Sunday, February 12, 2017

Week 06 - 2/6/17 - 2/12/17

Mon. (2/6):
7mi. (1:00:20) - very easy recovery run on mainly roads with a quick dip into Pelloni Preserve.  I even stopped briefly to tape/mark where eventually I hope to make a short single track spur trail down to a really cool, secluded rock crossing in Tomaquag Brook.  Really nice out there this afternoon.  I love no pressure recovery runs.

Tue. (2/7):
7mi. -(1:06:26) - a blah day turned into a good one.  I wasn't motivated at all to run on roads in the drizzly rain so I ran trails in Yawgoog.  I had a blast running on mostly familiar trails and then decided to take a green blazed trail that I had never been on before (how's that happen?).  It was quite fun despite descending down into "Death Valley" (their term, not mine) along the very SW border of the property.  Also saw a huge gathering of 36(!) large and boisterous ravens roosting in oaks.  Awesome stuff!

Wed. (2/8):
15mi. - (1:39:08) - 4 x 2T workout (with 2:00 recoveries).  After skipping the morning run, I was really, really dreading this one.  I ran 3E down to Rte. 216 and just ran 2 mile chunks back and forth, over and over again.  Was overdoing it a bit as I was overcompensating slightly for the minor headwind and I simply wanted them done. Good workout.  I always enjoy talking myself through it as in "It's okay, just do 2 x 2T and see how you feel....Well, you can do one more....Okay, well now that you've done three, you HAVE TO finish the fourth/final one". Weird, but it helps.

Thu. (2/9):
10mi.  - (1:22:02) - super fun run in snowstorm/shit show.  Canceled school. Wandered around a mix of local roads and trails.  There were several peals of rolling thunder throughout the run! I really enjoyed myself other than the stinging, sideways, sleeting snow on my face and eyeballs.  Near the end of the run a RI State Trooper pulled alongside of me and laughing, said to me: "Pretty hardcore to be out running in this.  You have some brass ones."  I disagree--there's no "hardcore" at all ...just childish fun.

Fri (2/10):
5mi. - (40:54) - just trying to get my legs back as I felt pretty worn out.  Standard local loop.

Sat. (2/11):
18mi. - (2:00:10) - 3E + 11M + 4E.  Parked at Ninigret Park and ran down into Charlestown and South Kingstown on flat and slushy roads.  Felt pretty decent for much of the marathon pace work.  However, started bonking and getting slightly nauseous on the cooldown. Glad I got it done.

Sun. (2/12):
8mi. -(1:00:40) - pretty tired (from Saturday night birthday party at the Malted Barley as well as yesterday's workout/long run).  Wasn't into it at all but, by mile two, I was loosened up and enjoying myself.  Started to snow and increased in intensity with each passing mile.  Last 2 miles home started to get pretty slippery and I was having a difficult time stabilizing myself on tired legs.

Total:70 miles
YTD: 390 miles

Had to work to get to 70 this week but I did it without a usual double so I'll take it. I'm pretty pleased with the two workouts and REALLY enjoyed the snow day/snow storm run on Thursday.  I would like to stay around 70-75 miles for the next several weeks but we shall see how life unfolds.

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Beth said...

Impressive mileage! Also sounds like you had childish fun despite the seriousness of your workouts and efforts! Awesomeness.