woods on Thursday and Friday from very reputable sources.  Need to warn Jonny and Pard to "lock their windows, close their doors".

One week to go 'til the Big One.....

Friday, September 23, 2011


Discovered a small new area to run in: Canochet Brook Preserve.  Although it's small it is 5 mins down the road and it makes up for deficits in distance with rocks, streams, mushrooms, and terrain.  One could easily piece together 8-10 (with some small dirt roads and ponds and other areas).  Even scored some fungus treasure.

Muddy was like Magellan today.  Muddgellan roaming 'round Hopkinton.  Now it's time to celebrate my exploratory efficiency like those wanderers back in the day with spirits (beer) and food--butternut squash (from the garden) soup with bacon, taters (f/ garden), herbs (garden), and Grifola. Scavengers delight!

Muddy know the kitchen too.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Week of 9.19.11 - 9.25.11

MON.- 3mi. (road) -- super easy, super sore.

TUE.- 0

WED.- 8mi. (road) -- still a little fatigued feeling and sore but a nice run just the same. I think that shaking shit out on Monday helped. [61:08]

THU.- 6mi. (road) -- ran late and tried to beat the dark.  Sort of a Fartlekish.  Legs too tired still too do anything else.  Did 4 x approximately 0.5 to 1.0 mile each at estimated MP.  Just don't wanna forget what this feels like.  My quads think I'm an asshole now. [44:40]

FRI. - 7mi. (trails with little road) -- Canochet Brook Preserve.  Super fun exploring in the rain. Mushrooms galore.  Grifola frondosa too!! [53:44]

SAT. - 8mi. (trails with a little road) -- Vin Gormley and Sammy C.  Felt good. [60:44]

SUN. - 16mi. (roads with some trails) -- Charlestown & Ninigret.  Mixed in 3 x 2 miles at just under MP.  The 3rd one really zapped me.  Muggy and gross air!! [1:58:22]

TOTALS: 48 miles

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Surftown Half Marathon 9.18.11

I was super excited to run this particular race this morning for a multitude of reasons.  This was the first time this race was ever put on and its nearly "in my backyard" (in Westerly).  Also, the timing is perfect as a final "test" before my first ever marathon on 9 October in NY. 

Approximately 800+ people showed up and this became apparent to me as I crowded into a spot in the parking lot and jogged over to get my number.  The "festive" atmosphere felt like a Phish show (minus the dancing, music, drinking, drugs, and BBQing). The start was a little less crowded, even though I lined up too far back (12-13 rows).  I saw a lot of familiar faces (Matt Pelletier, Scott Bessette, Jeff Walker, and many others).  It was surprising to see several bright yellow BAA singlets.

At the "gun" I quickly worked my way up into about 25th or so and tried to maintain.  I really tried to focus on my form and keep around goal pace or slightly under.  A 6:20 pace would put me right around 1:23 (where Jack D. PhD said I could/should be).  The first two miles flew by but as I approached the 3 mile mark I was shocked to see my time.  It was WAY off (about 3.25miles).  A female BAA runner even groaned out "Too long. Too long." as I passed by her.  Oh well.  They certainly made up for it when I clicked off mile 4 in 4:50.  Impossible, given I've never run a single mile that fast in my life but at least they caught back up on the distances I guess.

Around mile 5 I started to hurt a little bit and I began noticing the wind.  It was steadily out of the ENE and wasn't bad at this point but I mentally noted that miles 10 and 11 are nearly dead into it.  By now the front runners were way out of sight and everyone was separated out pretty well.  It was kind of nice to pass the back of the field.  If I had breath I would've encouraged them but I was starting to struggle a little.  My pace seemed to remain fairly steady minus mile 8 around Shore Road.After that, everything went according to plan until (as expected) miles 11 and 12.  I did manage to drop several F-bombs as we turned in Watch Hill and climbed back up to the Ocean House.  Damn that killed me.  My pace probably dropped to about 9:00 on that hill near the crest. Wow.

It was finally a relief to turn off of Ocean View Highway (and out of the face full of wind).  As an added bonus, at this point, I had reeled in the sole (visible) runner ahead of me.  I kept closing the gap until right before we turned back onto Atlantic Avenue.  He looked back, saw where I was, and changed gears.  I couldn't catch him.  Although I fell short in getting him, I finished my final mile strong and crossed the finish line in 1:22:46. A new PR for the half.

Splits were as follows:
1- 6:25
2- 12:43 (6:18)
3- 20:23 (7:39)* NO WAY!
4- 25:13 (4:50)* I doubt it...
5- 31:28 (6:14)
6- 37:40 (6:12)
7- 43:54 (6:14)
8- 50:24 (6:30)
9- 56:41 (6:17)
10- 1:02:59 (6:18)
11- 1:09:23 (6:24)
12-1:15:50 (6:27)
13-1:21:47 (5:57)
.1- 1:22:46 (5:53)

Results page is here. Congrats to Matt Pelletier for smoking everyone and winning.

Overall, there is/was a lot I liked about this race.  It is fairly flat (minus a couple of small hills and the "Ocean House Killa").  Course map can be found here. Plus, it was kind of nice looping around in Weekapaug and seeing the other runners.  Good birding in Winnipaug Pond (if only I could stop and enjoy it). Also, I did manage to beat out the female runners for BAA.  I don't care that they don't have the same anatomy as I do. It is still an accomplishment.

With that being said, I do have some complaints about today, some controllable while some are out of anyone's hands (except for that fictitious God guy).  First, get your markers straight Hartford ING people.  I really think you dropped the ball on some (miles 3 and 4).  You put on a pretty big deal in Hartford for the full marathon.  Hope you don't do that there.  Plus, my Garmin (not always the best) read 13.22 and I mapped it out on Map My Run later and it said 13.27.  I don't mean to sound like a pussy whiner but I could've run low 1:22 if not for that extra tenth of a mile.  Also, the wind really sucked in a couple of parts but that's all part of the race (so STF up, Muddy!!). I'll stop being a bitch now and enjoy my beer.

Anyway, I'm happy.  Nothing left to do now but wait for Mohawk Hudson in a several weeks (and drink beer, watch football, and grade papers).

I wonder how Jonny, Greg, and Glenn (and the rest of those crazy mofos) did up in Pisgah today.......

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Week of 9.12.11 - 9.18.11

MON. - 0 --awesome.

TUE. - 7 mi. (roads)-- 4a.m.  before school in the dark.  Rushing around with the coyotes and skunks. [30:28] // 3p.m.  Really rushed right after school before Mrs. Puddin' left for work.  This later run really sucked it.  Not sure if either run was even worth the trouble but I've gotta take what I can get I guess. [22:10]

WED. - 8mi. (road) -- kind of struggled with this one.  I really hope that it was the 80 degree temps, 77% humidity, and 68 dewpoint that caused my difficulties and not my fitness.  *On a happier note, I just looked at last year's log and realized I've already surpassed my mileage total of 2010--1431.  Oh joy. [60:49]

THU. - 10mi. (roads and trails) -- some highlights but a lot of lowlights.  Just can't seem to get my legs and body going this week.  I'm just all around fatigued.  I hope it is due to school and the campground (and running) vs just running.  Gonna have to take it easy the next couple of days before the 1/2 on Sunday. [75:21]

FRI. - 5mi. (road) -- still sluggish.  I'm not sure if drinking beer and catching largemouth bass will help but I tried anyway....Maybe I'll feel better and be faster now.

SAT. - 0 -- the way I've felt this week, this may not have been a "bad" zero

SUN. - 18mi. (road) -- Surftown Half Marathon.  1:22:47.  I think I finished 16th overall.  Good race but wind was tough over several miles along the water and course markers were definitely off.  GPS and Map My Run both said 13.22 and 13.27 miles respectively.  Whatever.  I'm happy.  I'll take that shit!! Report to follow asap.

TOTALS: 48 miles

-->This was definitely NOT a good week, both mileage wise and the way my legs felt nearly every day.  However, I'm happy with my half marathon as an indicator of my fitness, and given the conditions and the course, I'll totally take it!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Week of 9.5.11 - 9.11.11

MON. - 3mi. (road) -- easy but Peter North'd again by work.  Oh well.

TUE. - 0

WED. - 8 mi. (road) -- Roger Schonning 5K.  Different (due to start time, day of the week, and small field).  After warming up I lined up in the front, took off in 2nd place, and after about 400 meters,  took the lead.  I didn't run with a Garmin so my piss-poor pace perception (nice alliteration) bit me in the first mile and I just tried to hang on the rest of the way.  I managed to keep the lead and won in 17:47!!  Was working too hard (struggling!!) to take my splits, other than the first - 5:27 (way too fast!).  Oh well.  A PR is still a PR!!  Gotta get after the miles now.  This week is L-O-W thus far!

THU. - 8 mi. (road) -- legs a little tired

FRI. - 11 mi. (road) -- legs still a little tired but miles 8, 9, 10, and 11 were the best.  Go figure. [84:58]

SAT. - 10mi. Itrails) -- Vin G., Sammy C, and others.  Fun but it rained a lot recently.  Muddy got muddy. [77:09]

SUN. - 20mi. (trails and a little road) -- Vin Gormley, Sammy C.  Jonny ran the first 14 with me.  It was nice not being alone with the cougars.  Good run.  Legs felt tired but still surprisingly good at the same time. [2:35:11]


--> a slowish start to the week made me tack on miles in the end but it was still a good (and fun) week.  A new 5K PR and some quality miles later in the week.  I'll take it.  Plus, my fantasy football team looks strong.  I should win this week. Lately, everything's been comin' up Puddin'.