Sunday, November 29, 2015

Week of 11/23/15 - 11/29/15

Mon. (11/23):
9mi.  - rolled off a good one down to the edge of Ashaway (town line at bridge) and back. Good pace. Felt great!

Tue. (11/24):
6mi. - easy run but a slightly later than usual start had me being escorted the final 0.75 mile home by the huge, fat moon.  Pretty out there!

Wed. (11/25):
6mi. - from my parents and another late start. Finished in the dark but enjoyed the warm weather and low light conditions.  Felt good again.

Thu. (11/26):
10mi. - with Jonny from Meadowbrook Pond lot.  Mostly trails through/around Carolina Mgmt. Area.  A lot of hunters -- forgot about the Thanksgiving "tradition" of walking around with family and loaded black powder rifles.  I also got to up the ante a bit on the sketchy "Meadowbrook Jesus" segment.

Fri. (11/27):
6mi. - Chariho Alumni XC 5K.  In its first year, it was a very small, very low-key (25 runners) race.  Finished 4th OA and field was pretty spread out.  Never really pushed it extremely hard (5:43 pace? OA -- equivalent to a 17:47 block of very aggressive T pace I guess).  Did get to see an All-American there (Mike Marsella, University of Virginia).  I let him beat me?

Sat. (11/28):
3mi. - (a.m.) - couldn't resist an early morning shakeout (14 hours too late).  Just too nice out with cloudy, orange sunrise, warm weather, and increasing light. Felt fine.

13mi. - (p.m.) - in early afternoon with Jonny (three days in a row!) for a very wet, slippery, and raw Pachaug - Tippecansett trail loop.  A little bit tired, especially near the end but we didn't go overboard or really push the pace for any significant part of it (maybe a tiny bit on carriage roads and the little bit of asphalt in one place).  Stupid GPS gave me 9.1 miles.  No thanks, I'll call 1:43:00 on wet, rugged trails 13 miles, thank you very much

Sun. (11/29):
5mi. - a short simple neighborhood loop in early afternoon.  Crisp and cool.

YTD: 2709

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Week of 11/16/15 - 11/22/15

Installment #1 of my mandatory (thanks, Garvin), weekly updates.  I'll do anything for a loaner pair of microspikes.

Mon. (11/16):
4mi. - easy shakeout of LRR remnants. Didn't feel too badly.

Tue. (11/17):
5mi. - another easy shorty on local roads

Wed. (11/18):
11mi.- a fun mix of roads down into Grills (both sides) and back home.  Good pace overall but felt a little fatigued near the end. This was in place of usual Workout Wednesday as I still was feeling not quite back to normal (race Sunday)

Thu. (11/19):
5mi. - easy one. Felt really tired. I was just listening to my body

Fri. (11/20):
9mi. - rolled off a good one on roads to and from North Stonington.  Felt good!

Sat. (11/21):
11mi. - fun, easy, relaxed large group run on Barn Island trails at sunrise.  I miss these!

Sun. (11/22):
0  - just felt blah and tired.  Should've run but I'm taking the next month or so easy before ramping back up into Boston training so days off like this are perfectly ok (for now)...

TOTAL:45 miles
YTD: 2651 (I think?)

Monday, November 16, 2015

LRR Gamblin': A Non-Race Report Report

Not a race recap yet, just some insight into what went down prior to, during, and after Li'l Rhody Runaround thanks to Mr. West-Coast-Is-Best-Coast, Chris Garvin.

Several days prior to this year's 8 mile trail race, I received an inquiry email from Mr. Garvin...

"I assume you're doing your standard prediction before Li'l Rhody? Since I'm now just an innocent bystander, how about sending them to me before the race?  I'll put my own together, and we can see who gets closer.  Kind of like you did for Super 5K, but without the money.  It will give me something to look forward to, since I'm stuck out in stupid California and can't race."

Never one to shy away from a potential gambling opportunity, I replied I was in with some of the general ground rules.

"Sounds good. I honestly don't remember if I did them for LRR before? However, I'm game--I'ma sucker for "gambling" on ANYTHING!"

How about we each get 300 seconds to gamble with and must pick  5 runners and their times.  Just like with stupid Super 5K sort of-- lose seconds for being off and the person with the most seconds left over in the bank wins? If you pick someone and their time and they don't race, you lose 150 seconds automatically (half your bankroll).  Sound good? I'm open to suggestions.

Should we wager, say, your microspikes if I win?  And if you win, I could send you some nude pics of Jonny or something?

To which the infallible gentleman, Chris responded back....

"I don't know that you've done it for this race either, but what better race to predict some times. So many people running, and so much history.

Pick any 5 people? Anyway, how do you want to submit your picks? Send them in an email to each other the night before?

Yes, you win and I'll give you the code to my garage, where you'll find the microspikes waiting for you. I win, and you need to make weekly blog updates for a month. Deal?

After some small banter back and forth in which we decided on time to send the picks,  I set up a basic spreadsheet and we sent our picks to one another via Saturday late-night emails.

Our picks are below (along with the results):

As you can see, I was WAAAAAY off. Disappointing as I usually excel at games of chance and wagering.  I'm especially disappointed by my "slow" time but I'll save that analysis for my actual race recap (coming soon). Yet, I can take some small consolation in the fact that Garvin was over the 300 seconds (5:00) limit as well. I could be a prick here and declare a draw as technically neither of us had any time left in the bank so to speak.  However, I'm a man of my word....

Mr. Garvin made sure to remind me of the requirements along with some additional words of wisdom:
"Well, it looks like your performance helped me lock up the prediction victory.  Thank you for that.  I am a little disappointed you didn't hold my 4th place finish spot for me while I'm away (I've been 4th all three years I've done the race), but it was still a really solid race.  It's pretty huge that you took down Jonny, Jackman, and Brightman all at the same time.

I have an offer for you that will still get you those microspikes if you'd like them.  Here it is: In addition to the weekly blog posts, you must use positive/optimistic wording in your Strava titles for every run you do next week.  If I see that you will receive my garage code one week from today. Deal? 

So it looks like I know what I have to do.  Weekly mileage posts on this blog along with positive Strava titles. I know I haven't been posting weekly reports and I definitely have been a crabby little bitch on Strava, essentially since my infection/illness this summer. Woe is me. So here's my first installment of +CG.

Here's to Garvin and his enthusiasm, creative spirit, and Santa Claus-like personality.  With his generosity and penchant for east coast, New England trail racing, I might just get to have a keg party in his garage this December, all while wearing nothing but his microspikes.

Positive thoughts.