Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Week of 5.28.12 - 6.3.12

MON.- 0

TUE.- 0

WED.- 0 -- starting to get really irritable.  Feel bad for my family.  Leg has pretty much stopped bleeding. Still swollen with some awesome pus action.  Just starting to get that itchy, tight skinned feeling.  I can walk without pain, just feels like it's going to rip open.  Not sure about running.  Tomorrow maybe?

THU.-3mi. (road) -- slow pace on the road as my first test.  I'm pain free really but downhill/angled roads gives that tight-skinned, itchy, gonna rip feeling.  As a result I think I'm slightly altering my gait, which is a big no no!  Not sure how to proceed from here.  Try again tomorrow. [untimed]

FRI.- 6mi. (road) -- ran from The Hill to my parents.  Felt happy that I was able to run at pretty decent base pace with no discomfort, minus downhills (i.e. gradual downhills to falls at Wood River).  Lobster and beer galore post run.  [43:23]

SAT.- 0 -- took a nap instead of running.  Yeah, that's how I roll.

SUN.- 13mi. (trails & road) -- Race to Grow 5K.  A weird day.  I met Jonny, Gazelle, Tom, and Mike B. at 0600 for a 5+ jaunt in Riverwood Preserve.  Wet and overgrown trails but still fun (obviously).  They continued on for a 16 miler and I went home to change, eat and head to Wakefield for the small 5K.  Mike had given us a "Colonel Heads Up" earlier in the week re: possibly winning/placing well for $.  Further incentive was provided by my realization that I haven't run a friggin' race since State Police 5K back on 4/29.  Pathetic.  It was a small race (about 60 people) but it's still a race, right?  Mike and I went out with Dave Schaad early and from there it was just "push it and try not to get pissed at yourself".  Galoob won and I was second OA in 17:30 [5:29/5:43/missed mile 3]. It was an easy first mile and then not terribly difficult but just enough turning and headwind to keep a runner honest.  I'm not disappointed at all but on the cool down we were talking and it came up that it is too convenient to settle into a slower pace for the middle mile or so (about 10-15 seconds slower than goal pace).  Very true. Right around the mile 2 mark I have to accept that life sucks at that moment and will continue to do so for the next 6 minutes.  Simply put, I need to get faster.  On a deeper level, I need to be able to run uncomfortably without comfortably settling into an uncomfortable, convenient race pace.  Does that make any sense?  Overall, a different and fun day. Absolutely no leg issues so, other than having to cut out my stitches next week, I'm good.

-->What a weird week.  I never thought that at this point of my "running life" I'd be pleased with a 22 mile week but I am.  I've managed to bounce back and feel fine.  I can't help but compare today (Sunday) with a good friend of mine from college.  Back in the day, when he wasn't "chemically altered" (rare), he made insightful and creative decisions.  Late night McDonalds runs consisted of him, screwing the man by, instead of ordering a double cheeseburger ($1.99 at the time), he would order two cheeseburgers ($0.69 a piece) and stack them together.  Giggling, he would devour it and say "I just snuck in a double without really paying for a double." Genious, right?  Perhaps not.  But I feel like today I somehow snuck in a late week double without really paying for a double.  Whatever...I'll take it.  Over the millenium mark for yearly mileage....FINALLY!!  Get back after it next week.  Nowhere to go but up, right? P.S.--Incredible Hulk Folsom dominated a race too.  Plug#1 because he hates blogging.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Week of 5.21.12 - 5.27.12

MON. - 7mi. (roads w/ some trail) -- Lower 'Shway with small Whitley Preserve trail action in the light drizzle.  Good fun.  Felt pretty decent.  [51:55]

TUE.- 6mi. (road & trails) -- Tomaquag Trail loop.  I was discouraged at the exact 2 mile mark when I felt like I was running slowly/struggling.  Realized I was at 7:04 pace, about 30 secs/mile faster than I wanted.  Able to slow it down and relax in the wet woods.  Unfortunately the trails are overgrown and the grass is waist high.  In the trespassing cow section the grass is already up to my man tits in spots.  Wow. PS-if you're feeling like a real man, try this.  You won't find a hoppier beverage and at 10.4% alcohol, 1 is perfect, 2 may be too many, 3 is juuuuuuuuusssst right. [44:02]

WED. -10mi. (trails) -- Ninigret Park.  Tentatively, I was going to meet some of the guys but plans fell through.  I ran a solo 2+ mile w/u and then was about to start minute ladders at tempo pace (1m, 1/2 rec, 2m, 1/2 rec, etc. up to 5 mins, 2.5 rec and back down to 1 min again).  Interestingly, I learned today, using the McMillan Calculator that my T pace is now sub-6:00 (YIKES!).  Instead I heard someone yelling and saw Galoob running out to meet me.  We ran 800s at about usual 800 effort (for me) and easier/slower for him. He did 4 and I did 3 more after he left.  Felt alright but it was humid out!  All 800s were about 2:48 - 2:55 range (last 3 were on time and effort only as no space watch around).  [1:12:XX]

THU. -5mi. (road) -- Felt pretty good for this short, little follow up to yesterdays sweat fest.  Unfortunately, another reminder that I suck at judging pace.  I thought I was around 7:30 pace but apparently not.  I'm pretty sure I'm not this far off on most of my base/filler runs but whatever.  Hopefully it is simply like this guy says, "It doesn't get any easier, you just get faster."  It'd be nice if that was the case.   [35:15]

FRI. -0

SAT. - 4mi. (road) -- pretty easy run just to do something before Sunday's quest in MA.  Felt fine just pretty humid!  Yuck. [31:40]

SUN. -0 --8mi. (trails) -- went up with Mike, Jonny, and Hulk for some adventures on the Mid-State Trail and up Wachusett Mtn. Unfortunately, about 2.5 miles in I got impaled on a pointy log at a fork in the trail. It took a nice chunk out and split me open a little. Luckily, there were some guys climbing/rappelling that had some gauze, tape and iodine. We patched me up and I had the pleasure of running back along Rte. 140 in the sun on asphalt. Got a little bit disoriented on the way backa nd asked some people mowing their lawns for directions. So disappointing to run along Mt. Wachusett, see the summit and know those guys were having fun getting up there. Wasted 4 hours of my life that I'll never get back in the Westerly Hospital ER. Sh*t happens. [1:20:XX]

TOTALS: 40 miles

--> totally disappointed with how this week ended but what can you do?  Hopefully everything heals up quickly and I can get back after the fun and adventuring.  Some things I learned this week:

1. Incredible Hulk hates blogging so I'm going to go out of my way to mention him every single week (if I remember). Help me out if you can.

2. It pays to have a tiny first aid kit with you on adventures in the woods.  I used to scoff at the idea ("who the hell carries a huge first aid kit with them?") but all you need is a little gauze and iodine to help out.  Went out and bought shit today.

3. Running is so central to my life.  I saw 6 different people running today/this afternoon and it went up my ass sideways.  I hate them with a passion, even though I do not know any of them.  Hopefully I get back very quickly.

4.  Beer helps heal wounds.  I asked the doctor and he recommended it so I'm just going to keep self medicating.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Week of 5.14.12 - 5.20.12

MON. - 5mi. (road & woods) -- Mentally I wasn't into this one until I did some bushwacking in fields and the woods, down into cleared roads off of Diamond Hill where it looks like some new homes are going to be built on beautifully secluded land. Trespassing--Muddy's favorite kind of running. Legs were tired on uphills but not that bad overall (yesterday's shakeout helped?).  Still struggled to keep respectable base pace. [36:58]

TUE. - 0 - No running, but quality rest. Rosalie has been catching several "spiny, pokey caterpillars" recently.  Instead of running, we decided to spend the afternoon ID'ing it and researching how to raise it.  It's a Giant Leopard Moth larva.  No big deal.  Just more data in the investigation called "Life: Sh*t Is Pretty Cool".  FYI: my investigative team plans on collecting TONS of data.  All conclusions to be posted when I'm 90 yrs old and (hopefully) still running.

WED. - 5mi. (trails) -- set out for 8 or so in Grills Preserve.  Quit after only 5.  Super soaked and kind of fun but my legs just don't feel that great. [36:59]

THU. - 7mi. (trails & road) -- I ran from Mason's practice up into Woody Hill Mgmt. area.  There sure are a lot of trails and roads in there.  Warrants further exploration.  Had to push it the last 2 miles to get back in time for the end of practice.  Guess what--legs still not 100%.  [51:55]

FRI. - 2mi. (road) -- read that correctly. Ran alongside Mason on his bike.  Normally I'd say 'Why bother?' but whatever.  Sometimes you've gotta do what you can do when you can do it.  On the bright side, at least the hull of my boat is wet and now soaking in the salty brine of Pt. Judith. [untimed]

SAT. -16mi. (roads and trails) -- ran with Gazelle and Mike B. from the Westerly Y around Westerly.  The best part was definitely Westerly Town Forest and even the small Whitley Preserve off of Potter Hill (never been in there before).  Kudos to Mike for a distance PR. He had never run over 14 before.  He never complained and held on as though it was easy for him.  [2:03:XX]

SUN. - 0 -- statistics show that if you're married with children, if you don't get out the door and bang one out prior to 0800, the odds of getting a run in decrease drastically. Oh well.

TOTALS: 36 miles

--> what an epic fail this week was.  Partly due to my fatigued legs but mostly to my sloth and crazy life style.  Not overly upset over it, just disgusted with myself.  Maybe a low mileage, lazy week will be good for my body.  Maybe....   For some reason this time of the year is always "difficult" for me.  That's strange given that this is when a majority of the running world is starting to really get after it, I find myself faltering yet again. In need of focus and motivation over the next seven days, especially with no major races or events (other than concerts) until the Blessing at the end of July. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Week of 5.7.12 - 5.13.12

MON. -0

TUE. -4mi. (roads) -- from lacrosse practice around silly Westerly.  Legs tired and blah after yesterday's mix up.  [30:44] Happy National Teacher Day......oh boy.

WED. - 10+mi. (bike path & trail) -- ran with Gazelle in the rain from Camires down bike path to Spring Forward course and some little dirty side trails.  Run got better and better as we went along.  Bloody and muddy equals fun.  [1:17:XX]

THU. - 5mi. (road) -- rushed this one.  All I had time for.  Training in No Man's Land.  Oh well.  That's life I guess.  [35:40]

FRI. - 0

SAT. - 24mi. (trails w/ 1+ road) -- a long, early morning jaunt with Jonny.  We started at Asheville Pond at the base of Narragansett Trail and then went up through Long/Ell Pond, around Yawgoog Pond, to Green Fall Pond, along Nehantic Trail.  We had originally intended on going to Mt. Misery and then back but we agreed 4.5 hours (potential total length of run) would be stupid and way to much.  Thus we cut out along 165 to 138 (Jonny picked it back up to 7:30 pace and I felt super nauseous at this point thanks to stupid Gu), then back down along Laurel Loop Trail to Patchaug Trail back to Narragansett and picked up our original course on the return.  Pretty fun until you crossover the 3+ hour mark.  Long and Ell Pond area was a real killer--crawling, scrambling, hiking etc really ate me up and slowed down our overall pace big time.  However, for almost the rest of the way we were at a respectable pace so we agreed to call it 9:00 pace OA.  Banged up at the end but I felt a little better than last weekend's long trail cruise.  [3:33:26]

SUN. - 3mi. (road) -- was going to take another zero and just work outside but my wife (boss) advised against it.  Glad she did.  My legs were really tired but it still felt good to shake them out at a really slow and relaxed pace. Felt even "gooder" drinking beers and planting seeds in the sunshine when I got home [24:20]

TOTALS: 46 miles
--> No Shad Bloom 10k Trail Race on Block Island this week (as I had originally planned) but I still had great fun here on the mainland.  Yet again another week with two zeroes but a quality long trail run sandwiched in.  24 miles is definitely long for me but man, technical trails with terrain totally take it to a whole new level.  24 on roads would be faster paced and would suck for sure (nowhere near as fun) but I think they would be easier.  I've also managed to fall in love with my "cleats" (Inov-8 Roclite 312).  They have now held up really well on two long trail bangers and my feet were fine (no blisters, bleeding, etc.)  Perfect choice (for me)!!