Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 04: 1/23/17 - 1/29/17

Mon. (1/23):
6mi - (49:10) - easy recovery run in gusty winds.  A bit tired.

Tue. (1/24):
7mi. - (52:06 ) - down to Potter Hill Dam and loop back.  Remains of the stiff NE wind with the cold rain made this one tough to bear.  Had to stop after only 7 -- was afraid for some of my body parts.

Wed. (1/25):
10mi. - (1:13:56) - disappointing early morning workout.  Supposed to do 8E + 5 x 1K + 4 x 400 + 3E but that is way too ambitious and isn't really doable at a 0500 start time before school.  I modified it to just 6E + 5 x 1K + 2E.  Instead, I only managed the extended warmup along River Road and then 2 x 1K and then "quit" (bathroom, wind, lethargy),  Went back outside and just ran and easy couple of miles on local roads to get to ten.  Yuck.

Thu. (1/26):
11mi.  - (1:26:43) - some fun wandering exploration in the newly kiosked (is that a word?) Grills Preserve-Hopkinton.  They list/show about 6 trails there and most are flagged/tagged with tape from trees but none are opened/developed.  My legs got ripped up by brush and briars.  Still pretty fun and nice to have yet another open space with trails nearby.

Fri. (1/27):
5+mi.  - (37:58) - legs and heart just not into it.  Shannock loop and quit after 5.2 miles.  Beers in Mantown around a large fire was more important to me I guess. Priorities.

Sat. (1/28):
17mi. - (1:59:39) - long loop around the border of RI and CT with a short stretch of trails along Yawgoog.  12E + 3T + 2E.  Felt pretty decent although the T block was a little too spicy (about 3-4 secs/mile).  Quality run given my recent bout with apathy.

Sad but "enjoyable" Saturday night at a ceremony honoring the passing of Jonny's father-in-law, Robert Ornstein.  He was a good man -- well read, opinionated, sarcastic, a thinker, and, according to family and friends, always in the present moment.  He knew what was important in life apparently, given his Taoist philosophy and penchant for the simple things. 

"Life moves pretty fast.  If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."
~Ferris Bueller

Sun. (1/29):
5mi. - (43:42 ) - easy recovery trail run in Champlin Preserve.  Hiding from the incessant wind on tired legs. Followed it up with a fun 3 mile hike on part of Narragansett Trail around Yawgoog Pond.  Found an interesting spur trail with remnants of an old cable bridge spanning a chasm, out to an island.  Cool stuff.
Beautiful pond....

Total: 61+miles
YTD: 242 miles

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Week 3: 1/16/17 - 1/22/17

Mon. (1/16):
3mi. - (25:43) felt good to just get outside and breathe some fresh air.  Very easy (8:30ish pace). Still a little weak and pretty dehydrated.  25 minutes for mental therapy rather than any fitness or physical benefit. So nice out.  40-50 degrees during what should be the coldest stretch of the year?!?

Tue. (1/17):
10mi. -  (1:13:47) felt great to get back out for a "real" run. Loop into North Stonington and back around through Kenyon Crossroads Preserve.  Pretty tight hamstrings.

Wed. (1/18):
11mi.- (1:15:22) - early morning treadmill at the Y before school.  3T, 2T, 1T (3:00, 2:00, 1:00 recs respectively).  These were tougher than I remember them being.

4mi. - (36:21) - very easy recovery/shakeout on mostly local trails in the p.m. Feeling run down from the morning. To bed really early.

Thu. (1/19):
8mi.  - (1;02:27) - easy down to Grills Sanctuary, with a loop around lower (river) perimeter, and back.  A little over 8 miles total (8.2).

Fri. (1/20):
7mi. - (58:10) - easy Bradford with mostly trails in Woody Hill. That place is great.  Love it in there. Zero people, only beavers.  Super happy to see the large rodents are already rebuilding the state-destroyed dam with freshly chewed sticks and limbs.  I didn't know that beaver were able to flip the bird with their tiny front paws.  Kudos to them.

Sat. (1/21):
16mi.  - (1:46:25) -  perfect running weather (cloudy, damp 40 degrees) for this longish run from home. Focused on some MP work.  3E + 10M + 3E.  The marathon chunk was too fast (high teens vs. mid 6:20s).  As a result, I paid for it somewhat on the last 3-4 miles.  The three mile "easy" warm down back up Collins Road into Ashaway was tough.

Sun. (1/22):
12mi. - (1:40:49) - nice trail run in northern Arcadia w/ Seth.  Can't believe how warm out these January running excursions have been recently. Legs were tired but slow trail pace made it manageable.  I really like how this fell into place -- hard work on Saturday, slow trail relaxing on Sunday.  Probably good for my legs.  Certainly good for my psyche.

Total: 71 miles
YTD: 181 miles

Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 2 -- 1/9/17 - 1/15/17

Mon. (1/9):
8mi. - slipping and sliding on slanted roadsides.  Tough going as I can't wear any traction devices (clear asphalt on main roads) but the side roads are crappy.  Felt really tired.  Went to bed at 1830 and slept like a corpse straight through until 0445....but then hit the snooze button SEVEN times! Felt great. Needed it.

Tue. (1/10):
9mi. - ran a loop out on Rte. 91 in an attempt to run on clear asphalt/wide shoulder.  It still sucked.  Feeling not right physically (mild headache, overall body fatigue). Different from running tired.  Feel "ill" tired.  Hope it goes away soon.

Wed. (1/11):
11mi. - 5 x 1000 along Rte. 216 in North Stonington.  These felt ridiculously hard and I couldn't hit any of my splits according to the stupid watch.  On a track I usually run these at "I-pace" (about 5:27 for a time of 3:23-3:26).  I struggled to run these in 3:33-3:36. Due to leg fatigue? Space watch issues? My weight/BMI? I don't know.  The extended warm down (it was 44 degrees!) was enjoyable.  Anytime you're done with work and can just relax and run without even thinking is great. Legs are toast now.  Need a few easy days of slow recovery.

Thu. (1/12):
6mi - very laid back and slow/relaxed recovery run (55:24) on local trails (some minor asphalt connectors).  New shoes too -- Inov-8 Race Ultra 270s. Felt great right out of the box.  I've been without "trainer trailers" for quite awhile now.

Fri. (1/13):
8mi. - easy Carolina Mgmt area.  A bit tired but I enjoyed it nonetheless.  Found a short spur trail that leads past two substantial stone ruins and out onto a crumbled stone damn in Meadowbrook. How'd I miss that when I was a kid?!?

Sat. (1/14):
8mi. - easy local w/ 7 x strides near the end.  Legs recovering nicely.  Saw an adult Bald Eagle (2x) while driving on the highway in the a.m. 'Murica.....Fuck yeah!  Also,  a Mike Galoob sighting while driving a few hours later. The feathers excited me much more though.

Sun. (1/15):
0 -- had plans for a long run/workout mix but the family stomach virus finally caught up with me late Saturday evening/early Sunday morning.  Good fun.  Disappointing but minor setback.  Nothing you can do but sleep and stay near the bathroom.  80% of family down, only the wife left to go.
A monkey wrench in the weekly mileage for sure..

Total: 50 miles
YTD: 110 miles

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Week 01. 1/2/17 - 1/8/17

Mon. 1/2-
8mi. - fun mix of local roads and Hopkinton Land Trust properties.

Tue. 1/3-
7mi. - cold, raw, drizzly road loop.  Felt pretty decent but couldn't wait to get out of stiff NE wind.

Wed. 1/4-
10mi. - 2E + 6M + 2E on 216 loop into Bradford.  A little too spicy for much of the M block but it felt pretty relaxed.

Thu. 1/5-
5mi. - pretty easy mix of very local roads and two different trails.  Low 30s temperature felt good.

Fri. 1/6-
6mi. - relaxed miles...smooth....6 strides over the last mile plus. Felt good.

Sat. 1/7-
6+mi.  - Resolution 5K Beach & Trail Race.  Results here. Great day.  More fun than I thought it would be.  Blustery and cold but still shorts/racing weather.  Finished 3rd OA (18:42 official time).  Felt really good and smooth.  Beach was nice and firm and could run "normally".  I chose to run in Inov-8 RocLite 312 GTX for the lugs/traction and they were the perfect choice.  Black Point trails were pretty decent given the snow.  Although it was actually my slowest time ever (4 years) on this current course, it might be my most pleasing result somehow?  Conditions epitomized the SC4S Race Series.  Pretty fun! Snowing like a bastard as I write this.  Not sure if I'll be able to get in a 16-18 LSD run tomorrow.  Maybe I'll just play with my spawn and sled & build some snowmen and crush Captain's Daughter chromium beverages.

Sun. 1/8-
12+mi. - medium long run on the slippery, slushy roads.  Pretty tiring with the mostly poor footing.  My legs fatigued and worked harder than necessary.  I got really thirsty at the end in the cold, dry air and had to turn around and stop.

Total: 55 miles
YTD:60 miles

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Crappy Yearly Recap For A Rather Crappy Year

I have problems blogging and apparently, I cannot accurately track data now either.

Normally, I pride myself on data and tracking of numbers.  It is fun. However, when sitting down the other day to perform the annual Data Compilations, Culling, and Comparisons; I ran into a few problems.  Somehow, Strava said I ran more mileage than my own personal spreadsheet offered up. How the hell does that happen? I really have no idea as I'm pretty meticulous about recording nearly everything and Strava will usually short change a man (and woman) here and there over the course of 365 days of activity so that you can count on it being a decent chunk of miles shorter than what you actually ran.

There are other stats that I usually track religiously as well.  These consist of, but are not limited to,  alcohol abuse, birds observed, fish caught, PM attacks, and more. Usually I track weekly and monthly mileages so that I can compare and analyze trends throughout the year.  Somehow, I missed that this year. With so many questions and proverbial holes in my data sheet, I cannot/will not do the same type of across-the-board crunching.

Sadly, all I feel confident providing is some of the data which I am absolutely and completely sure of.

Sorry gang.  Here it goes...

The PM is always lurking....
Total PM Incidents: 52

Most PM Incidents In A Week: 4 (2x)

Fewest PM Incidents In A Week: 0 (4x)

Average PM Incidents Per Week: 1

Most Consecutive Days of PM Incidents: 3

NOTE: 2015 PM Total: 43, 5 in 1 week, 0 for lowest

By the way, for what it is worth, my estimated (according to Strava) mileage is/was: 2,860 miles. I feel as though it is probably closer to 2,900 but definitely not 3,000.

I'm saddened by my personal lack of accuracy and limited mathematical abilities somehow.  Usually I'm on top of this.

2017 Goals:
1. To be better about tracking data.  2017 will be gooder.
2. Run some stupid marathon (prior to September) to qualify for Boston in 2018 when I'm 40.
3. Not get hurt.
4. Run more miles.
5. Run more doubles.
6. Run more trails.
7. Purchase more running shorts with no holes in the liners.
8. Dominate the PM (doubtful).

And in the spirit of ending things on a negative note, to align with what perhaps was my biggest disappointment of the year (Emperor Trump):

Things I Can't Stand:
1. Lists
2. Irony
3. Lists
4. Repetition
6. Poor Math
A. Inconsistency

Here's to enjoying ourselves and not taking things too seriously in 2017 (including running)!