Thursday, May 29, 2014

Week 22 -- 5/26/14 - 6/1/14

5/26 (Mon.)-
6mi. - p.m. - wasn't motivated to spend the time running so I knew it was going to be a shorter run.  Warmed up in Grills Sanctuary then ran 10 x Chase Hill (abbreviated) repeats.  Short hills but got the heart rate up and lactic acid in the legs.  Doesn't really qualify as a workout per se, but it was still quality effort.

5/27 (Tue.)-
5mi. - p.m. - ugh. Felt terrible on this short, normal loop from home.  Legs whining for a day of rest maybe.

5/28 (Wed.)-
0mi. - Happy 11th Birthday Mason.  Trained today with lacrosse game, huge leg of lamb dinner, beers, and too much cake.  I'm disgusting but I'm an okay dad I suppose.  11 years so far and I haven't killed him yet. Good day of rest and my body thanked me for it.

5/29 (Thu.)-
10mi. - a.m. - WHS track.  Unsure how to proceed at this time with track workouts.  I'm approaching some races/distances in which T pace certainly needs to be addressed (Beavers 10 miler trail race and Blessing of the Fleet 10 miler) but also some short, fast stuff (CraftBrew 5K and Bottone Track Mile).  Decided on a mix workout of Threes : 3 x 1600 cruise intervals @ T pace (1:00 recs), 3 x 400 @ R (200 recs), 3 x 200 @ R (200 recs).  [5:56, 5:53, 5:53, 75, 75, 75, 36, 36, 35]. Not sure if this workout is even "acceptable" or beneficial.  It felt good so whatever.  Maybe mash-ups like these are the way to go for the next month or so?

5/30 (Fri.)-
4mi. - p.m. - a shortie around Carolina before returning to parents' to help set up for my father's birthday party.

5/31 (Sat.)-
14mi. - a.m. - glorious mix of road and trails from Garvin's house followed up by breakfast with some of the guys.  It was great fun and not taxing (the return on the road at sub 7:00 pace aside).  I particularly enjoyed the Duval trails section and discussing I-pace training workouts with Galoob and Jonny.

6/1 (Sun.)-
0mi.  - a zero.  Hangover and 4 hours of sleep blocked out morning run. Fluke fishing blocked out late morning into afternoon (all shorties).  Lacrosse game in evening put an end to running for the day.  I was okay with this given how I felt.

TOTAL: 39 miles
YTD: 1118 miles

-->Ugh.  You read that correctly.  Only 39 miles.  Guess I'll call it a cutback week.  But I must look on the bright side--May is over.  As in the past, I usually see a return to "normalcy" (what is that?) in the month of June as school begins to wind down a bit.  My wife is done with classes temporarily so I'm eagerly looking forward to getting back after it.  Perhaps a shittyish week like this is good for motivation.  Hopefully my legs are back and raring to go.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Week 21 -- 5/19/14 - 5/25/14

5/19 (Mon.)-
8mi. - p.m. - from lacrosse practice.  Ran a mix of trails in Woody Hill Mgmt area, added 8 short hill repeats up "The Woody" and the some streets in Bradford. Legs and overall attitude still shitty.  Impromptu short hills to just pour fuel on the fire.  If you're going to feel like crap and be whiny then might as well give yourself something really feel shitty over and cry about.  Glad when it was done.

5/20 (Tue.)-
8mi. - p.m. - warm afternoon run (75 degrees?) with shirt off.  Meant to run really easy but got pissed that I still felt like dog crap so ran normally.  Took tour through both Tomaquag North and then Pelloni Preserve with some roads in between.  Hopkinton Land Trust still had their weekend guided tour signs out so I took my own tour.  They've added a few cool very short spur side trails that were not there before.

5/21 (Wed.)-
10mi. - p.m. - rolled around A-town and NoSto on usual "dirty anatomy" loop. Felt ok--a little tired and run down still

5/22 (Thu.)-
7mi. - a.m. - track work at WHS.  3 x 1600 @ guesstimated 5K pace.  5:29/5:28/5:27.  Felt decent but just running on tired, fatigued legs is bothersome.

5mi.  - p.m. - easy shakeout loop from home....before having to go back to school for S.T.E.M./Science night. Ugh!

5/23 (Fri.)-
4+mi. - p.m. - short, terrible run.  Took it easy as I cannot find my legs. They feel like Michael Jackson, Princess Dianna, and Osama Bin Laden all rolled into one right now.

5/24 (Sat.)-
New on left, old on right.  Uneven wearing.
Me thinks they needed to be done. Wouldn't
you agree?
18+mi. - a.m. - with 5K, Gazelle and Mike B from 5K's place.  I got there a little early to run down to breachway and surrounding areas before meeting up with the guys.  We then crossed over Rte. 1 and found a sketchy gazelle path into Woody Hill trails.  Great run as Gazelle lead us around bunches of trails, some of them newly made that I'd never seen before.  Felt good.

5/25 (Sun.)-
5mi. - p.m. - pissed off run later in the day.  Ruined my late morning into early afternoon doing the brakes on the front of my POS truck.  The terrible grinding that started yesterday indicated it was urgent.  Instead of fishing, parades, and LOLing with family and friends, I stayed home and practiced my swearing (so good at it). The right front caliper is sketchy but I'll worry about that in 40 - 50,000 miles or so (unfortunately, probably sooner if it is bad).Whatever.

TOTAL: 66 miles
YTD: 1079 miles

-->  a pretty decent week, although I struggled several times with dead legs.  After Saturday's fun I felt good (despite mental bad mood) on Sunday so that's good.  May is almost over and I'm striving to get over those infamous May doldrums (a.k.a. mileage shortage) that usually plague me during this time of year.  Keep rollin'....

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Week 20 - 5/12/14 - 5/18/14

5/12 (Mon.)-
6mi. - a.m. -  ran up access road around Green Fall Pond and then down the dirt road to bang out a counter-clockwise loop of Hidden Lake.  Enjoyed this run.

5/13 (Tue.)-
14mi. - p.m. -  No boat (leaking water into bilge). No fishing.  What else is there to do but run?  Ran from home down into Grills Sanctuary and Grills Preserve.  Ran at a solid effort all throughout.  It was fun on the rolling terrain and single track.  Beautiful weather.

5/14 (Wed.)-
6mi. - p.m. - had to (got to?) put the vessel in solo so I had to trailer it in at Ram Point (northern terminus of Pt. Judith Pond) and motor down to Jerusalem where I dock the lil' lass.  Once she was secure at the dock, the only way back was to run back to my truck.  Groin and hamstrings tight.  Legs felt tired.  Who the f*$k would ever want to run on Route 1?  Two short stretches were terrible.

5/15 (Thu.)-
0 - sore groin/hamstring on left side.  Stretched a bunch and let my wife run instead.  #bestguy.  This is shaping up to be an "odd" week by the looks of it, this weekend included.

5/16 (Fri.)-
15mi. - p.m. - looking at the weather for the weekend early Saturday morning (monsoon!) and knowing I wanted to try and get out on the boat slaying stripers, I opted to try and do a longerish run on Friday evening.  Ran a loop from Horseshoe Falls around the area, through some trails in Delbonis Preserve and back into Shannock. Felt tired and sluggish the entire time but managed to maintain consistent pace.  Super glad when I was done.  Got pretty drunk with Shannockian riff-raff around a gigantic fire to round out the evening.

5/17 (Sat.)-
3mi. - p.m. - fished all morning (nothing) then easy recovery/shakeout in the afternoon.  Legs felt disgusting.  Awful!

5/18 (Sun.)-
6+mi. - p.m. - fished Potter Pond all morning (3 bass) then home to work in the yard.  So nice out.  Squeezed in a little over 6. Didn't feel that great but much better than yesterday.

Total:50 miles
YTD: 1013 miles

--> well, this week was a weird one but I knew that was going to be the case going in.  Pretty much feast or famine no matter how you look at it.  Two quality efforts/fun runs on Tuesday and Friday night.  Yet, once again, I find myself in the May Mayhem.  Every single year the weather is too nice, I've too much to do, and I want to fish my balls off.  Running takes a slight backseat at times.  I'll have to go back and look at May totals over the years to see just what happens.  If I can scrape by on 50 per week through this month I'll be quite happy.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Week 19 -- 5/5/14 - 5/11/14

Looks like I won't be able to run the Quahog Mile this Sunday.  I registered many weeks ago but with two moms to contend with and a surprise lacrosse game scheduled in Groton for 1130, I just cannot fit it in.  I guess I'm mildly disappointed but there will be other miles to run (unfortunately). In addition, my hombres wrote up our epic adventure (FKT: Narragansett Trail E to W) on Saturday so well that I don't feel as though I need to summarize it.  They covered it well. Find them here and here.

5/5 (Mon.)-
6mi. -- p.m. - legs feeling a bit tired and not much juice on even the slightest uphills.  Clearly some residual fatigue from Saturday's epic adventure. A blah day and blah run overall.

5/6 (Tue.)-
8mi. - p.m. - down into Grills Sanctuary.  Felt a little better but not 100%. Enjoyed the woods/trails.  Found a "secret" trail in Grills that wanders off on private property.  Guarded by a HUGE Barred Owl who wasn't happy with me.  Warrants further exploration.  Tons of Wood Ducks everywhere along the majorly flooded Tomaquag Brook.  The flood plain was inundated so much so that Peninsula Point Trail was underwater.  Didn't have it in me to slosh through mud and water again.

5/7 (Wed.)-
"Who is that creepy guy in really short shorts?  He's not in
our gym class!?!"
8mi. - a.m. - "late" morning (0730) track workout at Chariho. 6 x 400, 6 x 200 with equal distance recoveries.  Felt surprisingly good out there. This coupled with my mild annoyance at missing the Quahog Mile on Sunday lead me to possibly rip this off unnecessarily fast.  Maybe I was just showing off for the high school PE class walking the track (#awkward). Was shooting for 74-75 and 35-36.  Splits: [74,74,72(!),73,73,73], [33(!),36,35,35,35,34].  Kind of stupid.  Major GI issues/bathroom stops 2x before, 1x during, and 1x after.  Ugh.

6mi. - p.m. - from lacrosse practice into Bradford Preserve and Woody Hill trails.  Saw Gazelle's car parked at the WH trail entrance.  I ran around yelling his name, hunting him.  Finally found him as I was heading back to lacrosse practice.  He guided me on the newly minted trail he has been clearing on newly purchased Westerly land.  Awesome stuff! I love running doubles.  Can't wait for summer when this is easier to squeeze into my life.

5/8 (Thu.)-
4mi. - p.m. - easy stroll down into Tomaquag trails (north). There was a copious amount of watch pausing to piss, observe nature (turtles, birds, and a few snakes) and build a few small rock cairns.  The way an easy recovery run should be......

5/9 (Fri.)-
8+mi. - p.m. - in a bit of a rush to get back home for family obligations.  Ran into Clark's Falls and returned via Tomaquag Trail (north).  Rolled this one off.  Not fast but not slow, given the rolling terrain.

5/10 (Sat.)-
15mi. - a.m. - Burlingame north trails with Jonny, Galoob, Gazelle, Hungover Acton, and Mike B.  Fun.  Muggy/humid! 

5/11 (Sun.)-0
For the Moms

TOTAL: 55 miles
YTD: 963 miles

-->week sort of fizzled out on Mother's Day but that's totally ok.  Decent week but I really would've liked to get over 60.  Missed out on the Quahog Mile too which was also a bummer of sorts.  No clue what I'm training towards (besides fitness) nor what race(s) I'm gearing up for.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Week 18 -- 4/28/14 - 5/4/14

Fast approaching the Quahog Mile which, for being such a short, simple distance; I do NOT feel adequately prepared for at all.  Not sure how the week will unfold both in terms of overall mileage as well as quality of runs/workouts. Jonny and I do have a tentative plan for something really fun and tiring on Saturday morning though.  Stay tuned.....Also, I've realized that I need to find a way to get Long Trail Limbo in bottles.  It is on draft here but not in bottles anymore?  Had it over April vacation and I'm normally not a big Long Trail guy (kind of boring beers) but hot damn! They nailed it with this American IPA that packs a wallop!!!

4/28 (Mon.)-
10mi. - p.m. - parked in Clarks Falls area in North Stonington, CT and was looking to get in a harder effort, preferably with some hills, but not necessarily an organized workout per se.  Saw that Crutchley had a segment that went up Fowler Road that looked like a longish, fairly steady climb.  I figured I could loop out about 8 miles around the area (beautiful land with dairy farms and a shitload of Land Trust properties and preserves!) and give harder, honest efforts on any additional short climbs.  After going up Fowler Rd, I decided to bust Crutchley's balls by going back to his house, charging down his driveway to his house, and back up to the road so I could make a short segment out of it.  I thought it was funny.  He clearly did not. Oh well. C'est la vie. Ended up being 10 miles total and a good run overall.

4/29 (Tue.)-
4mi. - p.m. - slow, easy, gentle stroll on trails across the street from home.  Kept it easy as a recovery day was necessary given my ramped up efforts of late.  Still managed to get really cut up and bloody from briars.

4/30 (Wed.)-
0mi. -- Damn! Set out running gear, school clothes, etc. for the morning so I could head out at 0445 to WHS track for a workout.  Instead I simply stayed in bed.  It wasn't the rain that deterred me. Instead it was my own lethargy and laziness. No time or opportunity to run in the afternoon left me feeling despondent and bitchy.  Am I really that pathetic that if I miss a day running (my own fault!) that I become depressed?  Not sure if that is good or bad. Drank beers instead--oh good, that'll help my fitness!

5/1 (Thu.)-
8mi. - p.m. - feeling sloth-like so ran another unorganized, "not quite a workout" effort.  Ran 6 x approx. 0:45 - 1:00 @ estimated Quahog Mile effort.  According to space watch the paces for each surge ranged from 4:50 - 5:08.  A bit humbling as I do not see how this pace can be maintained next Saturday.

5/2 (Fri.)-
3mi. - p.m. - slow and easy around the homestead.  Trying to rest up for Saturday.

5/3 (Sat.)-
22mi. - a.m. - early 0530 start for a Narragansett Trail FKT with Jonny and Seth.  Ran it from eastern terminus (Ashville Pond in Hopkinton, RI) to western terminus (Lantern Hill in Ledyard, CT).  rugged terrain in spots but super awesome. So much friggin' fun.  Finished in 03:27:31.  Possible extended blog write up to follow (although I think my running counterparts will have beaten me to it and exceeded any attempt I might put forth in this area with all of their verbose musings and action shots). In the mean time, here is an excellent recap via Seth's blog.

5/4 (Sun.)-
5mi.  - a.m. - easier recovery run on trail and road mix near home.  Felt surprisingly really good in the legs (minor soreness in tensor fascia latae but not bad).  I attribute this to remaining completely active on Saturday (gardening, yard work, playing with kids, bbq at parents, huge bonfire, beer, etc.).  Moving around continually and not sitting or lying kept me loose and it showed today.

TOTAL: 52 miles
YTD: 906 miles

--> a fantastic and fun week even though I zeroed and had two days of sloth-like recovery.  Managed to sneak in two harderish efforts on Monday and Thursday and a monster (for me) effort on Saturday.  Not sure if it is a legit FKT for 'Gansett Trail but I'm saying it is until proven otherwise.  Unfortunately, it is looking like I may have to miss the Quahog Mile this coming Sunday with Mother's Day and my son having a lacrosse game in Groton.  Will have to see how everything plays out.