Sunday, August 30, 2015

It's Been Awhile - 6 Week Update

Yes, I am a total slacker -- in the blog-o-sphere as well as in my running somewhat.

Hopefully, by posting this abbreviated and ridiculously insufficient update, I might be a little motivated in the future.

So since my last post (Week of 13 July - 19 July 2015), I've had some ups and downs.  I battled what I thought was a simple staff infection but later turned out to be Lyme Disease AGAIN.  This time however the symptoms were very different from my initial infection several years ago.  I had zero fever, minor stiffness, but instead had a HUGE rash, very sore breast/nipple, swollen lymph nodes and, near the end (which sent me to the hospital in a panic) - Bells Palsy on the right side of my face. I hate the hospital but given my numb tongue, the inability to control the right side of my lower lip, and lack of feeling in my right nostril and right eyelid, I HAD to go.

After being on antibiotics (3 different kinds, at various times) for a total of 45 days, I'm better.

If you're wondering what I've been up to, don't get too excited.  There's been no racing, limited/low (pathetic) mileage for the most part, and pretty much zero quality workouts at all.  I've been stuck in a rut and floundering but I feel it is due to not only infection but also summer time blahs, burn out, and no real goals.

In a weak-ass attempt at catching up, here is a clipped weekly synopsis with limited highlights (and lowlights).

20 July - 26 July
20 miles 
[3 days off]
--Only 3 runs (two quality, sweaty 7 milers in Weekapaug and two short 3 "test" runs)
--I missed my first 3 days of the year.  It really hurt me to take zeroes but I was hospitalized for a day and a half and recovering.

27 July - August 2
38 miles
[2 days off]
--A good hill repeat workout with Ryan and Marie Davenport up Shannock Hill.  Brutal conditions that caused us to abbreviate the number.  On the last one I felt asthmatic and couldn't breathe
--a nice soupy, deer fly trail run with a new guy Russ, (Navy) from Groton. Haven't seen or heard from him since.

3 August - 9 August
68 miles
[1 day off]
With family for annual pilgrimage to NH (Grantham) lake. Given no other activities besides swimming, kayaking, laying around, and drinking (way too much!), I was able to put together a good week.
--first double in a long time
--had a goal of getting at least 7000' of elevation throughout the week on the rolling hills of NH. Was pretty beat up as the days' elevations were 1272', 810', 1424', 1161', 1060', and 1,775').  Pretty tired as a result
-- 18 mile long run solo on Sunday back at home.  First quality true long run in a long time.  Realized that I hadn't run over 2 hours since early June I think w/ Jonny.  Sad really.

10 August - 16 August
50 miles
[1 day off]
--sneaked in another 2 hour run on trails in Pachaug that was pretty fun yet tiring
-- ran with Layla at her second ever Kid's Run at WTAC/Tom McCoy Fun Runs.  3:24. Pretty proud of her.  She smiled the whole time and totally gets off on people cheering for her. A running addict in the making?
--TERRIBLE sunburn on my hands after fishing in the boat with Jonny for 6 hours.  I put sunblock on but I think it had expired/passed its shelf life.  For the next week and a half I had HUGE raised blisters and looked like a leper.  So painful.  Screw you doxycycline!

17 August - 23 August
31 miles
[3 days off]
--a crappy week as I took Fri-Sun off while away at MagnaBall (a Phish festival) in Watkins Glen, NY.  Super fun though.  Be sure to check out the Prince Caspian. I'm not a big fan of "Fuckerpants" as it is usually a filler/resting song/set killer.  This one is perhaps their greatest PC they've ever played--open improvisational jamming, Mike's chunky bass(if you're into bass, big bombs around 14:50 or so), etc. Good to see Trey laughing.  When Trey has fun, I have fun. know, if you're into that sorta thing.

24 August - 30 August
61 miles
[0 days off]
-- a decent, impromptu progression run on Wednesday night around the salt pond.  started around 7:24 pace and kept dropping down slightly to finish the final mile (8) at 6:03. A spirit lifter even though I felt like crap the entire time.
-- a good long run with Ryan and Marie on roads around Burlingame.  We kept it honest as most of the miles were slightly sub 7:00.   Tired me out big time the rest of the day though.

So, there you have it : two pretty good weeks, one so-so week, and three shitty ones, all with an easy synopsis as a whole -- some running, a shit-load of antibiotics, too much beer, and a head case left questioning his fitness, motivation, and where he is going. Despite being comped an entry into Nipmuck Marathon this year, I now don't think I'm going to run it. However, there are still a few very fun fall races to jump in: Run For The Pumpkins 5K Trail Race and the infallible Li'l Rhody Runaround Trail Race.  So I'll just continue running, buy myself some new shoes for motivation, and shoot for those two races and see where I end up at the start of winter.

After all, there's this big race in Boston in the spring that I've heard about which I'm considering trying.

Tight laces and fast times, friends.