Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Week of Futility 12/14/15 - 12/20/15

Mon. (12/14):
8mi.  - still felt pretty tired, (in a strange, non-specific way), but really enjoyed a misty, primal stroll in and around Carter Preserve.  I got to explore in the new western(ish) section/add on to the preserve (site of old nuclear facility).  It is a bit unsettling as everything is just clear cut and scoured.  I certainly hope they have bigger and better plans for this area other than the current Stalinesque, scorched earth policy.

Tue. (12/15):
5mi. - simple, standard 5 mile loop from home.  Felt okay, but just bored.

Wed. (12/16):
0mi. - skipped workout Wednesday in the morning AND skipped afternoon run too.  My rational: Be lazy. Be a wimp.  Take a zero today.  Maybe tomorrow you'll feel rested, rejuvenated, and ready to roll.  A rest day.

Thu. (12/17):
5mi. - dead Garmin so I ran watchless in the light misty, rain.  It was actually nice to be "free"....sort of. Unfortunately, still mentally and physically blah all around.

Fri. (12/18):
4mi. - a very short run at a less than stellar pace. Just sort of a shakeout before next day's race.  Still unmotivated.  Came home to find a home with no heat or hot water AGAIN! I took a cold shower, fiddled with furnace (to the best of my limited abilities), and then said screw it and went to a friend's holiday party.

Sat. (12/19):
0mi. - had to stay home all morning waiting for a repair guy for the heating system as I couldn't work my magic on it (taking apart, putting back together, swearing, punching it, etc.).  As a result, missed the Old Mountain Field Trail 5K race.  This upset me greatly as it is my second favorite race in the 4th season series. I'd be missing the fun and, presumably hurting my teammates as well. As part of my pity party, I skipped running all together.  My thinking was simply - rest again and do the first of many, long run, Daniels workouts in the a.m. On a side note, the repair guy didn't get to my home until 2030 that night, and he was off the clock/officially not working (a friendly neighborhood guy doing me a favor, free of charge as the real repair guy couldn't get there until MONDAY?!?), and he was totally wasted! At least it was pretty entertaining to say the least.  He got it fixed...and drank 3 of my Sierra Nevada Torpedoes in the process.

Sun. (12/20):
0mi. - nope. No long run. No workout. No run at all.  Just start all over again clean on Monday I suppose.

TOTAL: 22miles
YTD: ??? (forget again -- 28XX)

Well, it was a shitty week all across the board. Still need to put it down in the ethereal land of blogs for documentation. That is now two straight weeks of sadness and pathetic output.  In a few weeks (one more week?), I will be starting the marathon grind so this may actually be a "good" thing?  Not sure where to go from here but I feel as though the impending holiday break may provide me with an opportunity to do something out of the ordinary (?) in terms of running to excite me again. I'll have to think of something.....hopefully I can rustle up a few takers on whatever it may be.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Week of 12/7/15 - 12/13/15 -- Unmotivated and Worn Out

Mon. (12/7):
8mi. - mixed loop of roads in Ashaway.  No particular place to go and not really motivated but was fatigued and sore.  I felt it, whatever it may be, on any and all inclines. Also, the road felt particularly hard on my feet and shins (like running in a pair of slippers). Hmm.

Tue. (12/8):
3mi. - a "rest day".  However, instead of taking a zero I opted for a very short and easy local out and back, just to clear my head. Fixed my dishwasher, with the old ORIGINAL parts, that's good.

Wed. (12/9):
10mi.-  4 mile w/u and then 6 x East Clarks Falls Road hill (a.k.a. "Cow Climb").  Essentially, it wa a repeat of last Wednesday's 6 x Maxson Hill workout.  Both hills are around 0.2-0.25 mile long and have relatively similar grades (Cow Hill is a little bit steeper in several spots).  However, this one was much harder for me, perhaps because I went in with slightly sore and worn out feeling legs? By the last two I was really feeling lactic acid and rubber legs.  Glad I at least got it done as I've been shirking my early morning track workouts.  This will have to do I guess.

Thu. (12/10):
7mi. - just a standard filler run on local loop and side streets.  I continue to feel worn out and beat down (sore feet, tired legs, etc.). Usually I wouldn't/shouldn't be feeling this crappy every day or the day after a workout. Decent standard training pace overall (7:23) but just no pep or zip in my at all.

Fri. (12/11):
5mi. - once again, just didn't have anything in me for this standard Maxson Hill/Egypt St. lollipop.  Blah.

Sat. (12/12):
7mi. - amazing weather (can't believe it is nearly mid December and I'm running in short sleeves, shorts, and sweating in warm 60 degree sunshine!).  An easy mixed loop of roads and trails through/around Kenyon Crossroads Preserve (HLT).  Felt ok but still not 100%.

Sun. (12/13):
15mi. - easy and slow, relaxed "long" run with Seth from Charlestown. We started at the head of Breachway road and ran down to Charlestown Breachway.  From there we returned back to the road along the beach (soft, slow, sand sucks!). Then we looped around Green Hill (again about a mile on the beach from Green Hill to Moonstone -- awful!) and then to Matunuck and back to Charlestown.  Relaxed pace (8:04 overall so about 7:45ish on roads) and good conversation made the run enjoyable but I continue to feel worn out and unenthusiastic.

TOTAL: 55 miles
YTD: ??? (forget, have to check paper log)

Well, I continue to feel unmotivated for nearly every run.  My body just isn't feeling that great.  I'm burnt out?  Not sure what is going on here.  I may just end up coasting through the rest of December and recharging on minimal mileage for the last few weeks (40ish?) and slip into simple maintenance mode?  Not sure but what I'm doing/feeling right now just isn't working for me.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Week of 11/30/15 - 12/6/15- PMs, Bobcats, Trespassing, and Other Fun Activities.

Simply because I'm so excited about my wildlife sighting this week, I'm going to go back old school (like I used to do) and post my week before I'm even done.  Garvin doesn't care.....

Mon. (11/30):
8mi. - a decent run around A-town roads. Felt pretty good wandering around with no particular place to go. PM got me.

Tue. (12/1):
5mi. - a short run in the light rain but it was kind of cool.  I had to pick up Mason at CMS, returning home from a field trip.  I ran along the old rail trail behind the school and then skirted onto posted private property trails.  Ended up along a 50 acre parcel of SWEET land -- there were dozens of single and double track, almost groomed trails that traversed through small opened fields amongst tall white pines and then wound around high points along the Wood River. It was basically my dream property.  I wish I lived there.  I love to run sketchily on private property.  Trespassing = running bliss. PM got me again.

Wed. (12/2):
8mi. - hill workout. 4+ mile warm up then 6 x Maxson Hill.  Kept an even, honest effort on the ups, easy 2:00+ jog back down for recoveries.  Wasn't too hard but was definitely getting heavy legs on the last couple.  Got to stop after the 4th one and briefly chat with a neighbor.  He couldn't "believe you'd run up and down this fu*$ing sh#t".  Yeah, its' what stupid runners do. Fun and short workout in foggy rain. PM got me AGAIN (before the workout). Can I keep this streak going?!?!

Thu. (12/3):
Mine was smaller but just as cool. 
4mi. - late start and short run.  Saw a friggin' BOBCAT on the first mile of my run at the end of Maxson Hill Road (back along dead end, farm, wooded section).  It was skirting the brush along the edge of the road and I scared the shit out of it (and vice versa). However, to its credit, it simply scooted 5' away into the undergrowth and stopped. We had an Ashaway/Mexican standoff.  Finally, after a couple of minutes, I went about my way.  Cut the run short as I was so excited! I had to run home and tell my family.  Nobody was even remotely as excited as I was. No PM this time. I'll blame it on the  Lynx rufus. My dishwasher also broke when I got home and I had to waste 2 hours taking it apart and ordering, what I THINK, are the right parts.....c'est la vie. Wish I was a bobcat just doing my thing versus trying to be domestic and civilized. {extended sigh}

Fri (12/4):
5mi. - (a.m.) - easy Tomaquag Valley Rd. loop before school.  Pushing it time-wise as I didn't start until 0610.

8mi. - (p.m.) - nice loop at sub-7:00 pace.  PM got me again.  This is getting ridiculous.  Good thing I've been tracking this data all year long in my paper running log.  Can't wait to see the results/totals and averages.

Sat. (12/5):
15mi.- first long road run in a while. I ran solo and kind of late (0800) from home.  It was a rolling loop through part of Ashaway, Burdickville, Alton, and back around through backside of Ashaway.  Ran at a stupid "no man's land" pace -- not quite "E" but not "MP" either.  I was just rushed as I left my 3 spawn home alone for two hours.  Thank the Baby Jesus and his Dad for, on the 8th day, making electronic devices such as XBox, Wii, iPads, and iPods. Poor parenting but a good run. 6:43 pace OA

Sun. (12/6):
8mi.  - easy hour of recovery in Charlestown, much of it in Ninigret Park.   Unfortunately, the wildlife refuge is currently closed until after Christmas for a youth hunting program.  #paradox

TOTAL:61 miles
YTD: 2770 

A good week.  The impromptu "workout" on Saturday's long run was pleasing as it was on a rolling course in places and I didn't really struggle.  We'll see what happens when I have to begin doing these on the regular, twice a week from January on -- probably a different story then!