Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Week of Futility 12/14/15 - 12/20/15

Mon. (12/14):
8mi.  - still felt pretty tired, (in a strange, non-specific way), but really enjoyed a misty, primal stroll in and around Carter Preserve.  I got to explore in the new western(ish) section/add on to the preserve (site of old nuclear facility).  It is a bit unsettling as everything is just clear cut and scoured.  I certainly hope they have bigger and better plans for this area other than the current Stalinesque, scorched earth policy.

Tue. (12/15):
5mi. - simple, standard 5 mile loop from home.  Felt okay, but just bored.

Wed. (12/16):
0mi. - skipped workout Wednesday in the morning AND skipped afternoon run too.  My rational: Be lazy. Be a wimp.  Take a zero today.  Maybe tomorrow you'll feel rested, rejuvenated, and ready to roll.  A rest day.

Thu. (12/17):
5mi. - dead Garmin so I ran watchless in the light misty, rain.  It was actually nice to be "free"....sort of. Unfortunately, still mentally and physically blah all around.

Fri. (12/18):
4mi. - a very short run at a less than stellar pace. Just sort of a shakeout before next day's race.  Still unmotivated.  Came home to find a home with no heat or hot water AGAIN! I took a cold shower, fiddled with furnace (to the best of my limited abilities), and then said screw it and went to a friend's holiday party.

Sat. (12/19):
0mi. - had to stay home all morning waiting for a repair guy for the heating system as I couldn't work my magic on it (taking apart, putting back together, swearing, punching it, etc.).  As a result, missed the Old Mountain Field Trail 5K race.  This upset me greatly as it is my second favorite race in the 4th season series. I'd be missing the fun and, presumably hurting my teammates as well. As part of my pity party, I skipped running all together.  My thinking was simply - rest again and do the first of many, long run, Daniels workouts in the a.m. On a side note, the repair guy didn't get to my home until 2030 that night, and he was off the clock/officially not working (a friendly neighborhood guy doing me a favor, free of charge as the real repair guy couldn't get there until MONDAY?!?), and he was totally wasted! At least it was pretty entertaining to say the least.  He got it fixed...and drank 3 of my Sierra Nevada Torpedoes in the process.

Sun. (12/20):
0mi. - nope. No long run. No workout. No run at all.  Just start all over again clean on Monday I suppose.

TOTAL: 22miles
YTD: ??? (forget again -- 28XX)

Well, it was a shitty week all across the board. Still need to put it down in the ethereal land of blogs for documentation. That is now two straight weeks of sadness and pathetic output.  In a few weeks (one more week?), I will be starting the marathon grind so this may actually be a "good" thing?  Not sure where to go from here but I feel as though the impending holiday break may provide me with an opportunity to do something out of the ordinary (?) in terms of running to excite me again. I'll have to think of something.....hopefully I can rustle up a few takers on whatever it may be.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Week of 12/7/15 - 12/13/15 -- Unmotivated and Worn Out

Mon. (12/7):
8mi. - mixed loop of roads in Ashaway.  No particular place to go and not really motivated but was fatigued and sore.  I felt it, whatever it may be, on any and all inclines. Also, the road felt particularly hard on my feet and shins (like running in a pair of slippers). Hmm.

Tue. (12/8):
3mi. - a "rest day".  However, instead of taking a zero I opted for a very short and easy local out and back, just to clear my head. Fixed my dishwasher, with the old ORIGINAL parts, that's good.

Wed. (12/9):
10mi.-  4 mile w/u and then 6 x East Clarks Falls Road hill (a.k.a. "Cow Climb").  Essentially, it wa a repeat of last Wednesday's 6 x Maxson Hill workout.  Both hills are around 0.2-0.25 mile long and have relatively similar grades (Cow Hill is a little bit steeper in several spots).  However, this one was much harder for me, perhaps because I went in with slightly sore and worn out feeling legs? By the last two I was really feeling lactic acid and rubber legs.  Glad I at least got it done as I've been shirking my early morning track workouts.  This will have to do I guess.

Thu. (12/10):
7mi. - just a standard filler run on local loop and side streets.  I continue to feel worn out and beat down (sore feet, tired legs, etc.). Usually I wouldn't/shouldn't be feeling this crappy every day or the day after a workout. Decent standard training pace overall (7:23) but just no pep or zip in my at all.

Fri. (12/11):
5mi. - once again, just didn't have anything in me for this standard Maxson Hill/Egypt St. lollipop.  Blah.

Sat. (12/12):
7mi. - amazing weather (can't believe it is nearly mid December and I'm running in short sleeves, shorts, and sweating in warm 60 degree sunshine!).  An easy mixed loop of roads and trails through/around Kenyon Crossroads Preserve (HLT).  Felt ok but still not 100%.

Sun. (12/13):
15mi. - easy and slow, relaxed "long" run with Seth from Charlestown. We started at the head of Breachway road and ran down to Charlestown Breachway.  From there we returned back to the road along the beach (soft, slow, sand sucks!). Then we looped around Green Hill (again about a mile on the beach from Green Hill to Moonstone -- awful!) and then to Matunuck and back to Charlestown.  Relaxed pace (8:04 overall so about 7:45ish on roads) and good conversation made the run enjoyable but I continue to feel worn out and unenthusiastic.

TOTAL: 55 miles
YTD: ??? (forget, have to check paper log)

Well, I continue to feel unmotivated for nearly every run.  My body just isn't feeling that great.  I'm burnt out?  Not sure what is going on here.  I may just end up coasting through the rest of December and recharging on minimal mileage for the last few weeks (40ish?) and slip into simple maintenance mode?  Not sure but what I'm doing/feeling right now just isn't working for me.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Week of 11/30/15 - 12/6/15- PMs, Bobcats, Trespassing, and Other Fun Activities.

Simply because I'm so excited about my wildlife sighting this week, I'm going to go back old school (like I used to do) and post my week before I'm even done.  Garvin doesn't care.....

Mon. (11/30):
8mi. - a decent run around A-town roads. Felt pretty good wandering around with no particular place to go. PM got me.

Tue. (12/1):
5mi. - a short run in the light rain but it was kind of cool.  I had to pick up Mason at CMS, returning home from a field trip.  I ran along the old rail trail behind the school and then skirted onto posted private property trails.  Ended up along a 50 acre parcel of SWEET land -- there were dozens of single and double track, almost groomed trails that traversed through small opened fields amongst tall white pines and then wound around high points along the Wood River. It was basically my dream property.  I wish I lived there.  I love to run sketchily on private property.  Trespassing = running bliss. PM got me again.

Wed. (12/2):
8mi. - hill workout. 4+ mile warm up then 6 x Maxson Hill.  Kept an even, honest effort on the ups, easy 2:00+ jog back down for recoveries.  Wasn't too hard but was definitely getting heavy legs on the last couple.  Got to stop after the 4th one and briefly chat with a neighbor.  He couldn't "believe you'd run up and down this fu*$ing sh#t".  Yeah, its' what stupid runners do. Fun and short workout in foggy rain. PM got me AGAIN (before the workout). Can I keep this streak going?!?!

Thu. (12/3):
Mine was smaller but just as cool. 
4mi. - late start and short run.  Saw a friggin' BOBCAT on the first mile of my run at the end of Maxson Hill Road (back along dead end, farm, wooded section).  It was skirting the brush along the edge of the road and I scared the shit out of it (and vice versa). However, to its credit, it simply scooted 5' away into the undergrowth and stopped. We had an Ashaway/Mexican standoff.  Finally, after a couple of minutes, I went about my way.  Cut the run short as I was so excited! I had to run home and tell my family.  Nobody was even remotely as excited as I was. No PM this time. I'll blame it on the  Lynx rufus. My dishwasher also broke when I got home and I had to waste 2 hours taking it apart and ordering, what I THINK, are the right parts.....c'est la vie. Wish I was a bobcat just doing my thing versus trying to be domestic and civilized. {extended sigh}

Fri (12/4):
5mi. - (a.m.) - easy Tomaquag Valley Rd. loop before school.  Pushing it time-wise as I didn't start until 0610.

8mi. - (p.m.) - nice loop at sub-7:00 pace.  PM got me again.  This is getting ridiculous.  Good thing I've been tracking this data all year long in my paper running log.  Can't wait to see the results/totals and averages.

Sat. (12/5):
15mi.- first long road run in a while. I ran solo and kind of late (0800) from home.  It was a rolling loop through part of Ashaway, Burdickville, Alton, and back around through backside of Ashaway.  Ran at a stupid "no man's land" pace -- not quite "E" but not "MP" either.  I was just rushed as I left my 3 spawn home alone for two hours.  Thank the Baby Jesus and his Dad for, on the 8th day, making electronic devices such as XBox, Wii, iPads, and iPods. Poor parenting but a good run. 6:43 pace OA

Sun. (12/6):
8mi.  - easy hour of recovery in Charlestown, much of it in Ninigret Park.   Unfortunately, the wildlife refuge is currently closed until after Christmas for a youth hunting program.  #paradox

TOTAL:61 miles
YTD: 2770 

A good week.  The impromptu "workout" on Saturday's long run was pleasing as it was on a rolling course in places and I didn't really struggle.  We'll see what happens when I have to begin doing these on the regular, twice a week from January on -- probably a different story then!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Week of 11/23/15 - 11/29/15

Mon. (11/23):
9mi.  - rolled off a good one down to the edge of Ashaway (town line at bridge) and back. Good pace. Felt great!

Tue. (11/24):
6mi. - easy run but a slightly later than usual start had me being escorted the final 0.75 mile home by the huge, fat moon.  Pretty out there!

Wed. (11/25):
6mi. - from my parents and another late start. Finished in the dark but enjoyed the warm weather and low light conditions.  Felt good again.

Thu. (11/26):
10mi. - with Jonny from Meadowbrook Pond lot.  Mostly trails through/around Carolina Mgmt. Area.  A lot of hunters -- forgot about the Thanksgiving "tradition" of walking around with family and loaded black powder rifles.  I also got to up the ante a bit on the sketchy "Meadowbrook Jesus" segment.

Fri. (11/27):
6mi. - Chariho Alumni XC 5K.  In its first year, it was a very small, very low-key (25 runners) race.  Finished 4th OA and field was pretty spread out.  Never really pushed it extremely hard (5:43 pace? OA -- equivalent to a 17:47 block of very aggressive T pace I guess).  Did get to see an All-American there (Mike Marsella, University of Virginia).  I let him beat me?

Sat. (11/28):
3mi. - (a.m.) - couldn't resist an early morning shakeout (14 hours too late).  Just too nice out with cloudy, orange sunrise, warm weather, and increasing light. Felt fine.

13mi. - (p.m.) - in early afternoon with Jonny (three days in a row!) for a very wet, slippery, and raw Pachaug - Tippecansett trail loop.  A little bit tired, especially near the end but we didn't go overboard or really push the pace for any significant part of it (maybe a tiny bit on carriage roads and the little bit of asphalt in one place).  Stupid GPS gave me 9.1 miles.  No thanks, I'll call 1:43:00 on wet, rugged trails 13 miles, thank you very much

Sun. (11/29):
5mi. - a short simple neighborhood loop in early afternoon.  Crisp and cool.

YTD: 2709

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Week of 11/16/15 - 11/22/15

Installment #1 of my mandatory (thanks, Garvin), weekly updates.  I'll do anything for a loaner pair of microspikes.

Mon. (11/16):
4mi. - easy shakeout of LRR remnants. Didn't feel too badly.

Tue. (11/17):
5mi. - another easy shorty on local roads

Wed. (11/18):
11mi.- a fun mix of roads down into Grills (both sides) and back home.  Good pace overall but felt a little fatigued near the end. This was in place of usual Workout Wednesday as I still was feeling not quite back to normal (race Sunday)

Thu. (11/19):
5mi. - easy one. Felt really tired. I was just listening to my body

Fri. (11/20):
9mi. - rolled off a good one on roads to and from North Stonington.  Felt good!

Sat. (11/21):
11mi. - fun, easy, relaxed large group run on Barn Island trails at sunrise.  I miss these!

Sun. (11/22):
0  - just felt blah and tired.  Should've run but I'm taking the next month or so easy before ramping back up into Boston training so days off like this are perfectly ok (for now)...

TOTAL:45 miles
YTD: 2651 (I think?)

Monday, November 16, 2015

LRR Gamblin': A Non-Race Report Report

Not a race recap yet, just some insight into what went down prior to, during, and after Li'l Rhody Runaround thanks to Mr. West-Coast-Is-Best-Coast, Chris Garvin.

Several days prior to this year's 8 mile trail race, I received an inquiry email from Mr. Garvin...

"I assume you're doing your standard prediction before Li'l Rhody? Since I'm now just an innocent bystander, how about sending them to me before the race?  I'll put my own together, and we can see who gets closer.  Kind of like you did for Super 5K, but without the money.  It will give me something to look forward to, since I'm stuck out in stupid California and can't race."

Never one to shy away from a potential gambling opportunity, I replied I was in with some of the general ground rules.

"Sounds good. I honestly don't remember if I did them for LRR before? However, I'm game--I'ma sucker for "gambling" on ANYTHING!"

How about we each get 300 seconds to gamble with and must pick  5 runners and their times.  Just like with stupid Super 5K sort of-- lose seconds for being off and the person with the most seconds left over in the bank wins? If you pick someone and their time and they don't race, you lose 150 seconds automatically (half your bankroll).  Sound good? I'm open to suggestions.

Should we wager, say, your microspikes if I win?  And if you win, I could send you some nude pics of Jonny or something?

To which the infallible gentleman, Chris responded back....

"I don't know that you've done it for this race either, but what better race to predict some times. So many people running, and so much history.

Pick any 5 people? Anyway, how do you want to submit your picks? Send them in an email to each other the night before?

Yes, you win and I'll give you the code to my garage, where you'll find the microspikes waiting for you. I win, and you need to make weekly blog updates for a month. Deal?

After some small banter back and forth in which we decided on time to send the picks,  I set up a basic spreadsheet and we sent our picks to one another via Saturday late-night emails.

Our picks are below (along with the results):

As you can see, I was WAAAAAY off. Disappointing as I usually excel at games of chance and wagering.  I'm especially disappointed by my "slow" time but I'll save that analysis for my actual race recap (coming soon). Yet, I can take some small consolation in the fact that Garvin was over the 300 seconds (5:00) limit as well. I could be a prick here and declare a draw as technically neither of us had any time left in the bank so to speak.  However, I'm a man of my word....

Mr. Garvin made sure to remind me of the requirements along with some additional words of wisdom:
"Well, it looks like your performance helped me lock up the prediction victory.  Thank you for that.  I am a little disappointed you didn't hold my 4th place finish spot for me while I'm away (I've been 4th all three years I've done the race), but it was still a really solid race.  It's pretty huge that you took down Jonny, Jackman, and Brightman all at the same time.

I have an offer for you that will still get you those microspikes if you'd like them.  Here it is: In addition to the weekly blog posts, you must use positive/optimistic wording in your Strava titles for every run you do next week.  If I see that you will receive my garage code one week from today. Deal? 

So it looks like I know what I have to do.  Weekly mileage posts on this blog along with positive Strava titles. I know I haven't been posting weekly reports and I definitely have been a crabby little bitch on Strava, essentially since my infection/illness this summer. Woe is me. So here's my first installment of +CG.

Here's to Garvin and his enthusiasm, creative spirit, and Santa Claus-like personality.  With his generosity and penchant for east coast, New England trail racing, I might just get to have a keg party in his garage this December, all while wearing nothing but his microspikes.

Positive thoughts.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

No Mileage Posts, Too Busy Getting Stoned

I'm the king of slacking when it comes to updating my running blog.  I seem to no longer do weekly mileage updates -- perhaps because there has been absolutely nothing impressive in the last 5 months or so.  There still has been running but it feels like I'm looking for excuses.

However, yesterday a colleague brought this article in the New York Times to my attention.  He came running into my room with a big grin and flopped the newspaper down upon my desk. "See dude, I knew you were a stoner!"  Before I could process what he was saying, I internally noted some anger ("Nice, while I'm working my balls off and I'm buried in paperwork, you're sitting at your desk reading the f*#$ing paper?!?!?")

With a puzzled look, I glanced down at the paper and read the headline.  I smiled and after deciphering his cryptic declaration, I nodded and replied "Yeah, all the cool kids are doing it."

At any rate, it is a somewhat interesting finding in research.  Mice seem to get the high only after running long distances (up to 3 miles a day on the wheel!). Imagine that--we are using molecular isomers (of sorts) of cannabis compounds.  Being a biochemistry junkie, I really love the molecular aspect but more importantly, the final passage really excites me the most -- The upshot of the study is that we should run, and if we don't feel a runner's high, we should just run more.


Read the article discussing the new viewpoints on runners' highs here.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week of 9/7/15 - 9/13/15

Mon. (9/7):
5mi. - had hopeful intentions of doubling today (Labor Day) but just didn't do it.  Instead did a standard 5 mile A-town loop (7:17 pace) and that's it. Family time trumped running

Tue. (9/8):
10mi.- a fairly humid and somewhat warm "Kakenballz" loop through North Stonington.  Ran it a little too aggressively I think as the conditions really got to me and I felt pretty fatigued near the end.

Wed. (9/9):
9mi - a somewhat aborted track workout.  Was going to do a 3T, 2T, 1T workout but previous day must have worn me out.  That with the very soupy conditions and I had to make an emergency pit stop after the 2T block and just never recovered.  My legs were feeling it and I had nothing left (or at the beginning or during the middle for that matter).

5mi. - late afternoon garbage miles on a mix of roads and HLT trails.  Felt ok.

Thu. (9/10):
0 - again.  Just wasn't feeling it in the monsoon-like rain.  Wimp.

Fri. (9/11):
10mi.- from home on roads down to Grills Sanctuary and back.  Solid effort and I felt pretty good.  Kept it all on the 'Shway side as I turned around at the Polly Coon Bridge and didn't traverse into Westerly.

Sat. (9/12):
7mi. - an easy but very enjoyable loop on roads around to Kenyon Crossroads Preserve trails and then back home on road stretch and a tiny bit of private (trespassing) trails across the street.  Liked this one.  Fantasy football draft in the evening (stupid league always drafts the Friday after the first game).  Won it all last year ($$$$$) but boy does my team SUCK this year!!!

Sun. (9/13):
15mi. - SK trails (Duval and Browning) with Seth at 0630.  Misty and overcast but decent conditions.  Still enough to keep you damp and sweaty.  Good run with good company.  Wanted to run for 2:00-2:30 but ended it at 1:54ish.  Tired quads.

TOTAL: 61 miles
YTD: still haven't bothered to catch up/tally/figure out yet.....slacker.

Certainly not the type of week to have if (possibly) running an upcoming trail marathon (MAYBE) but it is what it is (I hate that statement!).  One double is nice but really need to have 2-3 per week for marathon fitness and should have bigger workouts and longer trail runs. Oh well.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Week of 8/31/15 - 9/6/15

Mon. (8/31):
7mi. - after a fun run with Team Davenport on Sunday my legs were shite.  Barely kept this one under 8:00 pace

Tue. (9/1):
7mi. - still feeling pretty tired on a local road loop.
0.35mi. - can't forget about Layla's four year old request to run with me after the 7 miler.  The kid LOVES it. Hope I can foster that to a life-long passion. Small baby steps.

Wed. (9/2):
11mi. - felt good to get out for an early morning (0500) workout of ovals.  I haven't done this in what feels like forever. 3 x 2T and then 4 x 200 just to turn 'em over.  Sweat my nuts off in the soupy air but it was great fun.

5mi. - broke in some new shoes on an easy shakedown.  I don't really care for this cheap pair of New Balance.  You get what you pay for, I guess.

Thur. (9/3):
with all three spawn in school and my wife taking classes all the time, I was forced to take a zero.  Instead I carted kids to soccer practice and sneaked a couple beers in a cup whilst watching. I am not ashamed of my actions.  #liveboldly

Fri. (9/4):
10mi. - a fun, impromptu 10 miler with some on (surprising) newly sealed/stoned asphalt roads.  Ashaway gettin' it done. Good pace overall too (6:59). Felt great!

Sat. (9/5):
20mi. - again, the ol' lady has Saturday morning classes so I had to sneak out at 0500 for a (brief) headlamp run in the woods/roads of Hopkinton and CT.  Great fun.  I actually felt pretty good that I toyed with the idea of going for 3:00+ hours when I got back to the truck but quickly realized I was pushing my luck and had to get home. Still didn't make it in time as I arrived back to find my spawn unsupervised and crushing donuts to the head.  I'm still learning as a parent despite having a 12, 9, and soon to be 5 year old. In the evening we had a casual birthday party for Rosalie (turned 9)! Good fun.

Sun (9/6):
7mi.- 14000 tired steps.  Was feeling fatigued but still managed to roll off  an okay run (7:13 pace). Decent end to a hectic and sometimes oppressive week.

TOTAL: 67+ miles
YTD: ???? 

I've no idea what my yearly mileage is to date as I've really slacked on this blog AND my paper running log.  I'll try and catch up ASAP.

Some other lingering questions I have:
1. What has Greg Hammett been up to with regards to running? I know he's been crushing largemouth bass in the sweet-water.  But what about running? Update that blog, son!

2. Am I going to run Nipmuck Trail Marathon or not?  I wasn't going to but maybe I will (with VERY limited goals and several reservations).  I mean, they comped me a free entry, right? 50-50 right now.

Tough to take selfies in Watch Hill rip when ol' Yellow Eyes is 38"
3. Why haven't I caught any bonito or false albacore yet while fishing? There is SO MUCH bait in the water every time I go out one could almost pull a mythical Jesus trick and walk across the water.  Soon I hope as I'm getting fed up with bluefish (although they have been MONSTERS!!)

4. When is it going to stop being so friggin' hot and humid? I cannot wait for cool fall weather.  There...I said it.  Bring on fall--and it's great weather, great running, fantastic fishing, and all the other mystical treasures it holds (mushrooms, wine, cool nights, great beach afternoons, incredible trail races, etc.). I'm ready.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

It's Been Awhile - 6 Week Update

Yes, I am a total slacker -- in the blog-o-sphere as well as in my running somewhat.

Hopefully, by posting this abbreviated and ridiculously insufficient update, I might be a little motivated in the future.

So since my last post (Week of 13 July - 19 July 2015), I've had some ups and downs.  I battled what I thought was a simple staff infection but later turned out to be Lyme Disease AGAIN.  This time however the symptoms were very different from my initial infection several years ago.  I had zero fever, minor stiffness, but instead had a HUGE rash, very sore breast/nipple, swollen lymph nodes and, near the end (which sent me to the hospital in a panic) - Bells Palsy on the right side of my face. I hate the hospital but given my numb tongue, the inability to control the right side of my lower lip, and lack of feeling in my right nostril and right eyelid, I HAD to go.

After being on antibiotics (3 different kinds, at various times) for a total of 45 days, I'm better.

If you're wondering what I've been up to, don't get too excited.  There's been no racing, limited/low (pathetic) mileage for the most part, and pretty much zero quality workouts at all.  I've been stuck in a rut and floundering but I feel it is due to not only infection but also summer time blahs, burn out, and no real goals.

In a weak-ass attempt at catching up, here is a clipped weekly synopsis with limited highlights (and lowlights).

20 July - 26 July
20 miles 
[3 days off]
--Only 3 runs (two quality, sweaty 7 milers in Weekapaug and two short 3 "test" runs)
--I missed my first 3 days of the year.  It really hurt me to take zeroes but I was hospitalized for a day and a half and recovering.

27 July - August 2
38 miles
[2 days off]
--A good hill repeat workout with Ryan and Marie Davenport up Shannock Hill.  Brutal conditions that caused us to abbreviate the number.  On the last one I felt asthmatic and couldn't breathe
--a nice soupy, deer fly trail run with a new guy Russ, (Navy) from Groton. Haven't seen or heard from him since.

3 August - 9 August
68 miles
[1 day off]
With family for annual pilgrimage to NH (Grantham) lake. Given no other activities besides swimming, kayaking, laying around, and drinking (way too much!), I was able to put together a good week.
--first double in a long time
--had a goal of getting at least 7000' of elevation throughout the week on the rolling hills of NH. Was pretty beat up as the days' elevations were 1272', 810', 1424', 1161', 1060', and 1,775').  Pretty tired as a result
-- 18 mile long run solo on Sunday back at home.  First quality true long run in a long time.  Realized that I hadn't run over 2 hours since early June I think w/ Jonny.  Sad really.

10 August - 16 August
50 miles
[1 day off]
--sneaked in another 2 hour run on trails in Pachaug that was pretty fun yet tiring
-- ran with Layla at her second ever Kid's Run at WTAC/Tom McCoy Fun Runs.  3:24. Pretty proud of her.  She smiled the whole time and totally gets off on people cheering for her. A running addict in the making?
--TERRIBLE sunburn on my hands after fishing in the boat with Jonny for 6 hours.  I put sunblock on but I think it had expired/passed its shelf life.  For the next week and a half I had HUGE raised blisters and looked like a leper.  So painful.  Screw you doxycycline!

17 August - 23 August
31 miles
[3 days off]
--a crappy week as I took Fri-Sun off while away at MagnaBall (a Phish festival) in Watkins Glen, NY.  Super fun though.  Be sure to check out the Prince Caspian. I'm not a big fan of "Fuckerpants" as it is usually a filler/resting song/set killer.  This one is perhaps their greatest PC they've ever played--open improvisational jamming, Mike's chunky bass(if you're into bass, big bombs around 14:50 or so), etc. Good to see Trey laughing.  When Trey has fun, I have fun. know, if you're into that sorta thing.

24 August - 30 August
61 miles
[0 days off]
-- a decent, impromptu progression run on Wednesday night around the salt pond.  started around 7:24 pace and kept dropping down slightly to finish the final mile (8) at 6:03. A spirit lifter even though I felt like crap the entire time.
-- a good long run with Ryan and Marie on roads around Burlingame.  We kept it honest as most of the miles were slightly sub 7:00.   Tired me out big time the rest of the day though.

So, there you have it : two pretty good weeks, one so-so week, and three shitty ones, all with an easy synopsis as a whole -- some running, a shit-load of antibiotics, too much beer, and a head case left questioning his fitness, motivation, and where he is going. Despite being comped an entry into Nipmuck Marathon this year, I now don't think I'm going to run it. However, there are still a few very fun fall races to jump in: Run For The Pumpkins 5K Trail Race and the infallible Li'l Rhody Runaround Trail Race.  So I'll just continue running, buy myself some new shoes for motivation, and shoot for those two races and see where I end up at the start of winter.

After all, there's this big race in Boston in the spring that I've heard about which I'm considering trying.

Tight laces and fast times, friends.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Week 29 - 7/13/15 - 7/19/15

Mon. (7/13):
7mi. - typical tour of Ashaway including a little bit of dead people in the cemetery. Feeling back to normal despite the gross humidity that is rolling in.

Tue. (7/14):
8mi.  - WHS track. 4 x 1600 @ 10K pace (400m recoveries, about 2:00-2:30).  With possibly TWO races this weekend I was leaning towards just doing easy 5 x cruise intervals at T pace.  However, I was feeling a little too good and realized I was running too fast on the first 1600 so I kept at it and did four repeats at 10K pace (about 5:38ish?).  Felt pretty good again even the air was really moist (started raining on the final repeat and all throughout cool down) and the WHS football team (so many students!) was out in lanes 2-6 working on form/foot drills.

Wed. (7/15):
7mi. - a "late start" in humid Weekapaug.  Just ran zig zags through all of the side roads at pretty decent base pace and then ended with a quick dip in the breachway.  Water was nearly orgasmic.

Thu. (7/16):
7mi. - another day, another seven miler.  Parked off of Dennison Hill Road and ran dirt roads and trails up/around Green Fall Pond and Hidden Lake.  Felt good.  Humidity finally broke and it was super nice out.  Feels so good to run in these conditions!

Fri. (7/17):
4mi. - short and easy shakeout in the morning.  Laid low to "rest" for the Beavers.

Sat. (7/18):
13mi. - Run With The Beavers 10 Mile Trail Race. Overall results here.  Good fun up in the NW corner of Rhody.  Finished 1:08:03 (5th OA) which is a PR.  At the time of the race, I was disappointed as, for some stupid reason, I thought I ran high 1:07:5X last year.  I did not.  In 2014 I ran 1:08:17 (3rd OA). I think I had it in my head, thanks to Ultra Signup and their erroneous "predicted/goal" finish times that I had run in the 67 minute range however it was merely predicting that I finish in that time. I'll try and write a more detailed report asap.

Sun. (7/19):
4mi. - slower side shakeout late in the day/early evening.  Volunteered at LVL 10K in Brockton, MA in the morning.  It was hot/sticky as balls up there.  No way would I want to try and hammer a 10K in those conditions.  Fun seeing some fast and fit guys make it look "easy" though.  Unfortunately, on the drive home I started to get really fatigued, light headed, stiff and dizzy.  That night I noticed redness around my right pec again and have terrible pain (getting worse by the hour) in my right trap, shoulder and side of neck.  I've also developed a very strange tingling/numbness in my tongue.  Going to the doctors on Tuesday.  I really think it is tick-related (and not the ladyish mastitis that was originally diagnosed earlier in the month).  I'm pretty pissed about this development.

TOTAL: 50mi
YTD: 1745 miles

--> well, the apparent up and down roller coaster that is 2015 running continues.  I wasn't really that excited for the Beavers race but I knew it was going to be fun and sweaty and it did not disappoint.  A PR is a PR and WTAC team win (despite some treacherous actions of others) was a plus.

 However, now I'm left with physical "illness" of some sort that has returned and I'm pretty frustrated by it.  The dizziness and soreness (now pain in right back/shoulder) leaves me to wonder if I'm going to run the Blessing this Friday.  THAT is a big disappointment.  Despite the fact that I "hate" the race I really look forward to suffering and running well at it every year.  Also, despite feeling a little under trained for it, I feel as though I have a score to settle after missing a PR last year (by approx. 8 seconds or so).  Hopefully doctors just guess what this illness I have is, give me drugs and I can get back at it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Weeks 27 & 28 - 6/29/15 - 7/12/15

Slacking a bit on this stupid blog.  Summer time, and the living's easy....

Week 27

Mon. (6/29):
5+mi. - short, back door sneak into Pelloni Preserve from Old Colonial Rd.  Fun seeing how trails, fields, woods, etc. change with seasons over gaps of time. Last day of school--FINALLY!

Tue. (6/30):
4mi.  - really easy shakeout before fishing all day.  First official day of summah vacation. Not sure why I didn't run more?

Wed. (7/1):
11mi. (a.m.)- waited until after morning showers had ended and ran from Westerly Yacht Club in a breaking overcast soup.  Ugh.  Ran a 3T (3:00 recovery), 2T (2:00 recovery), 1T (1:00 recovery) around Weekapaug Pond on Atlantic Ave. and Shore Rd.  Was pretty zapped by the end of the run. 

5mi. - (p.m.) - easy night at WTAC Fun Run.  High 6:00s for the 5K portion plush w/u and c/d. Later on when I returned home, noticed very large swollen lump in right arm pit (lymph node) as well as very sore/sensitive right nipple and pec.  Very red. 

Thu. (7/2):
5mi. - not quite five mile shakeout.  Feeling pretty tired and drained.  Possibly due to yesterday's effort? Swelling and redness worse.  

Fri. (7/3):
2+mi. - awoke to feel like I had the flu -- aches, fever, chills, sore neck/back, can't really lift right arm.  Went to walk in clinic for meds (thought I might have tick-born illness?).  Turns out I simply had mastitis! Essentially, breast feeding mothers get it from cracked skin around nipples and benign S. aureus from skin gets in and causes infection.  I can't believe how shitty I felt and it was "just a mom thing".  Kudos to mom's out there that have had it and still had to care for young offspring.  I just medicated and laid around/slept. Awful.  Still, refused to take a zero for a simple case of tittyitis. 

Sat. (7/4):
2mi. - still felt shitty so just 2 easy miles (18:20) on roads.  Not even worth it.  Just being super stubborn. 

Sun. (7/5)-
4mi. - a "long run" with fire tit.  Ran a mix of local road and some easy trails across the street.  33:17 total time.  Was still drained at the end.  More drugs needed!

TOTAL: 38+ miles

Week 28
Mon. (/7/6):
2mi. - once again, just a miserable, short, super easy run simply out of refusal to take a zero over my weakness (9:11 pace overall)

Tue. (7/7):
3mi. - might be feeling a bit better.  Rash still there but soreness and fatigue are ebbing. 7:57 pace overall shows signs of promising improvement?

Wed. (7/8):
5mi. (a.m.) - my first "hard effort" in a while.  Had to rest for a minute at the top of Egypt Street (around mile 3.75 of the run).  Humbling but I was still happy that I got five in. 

5mi. (p.m.) - easy WTAC evening fun run.  Struggled a bit but managed to run high 6:00s for the 5K portion. 

Thu. (7/9):
8mi. - easy hour in the woods/trails of Carolina Mgmt. Area.  Overcast and cool in the morning.  Really felt good and enjoyed the f*ck out of this one.  My first real run in quite some time. 

Fri. (7/10):
8mi. - easy 3 miles on the beach with WTAC guys and 5K to honor his surrender to matrimony. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?!?!  Then rolled five solo miles in/around Weekapaug.  Weekapaug Groove (6:55 OA).  Felt good!

Sat. (7/11);
14+mi. - Burlingame trails with Ryan Davenport.  Felt pretty good and was super happy to go 1:48 without fuel, water, and having to stop and rest.  Finally back to "normal" I suppose - whatever that may mean. 

Sun. (7/12):
6mi. - mid-morning sneaky mixer of roads and easy trails.  Just trying to beat the heat of the day.  Went out fluking all afternoon and loved every second of it (although no huge doormats). 

TOTAL:51+ mi.

YTD:1695 miles

--> feeling better physically and returning to normal in terms of running. Also, relieved to have the slacking blog post/update removed from my shoulders as well.  Next week TWO races over the weekend (Run With The Beavers 10 Mile Trail Race and LVL 10K).  Not sure how I'm going to manage that one but seeing how I haven't raced in THREE MONTHS I guess I'm due!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 26 - 6/22/15 - 6/28/15 (The Approximate 1/2 Way Point)

Mon. (6/22):
5mi. - easy meander on mix of very local roads and trails.  HLT started blazing some new, short single track in Pelloni Preserve so that's exciting at least.  After arriving home, heard the UPS truck roll up and deliver my new space watch to the front steps.  Garmin Fenix 2.  Hopefully this will reignite some of the dwindling excitement about running that I've been feeling lately.  It's still super fun (i.e. last Friday's long swamp run). But I just kind of feel stagnant.  School isn't helping either.

Tue. (6/23):
10mi. - rolled the ol' Kakkenballz 10 mile loop (a.k.a. Jonny's Rockpile) through North Stonington.  The start time of 1430 left the sun out, temps right around 80F and humid.  I'm still not really acclimated to this yet so this run was a bit tiring for me.  BUT, I pushed through at a solid base pace (7:13 OA) and got to test out my new space watch-- Garmin Fenix 2.  Pretty spiffy....but it still gets completely covered in sweaty, grimy, salt crystals. Tired but felt good at the conclusion of this one.

Wed. (6/24):
Feelin' goooooood for this cruise interval
10mi. (a.m.) - back to WHS track for what I thought was going to be 3 x 2T with 2:00 recoveries.  I knew right away in the first block, (during warmup actually) that I was still feeling lingering fatigue from Tuesday's run.  After the first block (11:45) I decided to keep going but halfway through the second block (11:40) I didn't figure I would be able to handle a third 2T session.  I decided to "half -way quit" and split the last block into two 1T cruisers (5:50 and 5:46).  The times were a bit on the fast side and under T-pace right now but I was still glad to get it done and not die.  Tempo stuff usually doesn't feel quite that hard but I'l chalk it up to a slightly overzealous pace, fatigue from Tuesday and the heat on Tuesday, and the elephant in the room--I'm not in as good of shape as I think/should be.

4mi. (p.m.) - easy shakeout around Green Hill. Checked out the weird little SK Land Trust Sculpture Trail with some rather trippy outdoor art hidden around.  Later on in the evening, after a brief respite from real life at the O' Mist, I got to play in a 1967 Mercedes Coupe.

Thu. (6/25):
6mi. - normal Ashaway road loop.  Legs felt ok.

Fri. (6/26):
7mi. - from my parents into Carolina.  Found a "new" section of single track off of Pony Express North that I somehow had missed before.  I then had fun running in Carolina NE section,  an aread that I haven't been in more than 3-4 times before. Nice mix of road and trails.

Sat (6/27):
15mi. - trails and some roads in/around Burlingame with Ryan D.  Enjoyed the run and the animated conversation, filled with anecdotal "data" regarding the current state of running (and all competitive sports) and doping.  Ryan tapped out back at the picnic area lot after 11+ and I tacked on 3+ solo up into Kettle Pond Preserve and ended the last 0.6 or so on Sanctuary Rd at MP effort.  Enjoyable. 2 hour trail runs are my favorite.

Sun (6/28):
7mi. - after a gluttonous 2 hour nap (yes you read that correctly), ran an Ashaway standard loop but with strides.  I need to incorporate strides 2-3x per week in standard runs. Felt great!

TOTAL: 64 miles

YTD: 1603 miles

--> a pretty decent week.  Feeling a little bit better in terms of focus but still disgusting in food and beer intake.  I've actually GAINED 4 pounds over the last week or so.  Awesome. Corpulent Puddin'. Final day of school is Monday (29 June!!!!!) so hopefully I can begin doubling more often, increasing mileage, and spending more time fishing, gardening, and watching my chickens. Run With The Beavers 10 Mile trail race and the Blessing of the Fleet are very close!

This week completes the unofficial 1/2 way point of my 2015 running.  I've begun going back and flipping through my paper log and rereading daily "posts".  Several are humorous, some very strange, and a few are just down right gross.  I'll share the interesting ones in a post as soon as possible.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 25 - 6/15/15 - 6/21/15

Mon. (6/15):
6+mi.  - a very moist, wet, Monday local road loop.

Tue. (6/16):
8mi. - a Grills Sandwich run (both sides/preserves).  Enjoyed this one despite feeling kind of tired at the beginning.  Killed my first deerfly (only 1 but was pestered by several more) and ran second half with a keffiyeh.

Wed. (6/17):
8+mi. - WTAC/Tom McCoy Fun Run #2.  The usual cast of characters was there.  After a pleasant solo 4 mile warm up , I ran the 5K again at T pace (about 5:52-5:54).  Got beat by everybody in the group as they pulled away from on the last mile.  I'm proud of myself for not overdoing it too much (but still running a little too fast for T pace). 18:28 was the real actual time over all (as opposed to stupid watch claim of the hell does that even happen?!?!)

Thu. (6/18):
3mi. - Garmin Forerunner 210 finally shit the bed.  The screen has been cracked in half for over 6 months now.  Whenever water gets "inside" it makes the watch go crazy (light flashing on and off, constant beeping).  It finally moved onto the fairy tale land in the sky. I ran a very short and disgruntled and slow 20ish minutes.

Fri. (6/19):
Baptized by the pristine Pawcatuck "River"
16mi. - took a final personal day from school (central office "dared" me to by telling me if I didn't take it I was going to lose it at the end of the week).  Dusted off the monsterous Forerunner 205 space watch (it still works!) and ran from Horseshoe Falls in Shannock. Cloudy and overcast morning made for pretty decent conditions.  Ran Wordens Pond Road (3T block) then Rte 110 (a lot of cars!) and then a 2T block on the bike path and down Great Neck Road into the Great Swamp Management Area.  Deer flies kamikaze action errywhere (killed 5 total).  It is a shame that I cannot upload watch data to Strava as I really attacked the Levy Climb segment and nearly killed myself by the time I got to the top.  Not sure if it would've been enough to take it but it sure felt like it. Garvin is safe....for now. The real fun began once I looped back down along the southern lip of the containment pond and decided to "swim" across the swampy headwaters of the Pawcatuck River.  At this stage of the game, it was little more than a slow moving, smelly, muddy creek (think "Stand By Me").  On the opposite side, when I put my feet down, I sank up to my abdomen in thick mud.  After panicking for a few seconds, I realized that I could pull myself out with branches.  Gross, stinking, and petrified of brain-eating amoebae and flesh-eating bacteria, I pushed on through very tall grass, briars, and weeds, to stumble out onto Biscuit City Road and then back to Shannock.  I was laughing and having fun out

Sat. (6/20):
9mi. - skipped workout with Davenports and Jonny (don't think my legs could handle back to back T days) and instead ran a decent meander around lower Ashaway roads.  Felt good.

Sun. (6/21):
6mi. - late afternoon run from home to my parents' house in Richmond for father's day festivities.  No watch is annoying.

TOTAL: 56mi. 

YTD: 1540 miles

--> another "filler"/maintenance week.  I've resigned myself to the fact that I have to focus on a healthy dose of T-pace running over the next several weeks to try and get ready for the Blessing. Feeling fat at times and beer grossness abounds.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 24 - 6/8/15 - 6/14/15

Mon. (6/8):
7mi. - ran around main streets of Ashaway in "switchback" pattern plus looped around repeated "switchbacks" in the town cemetery. Decent run but felt a wee bit tired.

Tue. (6/9):
3mi. - ugh.  The Terrible Tuesdays continue.  With my wife in class, I'm forced to squeeze in pathetically short runs very close to home while the spawn are left to fend for themselves.  As much as I hate(d) to admit it, my legs, body, and mind felt like such sh*t that I actually was okay with only 3 lazy miles.

Wed. (6/10):
9mi. - (a.m.) - a mental health day from school to try and make myself "well again".  Ran from Meadowbrook Pond parking lot, along North South trail up and around a few areas of Carolina Management Area.  After looking at Strava yesterday, (Garvin's run) I realized that I don't think I had ever run Laurel Trail in the "up" direction.  I tried to push this one hard to take the course record.  This run was really enjoyable -- a perfect way to start the day.

6mi. - (p.m.)- the first of the weekly WTAC/Tom McCoy Fun Runs.  Ran a very short, rushed mile warm up before running the 5K at T pace with Garvin.  The first mile was near perfect (5:54) and then we chatted (sort of ) intermittently throughout the rest of the course.  Ended up running it a tiny bit too fast for T but whatever, I'll take it.  It was about 5.5 miles total so I'm just calling it 6 because I can do whatever I want. Fun time. My new bromance is solidified in the local press too

Thu. (6/11):
5mi.  - easy Grills Sanctuary stuff.  Warm but not too bad in the shaded trails of Grills.  Only stuck to the Sanctuary side (stopped halfway across Polly Coon Bridge). Still no deer flies so that's cool.

Fri. (6/12):
8mi. - a little less humid than previous day.  Just wandering along the western most side of Ashaway. Ran mostly roads, tiny bit of trail (horse trails across the street from home) and a tiny bit of abandoned gravel bank.

Sat. (6/13):
5mi. - spent the entire morning (one full dropping tide) striper and fluke fishing with my father in/around Watch Hill reefs and Misquamicut beaches.  I was sunburned and exhausted.  This pissy little run was all I had in me.

Sun. (6/14):
17mi. - fun "church" run with Jonny.  Started from Canonchet Preserve (North Rd trail head) and ran pretty technical trails up through Long and Ell Pond, then Yawgoo trails out to dirt roads and bombed asphalt roads back the final 8 miles (?) or so.  We were moving along at a solid clip for a long run for the over more than 50% of it.  Good run.

TOTAL: 60 miles

YTD: 1484

--> still in lost and wandering maintenance mode.  Guess I need to start digging down and focusing more on T-paced workouts midweek and blocks during long runs as the Beavers 10 Mile Trail Race and the Blessing of the Fleet are fast approaching (approx. one month away).

Friday, June 12, 2015

Chubby Mystery Kid In The Land of Track Surprises

This post is a little bit past due (about a week old) but I made a mental note that when it happened I wanted to share it with everyone else.  Alright, all 5 people that view this.

Last Thursday, on a rare mix up, Workout Wednesday became Workout Thursday.  As I have recently been doing, I arrived at the Westerly High School track with a plan to do short, R-paced intervals at some short distance to work on speed and leg turnover (two things that I lack and probably never had in the first place--ever!).

Just as I finished my final 200m repetition, as part of the 5 x 400/10 x 200 workout, I jogged a very easy 400m recovery.  Since I grow very tired of running in the same counter-clockwise direction, I immediately switched it up and ran my cool down laps the other way.  Immediately, I noticed a rather portly boy sauntering out onto the track.  I don't want to call him "fat" because of its derogatory connotations and, truth be told, by today's societal data here in 'Murica, he wasn't/isn't "fat".  Stout perhaps. Chunky. Portly.  Choose your descriptor.  However, it can be summed up that this young man's morphology certainly lent itself to video games, junk food, and a sedentary lifestyle vs early, sunrise track running.  I'm not trying to be a dick here but I was just surprised to a boy, about the age of 13-14 years old, 5' 4" maybe and perhaps about 195 lbs (?) up at the ass crack of run....and do it on the track!

I lost sight of his efforts as I passed him walking on the front stretch, but once I turned around I saw him begin running out of turn 2.  I passed him along the back stretch (remember, we were running opposite directions at this point), and tried to make eye contact with him, something I'm wont to do in almost every social setting, especially at an early morning track session.  Glancing back over my shoulder, I witnessed him revert back to walking in turn 4 and continuing out of it onto the front stretch.  I passed him again along the front and once again, staring over my shoulder, watched him pick it up out of turn one into turn two. Okay, looks like 200 meter intervals.  Walk 200 recovery, then 200 "hard" (relative term).

I don't know why but this young kid's discipline, motivation, will, etc. made me want to stay out on the track and keep watching.  My one mile cool down turned into two.  Now, as we passed each other at various points, we'd smile.  We nodded.  And finally, as I finished my second mile of the cool down, I finally said, a little too enthusiastically, "Nice job, man!".  He returned the smile with a huffed "Thanks".  As I left the track he yelled out over his shoulder "You too, mister!".

What was it about this kid that moved me?  It seriously made me so happy.  It was like watching an emotional movie from my heyday (Rocky IV, Hoosiers, etc.). You know the ones--although you know it is Hollywood, so cliche they are actually terrible plots, but you can't help but get pumped and being so emotional and happy. I have no clue what the kid's pace was nor how many reps he did (at least 5 while I was there).  But I wanted to stay and watch him finish (I didn't--I'm not a creep).  I wanted to shake his hand and congratulate him.

Being a high school teacher, I'm growing apprehensive about young kids, teenagers, etc.  Does anybody do anything anymore besides social media, video games, and wait for (hopefully) sex?  How many middle school to high school kids are willing to wake up prior to sunrise to go lug their bodies around a track? This kid, despite his lack of fitness, was doing it! He didn't sleep in.  He wasn't laying around playing video games, scarfing down shit food, looking to others for excuses for his problems. He was working at something, a goal that no matter how difficult and far off in the future, was/is still there. He was SUNRISE....running fu*$ing 200 meter intervals! Again, I'm not exactly sure why this did, and still does, move me-- but it does.  For the rest of the day at school I thought of him fondly several different times and it made me smile.

Kid, I don't know your name or your story but you're a friggin' champion in my book! You sir, my portly little hard worker, deserve the highest of fives!  This is now the second time (last year, little old Italian lady) that I've encountered someone on the track that has completely surprised me and, in turn, pumped me up and made me happy.

He has given me hope.  Not all is lost in society.  Some people are still willing to work hard toward achieving their aspirations, no matter what their situation may be.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Week 23 6/1/15 - 6/7/15

Mon. (6/1):
8mi. - a good run around lower Ashaway side roads. Just barely beat the pouring rain.

Tue. (6/2):
3mi. - deprivation Tuesday.  Another boring shawty on another typical Tuesday. Leave the kids home alone...short run....go back to check on them and find no tears, nor blood, nor fires. Victory!

Wed. (6/3):
5mi. - a switch from typical Workout Wednesday.  Slept in and ran a short, easy 5 miler around Westerly instead from WHS (kid lacrosse practice).

Thu. (6/4):
8mi. - (a.m.) -  WHS track workout, one day removed. 5 x 400, 10 x 200.  Trying to find leg turnover and speed (did I ever have those things?).  200 recoveries between each, 400 recover between "sets".  Quick times so I guess it was okay

5mi. - (p.m.) - easy Ashaway afternooner on local roads and some horse trails.

Fri. (6/5):
8mi.  - from Bradford lax fields prior to game.  Was VERY disappointed to find that DEM(?) had bulldozed the beaver dam at the beaver pond in Woody Hill Mgmt. Area.  Pond is quickly draining now and saw the beaver and their lodge is extremely exposed (can see the underwater entrance/exit hole!).  Also, the quarry "people", after some guy fell to his death recently at 0200, has now dropped dozens of trees across single track and spray painted bright orange "Keep Out" all over rocks and trees.  Also VERY disappointing and annoying. Still a good run otherwise.

Sat. (6/6):
16mi. - a kind of fun and enjoyable solo long run.  Mostly roads from home with a very short section of field/trails in Carter Preserve.  Tried to rip an uphill segment (Shumunkanuc Hill Rd).  Started to really fatigue the last few miles.  Really needed a gel and water towards the end.  Good run though!

Sun. (6/7):
5mi. - an easy afternoon fiver but ran into GI issues.  I swear I hold the northeast regional record here in this department. Awful.

TOTAL: 58 miles
YTD: 1424 miles

--> Despite some "down days" (Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday), I was able to salvage a respectable maintenance week.  Now that it is June, I need to start trying to focus a tiny bit more I suppose.  50-60 miles per week is still the goal but need to be a little more organized and regimented with some of the daily filler runs.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 22 5/25/15 - 5/31/15

Mon. (5/25)-
8mi. - used the holiday to run from my parents' house around Carolina Management Area.  Damn, the water is so friggin' low already.  Lowest precipitation for month of May on record all time I believe in RI.  Scary thought for the upcoming summer.

Tue. (5/26)-
3mi. - yup, only three miles.  With my wife at class all day, I had to leave the three spawn unattended at home.  It's tough to sneak in anything right now on Tuesdays unless I start doing it in the early morning before school.  Felt like total crap anyway (really heavy tired legs and whole body felt crappy).  I have to start taking better care of myself (diet, too much fun, etc.)

Wed. (5/27)-
8mi. - (a.m.) - WHS track session. 8 x 400, 4 x 200 @ approx. R pace (maybe a little bit too fast for most). Felt pretty tired near the end but in a good way.  Times were a bit too spicy but whatever.  Just trying to get some turnover.  I haven't really done short, fast track workouts until recently.  Trying to find my mojo. 77/76/75/74/75/75/74/73 and 35/36/35/35,

7mi. - (p.m.) from Bradford lacrosse fields up into trails in Woody Hill and Wahaneeta.  Pretty fun but legs were tired and feeling sluggish on any incline, no matter how tiny and gradual.

Thu. (5/28)-
Tree rapists were errywhere.
5mi. - normal upper Ashaway wandering.  Didn't feel that great (yesterday's workout and double?).  Spent my time crushing the obscene number of tent caterpillars. A lot of inner juices smeared on the bottoms of the shoes when I got home. Gross.

Fri. (5/29)-
9mi.  - from Westerly Yacht Club, down into Watch Hill, around the lighthouse (slow going on the rocks), and back to WYC.  Rich people on Watch Hill Rd certainly do not like to move over. Spent the remainder of the afternoon/evening helping a friend take apart inboard stern drive shafts and props.  A bit unnerving having a 35' huge boat dangling above you held up by canvas straps!

Sat. (5/30)-
13mi. - late morning start (0900!) from home in a new loop around North Stonington.  Mixed in a tiny bit of trails in Avalonia Preserve but mainly roads.  Felt good.

Sun. (5/31)-
3mi. - only 3 miles around dinner time.  I was exhausted (spent the morning into early afternoon playing on the boat in/around Little Narragansett Bay.  Sunburned and unmotivated.  Poor end to the week.

TOTAL: 56 miles
YTD: 1366

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week 21 5/18/15 - 5/24/15

Mon. (5/18):
8mi. - from home to Grills Sanctuary and back.  Enjoyed it.  Felt good.

Tue. (5/19):
6mi. - soggy and very sluggish.  Not motivated physically nor mentally.

Wed. (5/20:
7mi.  - (a.m.) - WHS early morning track. 3x800/3x400/3x200, all with half distance recoveries (400m, 200m, 100m).  Felt awkward but was still fun.  The increasingly shorter recoveries (distance and time) caught up to me near the end. Splits: 2:42/2:38/2:36/74/76/74/35/36/35

8mi - (p.m.) - from home to lacrosse field in Bradford. Mostly roads but looped in some Woody Hill trails too for fun.  Felt good at the end of the day.  Doubles are the best!

Thu. (5/21):
5mi. - Alexis is a whore.  Saw a kid spray-painting this in the road.  It was in 3 different locations.  Interesting. Otherwise, not really too motivated.  Felt blah and sluggish.

Fri. (5/22):
5mi. - unfortunately, was pressed for time and only got 5 in.  Still a pretty decent effort pace-wise despite the abbreviated window of opportunity.

Sat. (5/23):
15+mi. - Burlingame trails around Watchaug without a plan.  Much of it was single track on the SSE and SSW side of the pond before incorporating the rest of Vin Gormley trail.  Pretty fun.  Wanted to go for about 2 hours so I managed that.

Sun (5/24):
3mi. - a sickly 20+ mins.  Felt really shitty physically -- weak, tired, heavy legs, nauseous. Not sure why.  Quit after only 3 pathetic wandering miles on local trails. Disappointing end to the week.

YTD: 1310

-->not a great week but not a bad one.  Still looking to stick to between 50-60 miles per week right now in maintenance mode.  In retrospect, I'm pretty sure my lethargic, sickly feelings are just do to debauchery (beer, food, not enough sleep, not enough water).  I also have been running around like an idiot trying to take care of gardening, lawn, and get the boat in the water (despite NUMEROUS mechanical issues).  Finally got Salty Puddin' in afloat in the water.  I'm now on a mooring in the Pawcatuck River at Westerly Yacht Club.  I'm excited to fish the western-most portion of the state now as I was over in SK and Gansett before.  Let the exploration begin!!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 20 - 5/11/15 - 5/17/15

Mon. (5/11):
7mi. - local roads.  Pretty warm out but at least there was stiff breeze.  Cooling when a head wind, hot as hell when tail wind.  Some watch failures and bathroom issues on this one.  Ugh!!

Tue. (5/12):
7mi. - some more local road wandering.

Wed. (5/13):
6mi.- (a.m.) first time back at the track in what felt like forever.  10 x 200m with 200m recoveries (about 1:00 each).  Awkward form and wore the wrong shoes (regular trainers).  It was like my first time ever on the oval.  But I still had fun.  A little faster than necessary but whatever.  Just blowing out the pipes: 35/35/36/35/35/35/35/35/35/34.

7mi. - (p.m.) with Gazelle from Bradford lacrosse field (Mason's practice).  He took me on a tour of much of the new Run For The Pumpkins Trail 5K course in October.  It's fun.  I really enjoy wandering the mix of carriage roads, double track, and single track in Woody Hill Mgmt Area.  Even trails I've been on before I sometimes get confused.  First double in a long time.  Feels good.  Gotta get a few of these each week now.

Thu. (5/14):
6mi. - squeezed in a road/trail mix in and around Champlin before WTAC board meeting. Pretty nice out.

Fri. (5/15):
7mi. - flattest run possible.  Morning jaunt in Ninigret Park on old runways, asphalt paths, and regular cinder/dirt trails.  Super nice out again. Devoted the rest of the day to working on the boat.  Man, I'm a tourist -- almost Memorial Day weekend and I'm still not in the water! Sad.

Sat. (5/16):
13mi. - Barn Island trails with Mike B and Gazelle.  Overcast and cool. Perfect running weather.  Enjoyed this one as a majority of it was on twisty single track and I have not been in Barn Island preserve for a very long time.

Sun. (5/17):
5mi. - late start and this was all I could squeeze in.

TOTAL: 58 miles

YTD: 1240 miles

--> back to a normal maintenance week.  Would like to be a little more organized and focused moving forward but this is a start at least.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Playing Catchup - Weeks 16-19

I had promised myself to keep up to speed and post a weekly post each week that summarized results.  Well, in the tapering mode and excitement leading up to Boston and the subsequent recovery weeks afterwards, I was negligent in my duties. So here it is-a very brief overview, albeit not at all exciting, of what I've been up to in the week before, during, and two weeks after my marathon.

Week 16  - 4/13-4/19
M: 5mi. easy
T: 5mi. easy
W; 8mi. - last "workout" (3 x 1M w/ 2:00 rests).  Waiting is the hardest part.
T: 4+mi.
F: 4mi - feeling like a caged animal! Let's do this
S: 3mi.
S: 3mi. - super easy a.m. then drive up to Hopkinton


Week 17 - 4/20 - 4/26
M: 26.2mi.  - "The Race"....2:46:57! Fuck yes.
T: 2+mi. - super easy and slow on local, flat trails.  Very slow shuffle to speed recovery
W: 3mi. - Earth Day shuffle.  Still sore and fatigued but a little looser than yesterday
T: 6+mi. - easy Burlingame trails with Jonny
F: 5mi. - roads and strange soreness in one spot (right lateral hip/quad/hip flexor) on downhills
S: 3mi. - easy, afraid of "painful" twinges
S: 3mi.-easy again

Total: 45 miles

Week 18 - 4/27 - 5/3
M: 5mi. - sore in "the spot" and fatigued feeling. Did I overdo it last week? Doesn't seem like it.
T: 3mi. - easy trails. Babying my hip flexor/hip/quad area
W: 5mi - local trails
T: 8mi. - trails again
F: 5mi.
S: 9mi. - easy a.m. Burlingame trails with Jonny
S: 3mi. - shorty on roads but with some pep. Finally feeling better I suppose

Total: 38 miles

Week 19 - 5/4 - 5/10
M: 7mi. - trails in Woody Hill.  Pretty fun.  Decent pace.
T: 6mi. - hot for this time of year.  Not used to it.
W: 4mi. - fat, lazy, lethargic.  What a bitch.
T: 9mi. - trails in both areas of Grills. Great run!
F: 5mi.
S: 13mi. - a solo"long run" I guess.  From Shannock (roads), through Carter (trails) back to Shannock. Great run. I really, really enjoyed this one.
S: 3mi. - Mother's Day.  All I could squeeze in.

Total: 47mi. 

Year To Date Mileage: 1185

Overall, I finally feel back to normal.  Although I didn't struggle and wasn't floored from the race at all, there were some strange pings on the radar of soreness in odd spots. Not just blah, but closer to that dangerous precipice that is possible injury.  I tried to back off where/when necessary and be smart.  I feel as though soft trails obviously helped in that regard.  I missed them so much this winter during marathon training. Now that I'm into Week 22, I'm planning on resuming workouts of some sort, whatever they may be (no goals other than limit weight gain and stave off alcoholism!?!).  Feeling a little lost and unfocused but it'll all work out fine. Want to get back to "normal" average weekly mileage of 50-60 miles per week/maintenance with some non-specific, 2Q runs each 7 day period.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2015 Boston Marathon

I'm a little late in posting this because I'm still not sure how to summarize such a contradictory but successful and overall awesome day.  It's difficult to try and summarize just one "three hour" event when in reality it was hours upon hours of buildup, not even considering the training. I must apologize up front because this will most likely be a lengthy post. I'm not sure how long it'll take and how many details I'll exclude and how much useless information I'll include. But it will be long! Feel free to read it in parts/installments......

Perhaps the most significant aspect of my Boston experience was the hospitality and helpfulness of Ryan Davenport.  I met Ryan last year through the online "dating" site, Strava as well as through Jonny's stalking prowess.  By chance, we began running a few times together and one thing lead to another, his influence swung me over to the dark side blue and yellow unicorn side and I decided to sign up for the 2015 version of "Bahston". He even helped me out with a few long workout/training runs on the course several weeks before the race itself. These were truly so helpful. Awesomeness and so valuable I cannot begin to thank him enough for it.

The Day Before & Pre-Race:
I guess it's easiest to summarize by saying that there is realistically no way that I would ever run Boston if I had to deal with the logistics of the race like the majority of the masses. I could NOT ride a bus from Boston back up to Hopkinton to the Athlete's Village, to wait around in lines, urinating everywhere, only to hike a mile to the starting corrals and then wait in the corral for who knows how long.  It just isn't in the cards for me.  Instead, thanks to Team Davenport, I was able to drive up to Hopkinton early Sunday afternoon and hang out.  Ryan's brother and his wife (Dan and Marie Davenport) brought me into Boston at 4:00 pm to pick up my bib while they dropped off her water bottles for the Elite tables.  We went back to a huge family meal and relaxed for a very laid back, fun evening.

After an awesome night's sleep (until 0430 when I awoke and began fretting about the race instead of sleeping more), we had a pleasant "help yourself to whatever you need" breakfast buffet and discussed race logistics.  All of these pleasantries however, masked my internal feelings about the weather.  All of us had been studying the weather and realized that it was going to be chilly, windy, and wet.  With the headwind and rain, I was talked into accepting the fact that I was going to have to add approximately 5:00 to my finishing time.  It was, in essence, stupid to run my original goal pace (6:15) to hit my goal time (2:45).  Trying to do so in these conditions was a recipe for disaster.  Despite resigning myself to this adjusted goal, I was secretly pissed off! WTF?!? Train like I did just to run a 2:50 plus? No way! I refused to accept that.  My new goal was to run a tiny bit slower but still do my best to get in under 2:49.  This would still be a PR for me by over two minutes. If you blow up, at least you go down swinging! Nothing left to do but wait and see. As I stated, with Ryan's gracious assistance--food, lodgings, race day info, gels, nipple guards, super comfortable bed (air mattress...NOT HIS)--I was feeling good and ready to go.

Around 0830, several people left Ryan's house (one mile from the start line) to escort Marie to her earlier start for Elite females.  The rest of us left soon there after to walk up towards the start where we stayed at a friend's house even closer to the starting chaos.  My nervousness increased a bit here -- Wait, is that groin tightness I'm feeling? Am I really ready to do this? The new residence had more food, more bathroom availability, and was only 4-5 houses down from the start! Unreal!  After pacing around, sitting and stretching, watching the start of the elite women on TV, hitting the head one more time, most of the group strolled down to the town greens and, after showing our bibs, simply walked into our starting corral (wave 1, corral 2).  It was that friggin' easy!! I stood around for only about 8-10 minutes, shed old clothing layers, double checked fuel in surrounding shorts pockets, listened to the introduction of the elite men's field, and then BOOM--we were off.

In addition to my adjusted goal time, I also ran in a technical hat (WTAC).  I usually never do this but I figured with the impending rain, it might help keep some precipitation out of my face.  With the newly formed goals, my new pace was going to be about 6:22-6:25.  It seemed logical that despite the huge opening bomb downhill, I still was probably going to run about a 6:40 first mile or so.  I just had to settle in and go easy the first 6-8 miles (mostly downhill overall),  try not to chew up my legs  too hard that early, make it to the half way point and see how I felt. My internal dialogue was essentially: Run smart. Consistency is the key up until 20.  Make it over Heartbreak and if you're still ok, go for it & rip shit up!.  I didn't convey that to anyone out loud, but from research (online, books, conversations, etc.), it seemed like an achievable plan.  Ultimately, while I along with everyone else was bitching about the weather it actually benefited me in two ways: 1.) it took some of the pressure off regarding every split-second mile mark goal, and 2.) at least it wasn't hot.  I don't deal well with heat.

The Race:
It's probably easiest to chunk this into 5K intervals.  Those are the splits that BAA feeds to the masses, so I suppose that is what I'll go with here (mile splits on my watch are at the end of the post).

I managed to take it out easy for the first mile.  Despite the aforementioned big downhill, I went out a little slower, and watched Ryan and the other guys take off (didn't see them again for quite awhile). Following the sage advice of Boston runners past, I used this first mile as a feeler.  Loosen up the legs, warm up, and get my bearings.  I was getting passed by a bunch of people here but figured that was fine.  I kept checking out the passers in my periphery, judging and predicting those that I definitely wanted to reel in later on. Everyone around me seemed to be resigned to focusing and running their own race.  There wasn't too much banter, other than from the small crowd lining the course, which was exactly how I wanted it! I was feeling loose at the 3.1 mile mark, everything was going fine.  Everything felt super easy to this point.

Results @ 5K mark: 19:50 (6:22 pace)

Took my first gel at 4.5 miles.  I assumed (feared) that if I fueled every four miles, I'd be left in no-man's-land at mile 22-23.  Instead, if I staggered the "feedings" every 4.5 miles or so, that would give me a tiny bit more time. Still was just passing the time, focusing on consistent pace without over analyzing (watch glances).  At this point we passed through a few larger crowds past the Ashland Clock Towers (around mile 4) and there were a few points where the crowd was a little more jovial than the rest (i.e. just before the Framingham Train Depot near mile 6).  At the 10K mark, all was still well.  It began spitting rain lightly around this point and I figured this would signal the downpour.  However, it thankfully would start and stop and, in the words of Carl Spackler: "I don't think the heavy stuff is gonna come down for quite awhile". Still feeling good and really consistent.

Results @10K mark: 39:33 (6:21 pace)

During this stretch I really started to notice the headwind more and more.  It is along this route that you gradually turn due east (prior too and along Lake Cochituate) and the wind began to be noticeably troublesome.  It started to rain a little bit more consistently, albeit not heavy (Carl) during this point and I finally started to feel wet.  I felt as though I finally had to work a bit to maintain pace at several points.  The field was finally starting to settle out and runners around me became a little more "familiar", although I was still passing a few more people at this point.  I also was somewhat familiar (having run the two workouts with Ryan through here) and noticed that I was mildly anticipating the Natick Town Common area.  I knew there would be more of a bustle and I was looking forward to it, despite the   very gradual rise in topography. Gobbled another gel right around mile 9 and kept rolling.

Results @15K mark: 59:28 (6:22 pace)

We finally reached Natick  Center and the crowds were more boisterous.  At one point there was a small bunch of drunken guys, waving flags and screaming/chanting: "USA! USA! USA!".  I'm not really patriotic in that sense but their animation moved me.  I glanced down after we passed them and had to remind myself to back off--5:55 pace not acceptable at this point! Still, I smiled, pumped my fist to acknowledge them, and settled back into work. After leaving Natick there is a decent downhill which I made a conscious effort not to bomb down, as we approached Wellesley College and the screaming ladies.  I could hear them from a decent distance away.  As much as I didn't want to acknowledge them and let "those crazy college girls" interfere with my race tactics, I couldn't resist getting a little pumped up by their enthusiasm.  With the screams, the kisses (other runners, not me--it'd interfere with my pacing), I couldn't help but pick up the pace.  Another glance at the watch had me dial it back down again, as I realized I was high 5:00s again for pace.  I actually smiled and giggled a few times at a couple of their signs.  A few notable favorites: "I wish you'd hammer my finish line!" along with "I'm wetter than you are right now!" and "Please kiss me! I use tongue!".  Rest assured, my daughters will not be attending Wellesley. Still feeling good at this point though.  In fact, thanks to the drunk college females, feeling a little too good!

Results @20K mark: 1:19:23 (6:23 pace)

Halfway (21.1K/13.1miles):
After Wellesley, it was just a short jaunt to the halfway point.  This was a checkpoint I was eagerly awaiting as I was curious (as are all marathoners) to see how the legs felt.  As long as I still feeling okay, I could start to race a little bit versus just hang back and run.  That statement is a little misleading--I didn't intend to pick up the pace at all but I could start to worry a little less and welcome discomfort.  Basically, if you start feeling less than stellar before 13.1 miles, you're fucked. If you're still rolling and feeling good, all is going according to Hoyle.  At the half mark I was still bright-eyed and bushy tailed.  Keep it going, Muddy!

Results @ Half: 1:23:43 (6:23 pace)

Now I was entering the zone and ready to get after it.  I knew from the two previous training runs that I was fast approaching the post-mile 15 big downhill bomb into Newton Lower Falls area.  This was a tactical point that I had worried about.  I knew that I could open it up here but that it would also be at a point in the race in where I could do some damage to myself if I wasn't careful.  Perhaps more important, just after Newton Lower Falls was the sneaky "first hill" that people forget about.  Still, it was all good in the hood, despite some minor fatigue.

Results @ 25K mark: 1:39:10 (6:23 pace)

I knew from research and conversations with others that there are NOT three hills to surmount on the course.  There are actually four.  This sneaky one is sometimes referred to as "Heartburn Hill" as it is the precursor to the real fun.  Luckily, as the hill commenced right after the 16 mile mark, I felt good and was able to climb it with little to no difficulty and pass a bunch of people. Man, I friggin' love climbing hills and watching people fall by the wayside.  This incline is not big or long (only about 20m or so) but it is a good warm-up for what is to come.  We then took the infamous "wicked shahp" right hand turn onto Commonwealth Avenue by the Newton Fire Station.  This was a welcome change of pace/direction/venue.  I then continued motoring on towards the first of the "big three" hills.  I tried to focus on running posture, economy, and pace (not too big of a drop off here), and was so happy to pass a slew of people here.  Are people really slowing down this much already?  Just worry about yourself, Muddy. After this hill is a long gradual downhill that just really starts to mix up your legs before the 30K/~mile 19 mark.  It still felt good to turn them over at this point.

Results @30K mark: 1:59:09 (6:23 pace)

Just after the mile 19 mark is the next incline.  I think, (not sure), it was right around this point that I caught up to Ryan and several of the others.  We grunted props to one another and focused back upon the work at hand.  This hill seems to be the shortest but it still takes the wind out of your sails a little.  Despite this fact, as I started the hill past the Johnny Kelley statue, I dug down and kept moving.  I was a bit surprised here as I was feeling definite discomfort but relative to those around me, I was still moving along fine.  As I crested this incline, I knew that it was relatively flat for about a half a mile before the infamous last hill.  I appreciated the chance to recover a bit and gather myself.  I was definitely feeling fatigued here but it was still uplifting to see the others around me beginning to fall apart and slow down.  I still hadn't dropped off too much on pace/time so that was a definite positive.
As we started climbing the final hill (Heartbreak), I prepared myself for a "big one" but once again was happy to find that it appeared that everyone else was crawling and I was still motoring.  To be sure, I was hurting but nowhere near what I thought I should have been feeling.  As we crested Heartbreak (makes it sound like a giant mountain--it's not that bad, seriously), and I saw a giant inflatable that read something like "Heartbreak Is Over", I smiled.  I knew that I was about to start descending down into Boston.  Although the wind was really picking up here (the highpoint before crawling back down to sea level?), I still was super happy. Bill Rodgers' infamous advice came to mind here: "If you can make it to the top of Heartbreak and still feel good, you know you're going to have a great day at Boston.".  Shit yeah, Boston Billy! Let's do this!

Results @35K mark: 2:19:09 (6:23 pace)

This next stretch was a little tougher for me.  It is always is such a paradox. Although I was still feeling relatively good (but starting to hurt a little), I always get deceived by thinking that the race is almost over. But it's not--there's still a big chunk of mileage/10K left.  After looking at the clock at the 20 mile mark, I struggled (brain fatigue) to do some running math and realized that if I could just run a not disgustingly sloth-like 10K, I'd be good to go.  Time to buckle down! I was still super happy to find people dropping like flies and I still hadn't hit the wall yet.  I was hurting for sure but my legs were still turning over and I wasn't nauseous or near death.  Mile 22-still good.  23-still alright.  We continued down onto Beacon Street and I was still wondering; "Where is that Wall?".  At mile 24, the course flattens out and you start the chase home into the city.  Coolidge Corner was another check point where I expected to feel like death but, yet again, the wheels were still on the bus.  To belabor the point, I was obviously hurting, but not like I had expected!  No bonking yet!  Maybe I had fueled properly. Perhaps I had trained well. Simply lucky?  Most likely it was a combination of all three.
I was annoyed as we approached the 25 mile mark.  WTF was this "Citgo Hill"?!? There is a small bump there that feels like more than a blip on the radar.  Nobody told me about that MFer!

Results @40K mark: 2:38:34 (6:22 pace

The finish:
Finally, the home stretch was upon us/me. I left Brookline and entered Boston proper.  Here we go, man--1.2 miles left.  I was starting to really feel it here but nothing like what I had ever felt before at this point in any previous marathon.  The crowds were still there cheering but it was raining pretty steadily now and I figured they were smaller than normal.  I kept pushing and really bore down here.  It felt like I was trying to run 5:15 pace but a few glances showed me I was still on par.  No slow downs for me on this day! As we turned the final left hand turn onto the finishing stretch, I finally started to feel like some of that bonk/nausea/I can't do this feeling.  There was only about 400m left to go so I tried to concentrate on keeping upright, maintaining my pace, and not dying in the process.  I crossed the finish line with no actual idea what my real time was.  The clocks showed 2:47:XX but I knew it was a little less than that. No fan fare or celebration--just get me the eff outta here and back to the hotel (thanks again, Ryan!) at the Marriot so I can shower and change into warm clothes.  It is surprising that the worst part of the race, in all seriousness, was the lonely solo slog back to the hotel in my BAA Space Blanket.  I was a swaying, shivering, teeth chattering mess.  But I didn't that's good.

Finishing Result: 2:56:47 (6:22 pace) -- 637OA
Soaked to the bone, turning the corner to the home stretch on Boylston....
Splits on my watch:
Mile 1: 6:38
Mile 2: 6:12
Mile 3: 6:16
Mile 4: 6:20
Mile 5: 6:25
Mile 6: 6:15
Mile 7: 6:22
Mile 8: 6:26
Mile 9: 6:25
Mile 10: 6:22
Mile 11: 6:26
Mile 12: 6:21
Mile 13: 6:23
Mile 14: 6:20
Mile 15: 6:27
Mile 16: -- (missed split)
Mile 17: 12:43
Mile 18: 6:18
Mile 19: 6:29
Mile 20: 6:34
Mile 21: 6:16
Mile 22: 6:23
Mile 23: 6:04
Mile 24: 6:17
Mile 25: 6:06
Mile 26: -- (missed)
Final 0.2 Mile: 1:21 (5:50 pace!)

Looks like I ran consistently and my final 5K was the fastest! Wow! How the eff did I do that?!?

Thanks to Ryan and his family's hospitality, I cleaned up with a bunch of the guys I had left in Hopkinton and we went downstairs to Champions for beers and food.  The day really couldn't have been any better - a PR, a clockwork type race where my pace never faltered, surrounded by good people that supported me before, during and after the race.  I really couldn't have asked for a much better day.

Thanks to the Davenports and associates.  Thanks to my family for putting up with me over the previous 3 months.  And thanks to Jack Daniels for providing me with a simple and effective training plan that paid off in spades.

Now, do I do this bitch again next year? Maybe on a good day (not hot, generous tail wind), I could go sub 2:45?