Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The REAL Walking Dead Week: 3/21/16 - 3/27/16

Feel the burn......
Mon. (3/21):
10mi. (a.m.) - stupid snow day from school (UGH-now we go through until Monday, 6/20!).  At least I got to do an easy CnB loop into North Stonington (for Jonny).  Felt good and thought/felt as though I was running much easier and slower than I was.

Tue. (3/22):
8mi. (p.m.) - blustery mixer through both local Hopkinton Land Trust properties.  Love mixing roads and trails.  One of the big perks of being done with Boston will be the ability to lollygag on trails in the warming, soon-to-be leafing woods.

Wed. (3/23):
11mi. (a.m.) - I was totally brain dead for this workout.  Original plan (do I type this every single week?) was 3x1T, 3x1K, 4x400.  For some reason, after a two mile warm up, I only did TWO of the 1Ts-not sure why, perhaps because I was annoyed at running them too fast (5:34/5:42, more like 10K pace). I thought they felt harder than they should have.  After the obligatory PM wrestling match, I "forgot" to do the 3rd 1T and jumped into a way too spicy 3 x 1K.  These typically should be about 3:20-3:21 in duration but my first one (felt hard!) was 3:13....oops.  Then on the second 1K I fell asleep and accidentally ran an extra 100m for an unorthodox 1.1K chunk (3:40).  Finally on the third one I settled in and ran the proper pace of 3:21.  Finally, for the 400 repeats I continued to be all over.  Again, these should be about 75-77.  I ran the first in 73 (thought it felt way too hard) and then a 77, 74, 74.  Idiot.

5+mi. (p.m.) - easy trail run from North Road Long/Ell Pond parking area up into Yawgoog & Hidden Lake.  Out and back.  Ate a lot of gnats and felt pretty tired but it was perfect time (47:00) and fun terrain for a recovery double. I miss relaxed trail runs.

Thu. (3/24):
7mi. (p.m.) - really tired and unmotivated.  Legs feel burnt up and worn out.  Still ran at normal pace but it was tiring.  I didn't try to maintain standard pace (thought I was running easier 7:45 or so) but really blah all around. At least Jesus called and said that tomorrow I can take a non-religious religious holiday off from my (constitutionally mandated ) church and state-separated school of employment. The contradiction is lost on many a coworker and student. .

Fri. (3/25):
9mi. - (p.m.) - slow and easy wandering on mostly trails in Black Farm Mgmt. Area.  Haven't been in and around there in a while.  This made it feel "newish" and enjoyable. I love running easy and carefree. Slight drizzle and warm temps made it even more relaxing and enjoyable.

Sat. (3/26):
19mi.  (a.m.) - Race: Brrrr-lingame 10 Mile Trail Race.  Results here. Pretty tired but had a lot of fun.  Finished 6th overall (despite 2-3 falls/wipe outs).  I'll try to write up a recap asap. Don't hold your breath as I have now THREE races with no write up. Managed to tack on 6+ miles after the race as a warm down/junk mile combo.

Sun. (3/27):
7mi. (p.m.) - nice run from home to my parents' house for Easter Spring Festivus celebrations.  Felt pretty decent despite some major soreness in my right knee (crushed it on a log and again on a rock during separate wipe outs in yesterday's race).

TOTAL:76 miles
YTD: 895+

* another decent week with 2 qualities.  I had fun at the race on Saturday too, even if I was totally wiped out.

*mileage a tiny bit lower than what I wanted but when you're racing, that's acceptable I guess

*need to cut down a bit on the calories (food and beer)--what else is new?!?

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Vernal Equinox: 3/14/16 - 3/20/16

Mon. (3/14):
7mi. - (p.m.)  - an easy recovery(ish) type run around local roads.  Tried to sneak in softer grass (cemetery) at one point.  Legs felt okay after yesterday's workout on the Boston course but not bad at all. Raw weather made it a tad chilly.

Tue. (3/15):
9mi. - (p.m.) - warmer but still damp.  Wandered into North Stonington to look for a gentleman's house -- total stalker style.  I've made plans to purchase some more fowl from him in mid-April (pullets, not chicks) and I just wanted to see where he lives.  Can't wait to meet and greet the new beautiful (hopefully) ladies. I felt really good for this run.  Love it when it only takes a day or so to shake off workout fatigue.
Silver-Laced Wyandotte

Barred Rock

Buff Orpington

Wed. (3/16):
10mi. (a.m.) - tough getting out of bed and even tougher getting motivated for Workout Wednesday.  It almost feels like Groundhog Day -- another Wednesday, another case of "I was supposed to......but instead I just did....." . Planned for me: 6E+5x1K + 4x400+2E.  Instead I only had time and motivation for 4E and 5x1K.  Did okay with splits but it was harder than it should have been.  I'm not used to running "fast" (I pace really isn't fast but its all relative).  I've gotten too used to a sort of set-it-and-forget-it pace....Oh you want me to run steady M pace or T pace for time X, okay!  Faster stuff is tougher to get pacing right.  Whatever, it is what the coach wanted. Splits: 3:21, 3:24, 3:19, 3:21, 3:20.

6mi. (p.m.) - easy but still respectable slide over to my parents' house for the usual Wednesday evening visit, dinner, and beers.  I'm so gross. But at least my legs felt alright, if a little fatigued.

Thu. (3/17):
8mi. (p.m.) - normal loop on local roads.  A bit more tired today.  Despite taking it "easy" I still managed low 7:00s pace without trying, which is rather encouraging despite the creakiness of my joints and leg muscles.

Fri. (3/18):
7mi. - (a.m.) - an awesome sunrise stroll on roads.  Saw a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers in the usual Diamond Hill Road stretch of hardwoods.

8+mi. - (p.m.) - fun run on usual Carolina trails.  Friday double with a double PM battle, one per run.

Sat. (3/19):
17mi.- (p.m.) - I was forced to wait until around 1400 to get this one in (when my wife returned home from school).  2E+2T+8E+2T+3E. Parked at Horseshoe Falls and ran mostly roads with a large chunk of easy trails in Carter Preserve (best part of the whole run).  This workout was "easy" and I was way too fast on the T sections but I was feeling GREAT and wanted them over with (5:40s pace). Felt good and was in such a better mood when this was over (hanging around a large fire with libations and friends afterward certainly helped too).

Sun. (3/20):
8mi. -(a.m.) - easy wandering from home to my in-laws for breakfast.  Happy Equinox! Felt good but was a bit chilly with the now changing NE wind.  Waiting for impending spring snow storm.

TOTAL:80+ miles
YTD: 819+

- thought about doubling on Sunday afternoon to get more miles in but decided against it as I was already showered, cozy with wool socks and sweats on, and Torpedos on "tap" (glass bottle).  80+ is just as good as 87 miles. No difference.

- Saturday afternoon's Matinee Feature wasn't even really a workout.  It was so different in the way it was set up that it felt "easy".  It was encouraging to crank out the 2Ts with no problem.  Fitness begets mild giddiness.

- only a few more weeks of higher volume to go before the dreaded taper starts......

- I'm just overall gross in general

Monday, March 14, 2016

Week of 3/7/16 - 3/13/16

Mon. (3/7):
8mi. - (p.m.) - a mix of roads and both local HLT properties on pretty beat up legs.  Worn out but this is to be expected a couple days removed from a 1/2 marathon.

Tue. (3/8):
7mi. - (p.m.) - a little tired still but better than yesterday.  I managed to stay at respectable pace (7:15) for the run.

Wed. (3/9):
10mi. -(a.m.) - an aborted workout in the dark at WHS.  Scheduled to do 4x2T with 2:00 recoveries.  After "struggling" through a 3 mile warm up, I knew that I was going to have to quit the workout when I couldn't even get down to T pace for the first set (5:58, 5:58).  I left the track and just wandered the streets to get in easy miles.  Normally I'd be pissed that I couldn't hit (or even come close) the workout but I've just got too much fatigue still in my legs I think.

7mi. - (p.m.) - at least I got to double in usual Wednesday fashion.  The weather was just too amazing not to wander around in 60 degree sunshine and singing birds, mooing cows, barking dogs, and huffing runners -- a cacophony of spring! Felt good given the morning's failure.

Thu. (3/10):
8mi - a mix of trails (in Champlin) and surrounding roads prior to the monthly WTAC Board meeting.  I was a little tired but felt better near the end of the run.  I also noticed that the two species of amphibians seemed to be residing in different pools in Champlin Preserve -- Wood Frogs calling from one body of water while Spring Peepers separately from another.  They didn't seem to be mixed together. At least I couldn't hear them.  Strange.

Fri. (3/11):
5mi. (a.m.) - easy morning trot in the warm morning before a professional development day at school.  Not having to go in until 0745 really helps.

7mi. (p.m.) - weather continues to be so nice and I felt really good on this run, mentally and physically.

Sat. (3/12):
9mi. (a.m.) - felt great once again.  I had to put the reigns on with the beautiful, sunny, warming weather and an impending workout/long run the next morning.  Feeling really solid.  It took me a while to figure out why I've felt so good for the past few days -- skipping the mid week workout really makes you feel rested.

Sun. (3/13):
20+mi. (a.m.) - Jonny and I drove up to meet Ryan D. at his house for a tuneup run along the first 19 miles of the marathon course.  Weather was great despite a fairly stiff headwind along the way.  After running gently along the rolling one mile to the start line, we met up with a slew of BAA runners and then started out along the course.  We ran "easy" for the first 8 miles (low 7:00s to high 6:00 pace) and then became separated out for the next 8-10 miles at marathon pace with the remainder being a warm down.  Jonny took off and was hammering with a small group of guys that claimed to be running the perfect 6:10 pace. I backed off after 1.5 miles when I realized they were actually running 5:55-6:00 which is much too spicy for me for MP.  I then fell back and ran most of it solo, which kind of sucked but was manageable.  Felt good to get it done and not struggle though.  Boston is neigh!

TOTAL: 81 miles
YTD: 739 miles


- skipping the workout on Wednesday was definitely the right call.  It absolutely helped me bounce back and feel great for the rest of the week.

- Sunday's run/workout was encouraging.  Feeling good!

-love doubles.  I wish I could/would run them more often.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Oceans Run 1/2 Week: 2/29/16 - 3/6/16

Mon. (2/29):
8mi. (p.m.) - stiff and mildly sore from previous days' back to back efforts but loosened up and started to feel decent near the end of the run.  Took it fairly easy for most of the run (7:40 pace OA).  Heard first big, legitimate chorus of Spring peepers in swamps at the end of the road.  No more 1-2 intermittent calls.  Only heard 1-2 separate, individual Wood Frogs. Spring is coming!!!! (I get so excited).

Tue. (3/1):
12mi. (p.m.) - I had to take a half day from school for a meeting at Chariho so I got to sneak in a fun, slightly extended run in Carolina.  It was primarily trails and fields with just a splash of roads, which incorporated both Carolina South and North (started and ended at Meadowbrook Pond lot).  Love 1/2 days! Love running in the woods even more.

Wed. (3/2):
10mi. (a.m.) - with the upcoming 1/2 marathon this weekend, I wasn't looking to abuse myself.  I opted for an easy 5x1T of cruise intervals on the treadmill.  Boring but pretty easy--just pace practicing. Although, I doubt I can maintain true T pace this weekend....probably more like T+:05 seconds or so (hopefully). Very slight and quite minor ("just saying hello") twinges/pain in left shin.  Not sure if bone or muscle or sheathing or imagination.

4mi. (p.m.) - easy but chilly (WINDY!) recovery on primarily Pelloni Preserve Trails.  Had to stop on the way home as I was briefly attacked by a neighbor's rooster (Red Star breed) who was hanging with his two "bitches" in the middle of the road.  He wouldn't move for anybody - runners, cars, a cat, ...anyone! Shin twinges still there.
Not their rooster but same exact look/phenotype.
(Google images)

Thu. (3/3):
7mi. (p.m.) - with weird shin pain (minor) on the left tibia.  I've realized, through much poking, prodding, stretching, and beer drinking that it is indeed on the bone and not muscle.  With this in mind, and being really sick of roads, I opted for an easy jaunt around Woody Hill Management Area. I tried to stick to mainly the soft stuff an enjoyed the woods immensely! Almost fell in the water at the flooded beaver dam crossing.

Fri. (3/4):
3mi. (p.m.) - super short and easy shakeout

Sat. (3/5):
18mi. - (a.m.) - Race: Oceans Run 1/2 Marathon.  An inauspicious start to the morning (3 different events) lead to a strange good and bad race. A "PR" on my watch but very slow on official time (by almost 2:00!) because of a long course (13.45 miles!).  Actually ran 13.1 in 1:16:19 (nearly a full minute PR!).  I'm going to wait a while before I write a recap and reflection on this one.  Annoyed but yet pleased at the same time.

Sun. (3/6):
10mi. (a.m.) - run with Share, 5K, and Gazelle in the flat lands of Charlestown.  Good to do an extended easy run to work out a few strange race kinks.

TOTAL: 72 miles
YTD: 658 miles

- not a very hard week given the  non-workout on Wednesday (just cruise intervals at T pace) and the half marathon debacle.  Still counts as decent training though I guess because the effort was there?

- no more races from now until Boston (I think?) so now I get to focus the next three weeks on redlining sort of and not getting injured while still gaining (maybe) fitness.

-starting to get nicer and nicer outside.  Always a strong correlation between lack of enthusiasm for work and increasingly spring-like weather conditions. Happens every year.