Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 12 -- 3/20/17 - 3/26/17

Mon. (3/20):
9mi. - (1:08:55) - Spring hath sprung! Enjoyed warm weather and overall nice conditions to run a mix of roads and trails in both local Hopkinton Land Trust properties.  I felt pretty good and really enjoyed myself.

Tue. (3/21):
8mi. - (1:08:43) - a bit windy and I didn't feel like roads so I enjoyed the sunshine and nearly snow-free trails in Carter Preserve.  Despite having to wrestle the PM twice, I enjoyed this run too.  However, my legs felt pretty terrible. I like starting from the Kings Factory "River Lot" and going into Carter from the western-most side. Can't wait for the two new trails to be  finished and open for official business.

Wed. (3/22):
13mi. - (1:26:26) - super shitty NW wind (15-20kts, gusts to 40) that made some of this rather unpleasant.  3E + 3 x 2T + 3E.  Splits:5:50, 5:54/ 5:47, 6:06/ 5:47, 5:53 

Thu. (3/23):
6mi.  - (45:13) fairly easy dawdle around town.  Didn't enjoy the climb back up little Maxson Hill. Took it on easy in preparation for race on Saturday.

Fri. (3/24):
4mi. - (29:35) - short and easy Shannock Friday afternoon banger.  Brief fireside debauchery followed

Sat. (3/25):
14+mi. - *RACE* - Brrr-lingame 10 Mile Trail Race.  Another fun installment of Mike Galoob's SC4S Trail Race series.  Absolutely perfect trail conditions for the race. I enjoyed myself but it hurt and I was slightly disappointed that I was gapped so badly by Steve Brightman. Still, I ran strong and finished 3rd OA.  I also failed to get in the mileage I was looking for (i.e 5-7 mile "cooldown") but at this stage of the game (marathon in 2 weeks), it doesn't matter. I've been saying that quite a bit as over the last 10-12 years.

Sun. (3/26):
5mi.  - (40:00) - easy recovery run on local roads.  Felt tired but much less sore in the usual trail race places than I thought I would.

Total: 59mi
YTD: 805 miles

The bulk of the work is over.  Now I start to taper and sneak in "shorter" workouts that aren't taxing, but enough to sharpen the sword I guess.  The mustache is officially gone -- RIP.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week 11 - 3/13/17 - 319/17

Mon. (3/13):
11mi. - (1:22:18) - good weather and, most likely, the nicest we shall see for the next few days.  I took advantage of feeling rather decent and squeezed in some miles.  Who knows what Tuesday and the snow and shoveling will leave me able to do?

Tue. (3/14):
4mi. - (33:10) - an "down" day.  I wasn't feeling it but did enjoy(?) running a slow, easy half hour in the blowing snow and sleet.  My legs felt a little worn out and my eyeballs couldn't handle the stinging sleet pellets so I stopped after only a half hour or so.

Wed. (3/15):
9mi. - (1:06:05) - just couldn't get my act together.  Getting a tiny bit sick of the high 20s and stiff head wind weather.  I was overdressed and bailed on any type of workout.  Yuck.

Thu. (3/16):
9+mi.  - (1:08:26) - another snooze-in (no morning run before school).  Getting lazy.  Instead, I had plans to meet Gazelle at a proposed venue for this year's WTAC Holiday Party.  I snuck in 3 miles before meeting him and then, after the scope out, we ran a fun mix of roads and snowy/muddy trails in/around Bradford (a.k.a. "The 808").  Fun running along an old single line rail bed that is/is not (?) private property?

Fri. (3/17):
9mi. - (1:05:39) - an earlier than normal run on a fairly decent weather day.  Felt pretty good. Green festivities and a URI win later on.  Good day.

Sat. (3/18):
20mi. - (2:28:15) - a long "slow" steady run with Jonny on an interesting route he planned out.  I was looking forward to this as there was no hard effort/workout aspect to the run - just time on feet, LSD day.  We started at the Arcadia Y in Wyoming and ran north around Arcadia roads and then back into desolate Woody Hill Road area.  Not much out there...which was quite nice.  I started getting fairly tired and hungry from 17 on.  Good run that I rather enjoyed.

I also finally shaved off the winter beard.  Sad to see it go but I did keep a remnant to remind the world of my greatness. My daughters and wife hate it.  ("You look absolutely ridiculous.  I cannot take you seriously. WTF. You look like you should be in wool, riding a horse and rattling a sabre, fighting the mighty Sioux people. General Paul J. Bentley.")

....and after.
The consensus seems to be 50/50.

Sun. (3/19):
8mi. - (1:00:15) - wrapped up the week with an hour to get to 70 miles total.  Got a few honks and yells from passing cars on Rt. 216.  Glad I wasn't sore.

Total: 70
YTD: 746

Inside 4 weeks now until the stupid marathon.  But spring arrives tomorrow -- and with it eventually comes gardening, outside liebesspiel, new chicks arriving. etc.

Fun awaits.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 10 - 3/6/17 - 3/12/17

Mon. (3/6):
8mi. - (1:01:45) - got new kicks (Brooks Pureflow 5 again - blue this time).  Legs felt a bit tired from Sunday's long run/workout but not too bad.  I took it fairly easy and just looked to get time on feet and sort of recover a bit.  Not a bad run.  At least it wasn't super windy and cold like the weekend. Accidentally finished back at home just as my wife was finishing her run.  I quietly came up behind her and we both ended at the driveway simultaneously.  I said, fairly loudly, "Alright!". She screamed and then quickly retorted, "Fuck off!".  Guess I scared her.

Tue. (3/7):
7mi. - (55:40) - easy wander in the drizzly rain on roads and Kenyon Crossroads trails.  I actually felt worse today than I did yesterday.  Not in a strict DOMS sense, more in a "damn, I feel worthless and can barely get out of my own way" sense.  I did manage to loosen up after about 4 miles but I just felt legless with an erratic heartbeat, weird breathing, heavy body, etc. Legs weren't really sore, like after a really hard effort. Just worn out.  It'll be interesting to see what Workout Wednesday brings.

Wed. (3/8):
16mi. - (1:50:10) - 6E+2T+5E+2T+1E.  Ran from home and planned to have my wife pick me up at the 16-17 mile mark at Alton "Pond" (really a widening of the Wood River) in Alton.  My legs didn't feel great for this but two short 2T blocks (5:48-5:54ish) is manageable.  I was glad when this one was over. Surprisingly, the second hard effort was less taxing than I thought, despite being into a decent headwind.  My legs (hip flexors and quads) were barking when I was done.  I planned on soaking my legs in the freezing cold river for 5-10 minutes when I was done.  However, after wading in up to my calves, before I could actually squat and sit down, I reversed my decision.

Thu. (3/9):
6mi.  (47:28) - easy stroll before WTAC board meeting.  Too bad I got a rather late start as I didn't feel too badly and would liked to have gone 8 or more.  It's easy going easy.

Fri. (3/10):
5mi. (37:04) -  easy Tomaquag Valley loop in the snow before leaving for NH.  It was nice and peaceful and relaxing.  Roads remained clear and non-slush/snowy for the duration of the run.

8mi. - (57:37) - fun rolling around Eastman Lake.  This is a loop that I run annually on our pilgrimage to Grantham, NH.  I was feeling really good and it wasn't cold yet so I got to open it up slightly and run a little bit aggressively (but not hard).  This is a fun run with almost 1000' of rolling ups and downs.

Sat. (3/11):
4mi. (33:19) - missed the Belleville Pond 10K+ Trail Race back in RI today.  Holy frozen testicles! Back into tights, face masks, double gloves, and thick wool socks.  With start temperatures of 5 degrees (windchill -15F!) this was a bit chilly.  I took it pretty easy on back roads near where we were staying along with some "open" XC ski trails. I wiped out several times on the valleys with packed ice (needed microspikes badly).  We even skipped skiing as Mount Sunapee stopped making snow and had limited trails open.  Damn.

Sun. (3/12):
16mi. (1:53:01) - super unmotivated for this one after the drive back from up north.  I finally talked myself into it around 1445 and went out the door.  Unmotivated, I ran it a little bit spicy for much of it, but definitely not at MP or faster.  It was a long run with no work blocks in it at all.  Super dehydrated and thirsty from several days of extremely dry, cold air. Glad it was over. Early to bed after passing out on the couch before dinner.

Total: 70 miles
YTD: 676 miles

A struggle once again just to get to 70 miles. Although it would be ideal to be in the low 80s now, and for the previous few weeks, the plan was/is to not really kill myself and overdo the training. Just be prepared to run a decent marathon without going "all in".  Really have to wait and see what my health is along with the race day weather and set a definitive time goal then.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

24 vs 48 Hours

Image result for 24 hours later

So, I've noticed more and more frequently over the past couple of years, that I'm usually worse for the wear 2 days after a hard long, workout than I am immediately (1 day) after.  I know this shouldn't seem surprising.  It is fairly common knowledge that Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) happens to everybody.  After hard exercise, prostoglandins and cytokines trigger cells to increase blood flow and become inflamed. We are just trying to heal the tiny tears in our muscle fibers and provide nourishment while flooding away any residual byproducts.  The inflammation response causes soreness, but is a regular side-effect of "trying to get fit".  This is nothing new.

Image result for 48 hours later

However, I'm not having a terribly difficult time with soreness per se, after these workouts.  It is more that I just feel like shit -- heavy legs, feel fat, tired, breathing is erratic, heart beat is all over the place.  The muscle fibers themselves aren't overly sore (when are they not sore during marathon training?).  I just have this pile-o-feces feeling.  It takes me a loooooong time to loosen up and I'm finding more and more often that I need two days of pretty easy recovery--say 8:00 or higher pace vs the usual "easy run" 7:20-7:25.  Again, just numbers but it is interesting. Usually, by 64-72 hours later, I'm totally fine--and ready to proceed onto yet another Q2, extended Daniels' Suicide Workout effort. Interestingly enough, I can rarely do what the Good Doctor prescribes, (always shorter, fewer reps, etc.).

I'm interested in maybe trying to make sure that I do a very easy (8:30-9:15 pace) 20-30 minute shakeout run later in the day/same day as the hard, long workout.  Maybe this will help.  It is fun to experiment with your body.

At any rate, I guess it is something we all have to deal with.  If you don't have to deal with this "2 Day Delay", I guess you're just  not doing it right?

Whatever. Hey, at least I'm not as old as most of you reading this blog.....

Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 09 - 2/27/17 - 3/5/17

Mon. (2/27):
7mi. - (59:XX) - easy mix of local roads and some trails (and not trails/bushwhacking) in Pelloni Preserve on the all-too-familiar "Tired Monday Legs"

Tue. (2/28):
Image result for merlin bird
Falcons are so bad ass, even the smaller ones.
8mi. - (1:03:48 ) - aimless wandering around Carolin Mgmt Area.  I had no particular destination or goals other than stopping and inquiring about any suspected single track. Fun times.  Also, during the opening mile, in the wide open harvested corn field section, I kicked up some small (Starling size?), loud, high-pitched squeaking birds.  I couldn't ID them at all (too far away, no coloration) but they made a discernibly new/strange and interesting sound. I don't know what they were but perhaps the Merlin I saw immediately after flying around and perching in a large, dead tree was scoping them out too.  Nature running blows away roads every single fucking time. Hands down.

Wed. (3/1):
9mi. -(1:00:29)- early morning WHS track.  With the half marathon looming on the weekend, I wanted to take it easy.  Decided to just slide into 4-5 cruise intervals (1 mile @ T pace with 2:00 minute/1 lap recoveries).  It was very warm and wet out so I sweat a lot.  Unfortunately, I was having a difficult time with phlegm and postnasal drip.  I kept hacking, spitting, and eventually started gagging (gross, I know).  After the second T mile, during the cool down, I pulled off into the infield and threw up (gagging too much).  It was very strange.  I would rather puke from over doing a workout and having ridiculously hard effort than to do it during easy cruise intervals.  So strange.  I finished up two more (total of only 4 x 1mile, somewhere between 10K and T pace) and they all felt rather smooth and relaxed, although a bit too fast [5:44/5:42/5:43/5:38]. Hope I don't try and run the 1/2 marathon at those paces -- I'll surely pass away.  I then cooled down, and went inside to shower.  The morning just got better when, while walking into the building to shower, I dropped my clothes for the day (shirt and pants on a hanger) in a friggin' puddle in the parking lot.  So, not only did I puke from light running, I also spent the morning and early afternoon in a wet and blotchy, water and dirt/grit laden dress shirt in front of my students.  Great way to start the month of March. Maybe the rest of the week will be better?

5mi. - (40:37) - easy five in the p.m. to aid in leg recovery.  I actually fell asleep on my bed while getting dressed for the run.  Sat down to put on my shoes and woke up 80 minutes later.  Must have needed it.

Thu. (3/2):
8mi. - (57:32) - tough getting out the door in the super gusty winds (20-30mph).  At least it was fairly warm out though.  Once I loosened up (after mile 2), I started to roll and feel strong.  Good run actually.

Fri. (3/3):
7+mi. - (1:05:44) - feeling unmotivated and with a building disdain for local roads, I drove to the dirt section of North Road and ran again up into Boy Scout land along Yawgoog Pond.  I love it in there.  There is definitely more exploration along the southern and eastern sides of the property in there.  I then ran easy along the road section into Pachaug/Green Fall Pond and back around.  Very enjoyable, laid back run. 7.3 miles total according to watch but, given the time, was probably 8ish.

Sat. (3/4):
8+mi. -(1:07:54) - with Sunday's impending half marathon looming, I opted for easy Ninigret running.  Despite a ruthlessly cold, howling north wind, I was okay running the bike path, the entire 18 hole disc golf course (I'm intrigued by this and will probably order several discs to try it......dork alert), and then over into the refuge for soft trails.  Pretty laid back and I enjoyed myself despite the face/head freeze when facing north. 8.3 miles total on the watch. Combine Fri. and Sat. mileage for 16 to keep accounting easy.

Sun. (3/5):
18mi. - (2:04:49) - I skipped Oceans Run 1/2.  Just couldn't bring myself to run 13+ miles at T pace for a, most likely, solo time trial in 15 degree temps with 15mph NNW wind.  All set and I had zero regret doing this. Congrats to winner Kurt Mias (1:21:52) -- for the win (Tommy 5K 2nd OA in 1:22:XX in what looks like awful conditions). Instead, I slept in until almost 0800 (epic!) and hooked up later in the day for a run with Galoob and Jonny.  Mike was looking for 18 or so (100 miles this week!) and Jonny, up for anything as long as it is extended distance and effort, also aided and abetted me in my decision to play hooky. We ran 10E + 6T + 2E. The easy 10 had significant climbing in it (over 1000' for much of it). The T block had long gradual descents so it was "easier" but still worked hard and it certainly wasn't easy.  Good fun.

Total: 71 miles
YTD: 606 miles

Decent week.  Although I'm slightly ashamed of skipping the 1/2 marathon, it doesn't really matter. Only one week until turning the clocks ahead and two weeks until the equinox.  THAT is what matters!