Wednesday, October 14, 2015

No Mileage Posts, Too Busy Getting Stoned

I'm the king of slacking when it comes to updating my running blog.  I seem to no longer do weekly mileage updates -- perhaps because there has been absolutely nothing impressive in the last 5 months or so.  There still has been running but it feels like I'm looking for excuses.

However, yesterday a colleague brought this article in the New York Times to my attention.  He came running into my room with a big grin and flopped the newspaper down upon my desk. "See dude, I knew you were a stoner!"  Before I could process what he was saying, I internally noted some anger ("Nice, while I'm working my balls off and I'm buried in paperwork, you're sitting at your desk reading the f*#$ing paper?!?!?")

With a puzzled look, I glanced down at the paper and read the headline.  I smiled and after deciphering his cryptic declaration, I nodded and replied "Yeah, all the cool kids are doing it."

At any rate, it is a somewhat interesting finding in research.  Mice seem to get the high only after running long distances (up to 3 miles a day on the wheel!). Imagine that--we are using molecular isomers (of sorts) of cannabis compounds.  Being a biochemistry junkie, I really love the molecular aspect but more importantly, the final passage really excites me the most -- The upshot of the study is that we should run, and if we don't feel a runner's high, we should just run more.


Read the article discussing the new viewpoints on runners' highs here.