Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week 21 5/18/15 - 5/24/15

Mon. (5/18):
8mi. - from home to Grills Sanctuary and back.  Enjoyed it.  Felt good.

Tue. (5/19):
6mi. - soggy and very sluggish.  Not motivated physically nor mentally.

Wed. (5/20:
7mi.  - (a.m.) - WHS early morning track. 3x800/3x400/3x200, all with half distance recoveries (400m, 200m, 100m).  Felt awkward but was still fun.  The increasingly shorter recoveries (distance and time) caught up to me near the end. Splits: 2:42/2:38/2:36/74/76/74/35/36/35

8mi - (p.m.) - from home to lacrosse field in Bradford. Mostly roads but looped in some Woody Hill trails too for fun.  Felt good at the end of the day.  Doubles are the best!

Thu. (5/21):
5mi. - Alexis is a whore.  Saw a kid spray-painting this in the road.  It was in 3 different locations.  Interesting. Otherwise, not really too motivated.  Felt blah and sluggish.

Fri. (5/22):
5mi. - unfortunately, was pressed for time and only got 5 in.  Still a pretty decent effort pace-wise despite the abbreviated window of opportunity.

Sat. (5/23):
15+mi. - Burlingame trails around Watchaug without a plan.  Much of it was single track on the SSE and SSW side of the pond before incorporating the rest of Vin Gormley trail.  Pretty fun.  Wanted to go for about 2 hours so I managed that.

Sun (5/24):
3mi. - a sickly 20+ mins.  Felt really shitty physically -- weak, tired, heavy legs, nauseous. Not sure why.  Quit after only 3 pathetic wandering miles on local trails. Disappointing end to the week.

YTD: 1310

-->not a great week but not a bad one.  Still looking to stick to between 50-60 miles per week right now in maintenance mode.  In retrospect, I'm pretty sure my lethargic, sickly feelings are just do to debauchery (beer, food, not enough sleep, not enough water).  I also have been running around like an idiot trying to take care of gardening, lawn, and get the boat in the water (despite NUMEROUS mechanical issues).  Finally got Salty Puddin' in afloat in the water.  I'm now on a mooring in the Pawcatuck River at Westerly Yacht Club.  I'm excited to fish the western-most portion of the state now as I was over in SK and Gansett before.  Let the exploration begin!!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 20 - 5/11/15 - 5/17/15

Mon. (5/11):
7mi. - local roads.  Pretty warm out but at least there was stiff breeze.  Cooling when a head wind, hot as hell when tail wind.  Some watch failures and bathroom issues on this one.  Ugh!!

Tue. (5/12):
7mi. - some more local road wandering.

Wed. (5/13):
6mi.- (a.m.) first time back at the track in what felt like forever.  10 x 200m with 200m recoveries (about 1:00 each).  Awkward form and wore the wrong shoes (regular trainers).  It was like my first time ever on the oval.  But I still had fun.  A little faster than necessary but whatever.  Just blowing out the pipes: 35/35/36/35/35/35/35/35/35/34.

7mi. - (p.m.) with Gazelle from Bradford lacrosse field (Mason's practice).  He took me on a tour of much of the new Run For The Pumpkins Trail 5K course in October.  It's fun.  I really enjoy wandering the mix of carriage roads, double track, and single track in Woody Hill Mgmt Area.  Even trails I've been on before I sometimes get confused.  First double in a long time.  Feels good.  Gotta get a few of these each week now.

Thu. (5/14):
6mi. - squeezed in a road/trail mix in and around Champlin before WTAC board meeting. Pretty nice out.

Fri. (5/15):
7mi. - flattest run possible.  Morning jaunt in Ninigret Park on old runways, asphalt paths, and regular cinder/dirt trails.  Super nice out again. Devoted the rest of the day to working on the boat.  Man, I'm a tourist -- almost Memorial Day weekend and I'm still not in the water! Sad.

Sat. (5/16):
13mi. - Barn Island trails with Mike B and Gazelle.  Overcast and cool. Perfect running weather.  Enjoyed this one as a majority of it was on twisty single track and I have not been in Barn Island preserve for a very long time.

Sun. (5/17):
5mi. - late start and this was all I could squeeze in.

TOTAL: 58 miles

YTD: 1240 miles

--> back to a normal maintenance week.  Would like to be a little more organized and focused moving forward but this is a start at least.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Playing Catchup - Weeks 16-19

I had promised myself to keep up to speed and post a weekly post each week that summarized results.  Well, in the tapering mode and excitement leading up to Boston and the subsequent recovery weeks afterwards, I was negligent in my duties. So here it is-a very brief overview, albeit not at all exciting, of what I've been up to in the week before, during, and two weeks after my marathon.

Week 16  - 4/13-4/19
M: 5mi. easy
T: 5mi. easy
W; 8mi. - last "workout" (3 x 1M w/ 2:00 rests).  Waiting is the hardest part.
T: 4+mi.
F: 4mi - feeling like a caged animal! Let's do this
S: 3mi.
S: 3mi. - super easy a.m. then drive up to Hopkinton


Week 17 - 4/20 - 4/26
M: 26.2mi.  - "The Race"....2:46:57! Fuck yes.
T: 2+mi. - super easy and slow on local, flat trails.  Very slow shuffle to speed recovery
W: 3mi. - Earth Day shuffle.  Still sore and fatigued but a little looser than yesterday
T: 6+mi. - easy Burlingame trails with Jonny
F: 5mi. - roads and strange soreness in one spot (right lateral hip/quad/hip flexor) on downhills
S: 3mi. - easy, afraid of "painful" twinges
S: 3mi.-easy again

Total: 45 miles

Week 18 - 4/27 - 5/3
M: 5mi. - sore in "the spot" and fatigued feeling. Did I overdo it last week? Doesn't seem like it.
T: 3mi. - easy trails. Babying my hip flexor/hip/quad area
W: 5mi - local trails
T: 8mi. - trails again
F: 5mi.
S: 9mi. - easy a.m. Burlingame trails with Jonny
S: 3mi. - shorty on roads but with some pep. Finally feeling better I suppose

Total: 38 miles

Week 19 - 5/4 - 5/10
M: 7mi. - trails in Woody Hill.  Pretty fun.  Decent pace.
T: 6mi. - hot for this time of year.  Not used to it.
W: 4mi. - fat, lazy, lethargic.  What a bitch.
T: 9mi. - trails in both areas of Grills. Great run!
F: 5mi.
S: 13mi. - a solo"long run" I guess.  From Shannock (roads), through Carter (trails) back to Shannock. Great run. I really, really enjoyed this one.
S: 3mi. - Mother's Day.  All I could squeeze in.

Total: 47mi. 

Year To Date Mileage: 1185

Overall, I finally feel back to normal.  Although I didn't struggle and wasn't floored from the race at all, there were some strange pings on the radar of soreness in odd spots. Not just blah, but closer to that dangerous precipice that is possible injury.  I tried to back off where/when necessary and be smart.  I feel as though soft trails obviously helped in that regard.  I missed them so much this winter during marathon training. Now that I'm into Week 22, I'm planning on resuming workouts of some sort, whatever they may be (no goals other than limit weight gain and stave off alcoholism!?!).  Feeling a little lost and unfocused but it'll all work out fine. Want to get back to "normal" average weekly mileage of 50-60 miles per week/maintenance with some non-specific, 2Q runs each 7 day period.