Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Week 15 - 4/10/17 - 4/16/17

Mon. (4/10):
0 - rest and recovery with stretching and rolling things all over my various things.  Thought about running but I was pretty hobbled in the morning.  After vitamin I and stretching I felt better in the afternoon but not well enough to run.

Tue. (4/11):
3mi.  (24:55) - very easy road with short trail section.  Legs clearly beat up but not as bad as I thought. I did develop stiff knee pain on the outside of left knee (pretty sure it is from IT band).  This was the knee that started barking from mile 22 onward during the race.  Should take care of itself over time (afternoon stretch and rolling helped). Sunny and 70 freakin' degrees.

Wed. (4/12):
3mi. - (26:02) - another short excursion, this time from a friend's house in Bradford into Woody Hill trails.  Hansel and Gretel again, this time in the correct direction (mountain bikers are bypassing the over-the-boulder spot).  Legs a tiny bit better.  Several hours of acoustic and electric guitar after the short run. Minor lateral knee discomfort at the very end.

Thu. (4/13):
7+mi. - (1:05:54) - Grills Sanctuary.  7.5 miles on watch. I also crossed over Polly Coon Bridge into Grills Preserve and inspected the trails where they have logged/are logging.  The Yellow Trail down along the river along with the Red Trail up to Big Hill are closed and are an absolute mess! I truly don't understand the clearing.  The climb up from the river on what was once a nice, secluded single track is now wide open and completely exposed.  Not sure what they are going for here but it is depressing.  They've left everything as is too, like they just up and walked away.  Timber in a tangled mess with trees everywhere.  Rumor has it they're renaming this section Bashar al-Assad Trail.

Fri. (4/14):
5mi. - (35:05) - felt fantastic for a short Tomaquag Valley road loop.  Everything was working fine and the weather was unreal for this awesome, school-free Hang 'Em High Day.  Glad my legs are coming back to life.  No knee stuff at all. Spent hours and hours out in the garden playing in the dirt and feeding invertebrates to the poultry.  Batteries recharged!

Sat. (4/15):
6+mi. - (47:19) - Kenyon Cross Roads loop.  6.3 miles total on the watch. Felt good.

Sun. (4/16):
0 - stupid religious holiday ruined it....but damn it sure was beautiful out.  I refused to come inside and eat so the entire family had to come outside and eat in lawn chairs.  White Trash.

Total: 25 miles
YTD: 923 miles

Recovered I suppose.  Now need to work on rebuilding ambition and excitement for running. Tough to do with no goals.

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Beth said...

Glad you are healing!

I'm so with you on Grills, it looks like a nuclear bomb blast or something. Go in from the Blue/orange trails and that was nearly unrecognizable to me until I got to the first bridge, then it wasn't as destroyed looking. Same thing with Champlin - although now it is looking less horrible a year later, but still seems way to open.

White trash? At least you enjoyed the beautiful weather and weren't cooped up inside. I think that's pretty smart, mean while I was in MA sweating and trying my best (and failing) to be civil.