Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 24: 6/12/17 - 6/18/17

Mon. (6/12):
5mi.  - (38:48) - easy local road wander before school.  Trying to sneak in some easy, not hot miles.  Should've just done 8-10 in a single shot here.

5mi.  - (38:34) - took an impromptu air conditioned nap when I got home then headed out at 1700 for another short jaunt.  Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  A faint breeze and shade helped, plus running in the evening made it better than during a 1300 -1500 window.

Tue. (6/13):
7mi.  (58:XX) - another hot-ass day.  another pre-run nap in AC (addicted to them!). Waited until 1630 to run.  It wasn't that bad out as I rolled it slowly and there was once again a pretty stirring SW breeze.  Shade won out again with both HLT properties (17 spider web breakthroughs -- going to get bitten again one of these days).

Wed. (6/14):
5mi. - (1:00:13) - a very easy outing in Carolina north, simply looking for some interesting structures (weird trees, rock piles, and the random colonial granite marker post), while taping out single track trail. It's going to take a lot of work to make the actual trail but the rudimentary stage is there.  Random Jonny meeting along Laurel Trail as I spilled out of the woods, lost and confused. Kind of funny to watch how much I wandered in search of the post/marker. Watch it here. And you can view a cuter "awwwww" version of it here. Special thanks to BLS for turning me on to Relive.  It's cool, just like she is.

Thu. (6/15):
9mi.  (1:03:01) - 2 x 800, 4 x 400, 6 x 200 at WHS track before school.  Been a very long time.  Oh man.  I hate it so much.  It hurts and basically, in all reality, might be pointless for me at this stage of my "career". Seriously, when am I ever going to run this fast in real life?!? 400m recoveries after the 800s and 400s (needed them!) and 200m recoveries after the 200s. Splits: 2:40, 2:37/ 75, 75, 76, 75/35, 35, 35, 36, 36, 36.

5mi.  - (38:42) - an easy afternoon move around before R's 4th grade commencement (man, I'm getting old!)  Didn't feel too tired/crappy.

Fri. (6/16):
7mi.  - (1:00:15) - rainy and wet stroll around Woody Hill with Gazelle and Matthew.  Stopped to check out an outer single track trail that I've only been on a few times which has a stone crossing over Perry Healey Brook.  The newly constructed beaver dam (again!) has blocked it up so the brook is nearly dry at that point.  Followed up the run with a few miles of weedwhacking to tidy up the XC course before a fundraiser event on Sunday.  Soaking wet and raw by the time we finished.  Fun.

Sat. (6/17):
5mi.  - (37:58) - late afternoon lethargy.  Spend the day doing errands and then building a temporary coop and run for the new chicks (a little over 5 weeks old) next to the existing run so the old bitches can meet the new bitches.  Hoping to have them fully immersed in 3-4 weeks.  Basic, easy carpentry is still tedious and tires me out.
The flock grows......

Sun. (6/18):
16mi.  - (2:16:52) - a pretty fun (tiring!) mix of roads and trails around Wyassup Lake.  It was very slow going on the slippery, rocky footing on the trails, especially the first several miles.  Hill climbs were "fun".  1,952' elevation gain. Super humid and some brief downpours.  I haven't done a legitimate long run like this that wears me out in quite some time.  Good stuff. On the downside, I did kill four deer flies -- the first of 2017.  Yuck.

TOTAL: 63 miles
YTD:1326 miles

Image result for yin yang symbol

Yin of the week:
Didn't really have a bad one this week.  I guess I'll take the Saturday blah run.  Just wasn't into it. They really were empty, meaningless miles...sort of.  When you're tired and your head/heart aren't in it at all, the run is just ugh. They can't all be HRs though.  

Yang of the week:
The Father's Day long run with Jonny.  As I said, it always feels good to feel "badly" near the end of a 2+ hour run.  You know you've done something right. Also, some of the ledges along the single track trail (i.e. Bullet Ledge) are most impressive.  This was a tough selection as I had fun, in different ways, on several very different runs this week (i.e. Woody Hill with Gazelles, Stone Marker finding and trail taping, etc.).  'Twas a good week on all accounts. 

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Beth said...

You are welcome on the Relive thing. I love it! And your Relive made me dizzy!! Glad you found what you were looking for?

Hopefully, the new bitches and the old bitches live harmoniously, you have a rooster, right?

Excellent week. Especially AC naps, Mandy nailed it on how to set that up didn't she??