Monday, November 13, 2017

B.L.O.G. (Big Lazy Obfuscation Game)

My running has been pretty inconsistent, at least in terms of structured mileage, focused runs, and workouts.  OK, the last item in that list has been next to non-existent.

So I'm really looking for some motivation.  I need structure sometimes.  My career is too structured and organized -- so much so that when given the chance, I tend to blow off any other form of organization and regiment.  Due to this mental and physical lethargy, I've missed any chance at running a good time/race at Li'l Rhody Runaround (50:00+ is a definite possibility!).  Also, the Christmas 10K in mid December should also be a disappointment (see first two opening lines of this post).

Anyhow, maybe, just maybe, if I begin blogging again, I'll slowly build up motivation, structure, and confidence enough so that I can begin training successfully for Boston in April.

With this in mind, here is a VERY abbreviated update on what has happened since my last post (in JULY!).

1. I've gained weight and lost fitness.

2. I've run several races that were fun but not overly successful ( Blessing of the Fleet, Wahaneeta 5K Trail Race, Run for the Pumpkins 8K Trail Race).

3. I turned 40 in October.

4. My family got a dog.  She loves trails. Just need to get her a little less spooked so that she can go on runs with me regularly (she is afraid of the road, cars, people, cats, noises, air, farts, water bowls, leaves, chickens, me, etc.).

5. I've gained weight and lost fitness.  Yes, I feel as though I've had to write that twice.

I may not blog weekly (I'll try), but no promises.  Sometimes my posts will be just a quick week recap (see below).  Sometimes they'll be just about something fun with regards to running.  Sometimes they may not even be about running. Sometimes they'll be invisible (read: non-existent).

Without further ado:

Week of  6 November 2017 - 12 November 2017

Mon. 11/6:
5mi. (40:02) - boring, blah run on local roads.

Tue. 11/7:
6mi. (48:49) - forgot about muzzle loader season opening the previous weekend.  Ran in Carolina NE area and came across one pissed off black powder hunter walking on trails and then, in the open fields, a very pleasant pheasant (shotgun) hunter with his dog.

Wed. 11/8:
8mi. (59:25) - good run on local roads/standard loop.  Felt good.  Obviously no Wednesday Workout or double.

Thu. 11/9:
6+mi.  (45:41) - 6.2 miles from my parents' house, on roads and then the front 9 holes at Richmond Country Club.  Fun running from every single white tee box, down all fairways, up to the pin on each green.  Not a single human in sight/around.....just the way I like it!

Fri. 11/10:
7+mi.  (53:53) - a 7.2 mile run on local roads and some trails before spending the day with Mrs. Puddin'. It is/was our 16th anniversary.  Where is the time going?

5mi.  (HIKE) - a day trip in/around Mount Misery in Pachaug with wife.  Very chilly and brisk with stiff winds but still a beautiful day with child-like exploration, laughing until tears, getting dirty, discovering interesting things -- a day of childish wonder and awe. Nature always provides and heals. Good for the "soul".

Sat. 11/11:
5+mi.  (38:26) - a little over 5 miles (5.1) on local roads and trails. Leaves in the yard and then striper fishing in the evening (caught a bunch but soooo tiny -- 12-14").

Sun. 11/12:
10+mi.  (1:17:28) - 10.3 miles on roads with Grills Sanctuary and Grills Preserve mixed in the middle.  Felt really good.  Perfect running weather (gloves and thin hat).  Enjoyed it.

Total: 47.8 miles
A somewhat typical week that embodies what I've been doing all along. Sort of a maintenance mode with insufficient mileage or hard efforts.  Oh well.  Still alive I suppose.  Could be worse....


Leslie said...

The part about the dog cracked me up! See ya at L'il Rhody!

Beth said...

Awwww there you are! Welcome back!