Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week of 9/7/15 - 9/13/15

Mon. (9/7):
5mi. - had hopeful intentions of doubling today (Labor Day) but just didn't do it.  Instead did a standard 5 mile A-town loop (7:17 pace) and that's it. Family time trumped running

Tue. (9/8):
10mi.- a fairly humid and somewhat warm "Kakenballz" loop through North Stonington.  Ran it a little too aggressively I think as the conditions really got to me and I felt pretty fatigued near the end.

Wed. (9/9):
9mi - a somewhat aborted track workout.  Was going to do a 3T, 2T, 1T workout but previous day must have worn me out.  That with the very soupy conditions and I had to make an emergency pit stop after the 2T block and just never recovered.  My legs were feeling it and I had nothing left (or at the beginning or during the middle for that matter).

5mi. - late afternoon garbage miles on a mix of roads and HLT trails.  Felt ok.

Thu. (9/10):
0 - again.  Just wasn't feeling it in the monsoon-like rain.  Wimp.

Fri. (9/11):
10mi.- from home on roads down to Grills Sanctuary and back.  Solid effort and I felt pretty good.  Kept it all on the 'Shway side as I turned around at the Polly Coon Bridge and didn't traverse into Westerly.

Sat. (9/12):
7mi. - an easy but very enjoyable loop on roads around to Kenyon Crossroads Preserve trails and then back home on road stretch and a tiny bit of private (trespassing) trails across the street.  Liked this one.  Fantasy football draft in the evening (stupid league always drafts the Friday after the first game).  Won it all last year ($$$$$) but boy does my team SUCK this year!!!

Sun. (9/13):
15mi. - SK trails (Duval and Browning) with Seth at 0630.  Misty and overcast but decent conditions.  Still enough to keep you damp and sweaty.  Good run with good company.  Wanted to run for 2:00-2:30 but ended it at 1:54ish.  Tired quads.

TOTAL: 61 miles
YTD: still haven't bothered to catch up/tally/figure out yet.....slacker.

Certainly not the type of week to have if (possibly) running an upcoming trail marathon (MAYBE) but it is what it is (I hate that statement!).  One double is nice but really need to have 2-3 per week for marathon fitness and should have bigger workouts and longer trail runs. Oh well.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Week of 8/31/15 - 9/6/15

Mon. (8/31):
7mi. - after a fun run with Team Davenport on Sunday my legs were shite.  Barely kept this one under 8:00 pace

Tue. (9/1):
7mi. - still feeling pretty tired on a local road loop.
0.35mi. - can't forget about Layla's four year old request to run with me after the 7 miler.  The kid LOVES it. Hope I can foster that to a life-long passion. Small baby steps.

Wed. (9/2):
11mi. - felt good to get out for an early morning (0500) workout of ovals.  I haven't done this in what feels like forever. 3 x 2T and then 4 x 200 just to turn 'em over.  Sweat my nuts off in the soupy air but it was great fun.

5mi. - broke in some new shoes on an easy shakedown.  I don't really care for this cheap pair of New Balance.  You get what you pay for, I guess.

Thur. (9/3):
with all three spawn in school and my wife taking classes all the time, I was forced to take a zero.  Instead I carted kids to soccer practice and sneaked a couple beers in a cup whilst watching. I am not ashamed of my actions.  #liveboldly

Fri. (9/4):
10mi. - a fun, impromptu 10 miler with some on (surprising) newly sealed/stoned asphalt roads.  Ashaway gettin' it done. Good pace overall too (6:59). Felt great!

Sat. (9/5):
20mi. - again, the ol' lady has Saturday morning classes so I had to sneak out at 0500 for a (brief) headlamp run in the woods/roads of Hopkinton and CT.  Great fun.  I actually felt pretty good that I toyed with the idea of going for 3:00+ hours when I got back to the truck but quickly realized I was pushing my luck and had to get home. Still didn't make it in time as I arrived back to find my spawn unsupervised and crushing donuts to the head.  I'm still learning as a parent despite having a 12, 9, and soon to be 5 year old. In the evening we had a casual birthday party for Rosalie (turned 9)! Good fun.

Sun (9/6):
7mi.- 14000 tired steps.  Was feeling fatigued but still managed to roll off  an okay run (7:13 pace). Decent end to a hectic and sometimes oppressive week.

TOTAL: 67+ miles
YTD: ???? 

I've no idea what my yearly mileage is to date as I've really slacked on this blog AND my paper running log.  I'll try and catch up ASAP.

Some other lingering questions I have:
1. What has Greg Hammett been up to with regards to running? I know he's been crushing largemouth bass in the sweet-water.  But what about running? Update that blog, son!

2. Am I going to run Nipmuck Trail Marathon or not?  I wasn't going to but maybe I will (with VERY limited goals and several reservations).  I mean, they comped me a free entry, right? 50-50 right now.

Tough to take selfies in Watch Hill rip when ol' Yellow Eyes is 38"
3. Why haven't I caught any bonito or false albacore yet while fishing? There is SO MUCH bait in the water every time I go out one could almost pull a mythical Jesus trick and walk across the water.  Soon I hope as I'm getting fed up with bluefish (although they have been MONSTERS!!)

4. When is it going to stop being so friggin' hot and humid? I cannot wait for cool fall weather.  There...I said it.  Bring on fall--and it's great weather, great running, fantastic fishing, and all the other mystical treasures it holds (mushrooms, wine, cool nights, great beach afternoons, incredible trail races, etc.). I'm ready.