Sunday, January 7, 2018

Week of 1 January 2018

Mon. (1/1):
9mi. (1:08:09) - purty cold start to 2018.  I dressed in multiple layers and ran with thick wool socks over my gloved hands as well as standard face mask.  Felt fine the whole way except for iced over eyes/eyelashes.  Worked up a pretty good sweat.  Thought about doubling later on in the day but got wrapped up in school work (grading and prep....UGH).

Tue. (1/2):
8+mi.  (1:04:43) - easy down into a loop around Perimeter Trail (Yellow) and Cedar Swamp Trail ("Orange").  Saw a lot of coyote tracks, one set which was pretty darn large!

Wed. (1/3):
11mi.  (1:13:XX) - YMCA treadmill..UGH! 3E + 3T (3:00 easy jog recovery) + 2T (2:00) + 1T (1:00) + 1.25E.  Messed up getting back on the belt after stepping off -- landed funny.  Now my right knee aches. I hate treadmills sofa king much. Blisters on the balls of my feet, I think from Newtons and TM combo (never bothered me before?). Awesome.

Thu. (1/4):
0 - knee hurts and is really stiff and sore. It's almost "crackly" behind the patella.  I'm convinced it is inflammation underneath, probably due to the knee cap tracking funny at a wrong angle, and then continuing to run on it throughout the rest of the workout yesterday despite feeling immediate aching that grew in a linear fashion as each mile went by. Stupid. My first zero since the very beginning of November. I wasn't trying to streak or anything -- was just enjoying myself.
No school due to the bombogenesis snow storm so at least I got to shovel snow twice.

Fri. (1/5):
0 -  still resting. Knee still sore but maybe a little less.  Maybe more mobility?

Sat. (1/6):
0 - knee feeling better but still not 100%. It's amazing what constant stretching, repeated icing, and nearly lethal doses of Ibuprofen can do.  Fingers crossed.

Sun. (1/7):
3+mi.  (26:34) - easy outing to test out things. I'm going stir crazy and just had to get out of the house.  Things felt OK.  Probably going to take it easy next week too and then see where I'm at? Man, I really dodged a major bullet here (I hope!). 3.25 miles on watch.

TOTAL: 31+miles
Nap Hours: 1.0 hours

I'm really hoping I lucked out with my knee as stupid knee issues have happened to me three times now.  Anxiously awaiting tomorrow and the rest of the week to see how things shake out.


Tommy 5k said...

Hope all continues to get better with your knee. Hang in there!

Beth said...

I'll let you feel what arthritis in the knee feels like. Sounds like you are smushing a bag of potato chips. Feels, well, like crushed glass. You'll be fine. Careful with that treadmill and good job taking it easy on the knee, they are evil mistresses.

Anonymous said...

Great effort! Year after year! Make it look to easy!