Sunday, January 25, 2015

2015 W04 1/19 - 1/25

Mon. (1/19)
8mi.  (a.m.) - an easy, active recovery run.  Started out tired and tight but felt really good and loose at the end.
3mi. (p.m.) - super slow run on primarily trails across the street.  Really just an avenue to get my son off the video games and out of the house.

Tue. (1/20)
8mi. - roads down to Grills Sanctuary and back.  Decent pace but felt tired.

Wed. (1/21)
11mi. (a.m.) - Track covered in slick frost so Westerly treadmill it is. 5E + 6x1K @I (3:00 recs) + 2 E.  Everything is easier, and more boring, on a mill but got it done.  Not enough time before school to handle the full Jack Daniels' volume (called for 15 total with w/u and c/d) but I got the called for quality/work part spot on so that's ok. Can't drink a whole fifth of JD, can only handle the "nips" apparently.
7mi. - (p.m.) - saw a bald eagle (first ever!) on way home from work.  It was resting (splashing & drinking) on a downed tree in the river.  Ran back down there on easy recovery run.  Saw him again atop a pole in an old osprey nest.  It got sick of me and flew off.  Fucking awesome!

Thu. (1/22)
7mi. - mix of mostly roads with some trails (Kenyon Crossroads) at fairly easy pace.  Felt a little blah in the initial miles but great the last few (back to lower, easy pace).

Fri. (1/23)
10mi. - the classic Clark Falls loop....diknballz for Jonny. Felt pretty good.

Sat. (1/24)
20mi. - wet, slushy, rainy, sloppy run from Y parking lot on roads down into Pawcatuck and Barn Island trails with Gazelle.  Pace was decent on the roads but slower (and treacherous) in the wooded trails.  Super tiring thanks to slush/snow.  We were freezing on the road return trip back to cars.  I then moved inside to the treadmill and added on 3.5 miles, with 2 miles at T pace. This was more to get in a mini-workout rather than pad mileage.  I've gotta get used to running harder later in races on tired, fatigued legs.  I'll call it 16.5 outside, 3.5 inside for 20 on the day.  Although the outside, due to conditions/footing felt like 20 itself. Good day.

Sun (1/25)
7mi. - easy noontime shakeout around Ashaway.  Sunny and warm (40ish)--vastly different from previous day's slog.  Felt decent but obviously fatigued.  Slow and easy to get the blood flowing and shake out errything.

Total: 81 miles
YTD: 219 miles

--> another good, high volume week with a few quality workouts.  This is probably a little too big in terms of mileage for me at this stage of the game.  However, I'm feeling good other than some fatigued muscles and tightness in ligaments and tendons (achilles especially).  I'm actually stretching now (a little)! Also, given the impending blizzard and a possible road 5K next weekend, along with needed cutback in volume, the upcoming seven days will most likely be a reduction (10-15% in mileage) yet I will probably not sacrifice effort Q1 and Q2 (midweek and one weekend day).  Not sure how I'll sneak in long run over the weekend but I'll figure something out.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

2015 W03 1/12/15 - 1/18/15

Mon. (1/12)
8mi. - couldn't bring myself to run outside in the dreary rain.  Easy pace on the TM at the Y in Wyoming. Bored to tears.

Tue. (1/13)
8mi. - fun but chilly Tour d'Ashaway.  Mix of roads, some trails, and cemetery.

Wed. (1/14)
10mi.(a.m.) - workout on TM at Westerly Y.  2 w/u, 3T, 3:00 recovery, 2T, 2:00 recovery, 1T, 1:00 recovery, then cool down mile plus.  All T-pace @ 5:52. Good workout.  Not too hard (I love T pace stuff) but legs feeling it a little bit now.
6mi. (p.m.) - easy meandering mix of roads and local trails.  Found some new logging "trails" across the street where rednecks are felling lumber.  Thanks guys. Feels good to double.  I love doubles almost as much as I love T-pace workouts.

Thu. (1/15)
7mi. - ran in morning before meeting at CMS for Mason.  Felt good.  Had intentions of doubling but napped for two hours in afternoon instead.  Epic resting session!

Fri. (1/16)
9mi. - roll through NoSto and Kenyon Cross Roads trails home.  A little tired and tight in quads.

Sat. (1/17)
20mi. (a.m.) - frigid long run with Jonny that was a good workout. 5 easy in Carolina trails, then 5 @ MP on roads down to Carter Preserve.  5 more on trails in Carter and then 3 @ MP on roads.  Cooldown back in Carolina to cars.  Bitterly cold at the start but we were properly dressed and warmed up quickly, minus any exposed skin.  Great run.  Who needs a dog to run with when you have Jonny, ready willing and able to do any and all marathon workouts? :)
4mi. (p.m.) - killed time in Wakefield while my son was at birthday party.  Used gift certificate at Camires, bought a book at Wakefield Books, and a few growlers at Whaler Brewery.  Squeezed in an easy 4 mile shakeout on trails and surrounding Old Mountain Field.  2xHR trot around the bases on ball field.

9mi. - ran from my parents on a mix of drizzly Carolina Mgmt Area trails and local roads.  Legs a little tired but good end to a big week for me.

Total: 81 miles
YTD: 138 miles

--> my first real week of marathon training (missed 1st two sort of due to illness).  It was a good one.  Feeling tired and worn out but in a good way.  Have to be careful going forward--walk that fine line between too much and just enough training.  Perhaps another higher mileage week next week and then a cut back week the following week (that's a lot of "weeks" in one sentence).  Should be an okay plan as long as I stay healthy and continue incorporating 2 Q sessions per week (Wednesday and weekend).

Sunday, January 11, 2015

2015 W02: 1/5/15 - 1/11/15

Mon. (1/5): 6mi - mix of roads and trails.  Felt really tired and sluggish.  Pace ok but no energy.

Tue. (1/6): 5mi.  - all roads this time.  A little better than yesterday but not quite same pace (15s/mile slower).  Wore a face mask/neck warmer to help dry cold air-induced coughing

Wed. (1/7):5mi. - mix of trails and roads in HLT properties.  Cold and getting colder.  Still tired and not much energy but keep feeling a little bit better each day.  Just no get up and go really.

Thu. (1/8): 4mi. - short one at normal pace. Doing a little better breathing, pacing etc. but just having a hard time feeling energized.  To bed early (1915!) and slept straight through until morning wake up for work (0445). Rest for success?

Fri. (1/9): 3mi - so unmotivated. All I could bring myself to do.  Still at normal pace (7:24) but blah.

Sat. (1/10): 12mi. - Finally, a double digit mileage run.  Ran from Weekapaug Breachway, into Misquamicut and then back on the beach.  Added on a little more in Weekapaug neighborhoods.  Ran at normal pace (7:10 overall) and didn't feel tired.  Things are maybe looking up?

Sun. (1/11):8mi. - Resolution Beach /Trail 5K.  Ran surprisingly well given my recent illness and apathy.  Not sure on exact finishing time or place (17:4X and 5th OA maybe?).  Pleased.

Weekly Total: 43 miles
YTD: 57 miles

Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 W01: 1/1/15 - 1/4/15

Mon (12/29) - 7mi chilly, lost feeling in toes // 5mi easy w/Jonny in Ninigret while kids rode bikes

Tue (12/30) - 6mi post physical @ doctors, ran down to breachway to look for snowy owls

Wed (12/31) - 0 ugh. sick with flu-like symptoms

Thu (1/1) - 2mi - very easy slog on trails across street.  Sick but feeling a little better

Fri (1/2) - 3mi - still gross and feeling blah

Sat (1/3) - 4mi - a tiny bit better but still not much energy. Minor right Achilles tightness/twinges

Sun (1/4) - 5mi - a tiring and wet end to a forgetful start to the year. Just zero energy in legs and whole body for that matter. Coughing and gagging yielded a dry heave or two at the end. Gross.

Weekly Total: 32 miles (13 f/2014)
2015 Total: 14 miles

Definitely a disappointing end to my winter break and awful start to 2015.  Can't believe how little energy I have, even for non-running activities.  Hope the ship gets righted soon as I'm now officially one week behind in marathon training.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Stats

What a shitty way to round out the year.  Instead of beginning my first official (actually scheduled and mapped out!) week of Boston training, I came down with flu-like symptoms in the early morning hours of 31 December.  When at my annual physical checkup on 30 December, I agreed to a flu shot when my physician asked if I wanted one.  Why not?  In the petri dish that is the classroom, I'm exposed to everything but HIV and Ebola so maybe I should.  It appears that I'm one of the lucky 1-2% crowd that has side effects.  Well, never again! Why would someone agree to a vaccination that will make you have the flu for several days so that you don't get the flu for several days?  Beyond stupid. Technically, I do not know if 24 hours is actually a fast enough turn around time but whatever.  That's my hypothesis.  Speaking of which, I have hypotheses on nearly errything and I'm willing to share them, especially if beers are involved.


Like a dumb ass, I stubbornly refused to start off 2015 with a zero.  I know it's absolutely pointless to go out for a slooooooow 2 miles when sick but, well, you know. If you run, you get it.  After showering, I spent a substantial amount of time pouring over my running data from the year and realized two things: 1. I'm way too into data  2. it's too bad fitness cannot be gained from flipping pages and number crunching. 

So on to the numbers:
Oops....that should read "2014 Monthly Mileage Totals"
Total miles for 2014: 2747 (easily a PR....only 2113 in 2013)

Total days run: 330

Total days off/zero: 35

Average Mileage Per Week: 52.8

Average Mileage Per Day: 8.32

Above days due to injury/illness: 6*

Highest weekly mileage: 83 (8/18 - 8/24)

Lowest weekly mileage: 17 (6/16 - 6/22)*

Highest mileage/day: 27 (10/5)

Lowest mileage/day: 1.5 (10/12)
- was slightly drunk on way home from a friend's house and saw my family's van parked at a trail head. I couldn't resist running out to find them (in jeans and with a back pack with a few beers in it for me and the missus) #whitetrash

Number of days with double: 39

Highest mileage on double day: 19 (11/18)

Lowest mileage on double day: 10 (11 different times!)

Number of races: 13
- 5k (road): 1                -1/2 marathon (trail): 1
-5k (trail): 3                  -marathon (trail): 1
-10k (trail): 1                -8 mile (trail): 1
-10 mile (road):1          -5 mile (road): 1
-10 mile (trail):2           -18K (road) :1

Roads left in attempted Hopkinton Road Gobble (HRG): 17 (possibly 19)
- Public roads: 11         - Private roads: 6 (possibly 8?)

Miles biked: 11.5   HA! HA! What's a bike?!?

As a side note, I'm too lazy to tabulate fishing stats but feel free to check my rambling "Fun In Nature" link for some of my highlights and interesting times in nature this year, along with a few pics and external links.  Outside is the best side, always!

Top Three Highlights of the Year (in no particular order or ranking)
I went into the race for two reasons: I liked the price (I'm cheap) and I just couldn't find a road marathon that I wanted to do. Having no real idea how I was going to run I was super pleased by the day.  The course was unbelievably fun and I ran very well, finishing 2nd overall in 3:31:55.  

2. Narragansett Trail (E to W) FKT - 5/3/14
Sort of on a whim, prompted by Jonny, I undertook this fun event with Jonny and Seth.  We began at the eastern terminus (Ashville Pond) and ran to the western terminus in CT (Lantern Hill).  It was really fun given the pleasant weather, good company, awesome trails, undulating terrain (1881' elevation), and accomplishment.  After spending a fair amount of time researching on the Google Machine, I'm pretty darn sure we are now the record holders for the FKT of E-to-W for this trail.  Although I guess not really, seeing as I still haven't posted it on FKT.  Maybe later today while sick, coughing, and sweating out viral byproducts. 

This one just blew me away given that I ran waaaaaay over my head and abilities(?) and finished 6th OA in 47:19! Given my previous PR of 49:17 this was just an untouchable day.  I seriously doubt if I'll ever run that well on that course ever again.  

Overall, I managed to stay relatively injury free with no major problems other than some minor achilles issues.  Given my previous year (spring of 2013 and fall of 2013) this was a huge plus.  Hopefully that trend continues into this year.  As long as I'm smart (sometimes) I think it is achievable.  

I have multiple goals for 2015.  In no particular order once again:
  • run (well) Boston in April
  • run a road marathon in under 2:50:XX (maybe kill two birds with one stone here?)
  • sub 1:17 in road marathon
  • sub 17:00 in 5K (although I'm growing sick of road 5Ks and my inability to run fast)
  • another FKT attempt at another trail somewhere
  • finish HRG (although totally meaningless, I'm really close)
  • continuing writing for and promoting the LVL
  • go back to posting brief weekly summaries--I kind of miss doing it
Well, that's enough about me and my dreams and pathetic accomplishments.  Some are absolutely/easily within reach, others are a bit more of a stretch and harder work.  On to 2015--healthy, not too fat, not quite as drunk, and addicted to miles!