Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 23: 6/5/17 - 6/11/17

Mon. (6/5):
9mi.  - (1:15:19) - from M's lacrosse practice on the recurring tour of Woody Hill.  This time I tried to head to the southern-most portion in the hard-to-find single track that connects out to Twig Drive in Robin Hills Estate.  I found the start but got lost in the treacherous swamps of the Ho Chi Minh Trail.  I enjoyed the run but was slightly annoyed by space watch performance on the Hansel & Gretel section.  I ran it moderately hard (not race pace) and it had me at a mediocre pace (8:40 for the entire mile?!?!). I've forgotten how much I hate satellite action on wooded, single track trails.  Now I remember.

Tue. (6/6):
7mi.  - (58:09) - a loop of the outer perimeter or so of Carter Preserve. Pretty grim in there with the various caterpillar deforestation. Even the trees that I thought "don't look that bad", upon closer inspection, are covered and about to be crushed.  Disheartening.  But the run was enjoyable -- started off sluggish and shitty but felt peaceful and loose by the end.

Wed. (6/7):
*just can't get out of bed at 0400 anymore for workouts...
10mi.  - (1:10:47) - 3 mile w/u, 3T + 6 x 0:45second hills, 2 mile c/d.  Went okay I suppose.  The T felt hard but it was a little too fast (5:48, 5:49, 5:54).  The hills were short enough where they didn't kill me despite rolling directly into them right after the 3T. Legs felt good and heavy on the cool down home.

Thu. (6/8):
5mi.  - (46:33) - very easy trails in Carolina north.  I intentionally went off trail numerous times for exploration purposes.  Found a very strange but cool rectangular granite marker -- about 3.5' tall, upright with a hooked top and carved hole in the top.  I will definitely expand a previously roughed out trail to incorporate this some how.  Fun having no time, distance, or destination goal for a short and easy run.  Nice to not care sometimes.

Fri. (6/9):
14mi  - (1:40:28) - a warm, Friday evening MLR.  Snuck this in before going to a friend's 6 yr. old b-day party.  Didn't want something longish hanging over my head for the weekend.  Did a rolling loop around Kings Factory/Shumunkanuck (sp?)/Burdickville roads.

Sat. (6/10):
4mi. - (32:53) - ugh. Battling back a zero.  After a very shameful  hangover (from a 6 year old BIRTHDAY PARTY!), and then a long day of fishing, I did a short easy one.  Terrible day--other than the fishing. Three 19-20" fluke after a long, slow day.  Still was pretty nice out on the water.

Dull knives make for less-than-fun fileting....

Sun. (6/11):
9mi.  - (1:09:07) - another warm one.  Felt like crap.  At least there was a breeze.  Had to miss the Back Road Ramble Trail Race due to lacrosse tournament later in the day.  Disappointing.

TOTAL: 58 miles
YTD: 1263 miles

Image result for yin yang symbol

Yin of the week:
The ruination of Friday evening and Saturday (in terms of running).  It was completely my own fault. Most adults can consume alcohol responsibly at a relaxing, Friday evening birthday/BBQ.  Apparently, I cannot. Ended with hugging the porcelain bowl and awful remorse the next day.  Very embarrassing and it was the low point to the week-- in terms of running and life.

Yang of the week:
Surprisingly, the little 5 mile run in Carolina North on Thursday.  Going "off trail" excites me, especially when finding interesting old colonial (?) stones and such. It makes me want to find, make, explore new spaces and places and trails.

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