Sunday, August 25, 2013

MMXIII- Week 34

MON.-4mi. -- easy stroll to workout fatigue.  Had to go a little later as I wasted 3 hours trying to figure out an electrical/wiring problem in my truck.  I'm a self-proclaimed voltage & amperage expert now (too cheap to bring to a garage/real expert). No second run in evening. Just wasn't feeling it and broke out old Nintendo and about 50 games from storage.  Kids loved playing the "olden days games from 1970s" (sic).

Bubbling away in the basement....
TUE.-11mi. -- 6mi. (a.m.)--took Crutchley up on his invitation to take a shot at a few of his Strava segments (Green Fall Pond and Hidden Lake).  Somehow I got boned by space watch on Hidden Lake even though I know I dominated it.  Still fun but legs felt tired afterwards.  Haven't been running technical stuff lately.  Got me good. //// 5mi. (p.m.) -- legs felt like shit.  Really wanted to run Battle of Stonington 5K but decided not to.  In reality, throughout history treaties have been just as important, controversial, and epic as major battles/wars.  I guess I ran the Treaty of Ashaway around local roads instead. Legs and whole body felt terrible! Did get to brew a Muddy recipe in the afternoon (before running)--Pagan Pale Ale. Simple and straightforward APA w/ predominantly Cascade hops for bittering and aroma and then will be dry hopped in secondary fermenter with Amarillo hops.  It will be ready/first tasting will be at the autumnal equinox.  All are welcome to share in outdoor festivities.

WED.-12mi. -- 8mi. (a.m.) -- Ladder Intervals at CHS track.  1min/2min/3min/2min/1min/2min/3min with equal time recoveries, all repeats @ 3K-5K pace.  Felt pretty decent.  Had to "battle" girls field hockey team jogging/walking on inside 3 lanes.  Annoying. //// 4mi. (p.m.) -- easy run around after putting out signs for final WTAC Fun Run.  I opted to just watch everyone else suffer through the mile, given the state of my legs.

THU.-10mi.-- easy run around Carolina Mgmt Area.  Started out intending to do an easy 5 or so but my legs felt good.  It is so nice to run without caring about mileage, pace, location, etc--just wander around.  I miss carefree running of trails. 

FRI.- 10mi. -- ran from Indigo Point down to Charlestown Breachway and Green Hill Pond area.  2 mile w/u, 6 miles @ MP, 2 mile c/d.  Felt harder than it should've.

SAT.-5mi. -- easy afternoon wandering, over 8:00 pace.

SUN.-20mi. -- Pawcatuck and Ashaway Rivers Tour. Sofa King lazy this morning- set alarm for 0500, hit snooze 4 times, didn't get out the door until just before 0800.  A fun run in which I managed to hit three different preserves (Grills Sanctuary, Riverwood, and Flora Whitley) to access the two rivers as much as possible.  Felt great until I kind of bonked the very final mile. Crushed 2 glasses of OJ, 2 powdered donuts, a PB & J sandwich and 2 bananas when I got home.  BOOM!! 

TOTAL: 72 miles
Marathon training mantra if there
ever was one.
-->Felt some big time tiredness this week but have to stay focused.  Summer vacation is over as of today (Sunday). Gotta go sneak in one last day of boating and fishing today before school (Atlantic Bonito and False Albacore are back--my father dusted a few yesterday!).  I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get to run or volunteer/work at the Level 10K this morning but marathon training and family time trumps all.

Speaking of education, which is related to running because it is about to seriously hamper my efforts, I'm actually really excited to shake up some things this year.  Started weird stuff last year and about to blow it up and flip things upside down and inside out -- flipped classroom and active learning, problem based units.  Responsibility is all on the kids to learn, I just act as, essentially, a GPS unit by giving them a final "destination" and guide them along the way with feedback and super creative activities, models, and real-life problems to solve.  Lecturing and then having students "practice" before they take a test is for suckers.  Done with that. Learn by doing, not by listening to an "expert". They don't need me to disseminate information.  Boring and NOT effective. Standard instruction makes me hate my job.  Although a lot more work than "normal teaching", this will definitely be more fun and more real. And I keeps sh*t real.....really real! 

Anyway, 4 straight weeks over 70 and I'm feeling good.  Wish I could just run my marathon next week.  Just have to be smart and keep plugging along until 6 October at Smuttynose.  I'm certainly trying to civilize my mind (always) and make savage my body. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

MMXIII - Week 33

MON.- 7mi. -- tired and felt a little beat up.  First time I've felt really run down all summer.  Day after 20 miler?

TUE.- 12mi.  -- 8mi. (a.m.) at CHS track solo.  4 x 1600. Tough to focus mentally on these.  Shot for around 5K pace, perhaps a tiny bit slower.  Ran it "blind" (no peeking at watch during any of the repeats).  5:39/5:29/5:31/5:26. /// 4mi. (p.m.) easier run just to earn a few brews.

WED.- 10mi.-- 3mi. (a.m.) rusty hinges/joints.  Shake it out, wimp. /// 7mi. (p.m.) - WTAC Fun Run.  Tried to pace Mason to a summer PR for 5K.  He blew up and fell apart.  It was pretty epic.  Wheezing, crying, walking, arguing.  Good times!

THU.- 7mi. -- felt pretty good on this one.  Scooted around back roads of A-town on a somewhat rolling course.

FRI.-15mi. -- MP work with Jonny on SK Bike Path.  Started at Kingston train station and after a warm up of 3.5 miles, ripped off 9 miles around 6:20-6:25ish pace.  Good run.  Nice to have company/a partner in Jonny to push me (carry me?) along. Turned out to be Hammett Day--husbands run, then wives run, then children on beach for birthday parties.  Good day.

SAT.-6mi. -- ran on some tired legs from home to parents for lobster and beer.  Worth it.

SUN.- 20mi. -- solo long run on a somewhat hilly course.  Ended up getting over 1,000' of elevation gain. Felt pretty good except for stupid deer flies on North Camp road down to Watchaug pond. Glad its done. Really, really, really considered running a 3 mile shakeout just to get to an honest 80 for the week.  Instead, the Bentley Clan went blue crabbing.  Dominating exoskeletons with your progeny is more important than chasing numbers.  It was fun and delicious over hoppy malts later on.

TOTAL: 77 miles

Rootin' tootin' alcohol fueled marathon training!!
--> Yeeeeeeehawww!  My highest weekly mileage total ever.  Despite some fatigue, I'm feeling pretty good. Last week of summer coming up (so friggin' sad) so not sure what I'll do next week.  Keep going because its my last shot at high mileage OR dial it back a little and have a cutback week?  Have to see how I feel. No matter what, I'm ultimately hoping that striper and flounder fishing can cut into my running a little bit over the next 7 days before I go back into "professional standardized test prep mode". And I promise that blue crab was 5" from spike to spike. Honestly, it was.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

MMXIII - Week 32 -- NH training (mostly)

MON.-10mi. -- first run in NH.  Rolled the "Round 'Round The Lake".  A lot of ups and downs wore me down but still ran it well.  Followed up with 18 holes at Eastman Links.  Unbelievably beautiful course.  Ended up with really tired legs after the round (and quite drunk) but with a 90 on the card.
Good for me!

TUE.- 12mi.  -- 8mi. (a.m.) exploring in and around Eastman // 4mi. (p.m.) - ran at cocktail hour for easy shakeout.  Better for me than drinking I suppose

WED.- 10mi. -- 7mi. (a.m.) Newport track.  "Tower of Twos". 2 x 200, 2 x 400, 2 x 800, 2 x 400, 2 x 200, 200 recs after 2s and 4s, 400 recs after each 800.  Track is in rough shape. Glad when it was over.  Legs felt tired. 39, 37/ 76, 75/ 2:40, 2:39/76,76/38,36 // 3mi (p.m.)- tired shakeout.  Legs felt rather fatigued.

THU.- 3mi. -- easy and flat "day off"

FRI.- 10mi. -- ran in the pouring rain.  Disappointed that I never managed to sneak away to "get high" at local mountains near where we were staying (here, here, or here), I tried to get to 1,000' elevation gain on my run.  Super fun and wet.  Alas, I apparently fell short (950').  Oh well.

SAT.-6mi. -- finally back in Rhody.  Ran to investigate an accident along Rte. 95.  Schadenfreude, considering I had just driven home the same route only an hour before.  Synchronicity.

SUN.- 20mi. -- solo Sunday wandering.  Mostly back country roads with some trails and ponds.  Nice weather (cool and dry) but legs just didn't have any MP effort in them for this one.  No water on the run sucked at the end/last 5 miles.

TOTALS: 71 miles

Where do I set my balls when I try and drive?
-->another good week -- two doubles, one track workout, and one long run with, technically, no days off.  Not sure if being away with the family made running easier or more difficult.  At least it allowed for the time to run then cross train by eating, drinking, and being merry. I still suck at swimming though.

 Feeling good and pretty confident after now bagging two good weeks in a row and, going back, three quality 20-21 milers.  I've felt pretty decent on all of them. Unfortunately, it feels like August is winding down.  School is waiting to steal my fun and inhibit some of my running.  Gotta make the most of it now.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

MMXIII - Week 31

MON.- 10mi. -- late start and pretty humid.  Rolled along Boombridge Road loop.  Major chafing and a lot of cows.

TUE.- 11mi. -- 8mi (a.m.) with Jonny @ CHS track. 6 x 800 (Yasso).  Goal was each 800 (in mins/secs) = marathon time (hours/mins).  2:47/2:48/2:47/2:42/2:47/2:46.  Good fun. // 3mi. (p.m.) sloth-like shakeout.  Felt terrible.

WED.-12mi. -- 6mi. (a.m.) // 6mi. (p.m.) WTAC Fun Run.  Ran the 5K course 6:25/6:17/6:09.  Just got a little wrapped up in the moment. Some tired-ass legs during cool down.

THU.- 5mi. -- "degression run".  Started slow. Then just got slower and slower.  Actually felt ok.

FRI.- 7mi. -- solid run, low 7:00 pace.

SAT.- 21mi. -- solo long run from parents' house through Richmond, Shannock.  Included some trails in Carter Preserve.  A Galoob sighting (bike of course) and Jonny's car (at Carter).  Feelin' gooooood!!

SUN.- 8mi. -- pre-race reconnaissance with KG before Run4Kerri.  Pleasant run with conversation.  Felt good.  Then even rode a bike (?) for 4 miles around the race taking pics and short video for Level Renner. 

Total:74 miles

-->a good week with some quality runs. A weekly mileage total all time high for me.  Trying to be careful and balance everything--some harder runs, some longerish ones, and some short very easy recovery runs too (e.g. Thursday).  So far so good.  However, this week, due to some weekend events, I had to run long on Saturday morning instead of Sunday.  As a result, I couldn't get in my extended MP run on Friday.  Had to just sneak in three miles towards the end of the long run at MP. It was fun today actually watching my teammates and a lot of really fast runners suffer while just pedaling along on a bike.  Kudos to all who ran the super popular race
Also, a couple of days ago on there was an interesting article (here) about how the long run is overrated.  Essentially, and I'm totally paraphrasing here, 20 milers are unnecessary.  Instead, the author (and almost everyone commenting on the post on Facebook), feel that it is better to run 13-15 hard instead of longer runs at a slower pace and you'll succeed at the marathon.  Although I totally agree with the faster and harder effort mindset, (I need more harder, MP work!), I still have some serious doubts about this philosophy as a whole.  I feel that there is probably a  small minority of people that can get away with running a good marathon time (sub 3:00) by only running 13-15 miles as long runs.  Is it doable?  Of course it is, but it is really hard to substitute time on feet.  Plus, long runs are "fun" (did I really just type that?).  I get the idea of shortening long runs allows for more tempo/threshold work during the week and overall more quality training (outside of the long weekend grinder).  I just question if I personally would be able to get by on not running longer than 2 hours.  When the shit show at mile 22 or 23 on race days occurs, and oh it will occur, I'd certainly feel more confident having some long runs under my belt (feet) and in my quads.

However, I may try a slight alteration in my training.  I'm going to try and log miles and do high mileage long runs (18-22) for the rest of the summer and then perhaps use September (back at school and greatly reduced time for training) to "sharpen my sword".  Maybe in early September I'll bang out those hard 13-15 mile efforts with most of it @ MP then.  Maybe so, maybe not. I really don't know what the hell I'm doing, but I'm having fun. We'll see how it all plays out. At any rate, it's going to be suffer-filled excitement on race day no matter what.

"He wasn't scared of the Shogun marathon, but the Shogun marathon was scared of him."

 Sharpen those swords, kiddies!