Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Week of 7.23.12 - 7.29.12

MON. - 5mi. (road) -- didn't run until late afternoon again (unintentionally).  Legs felt like sh*t the entire time.  Probably just fatigue but now stuck as to when to zero - Wednesday (WTAC Fun Run in evening) or Thursday (hate zeroes the day before a race).  [36:16]

TUE. - 8mi. (track) -- 0600. With Jonny and Galoob at CHS.  I knew going in not to expect much.  Goal was for us to run 1 x 1600 (400 rec) and then 6 x 600 (200 recs), all at 5K pace.  Complicated man math allowed us to figure out 200 and 400 splits.  Thus we all really tried to nail them consistently.  I was able to run well but tired easily at something that should not have gobbled me up.  [5:36/2:03/2:03/2:03/2:02/2:04].  Legs were dead after five so I wussed out and only did 5 600s. A fun workout that I would like to try when I have non-zombie legs.  600 meters added a new twist.  

WED. - 5mi. (road) -- 0930.  Mother Nature decided for me (zero Wed. or Thur.).  When the sun is shining, make hay.  Sunny, not hot, and dry air.  Took it a bit easier but didn't dog it.  Legs were tired but not too bad.  [37:10]
4mi. (road) -- 1800.  WTAC Fun Run with Mason.  I ran a mile before hand at base pace then ran with the big guy again.  He focused, buckled down, pushed himself and PRd again.  [9:13/9:52/9:21-29:30].  I asked him if he left it all out on the course today.  His response: "Dad, you were there.  I was turning red and breathing like a fish out of water. What do you think?"  Hell yeah!

THU. - 0

FRI. - 12mi. (road) -- "Blessing of the Fleet 10 Mile RoadRace".  Ran my annual final Friday in July punishment.  My goal was to run consistent 5:59 (or so) miles and finish in 59:59.  Ended up 59:35, 19th OA.  I was really pleased but still managed to make several screw ups along the way (details in another post). 

SAT. - 3mi. (road) -- really easy shakeout.  Legs were tired but not too sore. [23:44]

SUN. - 4mi. (road) -- Ran before attending the Level Renner celebratory BBQ.  Calf soreness and leg fatigue more today.  Yuck.  Quit after only 4. Still ran it at decent pace.  [29:29]

TOTALS: 41 miles
--> as expected, sort of a cutback week but I met with great success at the Blessing.  Hopefully my legs are able to recover quickly so I can get back at it.  I'm not sure if I'm going to do Run 4 Kerri this Sunday or not.  I'd like to give it a shot but I also need to pile on miles and if I race it would interfere with a long run. 
On a side note, as part of the "Blessing Weekend", the family went down to the boat in Jerusalem and observed the real Blessing of the Fleet (Galilee boats with decorations in a parade of sorts).  At the end, clergymen on the Galilee side blessed the fishing vessels.  What is it with blessing things?  What does it do?  What is the significance?  Is it for good luck?  What is the overall success rate of this spectacle?  I'm guessing about 50% more or less.  As such, I've decided to begin blessing shit too.  Not sure of the protocol here but I throw in some Latin when and where I can. Thus far I've blessed my fishing rods, the boat, my toilet, the mini van, the coffee maker, my racing flats, the entire set of family toothbrushes, my watch, and the vegetable garden.  Hope good things happen and I don't pass away soon.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Week of 7.16.12 - 7.22.12

MON. - 0

TUE. - 5mi. (road) A.M. -- ran early to try and wake up the legs.  Felt OK. [36:25]
6mi. (track & road) P.M. -- *Nick Bottone Track Mile*.  Warmed up and then tackled the annual WTAC Nick Bottone Track Mile.  I raced with only 4 others in the final heat ("Elite"--HA!): Mike, two guys I didn't know, and local WHS standout, Jackie Burr.  I really thought I could go sub 5:00 but failed.  My splits: [74/77/75/75].  Apparently the brain fart on the second 400 cost me dearly.  I just had nothing left on the final 100m as I watched the clock tick away.  Alas, 5:01 is decidedly NOT 4:59.  Too bad.  I know I can (and will) do it.  Maybe this fall.  Cooled down on side streets and in the park with Mike. 

WED. - 8mi. (trails and gravel roads) -- ran the groomed XC ski trails of Eastman.  Legs felt a little sluggish.  Looked for some single track trails north of the association that leads to a few small ponds but couldn't find them.  Hot and pretty humid at 1030.  [62:11]

THU. - 5mi. (trails and gravel roads) A.M. -- 0800. Hung-the eff-over.  UGH!  Obviously the run wasn't that great but it did help a little to sweat out some poisons.  Wanted to go 9-10 but just didn't have it in me. [37:11]
4mi. (trails and gravel roads) P.M. -- 1815. while the rest of the family imbibed spirits, I snuck out for nearly the same run as in the morning. Not a useful run but helped ease my mind about not getting 10 in earlier in the day. [30:02]

FRI. - 12mi. (trails) -- ran with Greg and his friend Wolverine (George) up and around hiking trails of Mount Sunapee.  Absolutely perfect weather (for July) at the start.  Getting up to the summit was quite a bitch (we went up an access road instead of Summit Trail).  It was relentless (all three of has had to hike for 2-3 minutes at one point).  Great fun meeting up with them and exploring the hill sides looking ESE for the most part.  [1:48:XX]

SAT. - 5mi. (road) -- strange running in the evening but travel from NH made it so.  Actually ran pretty well but a little faster than necessary due to GI issues.  Barely made it home.  A photo finish indeed. [35:02]

SUN. - 16mi. (road) -- 0830 run entirely on roads. Ran from home to Richmond, (stop off at parents' house for some lube), then up through Shannock and back into Richmond.  Decent weather for it.  I felt pretty good throughout. [2:07:09]

TOTALS: 61 miles
--> a good week.  I'm pleased with totals but more with the 3 major runs themselves.  They were diverse enough to keep me interested.  Feeling pretty good.  Next week I plan on dropping back down a little in mileage and intensity as Friday is the Blessing of the Fleet (a friend picked up my bib and shirt today).  59:59?  I seriously doubt its attainable but I wanna go for it anyway.  I am not afraid.....

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What Kind of Running Ideas Are You Growing In Your Mind?

As awesome as summer is, sometimes you can get bogged down in the monotony, sweat, and humidity of logging miles. All you have to do is be creative.  Just think and imagine stuff.  What could YOU do to make your running more interesting this week/cycle/month, etc? Wonder if Fred ever logged any tempo runs 'round the 'hood....

Requiescat In Pace

Monday, July 9, 2012

Week of 7.9.12 - 7.15.12

MON. - 5mi. (road) -- ran again in the middle of the day, a la Jonny-style.  Was going to zero (need a day off) but it was too nice and dry out to pass up.  Legs felt fairly tired.  Not sure how I'm going to manage running the next two days on tired legs.  [36:14]

TUE. - 6mi (track) A.M. -- with Ben, Mike, Matt, and Mark.  I arrived a little early and was able to sneak in a little extra warm up.  After doing 50m of drills we ran 4 x (1 x 200, 1 x 400).  Goal was the first 200 hard from dead start and then negative split the 400s.  200 recs between each interval and 400 rec between each set.  It was a ball buster.  Still glad that, despite running on worn out legs, I was able to hang.  The times were quick for me....faster than regular intervals.  Hopefully this helped with my turnover. [31, 74/32, 71/33, 71/32, 71].
4mi. (road) P.M. -- on the way with the kids to the WYC pool, Mandy dropped me off a few miles out and I ran down Airport Road (shitty) and through Chin Hill area (nice) before finishing up at the club. Outdoor shower was much more refreshing than the old person pool temps.  Man my legs are tired!!!! Only one more day before an awesome zero day on Thursday. [30:11]

WED. - 8mi. (trail) A.M. -- 0900 in Carolina Mgmt. Area.  Just me, deer flies, and a bitch on a horse.  [60:19]
4mi. (road) P.M. -- 1800, WTAC Fun Run.  Paced Mason again in his second go around at the event.  He managed to shave about 1:20 off of his previous time.  [9:35/10:26/9:39] - 30:42.  He was pretty pleased with himself. I snuck in a mile right after at base pace while he cooled down with Gatorade and watermelon. 

THU. - 0 -- hamstrings sore.  Although I haven't done high mileage recently, I've done a bunch of consecutive days with several short doubles mixed in.  Legs thanked me for the rest. Bounced some squid on the bottom of the ocean w/ Mason as crosstraining. 

FRI. - 8mi. (road) -- busted out a 3 mile tempo in the middle of the day.  After 2 mile w/u, I really had to focus to keep pace.  Just like the busted  ouboard motor on my  boat, I started to overheat. Splits: 5:55/5:59/6:04.  Had to pause and get it together before cooling down for 3.  Heat made this one tougher than it needed to be. [56:55] 

SAT. - 15+mi.  (trails & road) -- 0600 with Jonny and Gazelle in Burlingame NNE area.  A humid, fly filled festivus.  Ended by running a loop along Jonny's Ledge Trail and summited "The Wall" in his backyard. [2:03:XX]

SUN. - 6mi. (road) -- 0945 around home.  Legs felt good but still soupy conditions made me really slow it down the last mile.  [43:52]

TOTALS 56 miles
--> a fun week while slogging through July.  Hope to keep the "3 higher quality run" thing going. Bottone Track Mile this Tuesday.  Going to be interesting.  

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Week of 7.2.12 - 7.8.12

MON. - 0 -- off day but some good cross training ripping parachute jigs out at Block Island and hefting 30+ lb. cows with the Hammett clan.

TUE. -5mi. (road) -- standard, boring filler before tomorrow's race in Wakefield (although I did run it a tad faster than I wanted to).  Not sure how I feel/felt.  Did get to rescue a yellow lab stuck in briars in the woods along the side of the road as well as a box turtle crossing the road.  Muddy the Wildlife Whisperer. [36:10]

WED. - 5mi. (road) A.M. -- "Camires Firecracker 4 on the 4th" .  Arrived later than I wanted to and then only got in a single mile w/u.  Lined up in the front but then in the ensuing chaos had to hold back and found myself in about 25th place somehow.  Worked my way up about 10 spots and then just ran alone.  First mile was a tiny bit faster than goal pace but then slowed considerably on miles 2 and 3.  Passed two more people before the mile 3 marker and then couldn't catch the 12th place kid.  Finished up 13th O/A in 23:10, about 20-25 secs slower than I wanted.  My splits: [5:37/5:53/5:51/5:49].  However, the course is a roller so I'll settle for that I guess. You get out what you've put in and I certainly haven't been working as smart and as hard as I should've been over the last 5-8 weeks.
5mi. (road) P.M. -- legs were feeling super "antsy" and weird, (no cooldown post race?).  So set out on an easier run in the afternoon humidity to move them around.  Sweaty sweaty!! [39:47]

THU.-10mi (road) -- Boombridge Road loop.  Sort of a later start than I wanted (0930).  Nice breeze helped a little.  Tried Fuelbelt again.  I hate the stupid thing.  Probably will never run with it again.  Nice guy around mile 6.5 asked me if I had enough fluids and offered to run inside and get me a bottle of water.  I declined but nice offer.  [1:15:25]

FRI. - 10mi. (trails, road, & bike path) -- ran with Mike, Gazelle and Sandals in & around Great Swamp Mgmt. Area.  Our goal was to start out at base pace and work it as a progression run, focusing on trying to have a solid chunk at/around lactate threshold.  I definitely achieved that.  This is exactly the "3rd type of run" I was talking about last week and need to include each week.  Ended back at the Kingston train station (just a hair under 6:00 pace?) where Jeff and I tacked on an easy 2.5 on the bike path as a cool down.  Fun. [1:10:XX]

SAT. - 5mi. (road) -- gross.  Heading to the Bronx for a show at Yankee Stadium.  Even more gross there I'm sure.  Going to make getting a long run in tomorrow rather tricky.  [36:34]

SUN. - 12mi. (road) -- had to wait until 1600 to run.  I have the utmost respect for individuals than can run in the evening heat and sun.  I still managed to run a normal pace despite feeling very hot and sun baked & running a stupid, ugly route.  Wanted to do 15 but looped back in front of home and was all done. At least it was decent practice running hungry near dinner time (Blessing of the Fleet).  I've been trying to shed a few extra lbs. and I think I was underfueled all day.  Hydration not a problem.  [1:29:55]

TOTALS: 52 miles
--> a decent week however I know I have to keep going.  Increase mileage each week from here on out (with a few cut backs mixed in).  Still haven't officially signed up for a marathon in the fall yet but I've narrowed it down to two : DeMar or Baystate.  Time to ante up and decide.  Feeling good with no nagging pains or lurking injuries at this time.  Next events are the (WTAC) Nick Bottone Track Mile and Blessing of the Fleet.