Monday, November 18, 2013

Just A Law Abiding Bad Ass

Given the currently existing Tomaquag Trail system that connects a narrow strip of land surrounded by cow farms in the north and the terminal end at Grills Sanctuary in the south, I suspected that they were going to try and connect the parcels via easements. 

Several months ago, using Hopkinton Tax Assessor property maps and a muddy pair of shoes, I stalked/discovered/sniffed out what appeared to be a random access point and right of way into woods with old carriage roads and some single track.   After dicking around in there five or six times I figured this would make a great cut through that, and with a few miles of road, could connect all three properties.

I just received an email from Jonny Miles confirming my initial hypothesis.  Not sure how he stumbles across this information but he just sent me two links that show just what I had thought. Click here and here to access both.

This is really good stuff for me as all three sections are within 2.5 miles of my front door.  Strung together this would make for good fun.  Unfortunately, I won't get to feel like a sketchy trespasser anymore but at least I can pretend I'm still traipsing through private property without zero shits to give towards property owners and their land holder rights. 

I so badly want to lace 'em up and go there right now.  The sun is out, the air is warm and there is zero wind now as the weather system has completely moved through.  Alas, I've instead decided to rest and (gulp) not run until Thanksgiving and see if that changes anything with regards to my knee.  It still is odd and arthritic- at times the patella is super sore and stiff while at others it feels completely normal.  I'm not at all sure why it continues to come and go but it obviously isn't right. Missing LRR and its WTAC dominated field, (save for a New Hampshire Hammett win --#7), really sucked yesterday.  Looking forward I don't want to stand on the sidelines for the Christmas 10K in a month.

At any rate, I hope everything returns to normal soon.  There's trails right over there to be ripped on.....


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Did I Do It Again?

Obviously, I haven't posted in awhile.  A combination of life things combined with a recurring theme of wasting away in front of screens at school, forced to report out and document my documentation of documents (seriously!) has left me unwilling to sit down in front of a computer to do just that again, even if it is in regards to one of my loves, running. Unfortunately, I have the time to do it now. 

Following a really fun and rugged as hell trail run last Sunday with Jonny in which we ventured from Wyassup Lake to (and up) Lantern Hill and back, my right knee began feeling a little achy.  I'm pretty sure on the descent down the Lantern I jarred/wrenched it some how.

 It was a little tweaked on the return trip back to the car but not at all painful and manageable.  I made sure to lube all of my joints with plenty of alcohol  that evening, centered around my 12th wedding anniversary. 

The following day (Veteran's Day), my knee really felt cagey and achy on a short and easy recovery run.  Much to my chagrin, the stiffness, tightness, and minor pain increased throughout the day.  The strange aspect is that I can run okay with no pain other than mild stiffness but I have a really difficult time with ups and downs (stairs, ascents up hills-even minor ones) and it really gets bitchy when I'm sitting and is stiffer than Peter North when I get up out of the chair for at least 5-10 mins. Ibuprofen and bags of ice are amazing though.

I'm now stuck in that I want to run (duh!?!) and can but know I shouldn't be.  Just for my own sanity I've ventured out on VERY short and easy runs the last three days but I know they're pointless and accomplishing nothing except for peace of mind.  Also, on the far end of the spectrum of stupid, is that meaningless and totally asinine streak thing.  I'm at 120 days and even though I know it is sofa king dumb, I can't help but not want to give it up.  WTF?!?!

In all seriousness, the real bear is that, barring a miraculous intervention by Baby Jesus, I'm going to have to miss L'il Rhody Runaround!  This bothers me more so than my having to miss Boston back in April due to a very similar malady, albeit on the opposite appendage.  I'm not kidding--LRR is perhaps my favorite race of the year. Adding insult to injury, I'll just have to register in all of my friends, training partners, enemies, etc. and then watch them bound off into the woods for tons o' fun.  Perhaps the only consolation is that at least I can intercept them at a few points along trail-road intersections and watch them suffer.  That'll be fun.

Waiting in limbo, hoping and not praying cuz prayer is a waste of time.