Sunday, February 22, 2015

2015 W08 2/16/15-2/22/15

Mon. (2/16):
12mi. (a.m.) - mindless on the treadmill.  Tried watching Netflix on my phone but gave up after five minutes. I couldn't stand tiny screen and having to stare down.  Listened to music instead (I never do that!) and it made it somewhat bearable

4mi. (p.m.) - slow and easy on local roads in Yak Trax just to see how cold it was.  Wasn't that bad once the wind died down a little.

Tue. (2/17):
11mi. (a.m.) - workout at the Y that was supposed to be 4E+2x(3T) +2T +3E.  I knew after the first T block that I wasn't going to be able to do it.  It is a decent chunk of work but would be manageable if went into it well rested.  I'm just tired all the time now.  Instead I altered it to 3T, 2T, 1T with equal minutes recovery after each (3:00/2:00/1:00).  Tiring and slightly disappointing but it is what it is. J. Daniels is a cruel slave driver.

3mi. (p.m.) - easy shakeout after short ride to Eastman in Grantham, NH. Van full of screaming spawn plus slushy and salty roads = (as soon as we pulled in) "See ya, I'm going for a short shakeout." Thankfully, my wife understands my needs. Short trip for a day and a half of skiing (and drinking). Legs pretty damn tired.

Wed. (2/18):
3mi. - super short and easy run.  It is categorized as a "rest day", at least in terms of running. Not much to even talk about but I knew this day was going to be a wash due to 5+ hours spent skiing with my son and nephew at Mt. Sunapee.  Super fun but my legs were fatigued.  Cross training that ruins my legs even more than they already are? Isn't that totally against the point?

Thu. (2/19):
7mi. - after the car ride back from NH I was less than motivated.  This coupled with the stiff NNW wind (20-25) made me hate existence briefly.  However, per usual, after 2 miles I perked up.  Threw in 7 strides towards the latter part of the run, which is something I really need to do more often on midweek filler runs.

Fri. (2/20):
10mi. (a.m.) - boring slog on the treadmill at the Y.  Hate it

5mi.  (p.m.) - just logging more miles.  Treadmill again.  More of the same but half the dose.

Sat. (2/21):
18mi. - a tough one with Jonny.  Another late start (1145).  I was once again supposed to do a difficult Daniels' workout (4E+6M+1T+5M+2E) but that seemed ridiculous.  Instead we decided on the spur of the moment (once the run started) to let the course dictate our workout.  We ended up doing 6M then "recovered" for about 1.5miles (up a bitch of a hill on Punchbowl Trail) then 3M mainly on Beaver River Rd.  The rest was "easy" back to the cars for 3+ miles but not before we immediately "rested" up Shannock Hill.  I was beat and both of us were fading over the last mile or two.  To top it off, I immediately went to my parents' house and raked, shoveled, pushed etc. snow off of their roof.  Holy shit- I was completely in Bonk City.  I had to stop near the end of the snow removal to go back inside and beg some fuel (7 chocolate chip cookies) from my mom.  I was getting dizzy and seeing spots up on the roof. Not good but it all worked out.  You haven't lived until you've laid in snow upon a roof while flurries drifted down around you and scarfed junk food.  Good stuff. A great day of calorie depleting activity overall. Lest you worry about my caloric intake, have no fear -- I crushed a variety of quality pints o' high-test ales  and greasy food in the evening and the caloric deficit is no more.

Sun. (2/22):
7mi.- wimped out on tired legs.  Hid inside on the treadmill from slush and cars, despite the spring-like temperature and sun.  I was surprised by how much everything had melted (roads) by the time I emerged from the Westerly Den O' Sin.

TOTAL: 80 miles
YTD: 511 miles

--> a good week with two quality workouts/efforts again.  Unfortunately, 45 of this week's miles were on the hamster wheel.  Embarrassing but at least I got the miles in I suppose.  An unofficial goal is that this upcoming week will be my final runs on the dread mill (looking like, due to scheduling issues, I probably have to run at least Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday on the mill).  Ugh.  I'm no Jim Johnson. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

2015 W07 2/9/15 - 2/15/15

Mon. (2/9)
6mi. (a.m.) - another friggin' snow day.  Easy on local slushy roads in Yak Trax.  Legs feel tired and beat up

6mi. (p.m.) - back to the Y for another easy 6 on the treadmill.  Just trying to move legs around and get them back.

Tue. (2/10)
8mi. - felt really good for this one. Surprising, given how legs felt Sunday and yesterday.  Plus, I got to wear shorts which is good.  Spirits lifted.

Wed. (2/11)
11mi. (a.m.) -early morning grind on the TM.  2E +8M +1E.  Was supposed to do 2E +12M +2E but I don't feel like I could handle that yet at this stage of the game, nor do I have enough time to get it in before school.  Tiring but totally manageable in this reduced format.

4mi. (p.m.) - slow easy 4 spot on local roads to move around the ol' legs

Thu. (2/12)
8mi. - a short roll around Misquamicut area before WTAC board meeting. Saw a Rough-Legged Hawk.

Fri. (2/13)
8mi. - boring, boring, boring TM after school.  5K and Gazelle sightings at least broke up the monotony.

Sat (2/14)
18+mi. - long run workout with Jonny.  We opted to start late to give it a chance to warm up (from -6F up to a balmy 24F at the start).  Neither one of us were motivated at all but that's why we train with partners, isn't it?  AFter 8+ miles easy, we ran 7 miles at M pace (6:13 avg....a little too spicy but it's all good).  Then a 3 mile cooldown back to my house that was unfortunately all up hill (Collins Road).  Good day.

Sun (2/15)
6+mi. - ran in afternoon as I had no clean outdoor clothes again (how does this happen?).  Ran easy in YakTrax and felt fine despite serious lack of motivation.

TOTAL: 76 miles
YTD: 431 miles

--> another solid week.  Mileage was a tiny but under what I was shooting for (80-82) but no worries.  Two Q sessions and the marathon training continues.  Hopefully it'll only get "easier" as (if) the weather warms.  The workouts certainly will only get tougher for sure but the conditions and, consequently the motivation, should get easier. Fingers crossed.....

Sunday, February 8, 2015

2015 W06 2/2/15 - 2/8/15

Mon. (2/2):
5mi. (a.m.) - Another snow day -- BLACH!! Going to be in school until 30 June at this rate. Easy on local shitty roads in Yak Trax. Just loosening up.

5mi. (p.m.) - after shoveling a little, couldn't bring myself to go again on snowy roads.  Logged pathetic easy (7:30 pace) miles on the treadmill at the Y

Tue. (2/3):
9mi. - felt really good today for some reason.  Rolled off a peppy one on a basic tour of Ashaway.  I didn't care about traffic, lack of shoulder, slush, ice, etc. either. I'll take it!

Wed. (2/4):
17mi. - midweek long workout during "lunch".  12E+3T+2E.  A rolling first 10 miles allowed me to pound the descents and then climb again--really tired out my legs.  The T block was really tough with a constant head wind for most of it. Was toast on the last 2 easy/cool down.  Definitely a quality, and sneaky, chunk of work that will hopefully be helpful the third week in April.  Daniels made me do it.

Thu. (2/5):
6mi.  - easy but very chilly recovery run

Fri. (2/6):
8mi. - super boring but easy treadmill run in afternoon at the Y.  Had no clean outside clothes although still could have pulled off this run outside.  It wasn't that bad/cold/gross out. Wimp.

Sat. (2/7):
13mi. - Belleville Pond 10K Trail Race.  The annual snowy shit show in North Kingstown.  Honestly, I hate this race but not for the course itself.  I just am not a good snow runner at all, and for three straight years now it has been snowy and awful.  However, I lucked out this year and ran really well.  I can chalk this up to two reasons: 1.) by far a majority of the course had been knocked down by snowshoeing (thanks, Jonny), hikers, and snowmobiles. That made much of it quite runnable. 2.)Garvin let me use his microspikes.  These things are incredible--how the eff do I not own a pair ( purchased them on Amazon when I got home from the race).  Finished 5th OA in 45:27 and WTAC took the team competition.  After short cooldown with some of the guys grabbing flags, I tacked on 3 more solo, easy on roads and then went to Oak Hill Tavern with a few of the TNT guys for pints and ball busting.  Great day. Crutchley has concocted a fantastic acronym title for WTAC with relation to the Tuesday Night Turtles club....all in good fun of course.  I'll give him the honor of relaying said descriptive title at a later point in time--it's friggin' hilarious! I will try and do an extended recap of the day asap

Sun (2/8):
13mi. - "late" morning (0800) run in North Stonington with Jonny from my house.  We had plans for doing a really easy, laid back run but I think our conversations re: yesterday's race had us running low 7:00s the entire way. Pretty tiring but a fantastic day-after-race loosener and good end to the week.

TOTAL: 76 miles
YTD: 355 miles

--> a surprisingly good week given the lack of another true long run.  I did "sneak in" a long workout midweek on Wednesday that was a little tougher than I had anticipated.  Saturday's race counts as a quality workout too, especially with the snow.  Sunday helped round out the week to put mileage right where I originally wanted it.  Now, with no races on the immediate horizon, time to grind out some more Boston training.  2Q and remainder filler is the order of the foreseeable future.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Other Forms Of Fun

This past July I had the opportunity to participate in an epic day of little boy fun in the woods helping friends celebrate a bachelor party.  Forget about the boring, cliche events you've been too.  Strippers, cigars, "going out", etc.  It's all overrated, especially when compared to this bash I had the privilege of partaking in.

The friends of interest are two video guys and have an amazing movie/production company , Gnarly Bay, centered in downtown Westerly, RI (right near the Malted Barley).  They do amazing work and have productions far and wide (Katy Perry, NFL Films, NASCAR, and everything in between). They're the real deal and are big time now.  In fact, this latest video, done just for fun and to acknowledge the day of celebratory debauchery and childish fun, is now blowing up and being featured on and various websites.  They're even going to appear in the next two weeks on Ellen.  Wow.

Anyway, I've been talking up this day to anyone who would listen, and even those who won't. At long last, here is a video that sums up the amazing day. Don't let the 20+ minute time frame deter you. It's worth the watch.

Sit back. Have a cold beverage. Click here: Rambo Day and enjoy.

Also, if you're interested, here's a link to their blog explaining the behind the scenes story of sorts.

PS-I was a bad guy during the Stallone-fueled festivities but I promise I'm really a nice guy.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

2015 W05 1/26/15 - 2/1/15

Mon. (1/26)
6mi - a less than stellar, halfhearted run with first 2 miles on icy, crusty, lightly powdered trails of Grills Sanctuary.  After almost eating shit 2x I moved out to the roads and hated that even more with the slushy mess and drivers.  4WD helps you get going but it doesn't help you slow down, dickhead.  Move over a tiny bit please?

Tue. (1/27)
5mi. - no school due to the "blizzard".  Ran at 1200 in Yak Trax during a lull in the snowfall.  Still pretty windy. Fun (tiring) but roads were fairly well plowed with only about 1-2" in most places but still icy and slippery.  Kept forgetting that with a face mask you cannot blow snot rockets nor spit repeatedly.  Oops.

Wed. (1/28)
10mi. - another snow day (ugh!). Y opened at 1200 so treadmill again as it is tough to workout on snow and slush roads.  With a 5K this Sunday, opted for something not overly taxing -- 5 x 1 mile cruise intervals.  T pace felt very manageable but just tiring enough that the last one I had to focus.

Thu. (1/29)
10mi. - I guess this was my first official shit run of 2015.  I was heavy legged and dragging ass, miserably spinning my wheels in slush along the side of the road and cursing drivers and their refusal to move over (again).  #bitch

Fri. (1/30)
8mi. - legs felt even worse than yesterday.  Just so tired.  Hope its due more to the shitty conditions then to my worn out legs. Still, the dude abides.

Sat. (1/31)
10mi. - slept in and met Jonny at 0730 at CHS for a projected flat and easy 17 mile run.  10F (-4F with windchill).  My eyelids were freezing shut almost instantly in the wind.  Frozen fucking tundra through the turf fields.  Terrible! Instead we opted for two repeat loops of about 5 miles each with a quick stop to warm up at the vehicles for five mins. Not a long run but better than nothing and still OK given a "cut back week"

Sun. (2/1)
11mi. - Race: Super 5K (Narragansett, RI).  Ran well.  Really thought I had sub-17 in the bag.  17:03. 4th OA.  Damn it.  Maybe I'll do a race recap later.  Disappointing for sure but still happy that WTAC Men's squad won the team division. I can drink away my fitness at the Mews later this winter.

Total: 60 miles
YTD: 279 miles

--> Overall, not a bad week.  Going in I knew I needed a slight reduction/cutback this week but 60 is still a little on the low side.  However, with the snow "blizzard" in the beginning of the week, terrible weather conditions, and no long run to speak of, I still got two quality efforts in and made a respectable week.  Get back after it next week I suppose.  Unfortunately, Belleville Pond Trail 10K is next Saturday.  How the hell I'll race in 20" of crusty, icy snow is beyond me.  Have to maybe sneak in a long run midweek? I don't know....