Monday, January 23, 2012

Week of 1.23.12 - 1.29.12

MON. - 7mi.  (roads, some muddy dirt roads) -- Awful.  Nothing in my legs.  Had to work harder than necessary.  Covered in mud now and pissed off at the world. I even had to stop for 30 seconds at the top of Tomaquag Valley hill.  Looking forward to a zero tomorrow.  I quit (for the next 47 hours anyway). [51:32]

TUE. - 0 ... lazy never felt so good

WED. - 8+mi. (trails) -- with Mike and Jonny at Ryan Park.  We ran the course for Saturday's 10K race.  It is pretty sweet. We mixed in 6 x 2:00 (approx) at around T pace.  Unfortunately, my legs (and body) ached throughout.  I just feel really strange. Not sure if it is due to illness or leg fatigue. Either one is unacceptable. Early to bed and slept like a rock.  Skip run Thursday and do the same???  [63:40]

THU. - 0 -- yup, another zero....Hope it helps me physically because it certainly isn't helping mentally.

FRI. - 5mi. (road) -- nice and easy, untimed in the rain.  A little better? But still not right.  Maybe I can race it out of my system tomorrow? 

SAT. - 16mi. (trails) -- Belleville 10K Trail Race.  Great fun.  Finished 4th O/A in 39:37(?).  Write-up asap.

SUN. - 5mi. (trails) -- wanted to run for an easy 30-40 minutes in Westerly Town Forest.  The long, gradual climb back up from the river (only 200') reminded me that my legs were banged up from yesterday's effort.  Still a nice end to the week. [38:12]

TOTALS: 41 miles
--> as I had anticipated, a slightly lower mileage week.  Still feel like my effort on Saturday was quality and I enjoyed the race and getting the mileage in.  Three South County 4th Season races down, two more to go.  Next Sunday is the Super 5K and if all is well in the tired leg department, I plan on going after it!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Week of 1.16.12 - 1.22.12

MON. - 9mi. (trails) a.m. -- ran with NRA group in the freezing cold (14 degrees I think).  Ran from Tuckertown Park along Duval Trail.  Glacial moraine usually equals fun when running and this morning was no exception.  We were sort of pushing the pace a bit along the second half, especially when Guillemette got back onto the roads. [1:04:41]   / /  4mi. (road) p.m. -- empty house, no wife or children, school work/grading looms.  Go for a short, easy run instead.  Does that count as procrastination? [30:59]

TUE. - 0 -- pranced around with my kids in the wet, slushy woods instead.  Just as relaxing as a run but better.

WED. - 10mi. (track & trails) -- good workout with Mike and Jeff.  Windy! Made it feel chilly.  12 x 200 (200 recs).  Had a bit of trouble on the last 3.  Feel like my form is pretty poor.  [34, 35, 35, 35, 36, 35, 36, 35, 36, 36, 34, 33]. Enjoyed the cool down and chatting with both guys after. [1:24:39]

THU. - 6mi. (roads and fields) -- Man did my legs (hamstrings) feel tight.  If you wanna soar with the eagles sometimes you have to sh*t with the chickens too. [44:11]

FRI. - 6mi.  (roads) -- a true six miles at pretty decent pace.  Legs still not 100%. [43:06]

SAT. - 17mi. (trails) -- Really fun run this morning in cold, snowy conditions with Mike, Aaron, and Jonny. When is the last time I played in the snowy woods for over two hours? Growing up sucks. We covered the Brrrr-lingame 15K course once then weaved back and forth along Vin Gormley, some "secret" trail (shhhhhhh!), and Sammy C's, and blasted the road portion of VG back.  YakTrax were helpful.  Don't know how the hell Rome can run in hauraches in 3" of snow!! Call me a cheater but given the time with trails in the snow, I'm calling it 17.  I cant feel the tip of my second toe on both feet now. I hope this is from stubbing them on rocks versus minor frostbite! [2:20:29]

SUN. - 4mi. (road) -- struggled to maintain base pace.  I just wanted to move my legs around and I guess that's about all I got. Quit after four.[29:59]

TOTALS: 56 miles
Top 10 @ Super 5K?
--> a really fun week with three quality runs (Mon. a.m., Wed. and Sat.).  Saturday was REALLY fun. Kind of a poor way to end the week on Sunday but it is what it is.  Can't wait for Belleville 10K next week.  Also, really looking forward to Super 5K the following weekend, more as a test of my overwinter fitness than anything else.  I've never really run going into it feeling fit.  I've maintained my beer and food intake at sloth-like levels but I've also maintained decent base mileage and workouts.  We'll see....

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Week of 1.9.12 - 1.15.12

MON. - 7mi (roads) -- quick A-town action. I even hit up the trail at Ashaway Elementary w/ a lap around the field.  Felt surprisingly good. [51:19]

TUE. - 5mi. (road) -- legs pretty tired.  Took it nice and easy.

WED. - 10mi. (track and trails) -- met Jonny and Mike Galoob at CHS track.  After warming up we decided to do the same workout as 2 weeks before: 1 x 1600, 2 x 800, 4 x 400; all with 400 recs (but 800 recovery after the 1600).  I wasn't smart about it and ran the 1600 waaaaaay too fast for a workout.  I just couldn't help myself.  Watching Galoob pull away (easily) pushed me too much.  I got sucked in.  The times were as follows: 5:18, 2:39(?- lap button malfunction), 2:43, 77, 76, 77, 75. Galoob motivated me too much.  Man he's fast.  What a beast!! He looks effortless.  Good workout but the over-exertion on the first part cost me on the latter repeats.  Looking back I actually ran the 400s faster when we did it 2 weeks ago.  Oh well. 

THU. - 0

FRI. - 7mi. (trails) -- Black Farm Mgmt. Area...not too much wildlife out there today.  Only saw two Hooded Mergansers in the river. Man, I'll take cold, stable weather over blowing wind anyday.  I've also realized that if I take the day off after hard/speed workouts my legs feel like shit two days later.  Probably better off to go easy, recovery on Thursday and take Friday off. [52:07]

SAT. - 16mi.  (trails & road) -- early morning jaunt with Jeff and Jonathan to Barn Island Preserve and surrounding area.  Fun, minus the two duck hunters blasting shotguns over our heads. [2:01:29]

SUN. - 6mi. (trails & road) -- ran from a buddy's home to Trustom. Tried to stay warm in there and then back to Green Hill.  Cold!!  Good birding but I got too excited and didn't have glasses so whatever. Still fun and frigid. After, I bottled a bunch of home made brew with a different friend (amber ale and baltic porter). [44:22]

TOTALS: 51 miles

--> a decent and sort of fun week.  Right where I want to be and doing pretty much what I want to do.  Good. Watched the Trials yesterday and felt bad for Ritzenhein.  Must be crushing to finish 4th.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Resolution Beach & Trail 5K

Round two of the five part "South County 4th Season Race Series".  I thought that each of these races would be frigid and snow/ice covered.  However, Saturday couldn't have been further from this preconceived notion. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL-- sunny and warm (nearly 60 degrees) at the 1200 race start!!!!

Jonny, Jeff, and I ran the course as a warmup to investigate.  The race started in a small grassy field, skirted along the outer perimeter, spilled down onto the beach and then ran north along the sand, through some dunes, wrapped around single track trails along beautiful coastline, and then returned south along the beach to the far end finish (if that's not a run-on sentence I don't know what is). We knew that upon the return the decent headwind was going to make for a tiring finish, but so be it.

I lined up near the front of the small field (114 runners) and took off in about 10th.  I managed to pass several people before dumping down an incline onto the beach.  About 100 meters later I settled in about 7th or 8th.  It was really nice having the wind at our back.  That coupled with very firm, well packed sand with little to no slope allowed me to run fast and hard without wasting too much energy.  I managed to pass a few more people and could see the front runners (much too far ahead to hope to reel in at all) This put me in 6th place, about 20 feet behind a pack of three runners composed of a Team Fuelbelt member and two Tuesday Night Turtles.

As we reached the end of the beach and traversed some fairly flattend sand dunes before coming out on single track trail, I tried to pick up the pace a little.  The course then wound around and skirted between some boulders before a very short stretch on Ocean Road.  Unfortunately, I slipped in some mud and nearly fell as I snuck through the boulders.  Even though I managed to remain upright, I still lost a little ground on the guys in front of me. 

We turned back into Black Point fishing area onto single track (absolutely beautiful along the water) and I closed on the group ahead of me.  I pulled up behind them but had to settle for a big drop-off in pace at the end of the single track (before returning to the beach) as we passed through building ruins (cool).  I would've slowed a little here but they really dropped into a lower gear.  However, as soon as we returned back to the beach (into the wind) I really made a concious effort to try and push it.  I managed to pass the group of three and continued trying to surge.  Forcing myself to not glance back, ("don't look behind you, they're gaining!") I just focused on keeping up the pace.  I tried.  The wind made it tough for me but luckily it apparently made it tougher for the guys behind me. 

I managed to hang on although I must have looked like a complete a-hole with drool, spit, sweat, and snot flying from my face and head.  Finishing in 19:10 gave me 3rd place O/A (very far behind 1st and 2nd place) and Jeff closed in right behind me in 19:16.  Jonny was 8th in 19:57 for yet again another WTAC win! Results here. In fact, WTAC was very well represented with 6-7 other runners of various ages.  Awesome!! It's so much fun competing as part of a team.

Overall, this was a VERY unique and interesting course.  I must admit I'm not a fan of running, especially racing, on a beach but this was a nice surprise.  More Narragansett Lagers for prizes made for a nice Saturday evening.  Great job again to Mike Galoob (race organizer). 

Can't wait for the 10K in a few weeks.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Week of 1.2.12 - 1.8.12

MON.- 6mi. (road) -- [43:48]

TUE.- 6mi. (road) -- BRRRR!!  Windchill of 13 degrees made this a little less than enjoyable. [44:01]

WED.- 6+mi. (road) -- Kind of sluggish today.  Coughing and snot.  Bring on the chest cold.... [46:01]

THU.- 0

FRI.- 5mi. (road) -- hard to breathe and my chest hurts.  Ran it a little faster than necessary because I was so pissed off.  Quit after 5 though.  Go figure. [35:01]

SAT.- 9mi. (beach & trails) -- "Resolution Beach & Trail 5K"Finished 3rd O/A.  WTAC won the team division (again).  Super fun and I dislike running on beaches, although this one was firm and flat.  19:09. 

SUN.-16mi. (trails & road) -- Carter Preserve and a Tour de Shannock with Jonny and Jeff.  A little slow going at times in the dark @ 0600 with the big fat moon to guide us as well as on some of the trails but there were fast stretches also.  Shannock Hill ain't got nuttin' on Muddy. [2:05:XX]

TOTALS: 48 miles

Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Year In Review

Well, another one in the books.  This has easily been my best year of running, no doubt about it.  I PR'd, multiple times, every single distance I raced at (3 mile, 5K,  5 mile, 10K, 10 miles, 1/2 marathon, 8 mile trail, and marathon).  If I want to be honest with myself though, these are simply the rewards for the work I've put in.

With that being said, I'm actually (Nick Cash) more proud of my training, both quality and quantity.  Overall mileage was almost 50% higher than last year and I most certainly have never been as dedicated to putting in legit speedwork as often as I did.  Simply put: hardwork + dedication = success.  That's what is so great about this running thing.  It's one of the few things in life where money and social components don't matter.  You can be rich or poor, black or white, tall or short, man or woman and still meet with success.  It's all contingent upon what you put into it.I know that sounds like some in-bred, backwater high school coach's mantra, but hey, ya can't argue the truth.

There really are no negatives from 2011 (other than only catching two Phish shows this year).  With regards to running though, my only low-light is a DNF at the Camire's Four on the Fourth.  I totally own that one though--too hard, too fast, too early.  I blew up. Dumbass.

Here are my totals. Sorry, but I'm a stat rat.....can't help it.  It's good to reflect, right?

-->Total mileage: 2106 (in more accurate paper log, off by 3 miles on blog)
-->Total # of days run (excluding doubles): 278
-->Avg. mileage per week: 40.5
-->Highest mileage in a week: 63 (x2)
-->Lowest mileage in a week: 16 (x2)
-->Monthly totals:
     Jan (172)
     Feb (137)
     Mar (155)
     Apr (149)
     May (135)
     Jun (181)
     Jul (188)
     Aug (246)
     Sep (214)
     Oct (152)
     Nov (187)
     Dec (190)
-->Total races run: 16
-->Number of days missed due to injury/pain: 4

All in all, a great year.  My goals for 2012 are as follows:
1. PR every distance I race at......vague, I know but c'mon!!!
2. Run another marathon
3. Run 300 days
4. Run at least 2200 miles
5. Lure another non-runner into this wonderful activity and keep them running.  (This was a goal in 2011 and it worked like a charm).
6. More longer distance tempo runs.
7. Further develop & push Westerly Track & Athletic Club and run more races as a team (singlets!!!!).
8. Stay injury free and healthy.

Thanks to all of my fellow runners that have inspired me, motivated me, kept me honest, and helped me fall deeper in love with running.  Here's to another fantastic year o' running.