Monday, April 11, 2016

Taper Begins: 4/4/16 - 4/10/16

Mon. (4/4):
4mi. (p.m.)- just not feeling it. It was tough getting out the door for even an easy half hour of  cold, February-like conditions.  The freezing rain and sleet hurt my face.  It was also discouraging to run in tights again for the first time in quite awhile.  Hopefully this is the last time in bologna squeezing tights until next January or so.

Tue. (4/5):
5mi. (p.m.) - still pretty blah for this one too.  It's funny how a short easy 5 miler at this point can still leave me feeling crappy.  Legs just didn't really have much juice and I struggled to maintain normal 7:15ish pace.

Wed. (4/6):
11mi. (p.m.) - skipped the early morning, dark workout and did it in the afternoon.  3E+1T+2M+1T+2M+2E. Unfortunately, the route I planned out had the first chunk of the "work" section into a vicious SSE headwind (about 15-25mph).  It was awful.  I had to work way too hard for the first 1T and that put me into a hole that I had a hard time recovering from. Although the splits don't show it (thanks to the wind-aided return for the latter portion), I had a tough time with this one. My digits: 5:51/6:10/6:03/5;49/6:06/6:16. (a bit too spicy for the MP stuff but the second, third, and fourth miles of the M work was with a slight to significant tailwind so it was probably spot on).  The 2E cool down/return home was not nice.

Thu. (4/7):
5mi. (p.m.)- an easy sort of recovery day.  It was a monsoon at times during the day and everything was quite flooded. I opted to run mostly private horse trails across the street and some of Pelloni Preserve trails down the road.  It was super fun! Many of the trails were completed flooded with "roaring" brooks and I was knee deep in some places.  At one point I bushwhacked through a wooded section with no trail to bypass the horse farm and jumped over a stonewall into rusty barbed-wire tangles.  I cut my legs up nicely.  Not sure when I had my last tetanus shot. But despite this and freezing numb feet, I had a lot of fun -- easily the most I've had in several months

Fri. (4/8):
6mi. (p.m.) - felt gross with a headache and stomach issues. Still, I was able to roll off a short but good one despite feeling crappy (non-running related crappy).  From Shannock around local areas.  Even got to sneak off into some single track into the Great Swamp Mgmt. Area that abuts Rte. 2 (didn't even know you could do that).  But this was short lived as it got pretty flooded. It'll be fun to go back at some point and venture farther. Back to The Clubhouse for some more (brief) Friday night Shannockian Meeting of the Minds.

Sat. (4/9):
14mi. (a.m.) - last workout(ish) really before the race.  Ran 2E then 7 at MP effort through some rolling North Stonington farmlands.  Fun but I had to work pretty hard to keep my pace on several of the climbs but a few of the M miles were very spicy (too fast).   4E return back home.  A "short" long run. Felt pretty decent and pleased with overall easy pace too.

Sun. (4/10):
5mi. (a.m.) - I had plans to run in Grills Preserve after running errands in town.  However, I inadvertently locked my keys in my truck while going into a store.  I called my wife to run me the spare but killed time by simply running around the airport and into Champlin trails for a bit.

TOTAL: 50 miles
YTD: 1,018 miles


*over 1,000 miles on the year -- for whatever that's worth.

*here we go -- 7 more days and it is game on. Weather, at this point, looks decent although a bit warm (low 60s) on Monday. Oh well, I'm racing myself, not the weather gods.

* feeling fit but also gross at the same time.  I'm pretty sure my eating and drinking (alcohol) habits are hurting my overall well being but it's too late to worry about that now.  Just rest up, clean up, and rev up for the race.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Last "Full Week" - 3/28/16 - 4/3/16

Mon. (3/28):
7+mi. -(p.m.) -  a little bit fatigued and just wasn't feeling it for this one.  Highlight: in the final half mile I had the shit scared out of me by a black, pot bellied pig rooting around in the leaves along the road next to a stone wall.  He (she?) had escaped from a neighbor's home.

Tue. (3/29):
7mi. - (p.m.) -felt even worse today for this one.  My legs were sore and I just felt really flat.  Presumably left over fatigue from the race and miles on Saturday.  However, when I got home I realized that although I felt like I was running an easy pace (7:30-7:40) I was actually cruising along at very low 7:00s.  This was encouraging. No wonder why I felt crappy.

Wed. (3/30):
11mi. - (a.m.) - WHS track in the dark. Wasn't sure how I would fair given the previous two days of running.  I swapped the 4 x 2T for a much simpler and easier 3T, 2T, 1T.  It went well and I managed/handled it just fine (I should be able to at this point!).

5mi. (p.m.) - easy trail mix recovery on horse trails across the street and some Pelloni Preserve.  Tired but good.

Thu. (3/31):
8+mi. (p.m.) - standard loop down into lower Ashaway where, at Potter Hill Dam,  I noticed HUGE numbers of cormorants, gulls, and two osprey.  This is the late March harbinger that I'm always excited to see -- the return of the river herring.  In an eerie coincidence, a friend shared this video with me of river herring further downstream in the Pawcatuck River from 5 days earlier. The title says it is from Potter Hill Dam but it is actually from White Rock in Westerly (a tiny bit further downriver).  Pretty good stuff. It excites the nature nerd in me.

Fri. (4/1):
6mi. (p.m.) - easy stroll around Carter Preserve.  Just trying to get my legs back as they still continue to feel tired and mildly sore.  Saw two American Kestrels in the open field area.  Followed up by a visit to The Clubhouse in Shannock for Friday evening revelry.

Sat. (4/2):
18mi. (a.m.) - awesome long run/workout with Jonny.  We timed it perfectly to start (0630) just as the rains ended and our run finished up (0830) just as the rains began again.  We ran 3E+13E+2E.  It was pretty manageable as we did "the work" on gently rolling terrain around Shannock roads.  This was a huge confidence booster and alleviated the typical approaching marathon fears. 

Sun. (4/3):
11+mi. (p.m.) - I parked at the Grills Preserve along 91 in Hopkinton for wandering, zero destination route around roads in Burdickville and some trails in Burlingame.  Unfortunately, I was bitten by a black lab in Burlingame on the North/South Trail.  Apparently I "scared" the dog because I was running.  In the usual pack of dogs (three of them) attack -- they ran up at me but instead of stopping one jumped up and bit my arm.  Out of habit, I swore loudly (at the dog? at the owners?) and we then engaged in an interesting, albeit brief discussion covering: vaccinations, the size of the bite ("just a nip"), and the fact that I "scared them because I was running in the woods".  I did concede that I must have scared them so much that they broke the (nonexistent) leashes!  I was furious!  Continued the run the rest of the way out to Buckeye Brook Road before circling back through Bradford.

TOTAL: 73 miles
YTD: 968 miles

* good workout on Saturday (thanks, Jonny!).  I'm ready!

* tapering now commences.  Probably still do two "easy" workouts this week and total about mid 50s for mileage and then the real suicide watch begins the week after with almost nothing but short, easy 20-40 minute runs (and a light mid week MP workout of sorts).

*still not sure how to go out at Boston in a few weeks: try to just break last year (2:56:57)? try to go under 2:45? try to go under 2:44? or try to really get after and run under 2:44 (2:43 or high 2:42?).  ???????