Tuesday, February 26, 2013

MMXIII - Week 09

MON. - 8mi.  - felt pretty crappy.  Just tired and run down.  Still managed to hold a pretty consistent/decent pace throughout. [55:59]

TUE. - 6mi.  - felt crappy again.  Quit after only six instead of 8-10.  Tried to run slower.  Thought I was, but ended up still at slightly sub 7 pace overall.   Probably why I felt less than stellar.  Gonna make a concious effort to run slower (much slower) tomorrow.  Also, just saw on WTAC FB page that Big River 1/2 may be postponed.  Now I'm not sure how the week is going to unfold. Ault s a ressigned up for Oceans Run 1/2 next weekend.  I hadn't planned on doing it but now, wtf not? [41:40]

WED. - 0 - legs feel dead.  Switched usual day off (Thursdays) for today. Hope I don't regret it.

The word sensei translated:
"person who born/go before another"
THU. -  * -- a double planned for today: 3-4 easy in morning then something "fun" in p.m. Alarm went off this morning and I simply shut that sh*t off. My Mentor (Gazelle) is somewhere shaking his head in disgust right now. No excuses.....
13mi. - got a really late start (for me) due to family obligations.  A lot of green eyes in the Petzl lamp staring back at me from the dark. Hate drivers and high beams! My form felt good throughout except near the end--hard to run through dinner time on an empty stomach. [1:32:XX]

FRI. -3mi.  -- woke up at 0400 to racoons on my deck knocking over recyclable containers.  After dominating them I decided to go for a short shakeout run in the dark (again).  (23:30) //// 7mi. - "run" in Carolina Mgmt. Area.  I wasn't prepared for the carnage of downed trees.  Stupid softwood white pines.  It was very slow going on the trails (normal pace in field sections).  Brutal.  Had to pause my watch 13 separate times and climb, scramble, slide, fall, etc.  I'm exhausted now and feel like shit.  My legs are dead, arms hurt, back hurts.  Even my abs hurt.  Choosing to try and run in there was a bad idea. I haven't made such a poor, "why not" decision since my junior year of college when I decided to build a cannon with a buddy. At least that was funny.  Today's run was all. [54:01]

SAT. -0mi. -  unfortunately, had to spend the entire day in the woods helping a friend log his parents property.  Nothing spells cross training like chainsaws, large brush fires, 50 foot pine logs ready for the saw mill, and a 9000 lb. skidsteer.  Sorry I didn't get to run but since I didn't get out before sunrise, not much of a time window otherwise.

Hillbilly Limousine--like driving a tank!
Awesome fun
SUN. -27mi. -- Sea to Summit with Galoob, Gazelle, Gunshow, Jonny, Jackman & Principe.  We began in Apponaug at a small cove ("sea") and proceeded along Mike's planned route to Jerimoth Hill ("summit"), the highest point in Rhode Island (812').  Awesome fun.  Good conversation.  Despite tiring and fading (obviously!!),  the rest of the guys with their chatter helped to make it not that bad. A bunch of appropriately placed hills, mainly at the end, made this perfect marathon practice.  Garmin shit the bed prior to the start so I ran GPS and watchless.  Strange but invigorating at the same time to run "blind" with regards to time, pace, and distance. [3:15:XX]
Getting "high" in Foster.....
//// 2mi.- Mason was complaining about not being able to run today (jealous?).  I jokingly said "Why not go right now?".  He jumped on it so we headed out for a really easy shakeout.  My legs were beginning to feel pretty tight after lunch so hopefully this will help them feel better going forward. They feel much better now.  It's amazing what a little movement can do. [19:36]
-->Despite missing two days this week, it still turned out pretty well.  Obviously, Sea to Summit was the flagship event.  So friggin' awesome! Thanks to Mike and Jeff for setting it up, planning, driving, feeding me, etc..  Good fun.  Oceans Run 1/2 marathon next weekend will be a good checkpoint to see if I've improved my fitness in any way, shape or form OR if I'm still just a soft runner with an eating and beer drinking conflict. Also in the market for a new, smaller Garmin.  Not gonna pay$400 for one of the 600 models.  Probably the 210?  Small and cheaper (price reduced for Amazon Prime members).  Too bad it may push me into using Strava more often. Damn it! My "protest in vain" is dwindling....

Thursday, February 21, 2013

MMXIII - Week 08

MON.- 7mi. - Progression sort of run at the Y on the mill.  Started off easy then each successive mile dropped the pace by 30 sec/mile.  Legs felt tired and mind was bored.  [51:00]  ////  5mi. run in the fading light before dinner.  Brought the headlamp but didn't end up needing it.  Legs fatigued. Decision time for the week with regards to off day, hard days, etc. [36:03]

TUE.- 7mi. - rolling hills around Eastman Lake in NH.  Thought about simply running hill repeats but the first one in (around mile 2) humbled me and I decided to run the up and down route around the lake.  Attacked the uphills agressively and tried to bomb down the hills to teach my tired muscle fibers a lesson.  Quads hated me for it.  Good Boston prep. Owned two segments on Strava (in private/secret because I'm sketchy like that).  [49:58]

Round 'Round The Lake--was tougher than it looks!

WED.- 0 - a "rest day".  First zero in almost 2 weeks.  Skiing at Mt. Sunapee all day left my legs in tatters.

THU.- 8mi.  - finally back in the 'Shway.  I hate wind like Mike B. hates winter. [57:37]

FRI.- 4mi. - snuck in a shorty before Mandy left to run.  Dark n chilly. [29:36] //// 6mi. - late afternoon with some sloppy, snowy trails up to Blue Pond and then mainly roads there after. [44:53]

SAT.- 16mi. - early morning in Ashaway with Seth, Jonny & Gazelle.  Not my favorite to run same ol' routes as usual but still nice doing it with the guys.  Wish it were 20 miles though.  Sucks being limited with trails due to stupid snow.  Actually wanted to double later in the day but spent the entire day red neck cross training (filling 30 yard dumpster with garage junk, moving & stacking 62 tires with rims, hauling engine blocks, etc.).  Exhausted now.  Beer speeds recovery. [2:02:XX]

SUN.- 7mi. - 1/2 roads, 1/2 trails in the "808" and Grills Preserve.  Slow going in the woods.  Some spots are completely snow free while I plunged into 5" of wet sloppiness in others.  Able to fly on the roads.  The precipitation made it quite raw out.  Total meatstick popsicle!  Strange that my legs felt better running than when farting around the house.[53:06]

How does one say "Sh*t yeah!" in German?
--> Although a good week, not quite exactly what I thought it would be in terms of mileage.  Two (cheating) doubles were fun if not quality.  I was hoping for 20 for long run and something really tough during the week (although Tuesday wasn't easy to be sure).  Rain should help with trails so that next weekend's Big River 1/2 marathon will be awesome.  On a slightly related note, while the rest of the running world was battling it out at a wet and cold DH Jones 10 Miler, I did get to brew another batch of beer - Muddy's "Naked Garden - Maibock" (a Bavarian transitional beer to help die Deutschen through late winter into spring). I'm absolutely an ale guy so this is my first stab at a different style.  As long as I didn't f*#k it up it should be an excellent and appropriate harbinger of spring. Hoping for it to be imbibed while planting early season crops and working on my ancestral North Sea skin tone! Come on vernal equinox!

Monday, February 11, 2013

MMXIII - Week 07

MON.- 10mi -  second straight day of  the Treadmill Inquistion.  Couldn't bring myself to trudge through ice, slush, and standing water on shitty roads.  As a result, couldn't differentiate between salty sweat and tears of boredom while on the torturous machine. [72:53]

TUE.- 6mi. - did NOT want to run today. Didn't feel great but was surprised by time at halfway mark and overall. No wonder I felt shitty the whole time.  Weird, "useless" run-- not hard but certainly not easy.  Stupid boy. [40:47]

WED.- 10mi.  - went to CHS to do 4 x mile repeats (~ 2 min recoveries) on the track but the lazy indoor track teams haven't shoveled off a single lane!! Where are they doing their workouts? I was forced to run them on the road (ugh!) from the school to just past my parent's house.  Pretty shitty.  Shot for somewhere between 20-30 seconds slower than 5K pace (somewhere betwee 10K & T pace).  Results: 5:56/5:49/5:48/5:52.  OK I guess.  After all, it is Workout Wednesday (Galaxy Pale Ale recoveries at home). [1:06:59]

THU.- 4mi.  - nice and easy loosening of the legs. Didn't feel shitty. [30:43]

FRI.- 10mi. - Great weather.  Start of vacation.  Feelin' gooooooooood.  Total opposite of shitty. [1:09:28]

SAT.- 20mi. - tour of the south side of Westerly with Jeff, Jonny and Mike.  Great run and fantastic marathon prep as we were rolling sub 7s over the last several miles. Just typing the word "shitty" here. [2:24:XX]

Gazelle country....

SUN.- 5mi. - easy morning run in the YakTrax. Legs a tiny bit shitty [38:07]

--> Overall, I'm very pleased with the week.  Each run was unique and offered something (even Tuesday). Plus, got to type the word "shitty" a lot.  Would like to have gotten to 70 for the week but my legs are a little tired and instead of doing ten in a single shot this morning, or doubling 5 & 5, I opted for easy 5 in the morning and then some "hill intervals" on sleds with the family on Misquamicut Country Club.  Awesome fun. Fun always increases when there is some type of sneaky rule breaking involved.  Hope to make next week another good one in both quality and quantity before dropping back down  in intensity the week after for the Big River Trail 1/2 Marathon. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

MMXIII - Week 06

A little early for spiraling, aerial sex dances.....
MON.- 7mi.  - meandered on roads and woods around home with no plan, agenda, route, etc.  Legs felt good (post race day).  Saw/flushed out 3 American Woodcock in leaf litter along Tomaquag Trail.  Early!! Gonna be tough for those little bastards to probe out juicy earthworms when the ground is frozen.  It's not March yet!! [52:15]

TUE.- 7+mi. - wandered around roads and trails again in the light snow.  Ran faster than yesterday but tired near the end.  Good fun except for when I "kicked" a downed branch and it impaled my left shoe (between sole and upper mesh) with a 3" splinter the thickness of a pencil.  Crazy hole now.  [51:35]

WED.- 10mi.  - Carolina Mgmt. Area.  15 x 1:00 "on" (T pace or slightly faster), 1:00 "off" (not really off, just back to normal base pace).  Not recovering for a minute after being on made this much more tiring than it appeared on paper/in my feeble brain.  May have pushed it a little too hard during the on sessions--felt a lot of lactate build up on the final 5 or 6.  This was "fun" I suppose.  Flock of 300-400 Red Winged Blackbirds in the soggy end of field/marsh area. [1:12:09]

THU.- 0

FRI.- 13+mi.  - No school lead to early morning fun with Gazelle and Tommy FiveK in Bradford.  Some roads, Grills Preserve, and Woody Hill trails.  Started to snow once we entered Woody Hill.  Pretty cool. Stocked up on kerosene and beer after the run.  Batten down the hatches, bitches.  [1:40:XX?]

SAT.- 0 - shoveling champion called upon by everyone to dominate the crystalline precipitation

SUN.- 10mi. - pissed about having to miss Brrrr-lingame 10 miler (adjusted to 4.5 miles) in the snow with the rest of the idiots.  With no heat and water at home, I finally dragged myself to the Y to run on the awful dread-mill and have a pity party. Added bonus (a.k.a. the real motive for running at the Y), they had amazing hot and clean showers!  2 mile w/u then 7 miles at M-pace (6:18) then 1 mile c/d.  Felt fine but I hate running inside, especially when the stupid machine shuts off after 60 mins, near the end/interrupting a quality effort.  Mentally happier after the run (of course) and came home to find electricity back! [68:44]

MUDDOLILOQUY - certainly not how I had envisioned the week ending up but despite being short on the mileage end and missing the race yesterday (can't wait to hear/read about the race yesterday and Aaron Sandals' epic, socks only victory in the 20" of snow), everything still ended up alright.  Fun runs on Wednesday and especially Friday along with a dreadful yet meaningful run Sunday on the hamster wheel make it all ok. Two consecutive weeks "off" (no racing) so now its time to focus on marathon work.  Ugh....

Super 5K 2013

This was the 9th year of the NRA (not that NRA) sponsored Super 5K.  I've run it what seems like every year but I know I've missed it 2-3 times.  I'm one of the old-school runners when the course was at a different venue off of Rte. 108.

Going in, (despite not really doing much track work/intervals at all), I "knew" I could go sub 17.  I'm usually not always confident but I really, truly felt I could do it. As such, I was very relaxed and light feeling during our WTAC warm up on the wooded trials. The weather was pretty damn nice for a race (low 30s but sunny and clear, with a NE breeze).  After talking to my son and advising him where to line up, take off etc. (he rolled his eyes several times as ALL 9 year old do with their parents), I ran 3 striders and lined up in the second row, just off Matty P the Ink Guy, and my WTAC teammates. 

I was looking to run as consistent splits as possible (5:27) and just keep it where it felt uncomfortable. Ideally, negatives are the way to go but I doubt my ability to do that in any race of any distance.   I took off and the field almost immediately settled into their "spots".  I watched the lead pack of Colonel Sanders, Matt P, and Mike take off -- see you guys later.  I then focused on feel, form (its terribly embarrassing and inefficient), and picking off runners ahead of me.  In the first mile I managed to move from about 12th to 7th.  My first mile split ok (my time: 5:28/ Space watch/Strava: 5:29).  I made a conscious attempt (talking to myself?) to keep the effort hard up the small, short "hill" on Earles Court and around its rook-shaped turret in the middle of the road.

I felt pretty good on the way out to the turn around point.  Keep up the hard pace, not just effort (after coming off the "hill").  Unfortunately, as WTACers passed me going out and back (many of them!!), they uttered my name/encouragement, while all I could manage were slobbery grunts.  Sorry guys, I WAS cheering you all on, even if it did sound cavemanish. Crazy seeing everyone pass by me in the opposite direction.  I usually loathe out and backs but it was actually kind of cool here.

As we turned back out onto Ocean Road, I started to struggle (more than I had been since the start of the race/400m in).  The Towers just look so friggin' far away!  I was stuck out all by myself with nobody to tail/chase and nobody (that I could hear/sense) right on my ass. 

What NOT to do at the end of a race.....
I turned the final corner and looked at the clock ticking away: 16:50! Not enough time to make it--I crossed in 17:01.  Full results here. A PR but I just missed my real goal.  Looking at pics, I'm a mess: heel striking, hunched forward, dinosaur arm swings.   BUT, a PR is still a PR. A short jog back out of about a half mile to pick up/run with Mason (Jeff came with me).  Then we headed out for a short cooldown with Steve and then met up with other guys. 

Strava/Space watches show my splits as: 5:29/5:36/5:24 for each mile (yay, fastest 3rd mile!).  My manual split times showed: 5:28/5:31/5:27.  How does that happen?!?  I hate spacewatches, Strava etc.  What's the point if it is going to be "off".  Is it just my inability to properly push the "Lap/Split" button in a timely manner?  I did wear it to occasionally glance at my pace (4-5 times throughout the race) but the whole thing is strange/frustrating.  The only reason I uploaded the data to Strava was to see (prompted by Gazelle's blog) what my pace drop-off was going up the "hill" (Earle's Court).  I did fall off way too much there (5:55 for that 0.3 mile).  I guess at least that makes electronic analysis worthwhile.

At any rate, plenty more attempts coming this year to bag my goal.

Just know that I'm coming for you 16:59.  You can run but you cannot hide.