Tuesday, April 30, 2013

MMXIII - Week 18

MON (4/29) -6mi.  - Woody Hill Monday.  In what appears to be a developing routine, drop off the kid at lax practice and then run up "the hill" into the woods and explore.  Stayed to the south side this time and accidentally found a side trail that, at an intersection, looked familiar.  Ended up finding Gazelle's Wahaneeta Preserve.  Came back along the main road where it dumps out from Moorehouse Rd.  Felt pretty good for the day after a 5K (some minor left groin tightness--weird). [48:22]

Real players wear yellow masks and/or
black hoods.
TUE (4/30) - 4mi.  - short, local reconnaissance to the head waters of the Ashaway River (no fish visible).  Legs felt a little tired but weather was sunny and awesome so who cares? Very possible/nearly definite male Hooded Warbler sighting just outside vegetable garden.  I'm excited by this, even if you're not. [30:40]

WED (5/1) - 6mi.  - from lacrosse again, up into Woody Hill trails.  Some different paths taken (so many unmarked/unnamed trails in there!).  I definitely ran at a better effort than space watch spit at me.  Found the burnt remnants from the fire. People suck.  Then jumped out into B-town neighborhoods for some road action and peppier pace. [45:XX]

THU (5/2) -0

FRI (5/3) -5.5mi. -later, spontaneous run with Crutch in Grills Preserve.  Recon mission revealed that the Polly Coon Bridge is in which allows access to both the Hopkinton and Westerly shores along the Pawcatuck River.  The Ashaway side has fun terrain (old quarry?).  We stopped short just south of the "natural" Tomaquag Brook crossover (an old fallen log). On a related note: I was rear-ended by someone coming home from school.  No cosmetic damage on my piece of sh*t other than a bent/folded under bumper and trailer hitch.  However, later inspection revealed that the collision bent the frame underneath the bed.  It's not funny but it is sort of because I don't care. It is important to note that I do care enough to get cozy with the guy's insurance company on Monday and accept monetary compensation.  [47:XX]

SAT (5/4) -0 -- ugh. Zeroed due to some professional development crap at the URI Bay Campus.  I'll never get those eight hours back and I'm furious about it.

SUN (5/5) - 11.5mi.- an early morning return to Grills Preserve, this time with Jonny.  Great fun exploring the Ashaway side again, this time some further trespassing revealed an amazing overlook.  This time we did cross Tomaquag Brook into Grills Sanctuary (map here) before returning back to Grills Preserve to dominate a segment up to Big Hill for a CR.  Fun run and my longest run since returning from my knee issues. Although not much, it tired me out a little. [1:34:XX???]

I'll see your rear end collision and raise you
copious fire and suffering.
-->another week in the 30s with 2 days off.  No knee problems (knock on wood) so I may increase up a tiny bit in the coming week.  I do like that almost all of my mileage was in the woods/on trails.  Good thing I'll be able to retire in the near future on the fat $200 check I get from the car pile-up on Friday.  I'll have all the time in the world to run hundreds of miles per week now.  His insurance company, "Dewey, Cheatum & Howe, LLC" should be good for it, right?!?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

MMXIII - Week 17

MON.- 5mi.  - enjoyable run from Mason's practice into Woody Hill trails then around some 808 roads.  Got a little "lost" in Woody Hill (opposite side of The Pond), across from the dam.  [38:15]

TUE.- 0

WED.- 5mi.  - in a bit of a hurry to get it done before Mason's lacrosse game in Montville, CT.  Knee felt a little bit creaky and weird and I felt as though I was working a tiny bit harder than necessary. Am I this fat and out of shape?!?  Realized why when I got home.  [35:43]

THU.-4mi.  - sunny and warm out! Ran it at much more "normal" pace. [30:40]

FRI.- 0 --  why not?  Still trying to play it safe/be cautious with the knee.

SAT.-8mi. - Vin Gormley Trail.  Beautiful morning.  Felt like I was working a little harder/legs tired/out of shape.  7:35 pace overall according to stupid space watch so whatever.  [57:50]

SUN.- 7mi.  - R.I. State Police Foot Pursuit 5K (click here for results). Gorgeous day.  Was a little hesitant regarding this one given my lack of running over the last 5 weeks. Ended up being about what I expected-- 17:34.  Really struggled/died the last 1.25 miles.  Oh well.  That's what sloth life style will get you.  Got smoked by an ELEVEN year old!  Also, I hated Brian McNiece as he was all over my ass the last mile.  Thought he was going to overtake me.  On the upside, no knee pain at all.  The highlight was seeing about 20 Glossy Ibis on my warm up and again on the cool down in Canochet Farm trails, along the back bay area of Narrow River salt marsh. 

"Smokeshop 5K? 
-->Overall, I can't complain.  I've lost a tiny bit of fitness but I know I can get it back.  However, I still want to take 2 days off per week for the next few weeks and keep my mileage around 30-36 mpw, just to be safe, before bumping it up.  Gonna take a while to get back to 60 miles per week but I can handle that.  The Troopa' race today was humbling slightly yet encouraging at the same time. Guess I also need to make the Blessing my next "big race" to focus on/train for.  It should be enjoyable working up to that one--just like training for a half-marathon I guess.  It'll be interesting to see how it all shakes out in late July. Sweaty, humid suffer fests are the way to go.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

MMXIII - Week 16

MON.- 0 - Gazelle stalking and then horrific b.s. along Boylston Street. Damn.....

TUE.- 5mi. - roads around home.  Felt fine. 

WED.- 7mi. - Carter Preserve.  Beautiful morning weather on trails before what turned out to be an amazing day of boat fixing, gardening, and beer drinking. [53:18]

THU.- 6.5mi. - loop around Weekapaug with Tommy FiveK at pretty solid pace.  Good fun.  Enjoyed the time of day as well as pain-free knee.  Legs (quads and hip flexors) still "tired" feeling.  Felt as though I was breathing like a fat person at Wal-Mart. [45:43]

FRI.- 0 - keeping myself honest.  Fished in Napatree for some linesider rats.

SAT.- 8mi. - nice and easy in Woody Hill trails with Crutch, FiveK, and Gazelle.  Good fun despite the rain. [1:15:10]

SUN.- 6.5mi. - in Grills Preserve under some clear, blue skies.  Looked for where the "big fire" was recently.  Very strange--the burn patterns/scorched areas are in multiple spots but not across paths or trails.  They look set (multiple places).  Listen to me--Mr. Arson Investigator.  [48:XX]

Stupid 5K!!
--> continuing to try and claw my way back.  Still feeling a little fat and slow but no knee problems is fine by me.  Probably going to run the RI State Police 5K next Sunday, just to see where I'm at.  No huge expectations for it given that I've done very little running recently and zero speed/track work at all in what feels like 6 months.  However, I should still be able to run under 18 (I hope). 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

MMXIII - Week 15

MON.-3.5mi. -- from Mason's lacrosse practice.  Was so happy to actually be RUNNING again!  Felt good on roads then into Woody Hill Mgmt Area.  Knee tightness and minor "pain" the last 0.5 mile so stopped at around 3.5miles [24:XX]

TUE.- 0 - physical therapy.  Weights and bike for 20 minutes

WED.- 3mi. - felt pretty decent.  Easy, short run on roads from home.  Quads sore and really tired.  Took me until the end of the run to realize that they're fatigued from weight exercises, drills, and 5 x 2:00 hard on bike. Wimp. [22:XX]

THU.-0 -- rest and beer

FRI.-3mi. - easy run but at 7:30 "normal" pace.  No problems. :) [22:XX]

SAT.-0 - covered 'Gansett Marathon for Level Renner.  Good fun but man, I wanted to run SO BADLY!!

SUN.- 5mi. - Grills Preserve trails.  Felt pretty good.  No pain or tightness. Really wanted to keep going (10 miles?) but I know that's not the right thing to do at this time.  Slow and steady......maybe next week? [38:48]

Goodbye, unicorn.  See you next year.
--> a very bittersweet week.  Only running 14.5 miles is humbling when it is still tiring and yet feels like the greatest thing in the world.  I cannot believe how sore I am from strengthening exercises (leg weights, stretches, planks, etc.)  What a pussy!!!!  This paradoxical sensation, coupled with the fact that I unloaded my Boston bib to another runner this morning who'll be taking my place, and my mind and body are totally "confused".  I'll try for 25 miles or so next week then, if all goes well, try a settle in for a few weeks at 30-35 and see how it goes.  Slow and steady return to greatness.....