Sunday, March 29, 2015

2015 W13 3/23/15 - 3/29/15

Mon (3/23):
9mi. - just normal wandering around Ashaway.  Took it pretty easy.

Tue. (3/24):
8mi.  - more wandering. Legs felt like shit for entire duration.  To be expected I guess.  Any tiny hill I climbed felt like a monstah.  300+' but it felt like 3000'.  7:24 for pace though so that's ok--wasn't dogging it at least.

Wed. (3/25):
16mi. - just couldn't drag myself out of bed at 0400 for big T-pace workout.  Went back to sleep and missed the double only to have to do it on roads in afternoon. 3E+4x2T (w/2:00 recs)+4Eish (little more).  Wind was tough and my legs were feeling it but I did have good times - 11:47 (5:52)/11:44 (5:54)/11:35 (5:44)/11:48 (5:51). The return climb back up Collins Road to home was pretty somber. Pretty beat up when I got home only to have to ride bikes with my middle daughter for a few miles.  Only a few but I was bonking.

Thu. (3/26):
8mi.  -(a.m.) turning them over nice and easy this morning on the Y treadmill.  Watched Peaky Blinders on Netflix.  I'm not a "show" guy but this one, about Irish & English mobs in post WWI England is a good one!

5mi. - (p.m.) slow and easy on tired legs.  Doing it just for the beers.

Fri. (3/27):
8mi. - a funny run.  Felt like shite the first 1/4 of the run.  The second 1/4 was just blah.  The third 1/4 was much better.  And the final 1/4 I felt friggin' great!  Funny how that works sometimes. Solid pace overall as a result of the unintentional progression second half.

Sat. (3/28):
8mi. - unfortunately, I was forced to use the "free" child care at the YMCA. Just a boring 8 miles on the circulating rubber mat.

Sun. (3/29):
20+mi. - met a bunch of people (BAA guys as well as a relative 3x Olympian!) again up in Hopkinton, MA for a final "preview" and marathon-pace work on the course.  A lot of fun as there were water stops and a bunch of others out running their final long workout before the race. We ran the mile from RD's house to the start line and then warmed up further on the course, then settled into M pace work.  Ended up 4(ish)E+12M+4(ish)E.  It was fun seeing even more of the course. According to the spacewatch I was a little slow pace-wise during the M block (6:20ish) but that's ok.  It's all relative. Although we ended up stopping prior to the infamous Heartbreak Hill, we did get to sample the first two of the Newton Hills (there's actually four, not three like most people think). They're not hard but given race pace and the location/distance in the marathon, they're going to bust my balls.  I hate loooooong, slow, gradual hills.  A really fun day and I think I'll benefit from it. Sorry I missed Brrrr-lingame 10 Mile Trail Race as a result but I needed this one.

TOTAL: 82+miles
YTD: 916+miles

--> a pretty good week for my final "peak week".  Holy shit....I'm feeling fit, fast, healthy and ready to DO THIS!  I can't believe how good I feel right now. No jinxes but I'm pretty sure I've never been at this level of fitness ever before in my brief running career. If I can only curtail my eating, drinking, and fretting over the next three weeks I'll be good.  Tapering is difficult and I don't know how to do it.  I'm always either too MUCH taper or too little.  Gotta be smart about this--but when am I ever smart about anything I do in life?

Sunday, March 22, 2015

2015 W12 3/16/15- 3/22/15

Mon. (3/16):
10mi. - easier side of things on loops around Ashaway.  Legs feeling tired.

Tue. (3/17):
5mi.  - an Irish "rest" day.  Legs super tired.  A shorty before St. Paddy's festivities.  Ugh.

Wed. (3/18):
18mi.  - a hungover workout around Hopkinton.  Wind was CRAZY! After nursing myself through a small pity party, I managed to hang in there and get it done.  8E+2x2T+2E+2x1T+2E.  Part of North Road (about a mile) near Long & Ell Ponds was unplowed.  Frozen post holes and ice made for slow going there.  The rest of it was okay.  However, I struggled on some of the T pace stuff.  Luckily the wind wasn't too bad for much of it and on some sections (briefly) I was going downhill (last 1T was 5:41--HA!).  Lost power around 12:00.

3mi. - still with no power, went to the YMCA just to shave and shower (not sure if I'd have electricity back for the morning).  Easy 3 shakeout on the treadmill.  21 for the day -- KAPOW!

Thu. (3/19):
7mi.  - slow and easy loop around Tomaquag and Woodville Rds.  Tried the short trail section that connnects Woodville back to Collins Road.  Some spots were completely clear and dry but then instantly busting through icy, crusty 6" crap.  Tiring.  Not quite ready for trails...YET. This was basically a recovery run.

Fri. (3/20):
6mi. (a.m.) - snuck out at 0445 for regular six miles at normal pace.  Everything was going great until very short section heading north on Rte. 3.  I was hit on the arm (elbow) by a car that was FLYING in the wrong lane, passing another car.  It hurt so much.  By the time I realized what had happened the car was already pulling off Rte. 3 onto the ramp for I95.  How did they not see me?!? I had head lamp, reflective vest, reflective patches on tights and jacket, and a flashing beacon pen light clipped to my back. The world is full of assholes. Elbow is very sore now but not broken--luckily it just hammered the very tip ('That's what she said').  Another 2-3" farther over and I would've been screwed. This is the second time this has happened to me.

10mi. - (p.m.) just a lollipop from my parents' house, up Shannock Hill, around a loop through Shannock and back home.  A little tired and heavy-legged but the snow and cold actually made it "fun"(?).

Sat. (3/21):
16mi. - drove up to Ryan D's house in Hopkinton, MA to run a simple progressive workout and preview first 15 miles of the course with several guys from around there.  Ran mile from his home where we graciously looped around an intersection to cross the start line and then 3+ miles easy down the beginning of the racecourse and then ran an approximated 4miles @ 6:15ish, (3:00 rec), 3 miles @6:10ish, (2:00 rec), 2 miles at 6:00, (1:00+ rest due to traffic/congestion) and then 1 mile at 5:40 with the remainder a cool down to the pickup/rendezvous point.  It was nice previewing the deceptively downhill course and several key checkpoints/landmarks.  It'll help on race day.  Going to have to hold back the reigns the first 10 miles or so for sure.  Also, there are many sneaky, very gradual inclines mixed in to tire you out.  It's going to be fun.

Sun. (3/22):
15mi. - met Jonny at the Richmond Town Hall and ran up on hilly Richmond back roads.  We even mixed in some crusty, snow covered trails (mile 2 and mile 5).  Somehow he took the CR on Wolf Court Climb by 17 seconds over me even though we were running essentially side by side?!? Suck it GPS. I tacked on 4 extra to get to 15 for the day (and chase silly weekly mileage numbers).  Felt tired but still good and honest.

TOTAL: 90 miles
YTD: 834 miles

--> A good "peak week" (next week high miles too?) for me.  It is easily my highest mileage week ever.  I'm feeling really, really good right now.  Almost ready to begin winding down and take on Boston -- not quite yet though. With 47 miles in the last 3 days, I'm pretty tired right now but still basking in the afterglow of a solid week.  Stay healthy.  Get in some quality work next week. Then the waiting game begins.  By waiting I mean the marathon but also the spring fu*$#ng weather too! Garden is still covered in snow and I should already have snow peas in the ground.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

2015 W11 3/9/15 - 3/15/15

Mon. (3/9):
6mi. - easy paced stroll on tired legs. Fatigued legs but not sore at all.

Tue. (3/10):
8mi. - ran this A-town loop a little too hot (7:04 pace).  Legs felt like shit/pretty tired.  Should've run this one much easier than I did.  Have to be careful.

Wed. (3/11):
8mi. - (a.m.) easy on the treadmill at 0500.  Legs feeling pretty fatigued so I skipped "Workout Wednesday".  Just logging miles today. Easy 7:30 pace.

8mi - (p.m.) from home to my parents' house for dinner (AMAZING lasagna!).  Legs still totally trashed. Struggled on any ascent, even very minor ones.  Just wanted to get it over but then realized that I was running low 7:00s/high 6:00s.  Again, a little to juicy for tired legs.  Should've taken it a little easier.

Thu. (3/12):
10mi. - went back to parents' house to look for my lost phone.  No dice.  Ran an easy pace (7:34) ten spot on Pine Hill Road and local side streets.  Loosened up nicely and was happy that it felt easy (thought I was 8:00+ pace).  Some tightness in calves. Found my StupidPhone in the back of the wife's van underneath the farthest seat, covered in chocolate-laden 4yr old fingerprints.  Call Sherlock....

Fri. (3/13):
8mi. - stroll around side streets of the 'Shway. A little bit tired.

Sat. (3/14):
20mi. - on the treadmill.  Yes, I was too much of a pussy to run outside in the cold rain.  Sad but at least I got the work in. 3E+10M+3E+2T+2E.  During the M block (6:17 pace) I varied the incline from 1% - 6% in a totally random manner.  Playing with yourself helps pass the time.  Terrible watching cooking shows on the YMCA televisions.  Gave me some ideas but I was so hungry.  The short T block (5:50) was tiring but manageable.  Glad it's over. Hope it is my last run on the 'mill for a long, long, long time (2016?)

Sun. (3/15);
12mi. - from Tommy 5K's house with a bunch of other WTAC guys.  Despite tired legs it felt good to get out, move around and get the miles in earlier rather than later.  On Sunday's I've noticed a correlation between hours passing in the day and willingness to run.  This one got me to my mileage goal for the week so I was happy.

TOTAL: 80 miles
YTD: 744 miles

--> another good week, and despite only having one workout this week I'm still happy with it. Mildly embarrassed by my chicken shit treadmill move on Saturday but I didn't feel like cold rain and at least I got quality marathon work in.  Boston draws closer but I feel like I'm getting closer to be ready for it.

Monday, March 9, 2015

2015 W10 3/2/15 - 3/8/15

Mon. (3/2):
7mi - took it pretty easy in "warm" (35F) and windy weather.  Stopped to take a leak and got distracted by huge bald eagle soaring overhead! Forgot to restart watch so only "got credit" for 6.5.  Felt really easy today.

Tue. (3/3):
10mi. - the ol' Kackenballz loop through North Stonington.  Rolled it at a good pace but was woefully under dressed. Stiffness in knees but I think from the cold?

Wed. (3/4):
10mi. - (a.m.) Y treadmill.  Skipped scheduled Daniels' workout as I have 1/2 marathon this Sunday.  Instead, just worked on pacing.  6 x 1T w/ 1:00 recoveries.  Given what I've been doing, and that I was on a mill, this wasn't really taxing.  I guess that's a good thing?

7mi. - Rolled a local road run in shorts, no gloves, and no hat.  Willing spring to friggin' get here.

Thu. (3/5):
5mi. (a.m.) - another GD snow day!! Ran slow and easy on local snowy roads in Yaks.  A little over 8:00 pace but enjoyed the lack of urgency and zero worries about pace at all.

4mi. (p.m.) - just like in the morning except a little shorter but MUCH sloppier!  Slipping all over the place, even in Yak Trax.  Tired for this one.  Hip flexors groaning about it a little due to the footing/conditions.

Fri. (3/6):
8+mi. - 3 miles solo around Wakefield before meeting some other WTAC guys for 5 more really easy. Running is so tough around there -- narrow roads, so crowded, no sidewalks, awful! After we used our winnings from the Super 5K at the Mews for dinner and pints.

Sat. (3/7):
5mi. - easy fiver on a beautiful, sunny, calm morning. Laying low due to Sunday's 1/2 marathon

Sun. (3/8):
17mi. - Oceans run 1/2 Marathon.  Found out at bib pickup the course was shortened (12.6 miles) due to ice.  Frustrating but what are you gonna do?  I ran consistent splits, right where I thought I was going to be.  Finished 2nd OA in 1:13:44. Report coming sometime soon I guess.

TOTAL: 73 miles
YTD: 664 miles

-->another week down and decent mileage.  Several more weeks of higher mileage and intensity and then it nears taper and go time.  Going to be tough to squeeze in a hard week and higher mileage again this week as Saturday is the Brrrr-lingame 10 Mile Trail snow.....again.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

2015 W09 2/23/15 - 3/1/15

Mon. (2/23):
8mi. - super unmotivated. Cold and windy. Icy roads along the shoulder. I like winter but I finally feel as though this day, Monday 23 February, pushed me over the edge. I've had enough. Looking at the calendar it is very difficult to believe that I'm only 24 days or so from planting peas in the garden! Seriously?

Tue. (2/24):
12mi - planned on 5-7 easy in a.m. before school but couldn't get out of bed (-7 degrees when alarm went off at 0400).  First missed double attempt in awhile. Ran in afternoon on treadmill only while my kids were in swim class (wife swapped kid duties with working out).   Out of frustration, moved my Workout Wednesday to Tuesday.  6E+6x1000m @I (1:00)+2E.  Tough one but manageable.  The worst part was the treadmill, obviously. Some minor shin soreness immediately after.  Weird.

Wed. (2/25):
7mi. - (a.m.) - Y treadmill.  Going through the motions.  Some minor soreness in lateral right shin and upper gastrocnemius (lateral head). Doesn't seem to be anything major.  Sort of feels like soreness in lower legs after a hard, long trail race.

5mi. (p.m.) - short and easy on local chilly roads for run #2. At least I was in shorts! Lower leg soreness abating.

Thu. (2/26):
5mi. - unmotivated, normal run.  Shorter than necessary but better than nothing I guess. Calf/lower leg almost normal. Slippery Tomaquag Valley Road (dirt and ice).

Fri. (2/27):
7mi. (a.m.) - another pre-dawn treadmill patrol.  Listened to first set from 4 April 1998 in Providence, RI.  Helped pass the time.  One of my biggest regrets thus far in life was missing the Island Tour four show run in '98. A junior in college at the time and chose not to go. Sad.

6mi. - (p.m.) - afternoon run from home.  A little bit peppy just to squeeze in the six spot before quickly showering and changing for my hot date night with Rosalie (Sweetheart/Father-Daughter Dance). I brought a lot of funk & swagger to the dance floor.  At the advice of my 8yr old daughter, I "rationed my awesomeness and didn't give it out all at once and embarrass (her)".

Sat. (2/28):
19mi. - cold (9F) morning long run with Jonny through Charlestown and Matunuck/South Kingstown.  Pretty flat run but we still gave it an honest effort.  Followed Daniels' advice for 3E+2T+60:00E+2T+4E.  Felt pretty good for this one although the second T block was a little bit tiring.  No fuel during the run so that, coupled with no water and cold temps may have added to it.  Still pretty pleased during the cooldown to the beach and back after Jonny and I parted ways. Feeling great!

Sun. (3/1):
11mi. - North Stonington loop from home to get to 80 for the week.  Surprised at how good I felt for this one.  Don't want to jinx it. Welcome March--I've been waiting for you and your snow melting powers

TOTAL: 80 miles
YTD: 591 miles

-->another good week for me in the books.  Other than the expected/obvious tiredness I'm feeling really, really good.  That makes me happy but at the same time, the pessimist in me is nagging and fretting, expecting the worst. Screw it.  Let it ride.  A slight cut back next week to recover a little and also because I have Oceans 1/2 Marathon on Sunday.  I'm certainly expecting to rip it up and PR that one, weather dependent of course.