Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 24: 6/12/17 - 6/18/17

Mon. (6/12):
5mi.  - (38:48) - easy local road wander before school.  Trying to sneak in some easy, not hot miles.  Should've just done 8-10 in a single shot here.

5mi.  - (38:34) - took an impromptu air conditioned nap when I got home then headed out at 1700 for another short jaunt.  Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  A faint breeze and shade helped, plus running in the evening made it better than during a 1300 -1500 window.

Tue. (6/13):
7mi.  (58:XX) - another hot-ass day.  another pre-run nap in AC (addicted to them!). Waited until 1630 to run.  It wasn't that bad out as I rolled it slowly and there was once again a pretty stirring SW breeze.  Shade won out again with both HLT properties (17 spider web breakthroughs -- going to get bitten again one of these days).

Wed. (6/14):
5mi. - (1:00:13) - a very easy outing in Carolina north, simply looking for some interesting structures (weird trees, rock piles, and the random colonial granite marker post), while taping out single track trail. It's going to take a lot of work to make the actual trail but the rudimentary stage is there.  Random Jonny meeting along Laurel Trail as I spilled out of the woods, lost and confused. Kind of funny to watch how much I wandered in search of the post/marker. Watch it here. And you can view a cuter "awwwww" version of it here. Special thanks to BLS for turning me on to Relive.  It's cool, just like she is.

Thu. (6/15):
9mi.  (1:03:01) - 2 x 800, 4 x 400, 6 x 200 at WHS track before school.  Been a very long time.  Oh man.  I hate it so much.  It hurts and basically, in all reality, might be pointless for me at this stage of my "career". Seriously, when am I ever going to run this fast in real life?!? 400m recoveries after the 800s and 400s (needed them!) and 200m recoveries after the 200s. Splits: 2:40, 2:37/ 75, 75, 76, 75/35, 35, 35, 36, 36, 36.

5mi.  - (38:42) - an easy afternoon move around before R's 4th grade commencement (man, I'm getting old!)  Didn't feel too tired/crappy.

Fri. (6/16):
7mi.  - (1:00:15) - rainy and wet stroll around Woody Hill with Gazelle and Matthew.  Stopped to check out an outer single track trail that I've only been on a few times which has a stone crossing over Perry Healey Brook.  The newly constructed beaver dam (again!) has blocked it up so the brook is nearly dry at that point.  Followed up the run with a few miles of weedwhacking to tidy up the XC course before a fundraiser event on Sunday.  Soaking wet and raw by the time we finished.  Fun.

Sat. (6/17):
5mi.  - (37:58) - late afternoon lethargy.  Spend the day doing errands and then building a temporary coop and run for the new chicks (a little over 5 weeks old) next to the existing run so the old bitches can meet the new bitches.  Hoping to have them fully immersed in 3-4 weeks.  Basic, easy carpentry is still tedious and tires me out.
The flock grows......

Sun. (6/18):
16mi.  - (2:16:52) - a pretty fun (tiring!) mix of roads and trails around Wyassup Lake.  It was very slow going on the slippery, rocky footing on the trails, especially the first several miles.  Hill climbs were "fun".  1,952' elevation gain. Super humid and some brief downpours.  I haven't done a legitimate long run like this that wears me out in quite some time.  Good stuff. On the downside, I did kill four deer flies -- the first of 2017.  Yuck.

TOTAL: 63 miles
YTD:1326 miles

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Yin of the week:
Didn't really have a bad one this week.  I guess I'll take the Saturday blah run.  Just wasn't into it. They really were empty, meaningless miles...sort of.  When you're tired and your head/heart aren't in it at all, the run is just ugh. They can't all be HRs though.  

Yang of the week:
The Father's Day long run with Jonny.  As I said, it always feels good to feel "badly" near the end of a 2+ hour run.  You know you've done something right. Also, some of the ledges along the single track trail (i.e. Bullet Ledge) are most impressive.  This was a tough selection as I had fun, in different ways, on several very different runs this week (i.e. Woody Hill with Gazelles, Stone Marker finding and trail taping, etc.).  'Twas a good week on all accounts. 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 23: 6/5/17 - 6/11/17

Mon. (6/5):
9mi.  - (1:15:19) - from M's lacrosse practice on the recurring tour of Woody Hill.  This time I tried to head to the southern-most portion in the hard-to-find single track that connects out to Twig Drive in Robin Hills Estate.  I found the start but got lost in the treacherous swamps of the Ho Chi Minh Trail.  I enjoyed the run but was slightly annoyed by space watch performance on the Hansel & Gretel section.  I ran it moderately hard (not race pace) and it had me at a mediocre pace (8:40 for the entire mile?!?!). I've forgotten how much I hate satellite action on wooded, single track trails.  Now I remember.

Tue. (6/6):
7mi.  - (58:09) - a loop of the outer perimeter or so of Carter Preserve. Pretty grim in there with the various caterpillar deforestation. Even the trees that I thought "don't look that bad", upon closer inspection, are covered and about to be crushed.  Disheartening.  But the run was enjoyable -- started off sluggish and shitty but felt peaceful and loose by the end.

Wed. (6/7):
*just can't get out of bed at 0400 anymore for workouts...
10mi.  - (1:10:47) - 3 mile w/u, 3T + 6 x 0:45second hills, 2 mile c/d.  Went okay I suppose.  The T felt hard but it was a little too fast (5:48, 5:49, 5:54).  The hills were short enough where they didn't kill me despite rolling directly into them right after the 3T. Legs felt good and heavy on the cool down home.

Thu. (6/8):
5mi.  - (46:33) - very easy trails in Carolina north.  I intentionally went off trail numerous times for exploration purposes.  Found a very strange but cool rectangular granite marker -- about 3.5' tall, upright with a hooked top and carved hole in the top.  I will definitely expand a previously roughed out trail to incorporate this some how.  Fun having no time, distance, or destination goal for a short and easy run.  Nice to not care sometimes.

Fri. (6/9):
14mi  - (1:40:28) - a warm, Friday evening MLR.  Snuck this in before going to a friend's 6 yr. old b-day party.  Didn't want something longish hanging over my head for the weekend.  Did a rolling loop around Kings Factory/Shumunkanuck (sp?)/Burdickville roads.

Sat. (6/10):
4mi. - (32:53) - ugh. Battling back a zero.  After a very shameful  hangover (from a 6 year old BIRTHDAY PARTY!), and then a long day of fishing, I did a short easy one.  Terrible day--other than the fishing. Three 19-20" fluke after a long, slow day.  Still was pretty nice out on the water.

Dull knives make for less-than-fun fileting....

Sun. (6/11):
9mi.  - (1:09:07) - another warm one.  Felt like crap.  At least there was a breeze.  Had to miss the Back Road Ramble Trail Race due to lacrosse tournament later in the day.  Disappointing.

TOTAL: 58 miles
YTD: 1263 miles

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Yin of the week:
The ruination of Friday evening and Saturday (in terms of running).  It was completely my own fault. Most adults can consume alcohol responsibly at a relaxing, Friday evening birthday/BBQ.  Apparently, I cannot. Ended with hugging the porcelain bowl and awful remorse the next day.  Very embarrassing and it was the low point to the week-- in terms of running and life.

Yang of the week:
Surprisingly, the little 5 mile run in Carolina North on Thursday.  Going "off trail" excites me, especially when finding interesting old colonial (?) stones and such. It makes me want to find, make, explore new spaces and places and trails.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Week 22 - 5/29/17 - 6/4/17

Mon. (5/29):
7+mi.  - (1:03:40) - easy Vin Gormley trail loop in the rain with Ryan D.  Relaxed and easy, good to catch up on life, events, running, alcohol(ism), etc. Haven't seen/run with Ryan in quite a long time. 7.6 miles total on watch.

Tue. (5/30):
7mi.  - (50:56) - road loop down into SW corner of Ashaway.  Nothing special.  Good pace (7:16).

Wed. (5/31):
9+mi.  - (1:06:44) - "Light Switch Quarters". Unplanned and not really organized workout (first one in a long time).  6 x 0.25 mile "on", 0.25 mile "off" on flattish section of Rte. 216.  Splits were all over the place (i.e. first one was 83, while another was 73-74).  Not really encouraging but it is a start of sorts. 9.4 miles total.

Thu. (6/1):
4mi.  - (33:17) - easy morning recovery dawdle before school. Late start -- almost tardy to school.

7mi.  - (55:25) - another fairly easy one (not as dawdling as in the a.m.) on local road/trail mix around and through Kenyon Cross Roads preserve.  Felt a bit warm and thirsty.

Fri. (6/2):
10mi. - (1:13:20) - a kind of fun loop into the NE section of Cackalacky Mgmt. Area.  I swung through the state's hatchery property to look at the farm-raised trout.  I was surprised (appalled?) to see sections of pens filled with Golden Trout.  They are bright orange-yellow and look so stupid.  Easy pickings for the local Osprey and Great Blue Herons.  A good run that I enjoyed immensely at a good overall pace, despite much on trails.

Sat. (6/3):
5mi.  - (43:46) - a short run in Rocky Neck State Park in Niantic, CT before meeting a buddy (a lot of Phish shows with him) for local breakfast at a third friend's newly opened breakfast/lunch/dinner place in Crescent Beach.  I really enjoyed the park, although it is pretty small.  My spirits crashed and burned over breakfast as we discussed the friend's upcoming surgery to remove large sections of his colon as he has been diagnosed with colon, stomach, and esophageal cancer.  Fuuuuuuuuuuck.

Sun. (6/4):
0mi. - had full intentions of a long run but didn't get up and do it before sunrise.  Life got in the way the rest of the day with lacrosse tournament, chores, etc.  Oh well.

TOTAL: 50 mi.
YTD: 1205 miles

Not quite what I had hoped for (a recurring theme) but tolerable.  Also, I've decided to start adding something to the end of this pathetic blog each week.  Every night at dinner (at least in between yelling, crying, breaking things, spilling things, etc.), we ask our kids about their day under the guise of "Best Part/Worst Part".  Each of my spawn has to elaborate on what was the highlight and lowlight of their day. You'd be surprised by some of the viewpoints and descriptions you get.  Another question is also "What Did You Fail At Today?" with a vocalized celebration/recognition of what each person (myself and my wife included) failed at today.  Failure is good.  It means you attempted something that isn't rote, easy, and is absolutely outside of your comfort zone. We laugh and high five failure for it is the best teacher and experience.

With that:
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Yin of the week:
My friend.  Easy pick.  Humbling, angering, frustrating.  He has the right response though: "WTF you gonna do, man? I have the best cancer doctor in the world at Yale.  Life always works out, just not how it was planned."

Yang of the week:
My short, easy run Saturday in Rocky Neck (views were great at some points along the coast, elevated up on granite outcroppings). It is a nice place and I really do enjoy running "early" in the morning vs (mostly) afternoons.