Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Week 21 - 5/22/17 - 5/28/17

Mon. (5/22):
0mi. - resting pesky, weird leg thing (muscle? connective tissue? psychosis?)

Tue. (5/23):
3+mi.  ( ) - easy short local. Still feel faint leg "stuff".  Not sure how to proceed.  Zero running or very short, easy stuff like this?  3.3 miles total.

Wed. (5/24):
0mi.  - played with chainsaw, cut down trees, and split wood instead.  Felt like a kid again....and reminded how much I hated doing this as a young'n.

Thu. (5/25):
6+mi.  - (48:59) - road loop from home. Felt decent at a decent normal pace (7:25) but very faint leg thing still there. No pain...just...."there". (6.6 miles total on watch)

Fri. (5/26):
0mi.  -because.....why?

Sat. (5/27):
10mi. (1:31:26) - fun group run in Wahaneeta and Woody Hill with much of the WTAC group, old and new.  I enjoyed this one and felt fine throughout.

Sun. (5/28):
0mi.  - least I caught a bunch of rats in the river with my father (tiny--nothing bigger than 14"!).

Total: 20 miles
YTD: 1155 miles

So I guess I'm back to Land of the Sloths.  To be fair, I did skip two days for leg weirdness but the other two zeros were for....I don't even know.  Maybe next week...?

Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 20 -- 5/15/17 - 5/21/17 - This Time I Promise I'll "Try"

Mon. (5/15):
8mi. - (58:44) -  a little spicy Hopkinton Land Trust property banger.  Felt fat but still ran at a decent clip (7:20 OA w/ about 2 miles total on trails). Now, let's just keep this sloth shearing party going!

Tue. (5/16):
8+mi.  - (59:34) - warm, sunny, and fat (still).  Enjoyed the run but got a little too warm and worn down towards the latter part of this one.  8.3 miles total.  Was originally supposed to run at easy 7:30-7:40 pace and then tack on 6-8 strides near the end.  Instead ran a spicier low 7:00s and did zero strides.  Self-Coach of the Year.

Wed. (5/17):
9mi.  (1:06:27) - pretty warm day out there. Too hot to run fast (plus I don't know how to anymore?!?).  I opted for gradual, moderate effort/pace hill repeats on Tomaquag Valley Road.  At least it was mostly shaded.  6 x TV Hills (about .35 miles each up).  Felt fine. Legs a little wobbly on the last one...which is good/the point I guess.
Nothing too hard...just steady ups and downs.

Thu. (5/18):
2+mi. - (20:46) - very fun shorty around the entire island of Sandy Point.  Took the family out on the boat to lounge and have fried chicken and beer while swimming, birding, etc.  I decided to bring my watch and run (not hard) around the island's perimeter to make a Strava segment.  I also had never circumnavigated the entire island before.  Saw awesome birds too although I did almost feel a tiny bit badly about kicking up/stressing nesting birds (American Oystercatchers, Greater Blackbacked Gulls, various plovers, etc.) but it was awesome. Also spotted a Black Bellied Plover, a really skittish shorebird (our largest plover) a first time sighting for me.  Tons of mating horseshoe crabs too. Super fun and the first salt water swim of the year! Summer hath arrived -- for me at least.  2.7 miles total.

Fri. (5/19):
7mi.  - (1:03:44) - a Friday evening slow jam of Woody Hill and some of Wahaneeta Preserve while M had lacrosse practice.  It was pretty hot out but nowhere near as bad as I'd thought it was going to be as I was mostly shaded in the woods and there was a decent breeze.  I enjoyed the easy, relaxed pace.

Sat. (5/20):
14mi.  (1:46:20) - a solo MLR from home. I mixed/cobbled together Grills Hopkinton Preserve (no real trails marked/cleared yet but all of the maps/kiosks depict them --tease!), to Grills Preserve (Bradford) into Grills Sanctuary, to back home.  Felt pretty decent and managed to keep the pace decent as well.  Nice and cool (compared to Thursday and Friday).

1mi. - (13:XX) - took the girls to ride bikes at Ninigret park.  I anticipated a 3-4 mile very easy recovery.  Unfortuantely, L crashed 4 times and the it turned into a shit show of blood and tears.  We stopped after 1.2 miles.  I'm counting it anyway, even though I shouldn't.

Sun. (5/21):
0mi.  - ended up taking a zero, despite wanting to have a good week.  I spend the morning at the boat (cleaning, rewiring a gauge, just sitting and enjoying the peace & quiet, and a little bit of fishing).  Unfortunately, as it was dead low tide when I was done, I hopped up off the dock onto the retaining wall where my truck was parked.  I immediately felt a burning, stabbing sensation in right quad and glute area.  I obviously strained something. I doubt it is major but I really couldn't (can't?) run on it.  Maybe a few days on the shelf and it'll go away.

Total: 50 miles
YTD: 1135 miles

A little less than I had hoped for but much better than in recent weeks.  At least I sort of did a workout (hills) and I enjoyed creating the segment on Sandy Point Island.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 19: 5/8/17 - 5/14/17

Mon. (5/8):
2mi.  (16:36) - only two measly miles as my left knee started to ache significantly on any descent no matter how gentle (a few other times too). Quit after only two.  Better to stop and "quit" for a few days to rest it.  Pretty sure it is just from descending down Carter Dome Trail with a pack and landing awkwardly a few times after slipping a bit (after removing crampons). I'll try again on Thursday.

Tue. (5/9):

Wed. (5/10):
0 - but I got my box of 16 chicks in the mail AND I also got to sneak out in the boat for some striped bass rats (3 total) in the Pawcatuck River so that's something at least.

Chick Inventory:
3 Auracana (actually probably Easter Egger mutts)
3 Barred Rocks
2 Black Minorca
2 Black Australorps
2 Speckled Sussex
3 Black Cochin
1 White Crested Black Polish (free extra one)

I'm only keeping 1 Minorca, 1 Australorp, 1 Sussex, 1 Cochin, 1 EE, and the freak of nature Polish.

Haaaylp! I can't see shit!

Thu. (5/11):
8mi.  (59:14) - a good one down in Grills Sanctuary and back.  7:24 pace OA.  Felt good to finally run a decent one again.

Fri. (5/12):
10+mi. (1:23:08) - fun Friday into Carolina on the usual(ish) loop.  Really enjoyed myself and the trails are drying out nicely.  10.2 miles OA on watch.

Sat. (5/13):
4mi.  (33:21) - if you don't get it done in the early morning (fishing instead), you probably will find it difficult to get anything done. Yuck.  Just not into it.  Lucky that I even did an easy 1/2 hour.

Sun. (5/14):
0mi. - nothing.  I just didn't want to.  Lethargy breeds lethargy (Greg H.).  Wow.  Do I even like running anymore?!?

TOTAL: 24+ miles
YTD: 1085+ miles

Wow.  An embarrassing week.  I had hopes of salvaging the week and getting into the mid 40s at least with a good weekend but everything just went to shit.  I just didn't enjoy running this week I guess (although Friday was cool).  Seriously need an attitude adjustment and pull myself out of the hole I'm currently in. Start over again on Monday, I guess (I hope).

Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 18: 5/1/17 - 5/7/17

Mon. (5/1):
8mi.  (1:06:18) - fun meander in Woody Hill from M's lacrosse practice.  The beaver dam at the pond is BARELY able to be traversed (sink into cold water up to your knees).  I also enjoyed the red dot connector trail as well as Hansel & Gretel.  So many signs of turkey in the woods (scratches in leaf litter).  How did I not see any of them?

Tue. (5/2):
3mi. (25:02) - ugh.  Not even worth it. Just felt terrible for some reason.

Wed. (5/3):
0mi. - busy running around buying/borrowing gear for hiking trip. Plus, I'm lazy sometimes.

Thu. (5/4):
5mi.  (35:25) - a short, quick and spicy one on local roads.  Gonna be a terrible week distance-wise.

Fri. (5/5):
5mi.  (--) - hike with a heavy ass pack (38 lbs) up to Carter Notch Hut along 19 Mile Brook Trail. Then, beat out the weather for a short but sweaty slog up Wildcat A.

Sat. (5/6):
7mi. ( --) - hike from Carter Hut up to Carter Dome then back down Carter Dome Trail to lot.  Disappointing to end the planned adventure early by a day but conditions made it tough and with zero views, all involved decided to bail.  I'll try and do a write up soon with a few pics and video.

Sun. (5/7):
4mi. (31:12) - easy limbering up on local roads.  Knees a bit creaky and shoulders/neck stiff from lugging the pack.

Total: 33miles
YTD: 1061 miles

Not sure if I can/should count the NH adventure as miles but given how heavy the pack was, how much I sweat in the 100% humidity underneath that damn rain shell, and how much postholing I did in ice/snow, I feel depleted and obligated to count them as very, very, very, very slow running miles.

Hope to do a separate post soon on the short NH stuff.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Week 17: 4/24/17 - 4/30/17

Mon. (4/24):
9mi.  (1:11:35) - a rather strange Monday mix of roads and local trails.  1/2 mile in I was summoned by a woman asking me to go inside their home and help her senior citizen father who had fallen down and was heavily medicated.  Then, encountered literally hundreds of pink flagging ribbons everywhere on the empty property and horse trails across the street.  My excitement ('Someone is flagging to make new trails!') quickly abated when I realized they are probably surveying/GPS reading flags?  Ugh.  Then I came across two drunk guys driving a huge pickup down the entrance trail into the same property, buried up to their wheel bearings in mud, and stoned/drunk out of their minds ('Hey, 'sup?').  Finally, in Pelloni Preserver, I noticed some mysterious figure high up on the ridge line overlooking the lower trail, just staring down at me as I ran by.  No problem except he was wearing a weird demon/monster mask.

All just part of a normal afternoon run in A-town.  No big deal.

Tue. (4/25):
5mi. (36:29) - blah...rainy....standard Tomaquag Valley Loop

Wed. (4/26):
8+mi.  - (1:05:39) - drizzly, very wet flooded trails in Carolina Management Area.  I had a lot of fun throughout this one.  The highlights were running on the new (incomplete) connector trail and when leaving the trails back onto the turf fields, I had to cross a chilly "pool" with rainwater up to mid-thigh level.  Tacked on 5 strides on the end. 8.6 miles according to watch

Thu. (4/27):
8mi. - (58:26) - had to take the day to take care of boat things (parts, bottom work, etc.) so I ran near Ocean House Marina in Ninigret Park.  Very flat trails but I felt really good and enjoyed myself.  There was a controlled burn in an overgrown area near Grassy Point which appears to possibly open a small section of "new trail" maybe? Good stuff.

Fri. (4/28):
6+mi.  (48:26) - local roads near home, with a bit of private trails behind Dunkin Donuts/Main Street Pizza into the cemetery.  Just looking to make up for even distance.  Felt a little off but was fine overall I guess. 6.4 miles total.

Sat. (4/29):
5mi.  (35:01) - more boat things.  Finally launched the vessel at the yacht club and then squeezed in a short and spicy 5 miler down into Avondale and back to the club.  Fished with my father and caught a mess of small "rats" in the river.  Unfortunately, I managed to hit the same exact rock TWICE and dinged up my prop and the skeg of the motor pretty badly.  Oh well. You haven't been around until you've been aground I guess.

Sun. (4/30):
13+mi.  (2:04:17) - a grinder with Jonny from Rte. 3 Canonchet Trail head.  We wandered up to North Road and then looped back around.  The highlight was the "discovery" (we didn't know it was there) of a new trail off of Canonchet called the "Table Rock Trail".  It is about a mile long of twisty, undulating single track with a slew of geologic features.  Awesome.  I had fun but I was struggling through much of it -- tired legs, super thirsty.  It was only 13.1 miles but the two hours made it feel like 17-18?

Total: 55 miles
YTD: 1028 miles

Basically what I was looking for in terms of weekly mileage and types of runs (some roads, with more trails).  Boat is back in so that may create some problems with focus and motivation.  Also, I should probably get back to regular, mid-week workouts (Wednesdays).