Monday, March 26, 2012

Week of 3.26.12 - 4.1.12

MON. - 6mi. (roads) -- a simple out n back had me laughing.  Up to the 3 mile mark I couldn't believe how easy it was/how great I felt -- 7:06 pace.  "This is amazing!"  Then I turned don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows--decidedly NOT 7:06 pace on return trip.  [43:16]

TUE. - 0

WED. -10mi. (track,woods, and road) -- with Jonny, Mike and Ben @CHS.  7 x 400 and 1 x 600 for dessert.  Mike ran separate miles.  I tried not to push them too hard (although they certainly weren't easy) & keep around 5K pace (82ish?). All with about 65 seconds for recovery. Splits: 79/78/79/80/79/80/79/1:53.  A bit faster than what we were shooting for (ripped the 600) but whatever. Easy cooldown after with Jonny.  Good fun. [1:10:XX]

THU. - 7mi. (road & trails) -- ran down to Tomaquag Trail and explored further.  I found a further extension (not really a trail but someone has blazed trees to lead the way further, almost back to Collins Road--almost a complete loop).  Super pumped about the new trail near my house (even if I do have to "skirt" private land).  Had to keep stopping and finding the "trail" again.  Briars ripped my legs to shreds because I kept trying to maintain a 7:45ish pace--look like I was attacked by a mountain lion.  Kept thinking about this video.  If you like running in the woods too, try and appreciate it.  Count how many things here you've said or done--I stopped when I got to 10 because it was a little embarassing. Enjoy. [53:01]

FRI. - 8mi. (road) -- nothing special.  I was really close to skipping it & taking a zero.  I did it for the beer. Super glad when I was done though.  Planted broccoli afterward so that's cool.  [60:45]

SAT. - 8mi. (trails) -- Carter Preserve with Tom in early a.m.  Looped around in light rain and sleet.  Have to hit this place more often. [61:49]

SUN. - 9mi. (road) -- "Chariho 5K".  Ran the course and a little extra as a w/u for this tiny, local race put on by my sister-in-law as a fundraiser for the Relay For Life.  With a very small field I anticipated finishing well in this one, all dependent upon who else showed up.  I ran well throughout and finished in 17:13, 1st O/A.  Good News: I won.  Bad News: 17:13 is not 16:59.  Good News: 17:13 is a PR for me.  Bad News: I didn't break 17 minutes.  I had secretly envisioned the possibility of running under 17 here.  The course is super flat and if you're going to crush one, this is the place to do it.  Although I didn't vocalize this erroneous vision, I really thought I had a shot.  My splits: 5:26/5:37/missed mile 3.  Jonny ran strong and finished 2nd O/A but he too was disappointed with his time.  We commiserated over the wind (and any other excuses we could think of) then I paced in Mason as he entered the track and finished the 300 meters or so.  Proud of him.  I headed out on a solo cooldown and then managed to balance any fitness I may have gained by eating 3 donuts and a bagel. Slob (there's about 9-11 seconds right there).

TOTALS: 48 miles
--> another strange week (no long run) that somehow managed to work out okay.  I'm both pleased and a tiny bit disappointed but time to move on.  I'm not sure where I'm going from here but perhaps I can train hard over the summer, specifically for longer distances, and rip a sub 17 in the fall somewhere.  Time to broaden my horizons a little now.  Exciting to have the next several months sort of wide open with no major races/goals.  Just jump in where/when there's fun and adventure to be had. 

Next week promises to be a little different with the Red Rooster Ramble 5 miler in Warren with Mike, Hulk and possibly Jonny on Thursday night.  Should be interesting. That can take the place of organized workout on Wednesday and then possibly something long and sloppy/muddy on Saturday.

14 seconds.....that's all I need....just 14 more seconds...... 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Week of 3.19.12 - 3.25.12

MON. - 7mi. (roads, some trails, cemetary, fields) -- shirtless for the 1st time in '12.  Man, I'm a such a sweat hog.  Good run. Wandering around with no particular place to go today, soaking up the last day of winter. [52:38]

TUE. - 0 --  No running.  Just resting, planting potatoes, drinking homebrew, soaking up the sunshine, and playing foolish games with meinen Kinder. Happy vernal equinox!!

WED. - 11+mi.  (rocky intertidals and roads) -- ran with Mike and Hulk from Monohan's Pier in 'Gansett along the rocky shore down to and around Pt. Jude light out onto the east wall of the Harbor of Refuge.  Wall to wall, if you will.  Wow! Alot of scrambling and stutter stepping.  It was tiring and a little disheartening to discover that I lack the fitness of those other guys.  I rescued myself from taking some nasty spills a few times but did get tripped up once and busted my right patella on a rock.  We did manage about 9:50ish  pace though....sounds pathetic but we were working! 
Hazard Avenue
We then ran back on the roads for the return trip at a "leisurely" 7:11 pace until they decided to pick it up with 3 miles (?) to go.  Mike turned and smiled as they were pulling away and said something like "Wednesday's are hard days" and then sped away at sub 5 minute pace.  Bastard. I don't know what I was doing for the last 3 miles or so along the road but it felt close to 6:00 - 6:10 (on tired legs).  Surprisingly my knee didn't bother me here at all but boy it hurts like a mofo' now.  Instead of sympathizing, back home Mandy laughed and simply replied "Oh well, Muddy wants to go and play with the big boys....".  Hope it isn't detrimental to my running in the near future.  Took plenty of "vitamin I" and chased it with some homebrew....nodding off as I write this. Great workout but damn, those guys are animals.  [1:39:26]

THU. - 4mi. (grass) -- ran in Vibrams around Crandall Field.  Each lap is just a hair under a mile so I ran easy to test out the knee. Felt kind of good to run "barefoot".  I was happy to find that my knee doesn't hurt when I run....apparently I just whacked the kneecap/bone and thankfully its not tendons, ligaments, IT band, etc.  Hope it holds up.  Legs aren't sore today but boy oh boy they sure are filled with lead!  Dead.  [31:16]

FRI. - 4mi. (road) -- turned my watch off after a half mile and settled into a depressing, heavy-legged shuffle.  My legs feel like shit.  Not sore really, just awful.

SAT. - 17mi. (trails w/ some road) -- from Burlingame Picnic area at 0600 with Jonny, Gazelle, and Tom.  I was a little worried about my legs but despite some usual fatigue near the end, I felt good.  Ran with pack (water) -- been so thirsty for the last 2-3 days.  Maybe I should cut back on the beer.  Good early morning outing.  I'm still a little pissed at myself for never having run on the other side of Buckeye Brook Road before (Ledge Trail, down to river, etc.)  Met a guy (Glenn Anderson) back at the lot unloading mountain bikes. [2:11:XX]

SUN. - 8mi.  (trails) -- originally intended to go back to Burlingame but there was a mtb race there so I ran from west lot of Ninigret.  Chilly with overcast skies and NNE winds. Legs felt good.  Encouraging. Starting to really like my Inov-8s  [61:44]

TOTALS: 51 miles
-->I salvaged a week that I thought was going to turn out pretty poor.  Wednesday, although really fun, and the "shituation" on Thursday and Friday,  left me feeling frustrated.   My legs appear to have recovered somewhat and my knee doesn't hurt at all when I run, only when I'm standing--weird, I know. Sometimes, if you're not really hurt, its best to just run through it and stop whining.  Other items of interest:

- deciding NOT to waste $300+ on a GoPro camera.  My wife and the opinions of several other informed people made me wise up and finally make a decision after being on the fence for 3 weeks.
-  the Mews.  I'm thinking about living there....hiding out and sleeping inside after hours.  I think I could pull it off.
- rock scramble on Wednesday was extremely unique and has my childish mind conjuring up other fun but out of the ordinary runs.
- rediscovered Lagunitas IPA....forgot about that one

- no more Rasputin Imperial Stout on tap in Wakefield.  Sad.
- no track speed stuff.  I'm left wondering if the lack of this, (although I have still gotten in some harder efforts in other ways) will affect my leg turnover/pace on Sunday @ Chariho 5K.

Update: just went back through my paper log and once again realized that I've screwed up my mileage total.  I was off by almost 20 miles.  I do this every single year!  Simple arithmetic, idiot...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Week of 3.12.12 - 3.18.12

MON.- 5mi. (roads and grass) -- easy run.  No soreness just pretty fatigued.  [39:30]

TUE.- 0

WED.- 9+mi. (trails) -- Ran with Mike in Ninigret.  We ran a short warm-up then discussed what to do.  Mike was going to do 10 x 800 but I knew I wouldn't be able to handle that at this stage of the game. We settled for 6 x 800 with 2:00 minute recs (since I fell so far behind, mine were approx. 1:45).  I ran this a little faster than I probably should've according to charts and such.  They were tough so hopefully they improved my fitness.  Approximate splits: 2:42/2:46/2:48/2:47/2:47/2:45.  We met up with Jeff for an easy 4 afterwards. [74:29]

THU. - 5mi. (road) -- yuck.  Had visions of 7-8 but I decided to tap out after only 5.  Just not feeling it.  Maybe I should've run it a little slower/easier.  I did get two bigger, long hills mixed in.  At least I have that going for me. Probably going to go easy tomorrow and then long on Saturday. [36:25]

FRI. - 6mi. (road) -- kind of easier jaunt into lower Ashaway to check on Potter Hill Dam and the potential return of buckeys.  No bluebacks yet. [45:18]

SAT. -13mi. (trails) -- With intentions of running in the early dark (0615-0630) I hit snooze 3 times and didn't get started until 0715.  It's easy to slack when you don't have to meet anyone.  I parked at the trailhead at base of Green Fall Pond (gate trail, not the blazed ravine portion).  Ran with my pak and phone (at the behest of my wife) up around Green Fall Pond Trail, Nehantic, Laurel, Nehantic Pachaug Crossover, with doubled back repeats.  This was a Tale Of Two Runs:  the first half was fun, slower (8:00-8:15ish) exploration.  I had to stop and check the map a few times.  Someone has built a footbridge near the pond and they've also installed little map posts I've never noticed before.

Crooked but keeps feet dry
I am where?!?!?
The second half was a mad, frantic dash to make it back to the truck so I could get home for Daddy Duties.  I was hammering shit on the way back.  I fell twice- once on Laurel in a muddy bog and again as my legs really started to fatigue through the glacial till on the north end of the pond along Nehantic on the return.  Pretty hard effort on the way back.  Thus, I'm disappointed with distance/time (was looking for 16 or so & around 2 hours) but the hard, bloody, muddy quality more than makes up for it. Fun!! [1:40:20]

SUN. - 7mi. (trails w/ a little road) -- ran in Riverwood Preserve.  I'm really starting to enjoy that place.  Newly blazed trails, great weather and short, steep climbs make for fun.  I'm really curious what Mike's Garmin would say re: elevation gained.  It doesn't seem like much at all on a topo map (100' tops on most climbs) but repeatedly grinding up and down takes its toll.  Probably a tad under 7 miles but the effort coupled with my dangling 0.5 (tee-hee) from Wednesday and I'm calling it 7.  Good fun but I did gouge my left arch  hardcore on a rock.  Hurts now.  I'll ice it, stretch, and have homemade brew.  Self medication. [52:39]

TOTALS: 45 miles
In my dreams....
--> another weird week.  No "real" long run but two hard, quality efforts and today (Sunday) was no slouch either with the up & downs.  I even managed to cross train after the run today by kayaking in the Narrow River, chasing  overwintering linesiders.  I KNOW they're in there in the deeper holes.  I missed two strikes but didn't really care.  The sunshine was awesome.  GPS says I only paddled 2.5 miles total but it felt like 22.  Great fun and an excellent way to wrap up the final weekend of the winter.  I really need to up my mileage a little next week (losing fitness?) and work something long in the woods next weekend (16-20). Hopefully the guys will be up for that. If not, I'm not afraid-- I'll do it alone.

Spring Forward 1 Hour Trail Race

The fifth and final installment of the South County 4th Season found a bunch of runners at the SK Athletic Fields.  Mike had devised a rather unique race, coinciding with the time change, in which runners had to rip across varied terrain (single track, double track, and open fields) in an hour glass shaped 2 mile loop.  The ultimate premise: how many full miles can one complete in sixty minutes.

With that theme as a backdrop, I arrived at the race pretty early and had the opportunity to run the course with Bob Sharkey and his dog Sheeba.  We ran slowly and lopped off hanging briars that were potential nut rippers and eye gougers.  It was nice chatting with/getting to know him.  We realized that we both got into running relatively "recently" for the same reason-- stupid dogs!!

At the start of the race I tried to take off conservatively across the open field before hitting the woods.  Ben and I traded jokes about the start and I then focused on the guys ahead of me.  This put me in about 8 place or so.  In all reality, I knew that Derek Jaboboski was nowhere near "catchable" (or even "hangable") but I was interested to see where and how things would shake out in the end.  No clue where I would end up and/or if I would be able to get to 9 miles.  I was definitely in full race-mode mentality though.  As such,  I expended a little bit of energy squirting around people on single track and finally started to overcome my anxiety a bit once I caught up to Jonny and Sandals.  There's just something panic-inducing about watching your running counterparts pull happens to me every time! Even though I knew I probably had enough time/distance to catch them I couldn't help myself.

During mile 2 (second half of first lap), things began to really spread out and I wasn't sure where this put me position-wise.  Instead, I just focused on maintaining my pace and trying not to think about the fatigue that was already starting to settle in. One of my favorite aspects of this race (I have several...see the bottom of this post) was the amount of "switchback single track", for lack of a better term.  It really allowed runners, although separated, to monitor the progress of the race as it unfolded.  At this point, as I climbed back up out of the woods onto the outside of the ball field I saw that Sandals, Ben, and Jonny were not too far behind me.  I felt like I had been working really hard and yet had failed to open up any distance on them. Damn.

From here on out it was a mixture of misery as the laps sort of began to blend into one big punishment session.  Don't get me wrong, it was fun.  But man, it sure is morally crushing to feel your legs get heavier, and heavier, and heavier.  Add that to the worry of someone catching you from behind.  I felt like I was the fox and the hounds were right behind me.  This feeling wasn't helped when I tripped and took a nice head-first dive into the dirt at the 400m mark on the first part of the course (mile 7).  I landed hard on my hand somehow and managed to lung punch myself (new awesome move I just made up right now) and kind of lost my breath.  I laid on the ground for 3-4 seconds and had a little pity party before getting up and carrying on.  As I passed by the start/stop I think Mike yelled something about 2 more miles to go.  Ugh.  I had wanted to complete the last lap and be done at 8.

I was lonely, tired, and a little dug up but was really surprised to see that at the completion of mile 8 I still had  over 7 mins or so to complete another lap.  Get going, wimp!!  The final mile felt like the toughest, yet I managed to stumble through the mud, scramble over some downed trees whilst keeping my sh*t together (barely) and cross the finish line in 59:02.  I continued walking past the finish and sarcastically thought to myself, "Damn, that was easy!". My splits (according to my watch, not sure what they officially were): 6:32/6:22/6:30/6:24/6:41/6:29/6:50*/6:36/6:36.  *The 6:50 includes the Puddin' Pancake Debacle early on in mile 7.  Also of note, I disagreed with a guy post-race about whether the 1st or 2nd loop was faster.  I said 2nd half (soft & twisty) was quicker and the #s support that.

Overall, it was a really good race for me and quite surprising, yet still humbling (of course).  Some final thoughts on the race:

1. I loved the kind trails on the second half of the course.  They were really soft and forgiving on the tired legs.  The twisting, turning single track, although not at all "easy",  helped me feel like I was flying, even if I wasn't.
2. The unique "hourglass" loop allowed everyone to keep tabs on everyone else.  I've never run anything like it. Pretty fun. Also, the prizes at the end were a great idea.  The only thing Muddy enjoys nearly as much as beer is coffee. And, the framed "Series Champion" award is in my classroom. Now my students know that my life outside of school is nothing but unicorns and glitter!!
3. After finishing, the final minute was really exciting with everyone yelling and cheering on the final finishers, willing them in to make the one hour cut off. I enjoyed the building fever pitch atmosphere.
4. The mud and couple of stream crossings added to the primal fun.  Can't get enough of that muddy stuff.
5. Watch out for that Ben "Incredible Hulk" guy.  For somebody with such a big, solid frame he can really move and he is strong & only improving.  He will be a force to be reckoned with in the future, I'm afraid. One more running crazy to contend with. Great....
6. I'm also a little unnerved re: Sandals.  I thought for sure I'd beat him by more, (given my effort), yet he easily completed 9 miles also.  Gotta keep my eye on him too, sneaky bastard!!
7. To the poor soul who lost $2 that I picked up on the fly, without slowing down, near the very end of the first mile while racing near the parking lot--thanks a lot!  It'll help pay for my next beer purchase.

PS-my wife has pointed out my penchant for nicknames.  Gazelle, Boj, Hulk (sorry Ben), Sandals etc.  I'm a sucker for an alternate alias.   I'm still on the lookout and scheming for appropriate monikers for Jonny, Tom, and Galoob.  Any input is welcome and will be considered.......

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Chariho Who?

Congrats to these guys....made a name for lil' old Rhody today.  National record ain't no joke!! ESPN story here. Watch the race here.

My wife pointed out  "You do speedwork with those guys, don't you?"  Not exactly,  but I have jumped in (along with Mike, Jonny, and Jeff) and gotten in their way several different times during intervals at the CHS track .  Are we famous now too, by default?

Congratulations to Coach Haberek and his Charger Legion!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Week of 3.5.12 - 3.11.12

MON. - 8mi. (roads) -- pretty good run but my quads, despite feeling great going in, wimped out a little the last 2 miles or so.  They just seem a tad beat up.  Easy week this week before Sunday. [59:29]

TUE. - 0 -- planned day off but a whole lotta moving of dirt and raking, pulling dead weeds, etc. in the Puddin' Patch (family veggie garden).  Cross training of the finest kind. I'm starting to get really antsy for late April/early May.

WED. - 7+mi. (trails) -- Carolina Management Area.  Ran in the Inov-8s and they were a little better (but still so light).  Couldn't bring myself to do the hill workout I had spouted off about last week.  Good run with fartlek but very unorganized, just like my life.  6 x various geographical landmarks. Ran them somewhare between estimated 10K and upcoming Spring Forward 1 Hr pace.  All lengths varied from 32 seconds to 2:10.  Felt pretty good.  Spent some time wandering around looking for/trying to flush Woodcock (I know...go ahead, insert your joke here). No luck. Probably too early.  [53:45]

THU. - 0 -- Oh well.  But did hear my first peepers and some woodies behind the house. Happy full moon!

FRI. - 6mi.  (roads) -- a little more pace than intended.  Couldn't help it. Short hills on the course for honesty. [43:24]

SAT. - 8+mi. (trails) -- easy trails with Tom and Jonny in Carter Preserve.  [65:02]

SUN. - 12mi. (trails) -- Spring Forward 1 Hour Trail Race.  Finished 2nd OA in 59:02 (9 complete miles in the one hour time limit).  Very fun course and a unique concept/design (both the course and the race itself).  I really enjoyed it.  However, once again for this course (just as in the speed work last week with the guys), the numbers/times really don't reflect my effort!  I was working hard!!  Separate write-up asap.

TOTALS: 42 miles
--> not a bad week mileage wise given two goose eggs and no real long run.  I enjoyed the heck out of the trail race on Sunday.  Also, the Inov-8 F-lites worked very well both runs (race included) which pleases me.  In addition, despite taking a hard digger at the race yesterday, I didn't get hurt or trampled at all (pride withstanding). 

With my next official race (Chariho 5K) not until 4/1/12, I've a few weeks to settle back into one hard day, one long day, and some creative "fillers".  Hope to do something "epic-ish" in the woods either this weekend or next. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Musings of a Muddied Mind

In another life, (not "B.C.", more like "P.P."-Pre Puddin') all of my posts used to just be long winded rants, covering some aspect currently going on in my life, be it an interesting run, crazy event etc.  I've gotten away from that and seem to now just focus on training log info.  Although very important and the main focus of my mental purges, I don't want the blog to be just another training log (what I'm doing isn't very interesting or special anyway).  So, periodically I want to post additional stuff that is floating through my clouded mind.  I'm currently at a crossroads in several areas which has produced a lot of legit questions (some running related, some not) that I don't know the answers to and/or cannot decide. Basically, I can't turn my brain off.....ever. I wonder a lot about a lot of things, a lot of the time.  These are the types of topics that meander through my mind during the day.

#1. "Hard-Easy-Hard?" --The last seven days I've had a decent "bounce back" week after the previous week's debacle.  This is back to where I want to be right now.  I ran a strange, in between/no man's land type run on Tuesday (which unfortunately may or may not have been necessary).  It was one of those semi-uncomfortable but not hard runs that isn't really at T pace but isn't regular base pace.  Wasn't controlled intervals but was still tiring.  What did I gain from it?  Not much probably.  I know its taboo but I couldn't help it.  Then, after a very easy day on Wednesday I ran a really fun ass-kicker with a group of running friends on Thursday.  This crushed my lower limbs (in a good way).  An easy day off then moved to a faster paced longerish (16 mile)  run yesterday.  My quads were fatigued yesterday and today during another easy run.  Blah, blah, blah--this leads me to a dilemma:  how long is necessary between "hard" days?  I usually stick to the standard Wednesday speed, Saturday or Sunday long.  This leaves me feeling fine.  Obviously two days "off" in between are adequate.  But this week's one day apparently is not enough.  Is this dangerous/not sustainable?  Also, what if racing on a weekend?  Given 2-3 days of easiness,(and skipping a lonerish run on the weekend) is a hard Wednesday workout okay?  Moderately hard?  Hmmmm. 

Yeast: our little fungal friends
#2. "Secondary Fermentation?" -- I've been brewing a bunch of different types of beer over the past few months.  This is a hobby of mine (I have TOO MANY HOBBIES--see #3) that really reaps a lot of benefits.  5-6 years ago I was into it and then a few more children came along and it fell by the wayside.  Well, now that my wife and I have a handle on the children (did I really just say that?!?!?), brewing is back.  Some batches are excellent, some are mediocre, some just plain suck (like my running).  Yesterday, I  bought ingredients to make a really awesome Russian Imperial Stout.  If you're a beer lover you already know that these bad boys are the real deal: black, thick bodied, really high alcohol content (am I describing a prostitute in Bedford-Stuyvesant or a beer?!?!?).  Anyway, I was reprimanded at the brewer's supply store for not aging my last batch of beer (Baltic Porter) long enough at all.  I was "ordered", after initial 7-10 day period of primary fermentation, to wrack this sucker into a secondary fermenter with oak chips and forget about it.  Let it age in this pseudo-oak barrel (glass carboy) for a long time.  How long is long?  The Google-machine yields a spectrum of answers: 2-3 weeks, 2-3 months, 6-8 months, a year!!!  Can I wait that long?  Is it really fun to sit and watch, say for example, a pot of water, waiting for it to boil?  I want to drink the beer not stare at it in my basement through a glass barrier.  Decisions, decisions, and more decisions.

A little bit o' this and some o' that
#3. "The Time Dilemma" --  The outdoors/nature are my church and religion.  I can't be bothered with organized, man-made, archaic rules and stories to control the masses.  With spring fast approaching, and along with it my family's customary pagan spring rituals, I'm now confronted with the annual dilemma.  There are only 24 hours in a day and I have to sleep.  I have three like-minded children and a wife who are pretty supportive of my lifestyle.  They're always onboard the World Domination bus . Awesome!! They allow me to do whatever I want (usually) which includes running, boating/kayaking, reading, fishing, walking/hiking in the woods, beer, music/shows, sleeping, etc.  Thus, how do I effectively spend my time?  I'm just too fascinated by and into EVERYTHING to focus on ANYTHING.  Where is the balance?  One cannot forget that there is always a honey-do list (the joy's of being a semi-responsible home owner).  Yet, most of the time, no matter what I do, I'm always having fun.  More importantly, I realize that I'm going to be worm food someday and then that's it. Game over.  So, back to the problem that faces me (and all of us): you simply can't do everything!!  As I said, I'm going to have fun, and strive to run a reasonable amount of miles and possibly improve my overall fitness, but I'm also going to have to rewire electrical in the downstairs bathroom, sand and stain the deck, tile the upstairs bathroom, power wash the house, ......[yawn].  Should I get a calendar and plan out each day?  Nope-impossible.  Maybe just run around like a wild man and try to cram in as many activities as I can?  Nope-not really fun.  You can't enjoy something if you're not present and fully in the moment right then, at that time.  Right?  Or, maybe, I'll just "do life" and try and dig it all wherever, whenever possible--a little fun and a little work mixed in with a pinch of adventure and unknown just to keep me honest.  I'm really just running an interesting experiment called "Life: Occupying The Seconds Until I'm Dead"......and I'll try anything twice. At some point you may have already heard me state my simple although not scientifically valid hypothesis: Life is pretty decent and fun .   I'm currently gathering as much data as possible, both qualitative and quantitative . And, if you're interested, I am always looking for research assistants.  Hopefully, I'll draw conclusions and let you know how it turns out in about 65 years.

#4. "Level Renner, Issue 6" -- If you haven't already, you NEED to check out the newest issue of Level Renner (just click the Level Renner image to the right of this screen).  It's truly the best issue yet, and I'm not just saying that because I have a "vested interest".  You'll find both serious and focused articles, as well as funny, not-so-focused bits and pieces. If you're in and around New England, you'll almost definitely read about and/or see some faces of those you know and compete against.  Either way, it's all running, all the time; the way it should be.  Subscribe's FREE!! Each issue emailed right to your inbox.  How awesome is that?

See you guys outside in the near future. 

Plant seeds, sing songs and stay muddy, my friends.