Friday, July 14, 2017

The Big Ketchup: Weeks 25, 26, and 27: 6/19/17 - 7/9/17

Yeah, so I've slacked off a bit.  Nobody will read all of this so I suppose it is basically for recording of data.  Just forcing myself to update so that I'll get back at it.

Week 25 - 6/19/17 - 6/25/17
Mon. (6/19):
8+mi.  - (1:06:21) - nice and flat, but soggy, easy run in Ninigret with Jonny.  We did most of the perimeter, mixing in grassy fields, tarmac, and soft gravel trails.  Very foggy and damp.  Nice SW wind to help move around the air though. 8.5 miles total.

Tue. (6/20):
3mi.  - (23:31) - very short and easy shakedown in preparation for Wednesday fun and activities.  Met my new "neighbor" from California ("Hang loose, bro.")

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Wed. (6/21):
8mi.  - (1:04:55) - group run in Weekapaug along the sand trail, down to Quonnie Breachway, back along the beach and then remainder on quiet Weekapaug roads.  All followed up by a chilly but awesome (quick!) dip in the sea.  Felt great. Almost late to school (again).

8mi.  - (1:09:XX) - sneaky lunch run. Instead of eating I went to the Westerly Town Forest and did loops in there with some powerline descents, stream crossings, and road loop back.  I got a "Lost Signal" on my watch but then, after hitting "OK", it kept running time and kept distance.  However, when uploading it, it only shows 3.7 miles (point at which I lost signal), and that's it.  Even stranger, it doesn't show up at all in my profile or feed, yet it counts it all towards my overall distance accumulated for the week.  Very annoying, this Corrupt Time File!

5mi.  - (37:30) - McCoy Fun Run #1, including warm up/sign placement, 5K easy, then subsequent sign grab.  I didn't feel badly.  Fun fire and relaxation at Jonny's afterward in honor of Jesus Christianity St. John's Feast Day  Trump 'Murica The Longest Day of the Year. Glad I got to 21 for the day. I know it is stupid and totally meaningless but it is my juvenile way of recognizing real calendar events that matter and "stickin' it to the man" (why am I still in school?!?)

Thu. (6/22):
3mi.  - (23:42) - short and easy.  My back hurts quite a bit.  Pulled a muscle in my lower back I think while leaning over/changing oil in the tractor.  Getting older is all about complaining how tired you are, wishing you had never made those plans you agreed to, and wondering how the hell you hurt your back.

Fri. (6/23):
7mi.  - 53:27 - improvement in the back.  Last official day of school! Rejoice!

Sat. (6/24):
5mi.   - (XX:XX) - super fun hike with M and the Hammsteins up Wildcats E and D.  It was fun to bag another 4Ker.  I was super impressed with the kids.
J & J enjoying the views, looking towards the Presidentials
Two spawn descending back down Wildcat ski trails

Sun. (6/25):
0mi.  - after lounging at Diana's Baths all morning with the Hammsteins and M, a long drive home.  Tired back in Rhody and just unpacked and drank more beer.

TOTAL: 47 miles

Week 26 - 6/26/17 - 7/2/17

Mon. (6/26):
7mi.  - (51:15) - first "real" day of summer vacation.  Local loop and loving life.

Tue. (6/27):
10mi.  - (1:10:12) - typical CnB loop into NoSto but rallied for a good one.  Felt great (7:01 pace OA). Gobbling up summer life.

Wed. (6/28):
8mi.  - (1:10:04) - wander into Carolina Management Area before doing 4 x Kenyon Hill Trail climb (a.k.a. "Haberek").  More tiring than I thought (wanted 6-7 of them).  Impromptu workout but still good. 

6mi.  - (45:19) - easy at the Fun Run. Just going through the motions but it can't hurt.

Thu. (6/29):
0mi.  - not even sure why? don't even remember what I did....but it wasn't run.

Fri. (6/30):
8mi.  - (1:00:22) - boring loop around the lower 'Shway.  Was really dragging ass. Not feeling it. 

Sat. (7/1):
11mi.  - (1:35:XX) - easy Burlingame trails with Jonny.  A lot of deer flies and sweating.  Very moist, damp, drizzly, humid.  

Sun. (7/2):
0mi.  - didn't run but did a shit ton of bottom fishing with the Ol' Man out off the beaches.  We slayed a mess of fluke and a "giant" black sea bass (18"!).  Pops out fished me once again -- so annoying.  Very hot inland but fackin' PERFECT out on the salty plains with a stiff SW wind. 

Total: 50 miles

Week 27 - 7/3/17 - 7/9/17

Mon. (7/3):
7mi.  - (52:56) - waited until later (1000). It was warm by dry(ish).  Not too bad in the shade on local roads.

Tue. (7/4):
9mi.  - (1:07:38) - a repeat of yesterday in that just a wander around on local roads.  Sunny but at least it was dry!

Wed. (7/5):
9mi.  - (1:00:56) - 5 x 1T with 1:00 recoveries.  Humbling as it reinforced my (lack of) current fitness.  The last one was tough -- hot, sweaty, headache, dizziness.  At least I got to dunk in Meadowbrook at the finish to cool down. Didn't double in the evening as I was recording times and names at the Fun Run in the evening.  Did still get to swim in the ocean afterwards with Hammsteins and Girl Spawn.

Thu. (7/6):
7mi.  - (50:28) - felt really good for Tomaquag Valley loop.  Love it when it feels good on a Thursday.

4mi.  - (32:05) - a fun but short run from Zeke's Bridge in Coventry, along the origins of "Big River" and atop the granite overlooking I-95.  Legs a bit tired.

Fri. (7/7):
6mi.  - (45:51) - felt pretty blah (mild nausea and stomach "weirdness"). Very humid and misty.  Last day in Rhody before driving north to NH. 

Sat. (7/8):
16mi. - (1:52:36) - a good, "true" long run (haven't done one in a looooong time) on roads.  It was warm and humid but I managed really well. 7:02 pace OA.  Did cheat at one point when I stopped at my parents' for a drink of water.  Showered, loaded up the truck and drove up to Grantham, NH in the afternoon. 

Sun. (7/9):
8mi.  - (1:07:14) - easy Eastman recovery mixer of gravel roads and grassy/muddy XC ski trails.  Felt good!

Total: 66 mi.
YTD: 1489 miles
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Yin of the Week:
Not going to bother as three weeks has much too much "stuff" to decide.

Yang of the Week:
See Yin.....


Beth said...

Old, Easy, all a state of mind. Impressive 21 on the 21st. Enjoy your summer vacation, as much as it pains me to say this, you earn it. Considering this is the only vacation you get and can't take off willy nilly like some of us. At least I have 4 weeks I can 'play with' versus it being mandatory.

Jeff said...

Read all of it, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Just glad to see your return to the blogosphere. Cool hiking trip.