Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Week 29 - 7/13/15 - 7/19/15

Mon. (7/13):
7mi. - typical tour of Ashaway including a little bit of dead people in the cemetery. Feeling back to normal despite the gross humidity that is rolling in.

Tue. (7/14):
8mi.  - WHS track. 4 x 1600 @ 10K pace (400m recoveries, about 2:00-2:30).  With possibly TWO races this weekend I was leaning towards just doing easy 5 x cruise intervals at T pace.  However, I was feeling a little too good and realized I was running too fast on the first 1600 so I kept at it and did four repeats at 10K pace (about 5:38ish?).  Felt pretty good again even the air was really moist (started raining on the final repeat and all throughout cool down) and the WHS football team (so many students!) was out in lanes 2-6 working on form/foot drills.

Wed. (7/15):
7mi. - a "late start" in humid Weekapaug.  Just ran zig zags through all of the side roads at pretty decent base pace and then ended with a quick dip in the breachway.  Water was nearly orgasmic.

Thu. (7/16):
7mi. - another day, another seven miler.  Parked off of Dennison Hill Road and ran dirt roads and trails up/around Green Fall Pond and Hidden Lake.  Felt good.  Humidity finally broke and it was super nice out.  Feels so good to run in these conditions!

Fri. (7/17):
4mi. - short and easy shakeout in the morning.  Laid low to "rest" for the Beavers.

Sat. (7/18):
13mi. - Run With The Beavers 10 Mile Trail Race. Overall results here.  Good fun up in the NW corner of Rhody.  Finished 1:08:03 (5th OA) which is a PR.  At the time of the race, I was disappointed as, for some stupid reason, I thought I ran high 1:07:5X last year.  I did not.  In 2014 I ran 1:08:17 (3rd OA). I think I had it in my head, thanks to Ultra Signup and their erroneous "predicted/goal" finish times that I had run in the 67 minute range however it was merely predicting that I finish in that time. I'll try and write a more detailed report asap.

Sun. (7/19):
4mi. - slower side shakeout late in the day/early evening.  Volunteered at LVL 10K in Brockton, MA in the morning.  It was hot/sticky as balls up there.  No way would I want to try and hammer a 10K in those conditions.  Fun seeing some fast and fit guys make it look "easy" though.  Unfortunately, on the drive home I started to get really fatigued, light headed, stiff and dizzy.  That night I noticed redness around my right pec again and have terrible pain (getting worse by the hour) in my right trap, shoulder and side of neck.  I've also developed a very strange tingling/numbness in my tongue.  Going to the doctors on Tuesday.  I really think it is tick-related (and not the ladyish mastitis that was originally diagnosed earlier in the month).  I'm pretty pissed about this development.

TOTAL: 50mi
YTD: 1745 miles

--> well, the apparent up and down roller coaster that is 2015 running continues.  I wasn't really that excited for the Beavers race but I knew it was going to be fun and sweaty and it did not disappoint.  A PR is a PR and WTAC team win (despite some treacherous actions of others) was a plus.

 However, now I'm left with physical "illness" of some sort that has returned and I'm pretty frustrated by it.  The dizziness and soreness (now pain in right back/shoulder) leaves me to wonder if I'm going to run the Blessing this Friday.  THAT is a big disappointment.  Despite the fact that I "hate" the race I really look forward to suffering and running well at it every year.  Also, despite feeling a little under trained for it, I feel as though I have a score to settle after missing a PR last year (by approx. 8 seconds or so).  Hopefully doctors just guess what this illness I have is, give me drugs and I can get back at it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Weeks 27 & 28 - 6/29/15 - 7/12/15

Slacking a bit on this stupid blog.  Summer time, and the living's easy....

Week 27

Mon. (6/29):
5+mi. - short, back door sneak into Pelloni Preserve from Old Colonial Rd.  Fun seeing how trails, fields, woods, etc. change with seasons over gaps of time. Last day of school--FINALLY!

Tue. (6/30):
4mi.  - really easy shakeout before fishing all day.  First official day of summah vacation. Not sure why I didn't run more?

Wed. (7/1):
11mi. (a.m.)- waited until after morning showers had ended and ran from Westerly Yacht Club in a breaking overcast soup.  Ugh.  Ran a 3T (3:00 recovery), 2T (2:00 recovery), 1T (1:00 recovery) around Weekapaug Pond on Atlantic Ave. and Shore Rd.  Was pretty zapped by the end of the run. 

5mi. - (p.m.) - easy night at WTAC Fun Run.  High 6:00s for the 5K portion plush w/u and c/d. Later on when I returned home, noticed very large swollen lump in right arm pit (lymph node) as well as very sore/sensitive right nipple and pec.  Very red. 

Thu. (7/2):
5mi. - not quite five mile shakeout.  Feeling pretty tired and drained.  Possibly due to yesterday's effort? Swelling and redness worse.  

Fri. (7/3):
2+mi. - awoke to feel like I had the flu -- aches, fever, chills, sore neck/back, can't really lift right arm.  Went to walk in clinic for meds (thought I might have tick-born illness?).  Turns out I simply had mastitis! Essentially, breast feeding mothers get it from cracked skin around nipples and benign S. aureus from skin gets in and causes infection.  I can't believe how shitty I felt and it was "just a mom thing".  Kudos to mom's out there that have had it and still had to care for young offspring.  I just medicated and laid around/slept. Awful.  Still, refused to take a zero for a simple case of tittyitis. 

Sat. (7/4):
2mi. - still felt shitty so just 2 easy miles (18:20) on roads.  Not even worth it.  Just being super stubborn. 

Sun. (7/5)-
4mi. - a "long run" with fire tit.  Ran a mix of local road and some easy trails across the street.  33:17 total time.  Was still drained at the end.  More drugs needed!

TOTAL: 38+ miles

Week 28
Mon. (/7/6):
2mi. - once again, just a miserable, short, super easy run simply out of refusal to take a zero over my weakness (9:11 pace overall)

Tue. (7/7):
3mi. - might be feeling a bit better.  Rash still there but soreness and fatigue are ebbing. 7:57 pace overall shows signs of promising improvement?

Wed. (7/8):
5mi. (a.m.) - my first "hard effort" in a while.  Had to rest for a minute at the top of Egypt Street (around mile 3.75 of the run).  Humbling but I was still happy that I got five in. 

5mi. (p.m.) - easy WTAC evening fun run.  Struggled a bit but managed to run high 6:00s for the 5K portion. 

Thu. (7/9):
8mi. - easy hour in the woods/trails of Carolina Mgmt. Area.  Overcast and cool in the morning.  Really felt good and enjoyed the f*ck out of this one.  My first real run in quite some time. 

Fri. (7/10):
8mi. - easy 3 miles on the beach with WTAC guys and 5K to honor his surrender to matrimony. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?!?!  Then rolled five solo miles in/around Weekapaug.  Weekapaug Groove (6:55 OA).  Felt good!

Sat. (7/11);
14+mi. - Burlingame trails with Ryan Davenport.  Felt pretty good and was super happy to go 1:48 without fuel, water, and having to stop and rest.  Finally back to "normal" I suppose - whatever that may mean. 

Sun. (7/12):
6mi. - mid-morning sneaky mixer of roads and easy trails.  Just trying to beat the heat of the day.  Went out fluking all afternoon and loved every second of it (although no huge doormats). 

TOTAL:51+ mi.

YTD:1695 miles

--> feeling better physically and returning to normal in terms of running. Also, relieved to have the slacking blog post/update removed from my shoulders as well.  Next week TWO races over the weekend (Run With The Beavers 10 Mile Trail Race and LVL 10K).  Not sure how I'm going to manage that one but seeing how I haven't raced in THREE MONTHS I guess I'm due!