Monday, November 28, 2011

Week of 11.28.11 - 12.4.11

MON. - 6mi.  (road) -- a tough one today.  I couldn't really get out of my own way.  Legs are super tired.  I need a day off. [45:23]

TUE. - 0

WED. - 8mi. (road) -- 2 mile warmup then 3 mile tempo @ T pace followed by 3 mile cooldown.  Legs still don't feel 100% but I hit my intended mark of 18:00-18:30 for the tempo portion [18:18].  Still somewhat pleased I was able to stay on pace by feel alone (no mile marker except for beginning and end) [54:52]

THU. - 5mi. (road) -- squeezed in between afternoon and evening parent-teacher conferences.  Another sh*t run.  Legs have no zip.  What is wrong with me?  During the run I toyed with the idea of taking a full week off from running.  So fatigued. [37:15]

FRI. - 0 -- just felt like I needed it.  I think my legs and body thank me.

SAT. -16mi. (roads) -- dark and chilly early morning run, per usual, with Jonny and Jeff.  It started off quite a bitt nippy (29 degrees?) but we warmed up quickly and it turned out perfectly.  We definitely ran it at a brisk pace (about 7:21ish ?) for a long run.  However, I think all were pleased with the results. [1:57:16]

SUN. - 6mi. (roads, trails and fields) -- random exploration in A-town (literally stumbled across deer innards where a hunter had field dressed his kill--YUCK!).  Legs were a little tired but nothing out of the ordinary following a long run.  Nice weather once again.  Is it ever going to get cold and snow? (jinx)....[44:55]

TOTALS: 41 miles

--> a slightly lower mileage week than what I wanted but I'm still not going to "hate" on that extra day off.  I needed it.  In addition, looking at the calendar, two upcoming races (10K and a 5K trail) over the next two weeks may keep my mileage on the lower side.  Oh well.  Still loving this running thing.  My family thanks me for it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Week of 11.21.11 - 11.27.11

MON. - 0 - should've run. Lazy!!

TUE. - 5mi (trails) -- Riverwood Preserve (see "Sweet Spots" in above toolbar).  Hadn't been there in awhile.  Someone has blazed a few new trails in there.  Good fun but man it reminded me that my legs are tired.  A whole lot of climbing and elevation change here.  Quite deceiving.  Sore hamstrings and shins. [37:10]

WED. - 6mi. (road) -- first 2 miles were crappy and really slow.  Middle 2 were normal, base pace.  Last 2 felt great/was cranking along.  Chilly, raw, wet and a dark finish. [45:22]

THU. - 9mi. (road) -- meandered through A-town.  Perfect running conditions (high 30s, no wind, warming sunshine).  Really enjoyed myself.  Time to lose fitness via roasted fowl and hopped up beverages.  [67:32]

FRI. - 16mi. (road, trails, & beach) -- a chilly, but steadily warming, early morning long run with Jeff and Jonny.  Refreshing yet tiring at the same time.  Perfect.  Still bluefish around!!  [2:04:08]

SAT. - 5mi. (roads & trails) -- a very hurried run in Carolina Mgmt. area, from my parents' house, trying to beat the dark.  I lost.  3 falls in the woods on singletrack followed by a too fast finishing road section. Faster than necessary.  Hope I don't pay for this tomorrow. [36:03]

SUN. - 10mi. (roads) -- I faded badly the last two miles on this one.  Beautiful weather but I was tired. [74:55]

TOTALS: 51 miles

--> a good week with amazing weather the last several days.  Squeezed in three quality (effort) runs which was nice.  Anxiously awaiting my final two races of 2011 (Christmas 10K and newly formed Old Mountain 5K Trail Race).  Also managed to winterize the boat motor and clean the entire yard.  Just can't seem to get the "school stuff" done though. Ugh!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Week of 11.14.11 - 11.20.11

MON. - 5mi.  (road) -- ran this one way too fast, especially for an intended easier day after a race.  Couldn't help myself.  I just felt good and it was getting so dark and dangerous. [35:20]

TUE. - 6mi. (road) -- ran my Tomaquag Valley loop.  Once again in light that was fading fast.  Still felt good but managed to hold back this time. [46:06]

WED. - 9mi. (road a.m./ TM p.m.) -- A.M.(3mi): ran a short 3 before school.  It was pretty warm out. [23:04] // P.M. (6mi): went on the hamster mill at the YMCA in da Valley.  6 x 400 w/ 2:15 recoveries.  All were between 76 - 80 seconds.  Very hard to push speed up/down and hit start/stop on watch at the same time.  Have I ever stated how much I hate the dreadmill?  Feeling blah (achey, warm, dizzy).  Everyone in the Puddin' clan has/had viral illness.  Oh joy.  Hopefully Puddin' can Prevail and Powerfully Pass this Plague.

THU.  5mi. (road) -- wet, chilly, & raw.  Overdressed so I sweat too much but was very cold at the same time. Still achey and blah.

FRI. - 0 -- chillin'. You know how we do.

SAT. - 4mi.  (road) -- easy.  Amazing sunset from a hilltop clearing near the Puddin' Palace.

SUN. - 12mi. (trails) -- "Li'l Rhody Runaround"Ran the usual November trail race with the usual suspects.  The weather was great, (sunny, warm, very breezy) however, in retrospect it was almost TOO warm.  I took off too fast for my liking at the start and paid for it from mile 3 on.  I felt way more fatigued earlier than I should've.  Oh well.  I was able to push it and pass about 10 people in the single track trails after the campground and the trail conditions were decent.  Unfortunately, I really paid for it in the usual spots (i.e. post-Buckeye Brook Road, the long uphill after, the very slight uphill at the last of the trails before the road).  Despite being able to really open it up on the road, the gasoline really wasn't there to rev the engine high enough.  I finished 8th OA in 51:45 (a new PR).  Jonny was right behind me with another huge PR again.  Greg won it AGAIN.  Boj creeping back to stellar form with a much faster time than last year. Glenn a strong showing (but a face not as purple as mine).  Pard continues to dominate the senior circuit.  There were Hammetts (newly named as well as those not officially named Hammett) all over the damn place today! Click the race name above for all results.  Overall I'm okay but I can't help but be a little unhappy at the same time.  I really, truly thought I could go sub 51.  I've never been more "disappointed" with a PR in my short-lived running career. I'll mirror Jonny's words post race:  "I'm sorry but I don't think I can run it harder than that."  Exactly.  Faster, maybe.  Harder, I don't know........

TOTALS: 41 miles
-->lower miles but back to back weekends with PRs.  I'll take it.  Looking forward to sneaking in a little higher mileage next week with the limited school thing due to the holiday.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Week of 11.7.11 - 11.13.11

MON. - 4 mi. (grass) -- knee is sore and aches, in a weird way.  Ran on grass at Crandall Field.  Muddy and wet.  Knee still hurts.  Too bad.  Time for some zeroes. [30:45]

TUE. - 0

WED. - 3mi. (road) -- easy shuffle.  My knee feels better but still some weirdness. Just testing it out.

THU. - 7mi. (trails & road) -- Carolina Mgmt. Area.  Knee felt pretty good.  I guess I'm alright, (physically not mentally).  "We now return you to your regularly scheduled training program, already in progress." [51: 33]

FRI. - 16 mi.  (trails) -- Burlingame again with Jonny and Jeff.  Excellent running weather for the 0630 start.  It was nice to be sheltered in the woods from the steady NNW winds. [2:04:XX]

SAT. - 0  -- didn't get out in the morning....didn't get out at all.  Felt very blah.  Psychosomatic with sick kids.  Lazy ass!!

SUN. - 7 mi. (road) -- Charlestown F.O.P. 5k-- Nice weather for this little race.  A little windy on some stretches but it evened out during the loops.  I ended up 3rd overall and was very surprised by my finishing time [17:33].   I only caught my first mile split (5:37).  Somehow managed to miss all the others.  Doofus!! Oh well, another new PR!  Thinking about retiring from teaching and living off my $25 prize money, (probably more than what I'll get from my non-existent state pension in 35 years).  Jonny ran 18:08 (BIG PR!) and Jeff an 18:3X.  Good day all around. I truly hope they keep this in the fall instead of moving it back to awful August.

TOTAL: 37 miles

-->yet again, not happy with mileage totals for the week but I'll still take it.  I wonder how much I'm benefiting now in the fall from earlier mileage/training in the summer from the marathon.  If you're a reader of this pathetic blog, you already know that I'm certainly not setting the world on fire now AT ALL.  I can be happy each week from here on out in the mid to high 40s (prefer low 50). 

Ah well--full steam ahead!  Next week is Lil' Rhody!  Can't wait to see how I do at that.  I really have no idea what to shoot for time wise, besides faster than last year (obviously!).

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Week of 10.31.11 - 11.6.11

MON.- 6 mi. (road) -- A good run.  Even Maxson Hill was cool.  [43:13]

TUE. - 0 -- Had to settle for Puddin' carpentry skills instead.

WED. - 8 mi. (CHS track) -- 3 x 400, 3 x 800 (400 recs in between each, 800 between the sets).  Weird running around people. Saw Coach Haberek.  'Stache rules.  Maybe my times were a little too fast for me?  Felt clunky and awkward.  I think I was the creepy old guy running around; sweating and panting. Oh well. [79, 78, 79, 2:54, 2:47, 2:47]

THU. - 9mi.+ (roads + trails) -- Grills Preserve, Hopkinton side.  Solid pace.  Comfortably uncomfortable.  Felt good despite some calf soreness.  6 deer, 1 barred owl, 1 great horned owl, hundreds of Juncos, and one in-bred with a chainsaw.  Yeehaw. [66:43]

FRI. - 5mi. (road) -- really tired. [37:19]

SAT.- 16mi. (trails) -- ran with Jeff Walker and Jonny in the muzzle loader-laden woods of Burlingame.  Perfect chilly weather for the 0700 start.  We saw a few deer slayers out there (who were probably pissed to see us).  Great conversation and hopefully the first of many long runs with them this fall and winter. [2:01:04]

SUN. - 6mi. (road) -- wanted to do 8-10.  Knee started to hurt.  Stopped at 6.  Uh-oh. Hope it's nothing serious.  That's what I get for talking sh*t yesterday about "if you have proper form your knees should never bother you." [43:44]

TOTAL: 50 miles