Friday, August 22, 2014

Some Summer Data

Summer is about over.

Well, that is not exactly true but it is truthy --truthy for me at least.  Back to school and I am ready for it.  I need focus.  I have fun and enjoy myself but a little structure is a very good thing.

I've enjoyed myself this summer and run a fair amount but now I'm reflecting on how quickly it went by {pauses for sympathy.....}

Some useless (maybe) data--

Hopkinton Road Gobble
I feel like I'm making some headway now in working towards my goal of running every road in the town of Hopkinton, RI.  It is silly and meaningless but now that I've marked down progress on a map, it is still just that -- a goal.  

A few rules of the HRG:
1. All public/town roads (signs, named, dark on the map) must be run entirely to count.  All "private roads" (maybe signs, named, sketchy, gray/light on the map) should be run completely as well UNLESS
a. confronted by property owner. NOTE: may engage them in fake story (i.e. "Have you seen my dog? He took off on me. He's a sort of black lab mix.)
b. blatant "Keep Out", "Private Property", and "You Smell Purty" signs are encountered then:
        - turn around is okay, as long as at least 51% of road has been run
        - keep running and cross my fingers

2. I may drive to a location to bag roads but cannot drive elsewhere after. For example, I drive to "Sexy Bottom Lane" and run a few roads; I cannot hop in my truck and then drive elsewhere in town to run different roads.  One drive, one run. 

3. Trails are encouraged, especially as connectors between roads.

4. If I ever  When I accomplish this I am going to purchase a fake, but awesome looking champion belt and just wear it around my house periodically.  You know, like over my shoulder sometimes. Sometimes wear it around the waist, a la  the Ultimate Warrior style.

As for where I'm at now:
Getting closer.....if you can even read it
According to the cryptic Hopkinton town map shown above, I've almost the entire south side (of Rte. 95) down except for 4 short public roads (black) and 3 "privates" (light gray). Anything shaded in pink/red has been "gobbled" thus far. 

It looks like north of 95 will still take some work.

The Summer of Whatever
I realized several days ago, (panicked actually) when I looked at the calendar and realized that summer was almost over.  Where was all of my mileage?  Last year I felt as though I consistently ran in the low 70s ever week with a bunch of harder, M pace efforts on the long runs.  Now, given my Nipmuck trail marathon the first weekend in October, I've apparently lost that consistency and focus.  I dug out my logs from the last several years and looked at summers past.  To be somewhat consistent, I counted summers from the week that the solstice began,(first FULL week after the solstice), through the last day of summer vacation/first day of school week--again regardless of day started.  Here's what I came up with (note weeks 10 and 11 are school start up) :
Mohawk Hudson marathon : 2:59 (554 summah miles)

Clarence DeMar Marathon: 2:54 (525 summah miles)

Smuttynose Marathon: 2:51 (696 miles)

Nipmuck Trail Marathon: ? (528 miles so far, into week 9)
Or to look at it another way

So when analyzed, it all means.....what?  I'm not sure.  My memory, despite being devastated by my affinity for fun, did somewhat accurately recall last years run of 70+ weeks.  This year has indeed been staggered.  But again, I'm not sure at all what these data show.

Weight Matters
I am not now, nor have I ever been a slave to the scale.  However, over the last two years I have become mildly (stress mild) concerned (observant?) of my weight.  As we all know, a drop of just 1 pound can yield a shave of 1-2 seconds off mile pace, fitness level aside.  This summer of tried to step on the scale 3-4 times per week and even occasionally record it in my running log. Sorry guys, no graphs here.  I just cannot seem to lose weight.  I feel ike Fat Bastard's infamous line in Austin Powers: "I eat because I'm fat and I'm fat because I eat", or something to that effect. Marathon training is supposed to slim you down but I seriously remain steady and even GAIN a little weight when in the summer time training mode.  I'm hungry around the clock.  2 breakfasts and two lunches a day with a hearty dinner, beers, and snacks in between do not equate to weight loss.  I can't help it -- I'm always hungry from running.  Oh, and tired too.  I'm always tired and naps are right up there in top three or four summer time activities. 

PS-if you're wondering, this morning I was at 154 lbs. upon creaking out of bed, stiff, crackly and ornery. Tomorrow, could be 154, could be 153, could be 158, could be 160.  No joke.  Fucking yo-yo over here.