Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 19: 5/8/17 - 5/14/17

Mon. (5/8):
2mi.  (16:36) - only two measly miles as my left knee started to ache significantly on any descent no matter how gentle (a few other times too). Quit after only two.  Better to stop and "quit" for a few days to rest it.  Pretty sure it is just from descending down Carter Dome Trail with a pack and landing awkwardly a few times after slipping a bit (after removing crampons). I'll try again on Thursday.

Tue. (5/9):

Wed. (5/10):
0 - but I got my box of 16 chicks in the mail AND I also got to sneak out in the boat for some striped bass rats (3 total) in the Pawcatuck River so that's something at least.

Chick Inventory:
3 Auracana (actually probably Easter Egger mutts)
3 Barred Rocks
2 Black Minorca
2 Black Australorps
2 Speckled Sussex
3 Black Cochin
1 White Crested Black Polish (free extra one)

I'm only keeping 1 Minorca, 1 Australorp, 1 Sussex, 1 Cochin, 1 EE, and the freak of nature Polish.

Haaaylp! I can't see shit!

Thu. (5/11):
8mi.  (59:14) - a good one down in Grills Sanctuary and back.  7:24 pace OA.  Felt good to finally run a decent one again.

Fri. (5/12):
10+mi. (1:23:08) - fun Friday into Carolina on the usual(ish) loop.  Really enjoyed myself and the trails are drying out nicely.  10.2 miles OA on watch.

Sat. (5/13):
4mi.  (33:21) - if you don't get it done in the early morning (fishing instead), you probably will find it difficult to get anything done. Yuck.  Just not into it.  Lucky that I even did an easy 1/2 hour.

Sun. (5/14):
0mi. - nothing.  I just didn't want to.  Lethargy breeds lethargy (Greg H.).  Wow.  Do I even like running anymore?!?

TOTAL: 24+ miles
YTD: 1085+ miles

Wow.  An embarrassing week.  I had hopes of salvaging the week and getting into the mid 40s at least with a good weekend but everything just went to shit.  I just didn't enjoy running this week I guess (although Friday was cool).  Seriously need an attitude adjustment and pull myself out of the hole I'm currently in. Start over again on Monday, I guess (I hope).

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