Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week 11 - 3/13/17 - 319/17

Mon. (3/13):
11mi. - (1:22:18) - good weather and, most likely, the nicest we shall see for the next few days.  I took advantage of feeling rather decent and squeezed in some miles.  Who knows what Tuesday and the snow and shoveling will leave me able to do?

Tue. (3/14):
4mi. - (33:10) - an "down" day.  I wasn't feeling it but did enjoy(?) running a slow, easy half hour in the blowing snow and sleet.  My legs felt a little worn out and my eyeballs couldn't handle the stinging sleet pellets so I stopped after only a half hour or so.

Wed. (3/15):
9mi. - (1:06:05) - just couldn't get my act together.  Getting a tiny bit sick of the high 20s and stiff head wind weather.  I was overdressed and bailed on any type of workout.  Yuck.

Thu. (3/16):
9+mi.  - (1:08:26) - another snooze-in (no morning run before school).  Getting lazy.  Instead, I had plans to meet Gazelle at a proposed venue for this year's WTAC Holiday Party.  I snuck in 3 miles before meeting him and then, after the scope out, we ran a fun mix of roads and snowy/muddy trails in/around Bradford (a.k.a. "The 808").  Fun running along an old single line rail bed that is/is not (?) private property?

Fri. (3/17):
9mi. - (1:05:39) - an earlier than normal run on a fairly decent weather day.  Felt pretty good. Green festivities and a URI win later on.  Good day.

Sat. (3/18):
20mi. - (2:28:15) - a long "slow" steady run with Jonny on an interesting route he planned out.  I was looking forward to this as there was no hard effort/workout aspect to the run - just time on feet, LSD day.  We started at the Arcadia Y in Wyoming and ran north around Arcadia roads and then back into desolate Woody Hill Road area.  Not much out there...which was quite nice.  I started getting fairly tired and hungry from 17 on.  Good run that I rather enjoyed.

I also finally shaved off the winter beard.  Sad to see it go but I did keep a remnant to remind the world of my greatness. My daughters and wife hate it.  ("You look absolutely ridiculous.  I cannot take you seriously. WTF. You look like you should be in wool, riding a horse and rattling a sabre, fighting the mighty Sioux people. General Paul J. Bentley.")

....and after.
The consensus seems to be 50/50.

Sun. (3/19):
8mi. - (1:00:15) - wrapped up the week with an hour to get to 70 miles total.  Got a few honks and yells from passing cars on Rt. 216.  Glad I wasn't sore.

Total: 70
YTD: 746

Inside 4 weeks now until the stupid marathon.  But spring arrives tomorrow -- and with it eventually comes gardening, outside liebesspiel, new chicks arriving. etc.

Fun awaits.


Tommy 5k said...

This is a great all around post! The stash tops it off.

Adam Wilcox said...

New chicks? Are you adding to your flock or replacing it?

rjackman said...

I didn't read anything....I just love that stash! I guess I will go back and read...if I can stop staring!

Muddy Puddin' said...

I'm adding to the flock. Had 6 originally, got four more last spring, lost four to a fox, want to go back up to double digits again as well as diversify. I'm a bit Aspergers for all of the different breeds.

Adam Wilcox said...

I hear ya. I have 11 and only a one set of duplicates.